A-z mysteries Detective Camp Chapter 1


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A-Z Mysteries

Detective Camp

Chapter 1
1. Why were the children at Detective Camp? (p3)

  1. Because they loved helping their friends.

  2. Because they loved playing outside.

  3. Because they loved solving mysteries.

2. How many children were at Detective Camp? (p4)

  1. twelve

  2. twenty

  3. twenty six

3. Where would Ruth Rose sleep? (p4)

  1. in Moose Cabin

  2. in Fox Cabin

  3. in Bear Cabin

4. Who were Angie, Buzzy, and Luke? (p5)

  1. other children

  2. counselors

  3. detectives

5. Why did Josh want Dink to go back inside the cabin? (p12)

  1. Because he saw Buzzy hide something under the bed.

  2. Because he wanted to go home.

  3. Because he was afraid of going outside.

Chapter 2
1. Who would teach the children detective skills? (p14)

  1. the counselors

  2. an actor

  3. a real detective

2. Why was the goat called Remote? (p21)

  1. Because he lived in the mountains.

  2. Because he chewed up a remote.

  3. Because he loved TV.

3. Why did the Darbys create Detective Camp? (p22)

  1. Because they loved children.

  2. Because they loved reading mystery stories.

  3. Because they lost their treasure.

4. What was Mario’s job? (p22)

  1. a cook

  2. a cleaner

  3. a gardener

5. Who was the woman wearing the white rubber gloves? (p26)

  1. Mademoiselle Musée

  2. Bessie Darby

  3. Angie

Chapter 3
1. Why was Mademoiselle Musée living at Darby Lodge? (p27)

  1. Because she was cleaning the old paintings.

  2. Because she was taking care of Mr. and Mrs. Darby.

  3. Because she was having a vacation.

2. What did Josh and Dink see Buzzy doing in the cabin? (p31)

  1. cutting his hair

  2. eating cookies

  3. kneeling by the bed

3. Why did Mademoiselle Musée scream? (p34)

  1. Because Remote kicked her.

  2. Because a snake bit her.

  3. Because her ring vanished.

4. How did the girls do their cheer? (p37)

  1. They screamed.

  2. They made letters using their bodies.

  3. They danced.

5. What did Luke read while the children were eating? (p38)

  1. the schedule

  2. the newspaper

  3. the rules

Chapter 4

1. Who did Josh think stole Mademoiselle Musée’s ring? (p40)

  1. Mr. Darby

  2. Angie

  3. Buzzy

2. What did the children eat by the fire? (p43)

  1. s’mores

  2. corn

  3. potatoes

3. Where were all the pieces of the map? (p44)

  1. all over the camp

  2. in the barn

  3. in the cabins

4. What story did Angie tell the children? (p49)

  1. a mystery story

  2. a story about a real detective

  3. a story about the Shady Lake monster

5. Why was Ruth Rose outside the boys’ window? (p52)

  1. Because she was scared of the girls.

  2. Because she wanted to play.

  3. Because she found a ring.

Chapter 5
1. Where did Ruth Rose find the ring? (p53)

  1. under her mattress

  2. under her pillow

  3. in her bag

2. Why didn’t the children tell the Darbys about the ring? (p56)

  1. Because they wouldn’t believe the children.

  2. Because they might get upset.

  3. Because they were not in their lodge.

3. What time did the children plan to meet? (p57)

  1. at midnight

  2. at noon

  3. at eight o’clock

4. Where did the children put Mademoiselle’s ring? (p64)

  1. on the dining room table

  2. on the latex gloves box

  3. on the wooden chair

5. What was on Dink’s pajamas? (p66)

  1. tomato ketchup

  2. dust

  3. a paint smudge

Chapter 6
1. Where did Dink go as soon as he woke up? (p68)

  1. to the lodge

  2. to the lake

  3. to Fox Cabin

2. Who was going to be a teacher for the week? (p76)

  1. Detective Robb

  2. Mademoiselle Musée’s sister

  3. Mr. Darby

3. Why did the children go to visit Mademoiselle Musée? (p77)

  1. Because they wanted to ask her some questions.

  2. Because they wanted to check if she found the ring.

  3. Because they wanted to learn French.

4. What did Mademoiselle Musée show the children? (p80)

  1. how to draw

  2. how to clean a painting

  3. how to color a painting

5. How much were some of Grandma Moses’ paintings worth? (p81)

  1. hundreds of dollars

  2. thousands of dollars

  3. millions of dollars

Chapter 7

1. What were the children looking for? (p85)

  1. pieces of the map

  2. treasure

  3. money

2. What clue was on Josh’s card? (p86)

  1. a hairpin

  2. a helicopter

  3. brownish hairs

3. Where did Dink find his piece of the map? (p88)

  1. under a rock

  2. underneath the birdbath

  3. in a birdhouse

4. Why did the children open Mademoiselle Musée’s trunk? (p97)

  1. Because they were looking for a piece of the map.

  2. Because they wanted to paint a picture.

  3. Because they wanted to clean it.

5. What did the children find in the trunk? (p97)

  1. paintbrushes

  2. jars

  3. paintings

Chapter 8
1. Why did Dink think the paintings were in the trunk? (p100)

  1. Because he thought Mademoiselle Musée was stealing them.

  2. Because he thought they were drying.

  3. Because he thought they were hidden from robbers.

2. What did Mademoiselle Musée talk to the children about? (p103)

  1. stolen rings

  2. fake paintings

  3. forged signatures

3. Whose signature did Josh forge? (p107)

  1. George Washington

  2. Elvis Presley

  3. Abe Lincoln

4. According to Dink, how did Mademoiselle Musée steal the paintings? (p108)

  1. by making copies

  2. by taking photographs of them

  3. by sending them to France

5. What did Grandma Moses paint her pictures on? (p110)

  1. on fiberboard

  2. on canvas

  3. on sketchbook

Chapter 9
1. What did Josh’s ‘M’ clue stand for? (p114)

  1. Mademoiselle Musée

  2. Mote the goat

  3. Magic

2. Where was Josh’s map piece? (p115)

  1. in a doghouse in the barn

  2. in Mote’s stomach

  3. under the cookie plate

3. Why couldn’t all the children put the map together? (p116)

  1. Because they would finish too quickly.

  2. Because there would be too many fingers.

  3. Because they had to do chores.

4. What was the treasure? (p120)

  1. s’mores

  2. beautiful paintings

  3. a lobster feast

5. Who wanted to see the children? (p121)

  1. the Darbys and Detective Robb

  2. the police

  3. Mademoiselle Musée

Chapter 10
1. Who came out of the lodge wearing handcuffs? (p123)

  1. Buzzy

  2. Detective Robb
  3. Mademoiselle Musée

2. Who was Buzzy? (p126)

  1. a thief

  2. a policeman

  3. the Darbys’ grandson

3. What was Mademoiselle Musée’s real name? (p127)

  1. Maude Musée

  2. Maude Murn

  3. Maude the Fraud

4. Why did Maude Murn pretend her ring was stolen? (p128)

  1. Because she wanted to shut down the camp.

  2. Because she liked jokes.

  3. Because she hated the children.

5. What did the children do after the lobster feast? (p129)

  1. They went to bed.

  2. They went home.

  3. They went swimming.


    1. They smiled and, one by one, introduced themselves and shook hands.

    1. The group went around the lodge to the barn.

    1. As he entered the kitchen, he smelled something wonderful, and his mouth began to water.

    1. “Long, long ago, a forest ranger was camping near this very lake in July.”

    1. She shoved the ring deep into the pocket of her shorts.

    1. “As you can see, this painting is covered with years of soot and smoke,” she said.

    1. They saw plenty of flowers, but no map pieces.

    1. Detective Robb passed out a sheet of paper and a pencil to everyone.

    1. “Have you ever tried to put a jigsaw puzzle together with twenty-five other kids helping?”

    1. At six o’clock, Buzzy supervised swimming and diving off the dock.

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