A. True or False

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The House on the Moors

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A. True or False

  1. Beth and Jim knew where they were going. ____

  2. Beth loved the Aquarius Hotel. ____

  3. Cathy took the luggage to the room. ____

  4. Ray loved Beth’s watch. ____

  5. Jim and Beth enjoyed the song Ray played

for them. ____

  1. Jim and Beth couldn’t sleep because it was quite warm in the bedroom ____

  2. The Slaters are in their room. ____

  3. Beth forgot her watch in the hotel room ____

  4. Jim and Beth can find the Aquarius Hotel again. ____

  5. The Slaters were ghosts ____

B. Who …

1. … loves the country? _________&_________

2. … sent Jim and Beth to the Aquarius Hotel? ___________

3. … are the owners of the Aquarius Hotel? _____&_______

4. … made dinner for the Marshalls? ___________

5. …went downstairs to ask another room? ___________

6. … forgot her watch? ___________

7. … thinks he’s being stupid? ___________

8. … tells the Marshalls what had happened in the Aquarius Hotel? ___________

9. … killed her husband? ___________

10. … Who are city people? _________&________

C. Put these sentences in the right order

a. Jim and Beth leave the hotel.

b. Jim & Beth live in London.

c. Jim hears a terrible scream.

d. Jim and Beth can’t find the hotel again.

e. The bedroom is too hot.

f. Jim goes downstairs.

g. The Barman tells the Marshalls what happened a long time ago in the Aquarius Hotel.

h. Jim and Beth go back to the hotel.

i. Beth finds she hasn’t got her watch.

j. The Marshalls have dinner with the Slaters.

The right order is: _______________________________
D.Correct the Barman’s story

Here is the barman’s story. There are five mistakes. Underline the mistakes and correct them in the spaces below.

  1. ___________________

  2. ___________________

  3. ___________________

  4. ___________________

  5. ___________________

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