Abate of Washington a brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments

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A B A T E of Washington

A Brotherhood Against Totalitarian Enactments

Subject: Motorcycle Mentorship Program 19 April, 2006

  1. I am the State Coordinator of ABATE of Washington and am the on the board of the Governors Task Force on Traffic Safety. We have been asked to concentrate on why Motorcycle fatalities have not decreased at the same pace as other vehicles. I have been following stories in “Counter Measure and Impax” on the Motorcycle Mentorship Program. I realize that a program like that could only be voluntary, but on Federal Installation could be mandatory. In the Mar/April 2006 Issue of Impax, General Schoomaker has approved the program and I am trying to find out how that will impact Ft. Lewis rules and regulations?

  1. I have made the following recommendations to the Governor: Recommendation to Reduce Fatalities:

a. A PSA- (Public Service Announcement) Campaign, applied to Motorcycle Safety,  "Share the Road awareness" Anti-Drinking and riding, all with the same vigor that was applied to "Click it or Ticket" b. No Motorcycle Endorsement- No Registration of Bike in their name, No Bike leaves the Sale lot without an Endorsement. Increase MSC Subsides from 18 to 21, so 18-21 year olds can take course for $50 instead of $100. c. What can Bikers Do? State Grant Safety Funds to Permanently Establish BADD! (Bikers Against Drunk Driving)
  1. The second reason for contacting your office, is I have had several soldiers from Ft. Lewis approach me and ask to be a chapter. I want to approach this group differently than most others. I came back from my second tour from Iraq in January 2005 and have noticed many soldiers buying Sport bikes in an effort to still find something that gives them the same adrenaline rush as a “Combat Zone”. I am concerned about the amount of power these bikes have, the youth and inexperience of these riders. Many of these riders are Active duty but some are National guard and reserve and may not be monitored as closely as Active duty Soldiers. But the loss of any soldier has an impact and matter.

  1. I look forward to discussing these issues with you.

  1. Contact ABATE of WA or Rich Bright at Richard.L.Bright@us.army.mil or 509-225-2266 or DSN 323-2266.

Rich Bright

State Coordinator,

ABATE of Washington

ABATE of WA, P.O. Box 8369, Tacoma WA. 98418 (253)475-4955

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