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ttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Library List

Below is a list of books on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD that CHIP+ can loan out, and also some other books that may be of relevance. CHIP+ holds an extensive range of books on various subjects, and if you would like to receive a complete library list or request a book, please contact us via our details below.
The CHIP+ library can loan out items for month-long periods, free of charge throughout the Highlands. Up to three items may be borrowed at any one time. Items can be collected and returned in person via our office, or sent out by mail. Should you wish the cost of postage to be refunded please include a note to this effect with the library item.

Birnie Centre,

Raigmore Hospital,

Old Perth Road,


IV2 3UJ.

Tel: 01463 711189

Email: info@chipplus.org.uk

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Dr Chinnaiah Yemula & Fintan O’Regan

An interactive encyclopedia CD-ROM of ADHD written specifically for children. Contains games, reward charts for children aged 6-14.




Dr Chinnaiah Yemula & Finan O’Regan

An interactive encyclopedia CD-ROM of ADHD written specifically for parents and families of children with ADHD.



A Child’s Book about ADD:

‘Help is on the Way’

M A Nemiroff & J Annunziata

Simple & upbeat language with cheerful illustrations, the book describes how children might experience the symptoms of ADD.



A User Guide To The GF/CF Diet for Autism, Asperger Syndrome


L Jackson

Written by 12-year-old Luke who has Asperger Syndrome, it tells everything you need to know about the diet. Includes recipes given by his mother.



ADD Success Stories

T Hartman

Discusses which occupations are best for people with ADD, how parents successfully juggle work & parenting, how students can thrive & how ADDers & their spouses can find happiness in their relationships.



Art Therapy & AD/HD

Diane Stein Safran

A valuable book for therapists, professionals & people who work or live with AD/HD looking at art therapy groups to improve skills and strategies.


The Attention Deficit Disorders Intervention Manual

Stephen B McCarney

Detailed intervention for common behaviour problems associated with AD/HD (reference only).



AD/HD for Dummies

Jeff Strong & Michael O. Flanagan

Friendly, easily understood guide to help you recognise symptoms, treatment options & emphasise the positives of AD/HD.



Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Recognition, Reality & Resolution

G D Kelley

Overview of condition & discusses appropriate guidelines management guidelines.



ADHD: The Facts. 1st & 2nd Edition

Mark Selikowitz

Information on the symptoms and treatments for ADHD.



ADHD: How to deal with very difficult children

Alan Train

Covers different aspects of dealing with ADHD, from medication to help in school.


The Bigger Picture


Two stories and a poem, about and by children who have various difficulties with learning.



Buzz & Pixie Colouring Book

B A Brunger &

C Reimers

Entertaining ways to help children with ADHD understand their behaviour – not to be filled in.


Driven To Distraction: Recognising & Coping With ADD From Childhood Through Adulthood

E Hallowell &

J Rate

This book shows the varied forms that ADD takes & is a wonderfully reliable, practical & useful book on ADD.

ADD8.1 1B

Eddie Enough!

D. Zimmett

A book for children, about Eddie who has ADHD.



From Chaos To Calm: Effective Parenting For Children With ADHD & Other Behavioural Problems

J E Henniker & S K Weiss

Practical book offering three points of view – the parent’s; the therapist’s & the child’s.


2B 1P

Full of Beans

Chris Wever

Illustrated fun book for children with ADHD.



Help 4 ADD @ High School

K G Nadeau

Can help young people through the high school, college & young adulthood.


2B 1P

How To Teach & Manage Children With ADHD

F O’Regan

Includes materials for developing alternative learning strategies to suit ADHD students, classroom organisation advice & playtime supervision tips.



How to Reach and Teach ADD/ADHD Children

Sandra F Rief

American orientated but thorough book on ways of helping and teaching children with ADHD.



Hyperactive Children: A Practical Guide For Parents

J Barton

This book describes a programme for young children affected by hyperactivity disorders.



Hyperactivity: Why Won’t my Child Pay Attention?

Sam & Michael Goldstein

A guide for parents. The section on medication is now out of date.



Hyper Activity: What’s the alternative

Maggie Jones

A book which provides essential information on conventional treatments offered and all the effective alternative treatments available.



I Would If I Could

Michael Gordon

A guide for teenagers with AD/HD.



In Their Own Words


A collection of pictures, poems and stories about living with ADHD.

ADD17 1B

Jumpin’ Johnny Get Back to Work!

Michael Gordon

A book for children about AD/HD.



Kids in the Syndrome Mix

Martin L Kutsher

About children who have a mix of symptoms from ADHD, DCD, Autism and Dyslexia.


1B 1P

Learning To Slow Down & Pay Attention

K G Nadeau & E B Dixon

For children with ADD. Split into 4 sections – a checklist about me; things other people can do to help me; things that I can do to help myself & special projects with your Mum & Dad.



Life On The Edge: Parenting A Child With ADD & ADHD

D Spohn

Parent discusses his own experience of parenting a child with ADD/ADHD. Light-hearted & practical.



Multicoloured Mayhem: Parenting The Many Shades Of Adolescents & Children With Autism, Asperger Syndrome & AD/HD

J Jackson

Explains what it is like to parent young people with a range of conditions & provides a wealth of helpful & creative advice for parents & carers.

ADD22 1B

My Brother's A World Class Pain

M Gordon

Introduction to the basic concepts involved in understanding ADHD.



Parenting The ADD Child: Can’t Do Won’t Do

D Pentecost

Home management strategies to help with the child with ADD.

ADD24 1B

Parenting the Strong-Willed Child

Rex Forehand, Nicholas Long

Aimed at the parents of two to six year olds, this book describes a program to manage strong-willed behaviour.

ADD25 1B

The Pocket Guide to Understanding ADHD

Christopher Green, Kit Chee

Pocket version of ‘Understanding ADHD’.

ADD27 2B2P

Putting On The Brakes

P Quinn &

J M Stern

Discusses understanding ADHD & how to control ADHD.

ADD28 1B

Putting on the Brakes Activity Book

P Quinn &

J M Stern

(For reference only).

ADD29 1B

Raise Your Child's Social IQ

C Cohen

Teaching children social skills; clear and step-by step approach.



Raising your Spirited Child

Mary Sheedy Kurcinka

Through a positive viewpoint, the author offers parents emotional support & proven strategies for handling their spirited child.

ADD31 1B

Shelley The Hyperactive Turtle

D M Moss

A children’s book that helps explain ADHD to preschool or primary children.


1B 1P

Socially Addept: A Manual For Parents of Children with ADHD &/or Learning Disabilities

J Z Gilmer

For parents with children with ADHD &/or learning difficulties. A practical and user-friendly guidebook for evaluating, monitoring and improving children’s social skills.

ADD34 1B

Social Skills Game

Y Searle &

I Streng

Therapeutic board game to help children who experience difficulties with relationships.

ADD35 1B

Supporting Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

K E Sparer

Practical suggestions & materials to use with pupils who have ADHD or demonstrate ADHD type behaviour.

ADD37 1B

Taking Charge Of ADHD

Russell A Barkley

Includes information about AD/HD along with strategies for school, behaviour management and practical advice.

ADD37.1 1B

Teaching Teens with ADD and ADHD

Chris A Zeigler Dendy

American book that covers various aspects of teaching teenagers with AD/HD in short topics.

ADD38 2B

Teenagers With ADD: A Parent’s Guide

C A Z Dendy

Takes a look at the special issues & challenges faced adolescents with ADD, their families, teachers, & treatment professionals.


3B 3P

Understanding ADHD

C Green and

K Chee

Discusses the causes & effects of ADHD & provides practical strategies to help cope with common problems.


2B 1P

Views From Our Shoes Growing up with a brother or Sister with Special Needs

D Meyer

The children/young people whose essays are featured here range from aged 4 to aged 18 & are siblings of youngsters with a variety of special needs including developmental delay, ADD, hydrocephalus, visual & hearing impairments, Down’s Syndrome & Tourette’s Syndrome.

ADD42 1B

A Walk in the Rain with a Brain

Edward M Hallowell

A little girl talks to brain called Manfred about how everyone learns differently, and everyone is good at something.

ADD43 1B

What is ADHD?

Changing Lanes Project

A booklet for children with ADHD, produced by the ADHD team in Falkirk.

ADD43.1 1B

Zak has ADHD

Jenny Leigh

Zak is a zebra who’s always getting into trouble! This story for 4-7 year olds is about Zak getting help.

ADD44 1B

Zipper: The Kid with ADHD

Caroline Janover

Zipper’s impulsiveness keeps getting him into trouble, but everyone’s rooting for him to succeed!

ADD45 1B

Everything a Child Needs to Know about ADHD

Dr C R Yemula

For children aged 6 to 12 years old. Written in simple language with illustrative pictures.


Living Sensationally – Understanding Your Senses

Winnie Dunn

This book helps you to understand how sensory conflicts arise & how best to deal with them at home & work. For people/children with Autism & ADHD


Seeing Red

Jennifer Simmonds

A group-work curriculum on anger management for children aged 6 to 12.

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