Abhijit Banerjee


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Abhijit Banerjee

Name : Abhijit Banerjee

Contact: India:-

5/15 Kalicharan Dutta Road, Kolkata-700061


Phone: + 91 33 2447 6051

Fax: + 91 33 2446 6076

1275 N. Chrisden St, apt # H202

Anaheim, CA 92807

Phone: (714) 455 2897

Email: tabla_abhijit@yahoo.com

Website: www.abhijitbanerjee.com

Educational Qualifications: B.A. in English Literature,

M.A. in Journalism

Professional Qualifications: Started learning Tabla at a very tender age, have won prizes from National level. He is an “A” grade artiste of All India Radio for more than last EIGHT years. Abhijit has toured extensively all over the globe with stalwart artistes from INDIA and also as a Solo Performer. Abhijit has collaborated with stalwarts of world music such as Ry Cooder, Larry Coryell, Badal Roy, Trilok Gurtu. Abhijit has scored music for Documentary and telefilms. Abhijit’s own Group TARANG ensemble is having a roaring success and collaborative works different other Genre of music due to his interest and varies experience. He has formed Dhwani Academy in India and opened its branch in LosAngeles which has been running for last four years and opened a new branch in New York and London (UK). Dhwani does community work and attract students from all over the globe as well.



  • Carnegie Hall, NY, (with sitarist Nishat Khan,2006)
  • Lincoln centre summer series (with sitarist Kartick Shesadri,2007)

  • Symphony Center,NY, (presented by world music institute,2007),

  • World Music Institute ( New York)

  • Asian Muisic Circuit ( London, UK)

  • American Dance Festival (with Tap Dancer Jason Smith,2006 and 2007)

  • Theatre de la ville, Paris,

  • Paleis, Brussells (part of Ravi Shankar ensemble,1999)

  • World percussion festival, Granada, Spain,

  • Barbican Center, South bank London,

  • BBC Indian Night, Manchester,

  • Radio France Indian music series, Paris (two times)

  • Tour in Japan (three times)

  • And some other details.


  • ITC Sangeet( Music) Research Academy

  • Dover Lane Music Conference ( Calcutta)

  • St xaviers Indian Music Group –IMG (Mumbai)

  • National Center for Performing Arts–NCPA (MUMBAI)

  • Suburban Music Circle ( Mumbai)

  • Indo Occidental Symbiosis ( Calcutta)

  • Percussive Arts ( Bangalore)

  • Saptak ( Ahmedabad, Gujrat)

  • Swai Gandharva Music Festival ( Pune)

  • Gunidas Sangeet Sanmelan ( Calcutta, Mumbai Delhi, Chennai)

PLAYED WITH (Indian Classical Music Stalwarts)

  • Pandit Ravishankar,

  • Late Pandit Nikhil Banerjee,

  • Ustad Amjad Ali khan,

  • Pandit Jasraj,

  • Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma

  • Dr. Balamurali krishna,

  • Begum Parween Sultana And many others

TARANG: Abhijit Banerjee’s

TARANG Percussion Ensemble



TARANG”, a brainchild of Abhijit Banerjee, is a blend of melody and rhythm played by a group of innovative musicians on various instruments some of those are seldom heard and mingled together. Here the sounds of percussion are transformed into music, blend itself with melody; the inspiring renditions of complicated rhythmical structures are effortlessly flowed into a musical form. In TARANG, Abhijit , one of the top-ranking musicians of India, focuses on the concepts of mixing popular Indian percussion instruments like TABLA, PAKHAWAJ, and KHANJIRA and unique folk instruments as ektara, Khamak. with the foreign instruments like KAJON, KONGO, TUMBAK and Taiko.

  • Formed his own group TARANG and played in India in major cities, club venues and festivals such as Tolly Club,(Calcutta), R.K.Mission Institute of Culture (Calcutta) Percussive Arts Society, (Bangalore),Kamani Auditorium (Delhi), Calcutta Music Festival, etc.

  • Debut tour USA 2004 performed 15 concerts and 2008 Fall in Indian Classical music circuit, Universities and other prestigious venues.

Whittier College (Sacred Music Festival LA, 2008)

Barclay Theater, UC Irvine.

Kumbwa Jazz Club (Santa Cruz),
World Beat Centre, San Diego

University of Oshkosh (2004 and 2008)

University of Kansas, Manhattan (2004 and 2008)

Dallas Fortworth music circle (2004 and 2008)

(In this tour the strength of small audience was 150 – 200 and big audience in the major concerts was 700 and above)

Examiner and Member:

(Govt. of India)

  • Have been selected as the examiner for the Masters Degree of Rabindra Bharati University, Calcutta

  • Examiner the Govt. of India for its national talent search in Music

  • A Grade Artist of All India Radio and its Examiner for Gradation Test.

  • Indian Council for Cultural Relations Empanelment

  • Judge of Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT).

  • Calcutta Cine Musician’s Association (honorary life member)

Compositional work:

  • A 13 episode serial on traveling- DIK Darshan

  • Have scored music for Tele films for Calcutta Television (DOORDARSHAN)

  • A documentary film on Calcutta -THE TRAIL- that got National Award and was invited in Munich and Berlin Documentary Film Festival.

  • A puppet animation show “about Ram” based on epic RAMAYANA.

  • A drama based on the story “IPHEGENIA AND OTHER SISTERS”, produced by Whittier college, 21st to 25th October,2009

  • Music score of Bengali DIAS PORA, a documentary by Monalisa Dasgupta,USA in 2009.

  • A music score of puppet Drama on GULBADAN, sister of famous Mughal emperor Humayan, 2010.

Seminars and Workshops in many universities all over the world.
Some of the important ones:

  • Whittier college :

Abhijit Banerjee introduced Indian Culture & Music Religion & Drama at the college as a subject to be cultivated with sincere effort. This endeavor of his resulted in serious involvement of a huge number of aspiring students and henceforth sharing the rich experience of Indian Music and culture. He initiated with a continuous 7(seven) days lecture and organized workshop and seminars thereby quenching the thirst of the students on music. Presently, every year a cultural program on Indian Classical music is being held at the college.

  • New Jersey College

  • University of Illinois , Urbana Champaign

  • Appex Fellow (UCLA)

  • Otani University, Japan

  • University of Colorado springs

  • University of Oshkosh

  • University of New Mexico, Albuquerque

  • Kansas State University - Manhattan

  • In Mexico, Abhijit Banerjee has established a renowned image of his. Reasonable a good number of music talented worshippers are following him in attaining salvation through music cultivation. He has successfully conquered souls of numerous aspiring music lovers and enchanters that they have came down all the way to India to learn music from him by staying in India. He has also successfully able to spread Indian Culture and Music throughout Mexico. Nowadays cross cultural programs are being organized in huge numbers to share the rich culture and experience of India in Mexico.

Some major works in the US

  • Asia Pacific Performance Exchange (APPEX)

  • Whittier college 7 days Lecture series by Abhijit Banerjee only on Music Religion & Drama

  • Dhwani Academy of Percussion Music – Establishing the academy of percussion in INDIA and Los Angeles, doing outreach program, organizing community concerts with reputed artists with local talents and related work.

Awards and Certificates: Has been awarded by Madhya Pradesh State Govt. as ABHINAV KALA SANMAN (Novelty of Art award).
Has been honored by the Sheriff of Hampstead, New York for extraordinary performance in New York Vedic Heritage center on November 1st and 2nd 2002.

Humboldt club, Kolkata and Germany

Sangeet (Music) Research Academy.
British Council (Kolkata) Sangeet (music) Sabha (chamber)

CDs and Recordings: Have numerous CDs published all over the world with the all major artistes of Indian Classical Music. Apart from that, mentioned here are some of the major CDs which are published as his solo albums and his compositional work.

  • Mystical moments of Rhythm (Magna Sound, India) – solo

  • Hollow Bamboo (Water Lily Acoustics, USA) work with Ry Cooder, Ronu, John Hassels and others.

  • True Rhythms of India (BMG CRESCENDO) - duet with other percussionist.

  • Moonlight Whispers (TIM, Germany) compositions with Keyvan Chemirani, Larry Corryell and Ronu Majumdar

  • TARANG (TIM, Hamburg Germany) compositional work of his own team.

  • Teental ( Peshkar, Germany)- solo Table

  • Music and Words ( Belgium)

  • 7). Phases – the new album on Human Life Cycle published by Times Music (India)

UPCOMING PROJECTS: (both India & abroad)

  • Rabindra Nath in Balinese Outset.

  • Tagorespeare.

Above two mentioned projects focuses mainly on immortal creativity of legendary Rabindra Nath Tagore.

  • Rhythm Central: Taiko Cymbol & Tabla

The above project comprises of artistes of International repute like Taiko drummer Kenny Endo, Karen Fischer etc. Project involves innovative and fusion music from the artistes.
World Music­ (collaborative work)

  • Recorded with Ry Cooder (Hollow Bamboo produced by Water Lily Acoustics, Santa Barbara)

  • Larry Corryell (played different concerts & recorded own project Moonlight Whispers produced by TIM Co. Hamburg Germany),
  • Trilok Gurtu (Womad festival & other in Europe)

  • Luis Miguel ( Glass Orchestra)

  • Martin Valihora, Slovakian drummer.


By Abhijit Banerjee

Carnegie Hall, New York (one of the most prestigious venues of the world) is a concert venue in Midtown Manhattan in New York City. Carnegie Hall has its own artistic programming, development, and marketing departments, and presents about 250 performances each season. Abhijit was a featured artist along with sitarist Nishat Khan at Carnegie Hall in the year 2006, 10th March.

World Music Institute (WMI) – a not-for-profit concert presenting organization dedicated to the research and presentation of the finest in traditional and contemporary music and dance from around the world.  Through its concerts WMI seeks to educate, entertain, and provide spiritual nourishment.  Music and dance in their myriad forms are both a means to communicate social values and a measure of a society's aspirations. WMI's programs are intended to reinforce the cultural values of the community and to communicate to outsiders the unique power of each individual culture. Abhijit has played two times for this organization – once in Carnegie hall and once in Symphony Center.


American Dance Festival known as ADF “One of the nation’s most important institutions” the ADF’s sustained record of creative achievement is indivisible from the history of modern dance. ADF has remained committed to serving the needs of dance, dancers, choreographers, and professionals in dance-related fields. Abhijit has performed in American Dance Festival with Tap Dancer Jason Smith in the year 2006 and 2007.


Princeton University – Princeton simultaneously strives to be one of the leading research universities and the most outstanding undergraduate college in the world. Recognized globally for academic excellence, Princeton University today is a vibrant community of scholarship and learning. Abhijit was a featured artist in their concert held for Indian Classical Music along with Sitarist Nishat Khan. www.princeton.edu

New Jersey CollegeThe College of New Jersey (TCNJ) is a highly selective institution that has earned national recognition for its commitment to excellence. TCNJ has become an exemplar of the best in public higher education and is consistently acknowledged as one of the top comprehensive colleges in the nation. 

Abhijit Banerjee did a workshop and lecture series for three days with the students if music department where Prof. Wayne Heisler and Prof. ………….. also participated. Later the students presented the Indian Classical composition in western form and collaborated with the Indian part. www.tcnj.edu

Calgary Folk Festival: This is one of the major festivals of Canada, a venue for for world music in North America. Abhijit was invited to perform there in the year 2004. www.calgaryfolkfest.com

World festival of sacred Music Los angeles, 2005 (Appex Ensemble- five South east Asian country esnsemble and 2008 TARANG –Abhijit Banerjee ensemble): WFSM-LA began as a one-time millennium event in 1999 with a letter from H.H. the Dalai Lama who suggested that people from around the world mark the new millennium with hope and commitment to peace and universal responsibility through music. In response to this call, Foundation for World Arts in association with EarthWays Foundation, and UCLA Center for Intercultural Performance produced the 1999 Festival. As a result of the overwhelming response from the community, the organizing partners took the initiative in planning and implementing the 2002 and 2005 Festivals and every three years thereafter. For 16 days in September, the 2008 World Festival of Sacred Music–Los Angeles will present nearly a thousand artists performing in 41 sacred events of music and movement throughout Los Angeles, crossing neighborhoods and cultural, religious and ideological boundaries in the spirit of peace.  www.festivalofsacredmusic.org

India Classical Music Society (ICMS)– The Indian Classical Music Society (ICMS), formerly known as Indian Music Club (IMC), the brainchild of Dr. Uday Deoskar – who has feverishly pursued his love for Indian Music by bringing the genuine art, artists and audiences together, in form of innumerable music events in this region supported by many music enthusiasts. Indian Music has evolved through centuries of workmanship of master artists for whom music was a way of life. Indian Music Society is trying to bring the basic conglomeration of this harmony, the Indian Classical Music, to music connoisseurs. Thus ICMS is committed towards getting good quality Indian Classical, Semi Classical and to some extents Innovative music to the central Illinois region. Abhijit has played many times for this organization and in their annual event with collaboration with University of Chicago and Indian Embassy. www.indianmusicsociety.org

Lincoln centre is the world’s leading performing arts center. Lincoln Center complex is comprised of 12 Resident Organizations, and Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Inc. is one of those 12.It is a resident organization with its own series of artistic programming; a national leader in arts and education and community relations; and manager of the Lincoln Center campus. Abhijit has played with sitarist Kartick Shesadri at Lincoln centre for summer series in the year 2007.

Federation of India Association (FIA) – FIA was established to bring together all of the Central Ohio Asian Indian Associations in existence at that time. The goal was to unite the various member organizations, as well as co-ordinate the cultural, educational, social, economic, and community affairs of people of Asian Indian origin in Central Ohio. With the support of all the cultural organizations, and the growing Indian community, the Federation of Asian Indian Associations (FIA) defines the presence of the Indian community in Central Ohio. FIA works diligently to involve all generations of Indians in activities involving social and cultural exchange. There should be no cultural barrier to compete in this Land of Opportunity. FIA believes that youths are the building blocks of our future; therefore, their involvement is essential to the preservation of our culture and heritage. www.fia-ohio.org


British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) - The British Broadcasting Corporation, usually referred to by its abbreviation "the BBC", is the world's largest broadcaster. As it is very popular and well known worldwide, not going into details.


Asian Music Circuit is one of the important companies in Europe providing access to the full range of music of Asia through promoting, producing and managing high quality tours and educational activities. The AMC provides a wide VARIETY of music celebrating CULTURAL IDENTITY by focusing on TRADITIONAL music of EXCELLLENCE, developing a New GENERATION of talent, ENTERTAINING the public and aiming to inform and EDUCATE through seminars, lectures, recordings, videos and exhibition.

Abhijit worked number of times with AMC in their tours seminars music workshops and festivals.


Theatre de la ville, Paris (one of the most famous venues in Europe) he also performed in Theatre de la ville, Paris, one of the two theatres  produces a good quantity of dance shows being considered as a real international achievement in the field of contemporary dance and music.


Paleis – a prime location in Brussels Belgium as prestigious as London’s Royal Albert Hall or Gevant Haus in Germany or Carnegie Hall in the U.S. Paleis presented Indian Music night with RaviShankar and other artists in the year…… Abhijit, though a junior artist at that time, got chance to play in that prestigious concert and was applauded highly.


Radio France - It is a French public service radio broadcaster. Its is the biggest radio in France. Apart from having broadcasting services they produce albums under the brand name of Ocora and also hold prestigious concerts in all genres of music. Abhijit has released 2 albums of traditional music Kushal Das and Indu De Nord. These CDs are widely sold and royalty is paid regularly.


Indian Music Circle of Basel – a part of Ali Akbar College of Music, Switzerland, and Basel Music conservatorium this music circle presents stalwart musicians from India in Switzerland. Ali Akbar College of music in Switzerland is a branch of the college in San Rafael, California, founded by Ali Akbar Khan. The music circle and the college in Switzerland is connected to Music Academy Basel through noted instrumentalist Ken Zuckerman (www.kenzuckerman.com)

Womad Festival is the diversity of music that takes place, performed by various artists and bands from around the world. Womad has been a fantastic vehicle for ethnic minority bands and musicians to spread their music, culture and roots. Abhijit performed at womad festival in Europe with Trilok Gurtu, a world class, virtuoso percussionist. This festival was started by famous musician Peter Gabriel and held in different places of the world. Abhijit performed for their UK venue at ‘Reading’ in the year 2003.


ITC SRA one of India’s biggest corporate sponsor of Indian classical music. ITC stands for Indian Tobacco Company and SRA stands for Sangeet (Music) Research Academy. SRA funded by ITC and Ford foundation holds a big Institute where different styles of Indian Classical Music are continuously going through research and development. Students, Scholars and famous musicians are attached with this organization. The Board of Trustees includes who’s who like Ravi Shankar, Late. Yehudi Menuhin, John wilton and many musicologist from all over the world. It is a residential research centre where scholars and noted performers resides and teaches. SRA holds big music festivals in all the major cities in India and Abroad with famous artists from Indian classical music genre. Abhijit is a regular performer in many of their conferences.

Dover Lane Music Conference a major music conference in Kolkata (India) engaged in the promotion and propagation of Indian classical music recognized as the premier organization of its kind in Eastern India’s annual program of classical music draws a music-loving crowd of more than 4,000 at every night of performance and they come from different parts of the country and overseas. The annual event is lively and representative as well. Over the years as records show, there remains hardly any instrumentalist or vocalist who has not been heard at Dover Lane. In fact, their names are legion.

St.Xaviers Indian Music Group, Mumbai (India) as it is fondly called, the IMG, was set up to revive the rich Indian heritage of classical music, popularize it among the youth and encourage them to carry forward this legacy. Their cause was supported by the Principal of St.Xavier’s College, Fr. Lancy Pereira, backed by the unstinted support of the staff of St.Xavier’s College and Britannia Industries Limited. The IMG actively organizes Baithaks (special kind of festivals where people or audience sits on the ground and not on chair according to the old tradition of chamber music) that provide a platform to upcoming artists, Music Appreciation Courses and Lecture Demonstrations throughout the year. Over the years, Britannia Industries Limited has provided sustained support to the IMG, in a display of its characteristic ethos of being a socially responsible corporate entity, dedicated to the cause of promoting Indian Classical Music.

National Centre for Performing Arts (NCPA) is India’s premier cultural institution. The first multi-venue, multi-purpose cultural centre to be built in SouthEast Asia, it has been committed since its inception to promoting and preserving the country’s rich and vibrant traditions in music, dance and theatre, as well as catalyzing new and innovative work in the field of the performing arts. NCPA presents more than 500 events each year across all major art forms. It is recognized by artists, patrons and the media alike to be among Asia's foremost venues for the performing arts. The NCPA has been awarded the status of a Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by the Government of India for pioneering work in the field of music research.

Suburban Music Circle – one of the most prestigious music societies in Mumbai (India). It concentrates on Indian Classical and Traditional music. This society exists for more than 75 years and serving the real connoisseurs of music. Abhijit has performed no. of times in Suburban Music Circle, especially in its 75th year of celebration of which is one of the most prestigious concerts in his Classical music career.

Indo Occidental Symbiosis (IOS) – an Event Management Organization, which has been set up to prepare a new base with marked departure from the traditional and orthodox concept of event management without diluting rich heritage of Indian art and culture. To preserve, promote and propagate classical activities, IOS have set up an institution “Academy of Indian Culture” on Guru-Shishya linage for imparting quality education in the areas of music, dance and other performing arts. For his Box Office value in India, Abhijit was invited to perform with a hefty remuneration www.iosindia.biz

Percussive Arts Society is the world's largest percussion organization and is considered the central source for information and networking for percussionists and drummers of all ages. Percussive Arts Society has been serving all levels of percussion performers as well as the percussion industry. Each year Percussive Arts Society hosts the largest percussion convention in the world, the Percussive Arts Society International Convention (PASIC), featuring the top names in drumming and percussion. Percussive Arts Society established its Hall of Fame to recognize the contributions of the most highly regarded professional leaders in percussion performance, education, research, scholarship, administration, composition, and the industry.

Harvallabh Music Festival one of India’s oldest music festivals held for 5 days every year for last 130 years. All the big stars of Indian Classical Music regularly perform there. Each year more than 8000 audience gather to enjoy in musical atmosphere.

Ravi Shankar, often referred to by the title Pundit (learned), is an Indian classical musician and composer who play the sitar. He was described as "the most famous Indian musician on the planet" by Ken Hunt of all music. Shankar worked as a composer, creating the music for the Apu Trilogy by Satyajit Ray. He is one of the most famous personalities in world music. He received polar award (considered as Noble Prize in Music and Art) and also is the recipient of “Bharat Ratna”, the highest award in India. He was the guru of George Harrison of Beatles.

Abhijit was invited to share the same stage and play with him in some concerts in INDIA.

Nikhil Banerjee was one of India's most prominent sitar maestros of the 20th century. He is considered as a pillar in the instrumental music from north Indian classical music. He was honored Padmashree (one of the highest recognition by the Govt. of India) by the President of India He has an early death but he still leaves behind a huge following. Abhijit had a fortune to be touring with him in India, Europe and USA during his college life, and played in prestigious venues like Barbican Center, London, Radio Koln,Germany.etc

Amjad Ali Khan an Indian sarod (a north Indian String instrument) player is the sixth-generation in his family practicing music and his ancestors have developed and shaped the instrument over several hundred years. A trend setter sarod player next to Ali Akbar Khan, is an inspiration to the younger generation, recipient of many awards and accolades throughout the world such as UNESCO award D.LITT from university of Leeds, Padma Vibhushan (2nd highest honor in India). Abhijit has been chosen to play numerous concerts and cut CDs in India and in the US with him.

Pandit Jasraj a famous Indian Classical vocalist. He is the foremost exponent of Hindustani classical vocal music, he was to be appointed as the state musician in the court of the Last Nizam (Emperor of Hyderabad, known for his appreciation art and culture). He is also he recipient of “Padma Vibhushan” (the 2nd highest award in India) Abhijit has played numerous concerts in many prestigious venues in India with him.

Shivkumar Sharma is an Indian santoor (an instrument similar to American Hammer Dulcimer) player. The santoor is a folk instrument from the valley of Kashmir. A trend setter to bring a folk instrument into classical world, Sharma is one of the most reputed and respected instrumentalist who received Padma Vibhushan (2nd highest award in India)

Dr. M. Balamurali krishna is one of the pioneers in the field of both vocal as well as instrumental music. A multifaceted personality, he has been involved in music in its various forms. Dr M Balamuralikrishna is a singer, a music director, an actor and even an instrumentalist. He is from the South Indian tradition of music and recipient of Padma Vibhushan (2nd highest award in India).

Begum Parveen Sultana is the most popular North Indian female singer. She is among the foremost classical vocalists in India and is known as Queen of Classical Vocal. She is the youngest recipient of this Padmashree Award (one of the highest recognition by the Govt. of India).Abhijit is one of her favorite co – artist and has toured all over the world with her. Almost all her CDs published are with Abhijit.


Ry Cooder – a guitarist, composer and producer, though he gained his world-wide reputation primarily as a Slide-Guitarist, he became a pioneer in resurrecting the traditions of "World Music," and devoted himself to Country and Folk music, Calypso, Hawaiian music, Gospel, Salsa, Jazz, Ragtime and Vaudeville. Abhijit has released CD “Hollow Bamboo” from “Water Lily Acoustics”, Santa Barbara with him as one of the Guest artist.


Larry Coryell – one of the worlds acknowledged guitar masters. Hailed by his legion of fans as one of "the guitar gods" in the late 1970s and as a "truly Renaissance musician who excels at all styles of playing" Abhijit has cut CD “Moonlight Whispers” released from Germany where Larry played his compositions. Abhijit has done also concerts in the US with him and his group. www.larrycoryell.net and www.membran.de

Trilok Gurtu – A world class, virtuoso percussionist, has attracted a world class set of collaborators over a long career. Coming from an Indian music family, he was brought up in he Indian Classical music environment. Later he migrated to Europe and collaborated with many world music stars such as John Mclaughlin, Fero Sanders. Also played in the famous Shakti for some time. Now lives in Hamburg, Germany having his own band is a trendsetter in he world music by mixing Indian percussion and folk music with Western pop. Abhijit has played with him as a guest artist in Womad festival, Reading UK and some other concerts in Europe.


Chitresh Das – a recipient of “National Heritage Award” one of the highest awards in the field of arts in the U.S. One of the most dynamic and far-reaching dancers to have emerged from modern India. A prolific artist, his performance, choreography and evolution of Kathak, classical dance of North India, have influenced the art form world-wide. Chitresh Das is first and foremost a master and virtuosic performer of the classical Kathak tradition. Based on his concept of “innovation within tradition,” Chitresh Das explores the boundaries of Kathak technique and performance, creating compelling, new works and techniques that are inventive, yet deeply rooted in the Kathak tradition. Abhijt is a regular co-artist in his team specially in his concert tour named as India Jazz Suits where he plays with famous TAP dancers Jason Samuel Smith. Abhijit has shared the stage in many prestigious venues and specially recently at award giving ceremony in Washington DC to be held on 25th September. www.kathak.org


(1) Rabindra Bharati University: This is one of the foremost universities for specialized study in Art, Fine arts & Culture, a university in KolkataIndia. It was founded on May 81962, under the Rabindra Bharati Act of the Government of West Bengal1961, to mark the birth centenary of the noble laurite, famous poet Rabindranath Tagore.. The University offers courses on Fine ArtsVisual ArtsHumanities, and Social Sciences. Abhijit has been invited many times to be in the selection committee ( Judge) for their Master’s degree Practical Examination

(2) All India Radio is a national service planned, developed and operated by the Prasar Bharati Broadcasting Corporation of India. He is an “A” Grade Artiste of All India Radio for more than last 5 years. Only few and exceptional artiste is being awarded as “A” grade and the process of selection goes through an empanelment. He has done very prestigious national program of music as a solo tabla player and played with many reputed artists. Abhijit has been invited as a “JUDGE” for All India Radio gradation test which qualifies artiste participation.

(3) Doordarshan is the public television broadcaster of India and a division of Prasar Bharati, a public service broadcaster nominated by the Government of India. It is one of the largest broadcasting organizations in the world in terms of the infrastructure of studios and transmitters. Recently, it has also started Digital Terrestrial Transmitters. Abhijit has performed many National Program of Music in the National Channel and also was chosen for Judge in their reality show on Music

All India Radio and Doordarshan, named as Prasar Bharti Corporation,under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.”

(4) ICCR (Indian Council for Cultural Relation) is about a communion of cultures, a creative dialogue with other nations. To facilitate this interaction with world cultures, the Council has strived to articulate and demonstrate the diversity and richness of the cultures of India, both in and with other countries of the world. The Council prides itself on being the pre-eminent instrument of cultural diplomacy and the sponsor of intellectual exchanges between India and partner countries. It is the Council's resolve to continue to symbolize India's great cultural and educational efflorescence in the years to come. ICCR continues to encourage improvisation and experimentation with the new, while it pays homage to the classical as well as the folk forms of India's cultural expression.

(5) CCMA (Calcutta Cine Musicians’ Association) a guild to protect the interest of the musicians who are working in the cinema industry in bollywood and related field. Musicians apply for its membership and pay fees to be a part of it throughout their life. The association gives special membership to acclaimed and famous musicians for its own prestige sake. Abhijit Banerjee as a famous and acclaimed musician comes under the category of special membership where he was offered an honorary life membership from this organization.

(6) CCRT (Centre for Cultural Resources and Training) The National Policy of Education (1986) recognized the need of education to be culture-based. The role of education in developing democratic citizenship was recognized. The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) has been collecting resources in the form of scripts, colour slides, photographs, audio and video recordings and films. The Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) organizes academic programmes on Indian art and culture for foreign teachers and students. Workshops are conducted in various art activities like drama, music, narrative art forms, etc., to provide practical training and knowledge in the arts and crafts. In these workshops, teachers are encouraged to develop programmes in which the art form can be profitably utilized to teach educational curriculum.

The main function of the Centre for Cultural Resources and Training (CCRT) is to conduct a variety of trainingprogrammes for in-service teachers drawn from all parts of the country. The training provides an understanding and appreciation of the philosophy, aesthetics and beauty inherent in Indian art and culture and focuses on formulating methodologies for incorporating a culture component in curriculum teaching.


HMV Sa Re Ga Ma - Sa Re Ga Ma India Limited (formerly known as 'The Gramophone Company of India') is an Indian music company. It uses the music labels Sa Re Ga Ma, RPG Music and HMV. Sa Re Ga Ma provides the largest music repertoire across all genres and languages, which includes the top-recording artists of the past hundred years and some of the greatest names in the present scenario of Indian music. The Gramophone Company has always been better known as HMV (His Master's Voice) in India and was connected to HMV worldwide and used to have the same logo. Presently known as Sa Re Ga Ma India, it has been the biggest record label in India. Abhijit has 4 publications from this company.


Bihaan Music - a new entrant in the field of recorded music has made a humble, but in our view an interesting beginning. Bihaan music has made an outstanding contribution to classical music by drawing up a plan to release albums of major singers & instrumentalists of yester year of Bengal who had received widespread international recognition but are perhaps unfamiliar to listeners of the present generation. Other than that, to make its mark in the world of Classical music it is producing albums of the present generation’s popular Classical musicians. Abhijit has released “BANDHAN” and “ PESHKASH” a DVD of a live performance and creative music from this company.


Times Music – A division of Bennett and Coleman Ltd. Times Music is a part of the biggest publication group of India “Times of India”. Relatively new company in the field of music, Times has made a significant mark by covering all genres of music including Bollywood, Classical, Fusion and Devotional. It has distributions all over the world. Abhijit has released 3 of his albums from this company. The release of Moonlight Whispers – with guitarist Larry Corryell - originally done from TIM Co. Germany had its India release through Times Music. The latest Fusion album of Abhijit with Japanese Taiko Drummer “Kenny Endo” is also going to be released in September 2010 from the same company. www.timesmusic.com

BMG Crescendo – Crescendo a Mumbai (India) based company has tied up with International label BMG to look after the sales and distributions in India. Later BMG Crescendo started producing music productions. Their main genre was Indian Classical and Devotional music in India, Later they have started Bollywood music and films. Abhijit has his solo album “True Rhythms of India”.

Virgin Records – A Mumbai (India) based company works mainly in the field of film music has produced few CDs in the Classical field also. Abhijit has publication with Grammy Award Winner Vishwamohan Bhatt from this company.

MagnaSound – This Company was one of the most dynamic music companies of India used to produce new age hip hop Jazz which was relatively a new venture in the world of Indian music. The Company made a revolutionary change among the listeners in Indian music market and is known for popularizing many good artists. Abhijit has his 1st solo album “MYSTICAL MOMENTS” from this company which had its second release due to demand. Other than that he has many others important numbers from this company such as ‘Sheer Joy’, ‘Parameshwari’.


India Archive Music – a New York based company dedicated to promote Indian Classical music mainly outside India. It has a very large and varied collection of music from past to the present generation. The company is known for its good recording quality, marketing and wide range of good music throughout the world to the Indian music lovers. Abhijit has 4 releases from this company and his solo album is yet to be released soon.

Water Lily Acoustics, Santa Barbara is an American record label based in Santa BarbaraCalifornia. It primarily releases recordings of Indian classical music and cross-cultural collaborations between musicians from around the world. The label was founded by the producer Kavichandran Alexander, well known in the audiophile community for his purist approach to recording and his love for analog electronics and tape machines. This label also won Grammy award for its album “Meeting by the River”. Abhijit recorded with world famous music composer and guitarist Ry Cooder for the album Hollow Bamboo and Lady Astride the Tiger.


TIM Co. Hamburg Germany a recording company in Hamburg Germany where he recorded his own project “Moonlight Whispers” with noted famous American jazz fusion guitarist Larry Coryell, One of the worlds acknowledged guitar masters.. In this album everybody contributed and Larry played musical pieces composed by Abhijit. Abhijit also recorded CD named ‘Devotions’ from this company. Abhijit’s band “TARANG” released its debut CD from this company.


Dik Darshan – A thirteen episode TV serial on traveling the in the State of West Bengal, India. Produced by Webel Mediaronics shown in the National Television Channel DD1

Telefilm: produced by Door Darshan – the National Television Channel of India – on three subjects.

1. Environment 2. Wildlife 3. Pollution.

The Trail: A documentary film on Colonial Architecture- based on Calcutta – city of British Architecture, has won National Award and was shown in Munich and Berlin Film Festivals.

The major breakthrough in his carrier was music direction in the film

“The trail” that was based on colonial architecture in Kolkata. This film went on to receive national award. The Film was invited and shown in Amsterdam, Munich and Berlin film festival.

Munich and Berlin Documentary Film Festival was founded in 1985 with the goal to provide a "festival of the festivals" for the Munich audience, with an emphasis on the promotion of creative documentary films, which at the time played only a marginal role in the movie theatres of West Germany. He has been invited in Munich and Berlin Documentary Film Festival for a documentary film THE TRAIL on Calcutta, a city in India, which got National Award.

About Ram In 2007 Abhijit Banerjee scored music in a puppet theatre called “About Ram” which was basted on animated puppet shows. This shows Ram in a different and modern perspective, with its 1st premiere at Delhi a ICC on February and then with various shows at Manilla festival, karachi festival and telaviv festival the animated show generated immense popularity.

The success of this animated puppet show continued by its inauguration at Prithvi theatre in Mumbai in May in the presence of Shashi and Sanjana Kapoor where it ran and was extended successfully for 7 days. The animated show was produced by famous Puppeteer Anurupa Roy from Delhi.

Asia Pacific Performance Exchange (APPEX) an international residency program with a particular focus on American and Asian artists. APPEX programs have brought together more than 250 traditional and contemporary artists of varying disciplines from America and throughout Asia. APPEX is an educationally based international exchange artist’s residency program that supports cross-cultural and interdisciplinary understanding; develops rigorous strategies for art making reflecting the nuances of cultural differences; and fosters new ways to experiment, collaborate and interpret artistic expression. The rich, interactive workshop environment of APPEX provides artists with the opportunity to expand their aesthetic range through exposure to new performance practices and approaches to creative production. APPEX Fellows develop the ability to collaborate across discipline and culture; learn mutual and self-reflective critical techniques; and initiate life-long friendships and professional networks. The successful format of APPEX demonstrates how cross-cultural collaboration can provide artists with a more informed understanding of Asia and America as well as valuable insights into their own world view. www.wac.ucla.edu/cip/appex

Whittier College : Abhijit Banerjee was invited to do a one week residency at Whittier college, Whittier, California, on Music, Religion, Drama, Post colonial novel and its relation to music. The residence went for one week and with percussion workshops at the end of the day with the music students and faculty members. The residency ended with a concert of TARANG, Abhijit’s own group and the concert was a part of Los Angeles Sacred Music Festival. Attached are course details, some comments from Students, comment from the co-coordinator teacher Marilyn Gotschell and the contract.

This is one of the major endeavors of Abhijit Banerjee to support and uplift all and sundry talents while boosting up their inner confidence and providing a raised platform for proving their individual excellence.

As an institute of percussion music, DAPM (Dhwani Academy of Percussion Music) pledges to devote itself to the nurturing of a new generation of percussionists wedded to the cause of promoting ‘rhythm' as a concept of total music able to establish and perpetuate a tradition of its own.

This is a nonprofit organization operating from some of the major countries like the US, INDIA and CANADA (opening shortly).

Dhwani Academy of Percussion Music is operating in India since last five years. The brain child of Abhijit Banerjee, took some 5 years to take a reasonably good shape. It has to go through many hurdles as usual for first few years. Now the academy has a good number of dedicated serious students in Tabla, and South Indian percussion and Rhythm classes. Besides doing our regular teaching activities, Dhwani has been successful in continuing its regular classes in the Blind Boys Academy for last three years and chose the best of them to perform in our annual concerts which brought applause from the media and music lovers.

Apart from that, Dhwani is trying organize regular workshops with reputed personalities from Indian Music. Dhwani India’s regular activities also include doing concerts and seminars and giving scholarships to blind boys and giving award to veteran artistes specially percussionists who had contributions to their field but are unable to move or participate any more in musical activities. It has started its branches in USA and Singapore and Dhwani's students are going there to teach regularly. Dhwani's research wing is now engaged in project “traditions of tabla playing in North India ”.

Dhwani India is now taking a major task of presenting very rare instruments of Burma, Japan and if possible Indonesia in front of the Indian Audiences.

Special Project

Dhwani Academy intends to support visually challenged students through this special project. The academy is associate with Kolkata Blind School since its inception. It imparts teaching to the students at free of cost. At the same time provide opportunities to share musical platforms with stalwart artists. Awarding two of best talented visually challenged students with scholarships is an integral part of every annual program of the academy.

Tabla Workshops and Seminars are organized along with music stalwarts to enrich students with more knowledge.

In the year 2011 we have achieved success in inaugurating for the first time the Book on North Indian Music in Brallie system in USA and India. We believe this effort will render more support to the visually challenged music aspirants. We are still continuing our effort in updating the book with more editions. Focussing on this endeavor we have already organized fundraising events which received overwhelming responses.

Outside INDIA:
Dhwani Academy USA, a non-profit 501.c 3 corporation incorporated in California , is founded with an aim of propagating Indian Music with a special emphasis on percussion and rhythms of India . Dhwani now has more than 40 regular students in different centers that it operates and its main office is situated in Anaheim , California .

Dhwani has six major chapters in the Los Angeles, San Diego and Valley area. Dhwani operates regular classes in these places. Our instructor Jyoti Prakash, a senior disciple of Abhijit Banerjee, takes care of the students throughout the year. The principal Abhijit Banerjee himself spends almost 4-5 months in California and also spends time and gives attention to each and every student personally.

  • Dhwani Academy in association with Ruth B. Shannon Center and Whitter college have successfully organized a mini festival of Indian music. Fusion Band TARANG and Noted Grammy Award winner Pt ViswaMohan Bhatt graced the occasion

  • The Academy also sells instruments like Tablas and harmonium and CDs of Abhijit Banerjee subject to availability.

  • Dhwani also conducts seminars and workshops on Tabla, Pakhwaj, South Indian Music and Tala System, Folk percussions of India and South East Asia at present and organize limited concerts.



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