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Objectif :

Se familiariser avec l’histoire du rugby, son origine et le Haka des All Blacks de Nouvelle-Zélande avant d’aborder la coupe du monde de rugby.

Tâche finale : Pouvoir créer un ‘guide’ pour danser le Haka / les règles du Rugby







Activités langagières

Notionnel Fonctionnel


présent simple.

Auxiliaire modal ‘can’ / must

Prétérit régulier

questions ouvertes et fermées (réactivation).

place de l’auxiliaire.

La comparaison et le contraste.

Autorisation / interdiction.( have to / must)

le sport : les compétitions, la victoire / la défaite, la préparation.

Les noms de pays et de nationalités.

Les parties du corps humain.

Les dates.

L’histoire du rugby, son origine et sa particularité dans certaines ex-colonies britanniques, par exemple l’origine du Haka des All Blacks (Nouvelle-Zélande).

Syllabes accentuées dans les noms de pays, de villes et dans les

adjectifs de nationalité.

CE Compréhension écrite : compréhension sélective (lecture en vue de recherche d’informations précises).

PE: rédiger un article de journal pour relater un événement sportif.

CO : Comprendre un court documentaire vidéo sur le Haka.

CO : Kevin explains rugby

PO Présenter les règles de la danse Performance ?

Ecrire une mini lettre
Remplir un formulaire

Description image de film/personnages
Comprendre enregistrement video

Donner des instructions claires et détaillées.

1 – EO / EOI Act 4 (en bleu= le lien avec le groupe classe et le manuel)

Introduction to the topic and the task. Discovering rugby / the All Black and the Haka

  • Look at the two photographs and discover rugby + Haka (www.allblacks.com/) + photograph of the 6 Nations Rugby Tournament doc 1

  • Skills required to play rugby ( I can / I can’t)

  • Re-investment of vocabulary: sport, competition, countries and nationalities.

Here is an example of language expected

Photo 1

– They are dressed in black.

– They are called the All Blacks.

– The All Blacks is a famous rugby team.

– They come from New Zealand because they are performing the Haka.

– The Haka is like a war dance / a ritual / a tradition.

Photo 2

– They are playing rugby.

– The ball is oval.

– The players are running.

– One is holding the ball; he seems to be running away with it.

HW: prepare some short research on your favourite sport say what you can / can’t / must do. Anne we could use the British Council video here http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/short-stories/my-secret-team

2 . EO / CE – Act 6 – clothes / likes and dislikes

  • Present your sport to the class – explain how good you are. (very well / quite well / a little / not at all)

  • The rugby kit

HW: Design your own rugby shirt

3. CO / PE the rules of rugby Act 4 (rebrassage can / can’t) Act 5 everyday actions

  • The rules of rugby – watch the following video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqmU5gMZtq8

  • Talk about in class / compare to Quidditch (the different players can / can’t)

  • Look at doc 4 – and draw a similar pitch with the positions in French

HW: choose one position and research what the player does.

4. CE / PE The origins of Rugby Act 5 le prététerit régulier + nationalities

  • Reading comprehension – How Rugby was invented (William Webb Ellis)

  • Rugby today – the 6 nations world cup

  • http://www.elllo.org/english/0301/339-Kevin-Rugby.htm listening comprehension + questions

HW: A day in the life of a rugby player –Write a short article about the daily routine of a rugby player (use your book pg 84)

5. POI + CO Act 6 be+ ing + rebrassage physical description Act 3

  • Lead in = Viewing 2 videos Haka Dance (Youtube ?) // Brainstorming vocab // What do they know about the dance itself ? rugby ? the team linked to it ? New Zealand

  • What are they doing? What do they look like?

HW: Find 5 facts about New Zealand

  • (cf www.newzealand.com)

6. CE + CE Act 7 Be + ing / present simple

  • CE : « The Haka »

  • Doc 7

  • CE : The lyrics translated http://www.hakashows.com/free-stuff/haka-words-and-lyrics/kamate-kamate-words/

HW : Short PE : The lyrics as a reflection of the CE ?

7. CO + POI + PE Act 6 actions + Be + ing

  • HW Correction : Reading aloud their short PE => Trace écrite commune de conclusion // Haka dance as a way to condition oneself ot fighting one’s ennemies in history and one’s rivals in sports ??

  • Going back to vidéo Séance 1 and showing that body language participates in meaning => studying the moves

  • Word map // dance (actions, movements, body parts…)

HW : Trace écrite = Describe the dance

8. PE + POI Act 7 obligation and prohibition

  • HW Correction : Reading aloud students’ productions

  • From description to writing rules // révision grammaticale de l’impératif = group work

  •  préparation tâche finale : writing a rule book/booklet/postervideo tutorial (?) describing the rules of the dance (Au passage : website avec dessins et rules pour danser déjà écrites !!!!!!  http://www.tuneintoenglish.com/haka.pdf)

9. PE + POI

  • Préparation tâche finale en classe (poster/booklet/rule book/tutorial sous forme vidéo ?) = group work

10.PE + POI

  • Restitution en classe de la séance 6 = Finding the rules which worked best et construction du livret final commun à tous ( ??)

  • Teaching younger students the dance (CM2-6° ayant travaillé sur le rugby si possible)

Photo 2

– They are playing rugby.

– The ball is oval.

– The players are running.

– One is holding the ball; he seems to be running away with it.

HW: prepare some short research on New Zealand (geographic location / weather )

2 - CO/EO/EE Act 1

Describe some of the characters in the book.

DOCUMENT AS NAMED HERE : SÉANCE 2 Physical descriptions / AUDIO BOOK http://www.veoh.com/watch/v6463125R5nA9BQP

HW: create your character, physical description

3 – EO/EE Prologue pg 7

Schools in England – New Spring act 1: uniforms, prefects, assembly – Hogwarts, a typical British school

We could also use still from the movie showing dining halls

DOCUMENTS AS NAMED HERE : New Spring p 7 and SÉANCE 3 Dining Hall

HW: to see with your class

4 - CE / EE /EO Act 2

Focus on book 1 : the philosopher’s stone

  • Resume du livre avec paragraphe à remettre dans l’ordre

  • Texte à trous pour personnages

  • Diagon Alley


HW: Start thinking of one episode/adventure that could happen to your character

5 - CE/ EO /EE Act 3


  • Fiche 1 : Quiz sur les spells: définir relation entre le nom du sort et le sort jeté

  • Fiche 2 : on recherche les formules à partir des descriptions

DOCUMENTS AS NAMED HERE : SEANCE 6 fiche 1 quizz spells / SEANCE 5 fiche 2 quizz spells

HW: create some spells for your character (2 OR 3)

6 CE / EE Act 2

Writing a basic letter of application

  • Your character wants to enter Hogwarts

  • Work on page 31 and on letter from Minerva Mc Gonagall

  • Imagine letter by Harry Potter in class

  • Using the layout and example start writing the application letter sent by your character

DOCUMENTS AS NAMED HERE : New Spring p 31 / SÉANCE 6 letter from school

HW: write / finalise the letter by your character

7 CE/EE Act 1 / 2 and 3


  • Read some of the application letters

  • Do the crossword

  • Pupils keep working on their characters and stories


HW: write the short story of your character

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