A walk in the Desert

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Reading Class- Diorama Project

Due Tuesday, October 26th
We just started the story “A Walk in the Desert,” which focuses on a desert area, animals and plants in that area. We are also working on using descriptive words, writing a descriptive essay, setting, and character. Students are learning
Student expectations:

  • Complete the attached form “Description of Area.” By completing this sheet, all details are already created so the diorama will be easy to create. This sheet will assist with our writing in school.

  • Students will choose a place to create a diorama of the ones listed. All details should be accurate about that area. Depending on prior knowledge or experience, please select a setting that students would be familiar with in order to give descriptive details.

  • Students are expected to give their best effort.

  • The diorama and “Description of Area” sheet will both be due by Tuesday, October 26th. Students may hand it in early.

Student Diorama Choices:

  1. Movie theatre

  2. School

  3. Farm

  4. Amusement park

  5. Restaurant of your choice or create a new one

  6. Cave

  7. Desert

  8. Underwater

  9. Jungle

  10. Cold place

  11. Circus/carnival

What is expected in the diorama?

    • Use a small box, such as shoebox, to create your diorama (Example: If you choose a beach, you may create a scene with sand, fake water, items you would see at the beach, animals, insects, plants, etc)

    • The diorama should resemble what that area would look like, which will be the setting. (Where the story will eventually take place once students write it.)

    • It must have at least one possible item to use as a character. (We will be creating descriptive stories in school once we have all dioramas. Students will use them as their setting for their story and then use them later as a prop to read their story to the class that they created. Examples: Students may choose to use an animal or person as a character.)

    • Make your diorama realistic and be creative!

Example Dioramas (If you are curious to see more, you can look online.)

How will students be graded?

All students will be given full credit if both assignments (diorama and sheet) are turned in on time and all expectations are met.

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