About signal signal is a creative arts studio for young people 13 to 25. At Signal young people work alongside professional artists in a collaborative way

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SIGNAL Program

January to June 2016

Signal is a creative studio for young people 13 to 25 located in the heart of the city.


Signal is a creative arts studio for young people 13 to 25. At Signal young people work alongside professional artists in a collaborative way. Located in the heart of the city, Signal is a place for making, showing, inspiring and developing Melbourne’s creative young talent.

Signal is open to young people from all walks of life and ability.

SIGNAL front of house is open every Saturday from 11am to 6pm

Contact details
Email: signal@melbourne.vic.gov.au
Call: (03) 8696 5400
Write: PO Box 1603, Melbourne, VIC, 3001
Visit: Northbank, behind Flinders Street Station, next to the Sandridge Bridge.

Signal Online

Join us on Facebook - facebook.com/signalarts

Follow us on Twitter - twitter.com/signalarts
Follow us on Instagram - instagram.com/signalarts


Signal is free and open to all young people.

Bookings are essential and can be made online at signal.net.au


Contents 3

Programs 4

February 4

Dethrae Future Makers 4

ID in Me 4

March 4

Create to Relate 4

Land of Yesterday 5

April 5

Augmented Reality 5

Evolution 5

SIGNAL Screen Commissions 2016 6

May 6

Code Like a Girl 6

Sisters Akousmatica 6

Following a Rabbit 7

June 7

Spectrum of Practice with Deborah Kelly 7

All Year Round 8

SIGNAL Curators 8

SIGNAL Media Artists Club 8

SIGNAL Screen 8

SIGNAL Sound 8



Dethrae Future Makers

collage / drawing / digital textile design / fashion

Join artist Rachel Jessie-Rae aka Dethrae to create unique digital textile designs. Use repeating patterns then upload your work onto virtual fashion. Learn the tips and tricks of launching a social media campaign for your new fashion label and have your artwork showcased as part of the VAMFF Fashion Festival Project Series.

Bring along your favourite personal imagery, photos, drawings, stickers or other collage elements to include in your textile designs.

Dates and time

Works hops: Saturday February 12 and Saturday February 20, 11am to 4pm.

Exhibition: Wednesday March 2 through Saturday March 12 in the Signal gallery. Exhibition open Wednesday to Saturday 1pm to 5pm.

ID in Me

spoken word / song writing / performance

ID in me brings together young women from diverse backgrounds to explore culture and femininity through song writing, singing, rapping and spoken word.

Working with vocalist and rapper Akimera Burckhardt-Bedeau, you will explore the creative process of live performance and experiment with a variety of techniques and styles. Increase your confidence in expressing yourself and connect with other young women to create a collaborative live performance.

ID in Me is open to young women 13 to 18.

Dates and time

Workshops: Sunday’s from 1pm to 5pm, February 21, February 28, March 6 and March 13.

Performance: Sunday March 20 from 3pm on Les Erdi Plaza.


Create to Relate

illustration / visual art / small press

Life is never boring when you're drawing!

Create to relate is a workshop series for young LGBTQIA people and their friends. Work with artist and illustrator Klara over five workshops and explore different illustration techniques and produce a broadsheet style newspaper publication to be pasted, folded and shared.

Your collaborative works will be presented as part of a group exhibition in the Signal gallery.

Dates and time

Workshops: Saturday March 5, Saturday March 12, Saturday March 19, Saturday April 2 and Saturday April 9, 11am to 4pm.

Exhibition: Thursday April 21 through April 30 in the Signal gallery. Exhibition open 1pm to 5pm Wednesday to Saturday.

Land of Yesterday

animation / sound design / conservation

In this workshop series combining conservation, animation and sound design you will work with artists Christie Widiarto and Rosie Kilvert to recreate an Australian environment full of extinct animals and mega fauna.

Explore extinction from a creative point of view through discussions on mass extinction, conservation and climate change. Learn various new media techniques such as sound design and stop motion animation to develop a screen work and bring extinct animals back to life in an imagined land of yesterday.

Dates and time

Workshops: Saturdays, March 5 through to March 19, 11am to 4pm.

Land of Yesterday will be presented on the Signal screen and sound walk March 24 to April 4.

Screening commence after dark.


Augmented Reality

visual art / new media / augmented reality

Create an interactive, augmented reality art space with artists Kate Geck and Halszka Masash. Explore overlays of reality and make the real world more interesting by remixing it with your devices. Learn about emerging augmented reality technologies in the creation of surface designs for an installation.

You can draw, paint or collage combining traditional fine art techniques with digital illustration and image manipulation. When scanned with a free smartphone app, your artworks will trigger digital content like gifs and sounds.

This collaborative installation will take the form of an interactive art forest - as mystic or realistic as your imagination desires!

Dates and time

Workshops: Tuesday April 5 to Saturday April 9, 11am to 4pm.

Installation: Friday April 15, 6pm to 8pm and Saturday April 16, 1pm to 5pm.


Evolution is a creative arts program dedicated to young people who are not currently studying or employed. Two days a week you can work in a flexible, supported studio environment to make art. Working alongside professional artists and youth workers participants are exposed to a wide range of art forms including visual art, illustration, design and photography.

Evolution is open to young people from all walks of life and artistic ability.

Evolution is a partnership between Signal, City of Melbourne and Frontyard Youth Services.

Dates and time

Workshops take place Wednesdays and Thursdays for eight weeks kicking off April 13.

Applications are by referral. To make a referral please contact Frontyard on (03) 9614 3688.

SIGNAL Screen Commissions 2016

Signal Screen Commissions invites young artists 16 to 25 to produce a projection work for the Signal Screen. Signal is interested in works that combine art and technology in weird and wonderful ways, are innovative and engage in the spirit of Signal.

Signal will commission up to five art works created by young and emerging artists. Young artists will have the opportunity to participate in developmental workshops including technical and creative support and mentoring.

If you're aged 16 to 25 and have a great idea, this is your opportunity to produce a highly visible public work and bring the Signal site to life.

Applications open Tuesday March 14 at 9am and close Wednesday April 5 at 9pm.

Application information can be found on the Signal website


Code Like a Girl

coding / app development

Ever wanted to cut some code but didn’t know where to start? Code Like a Girl is a workshop series for young women who want to learn coding skills from the best girls in the biz.

This two-day workshop will be a ground up exploration of coding basics in HTML, Javascript and other languages. Start from scratch to build your own digital products, fly through “Hello World” and end up with an app or website of your very own.

Dates and time

Saturday May 7 and Sunday May 8, 11am to 4pm.

Code like a Girl is open to young women 16 to 25.

Presented as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week.

Sisters Akousmatica

sound art / performance / installation

Sisters Akousmatica is a city-scale radio acousmonium that focuses on the concept of "akousma"- sound removed from its source. Using radio broadcast technology, sounds will be distributed to multiple listening spaces across the city, creating a sonic web of live performances.

Through a workshop series at Signal you can explore this idea further with the head Sisters Akousmatica, Pip Stafford and Julia Drouhin. You will be guided through creating DIY electromagnetic sound devices and the art of occult listening.

Workshops are open to young people 13 to 25.

Sisters Akousmatica has been developed through Next Wave’s Emerging Curators Program, in partnership with Liquid Architecture.

Dates and time

Performance: Sunday 8 May, 11am to 6pm (procession starts and finishes at Signal)

Exhibition: Signal Gallery and Sound Walk, May 11 through May 22 (open 1pm to 5pm, Wednesday to Saturday)

Workshops: Saturday May 14 and Sunday May 15, 11am to 4pm at Signal.

Following a Rabbit

printmaking / bookbinding / paper-cut

Artist Kyoko Imazu will take you on a journey embedded in Japanese folk tales to create your own symbols and develop an artists book using traditional paper-cut and bookbinding methods. Look into your memories, personal stories and passions to create a character that can guide your very own visual story.

Dates and time

Saturday May 21, Saturday May 28 and Saturday June 4, 11am to 4pm.


Spectrum of Practice with Deborah Kelly

visual art / collage / installation

Deborah Kelly is a visual artist who engages with the imagination through the low-tech art form collage. Across five workshops you will work in collaboration with Deborah to explore notions of identity and belonging through the medium of collage. You will extract and combine delicate image configurations from found media and the artist’s own extensive image archive.

The collaborative collage works will form part of a large scale exhibition and screening to be presented at Signal and Fed Square.

Check out the Signal website for further information on artist talks, exhibition and screening details.

Spectrum of Practice is presented in partnership with Artful Dodgers Studios.

Dates and time

Saturday June 18, Saturday June 25, Monday June 27, Tuesday June 28 and Wednesday June 29, 11am to 4pm.

All Year Round

SIGNAL Curators

The Signal Curators are a group of young art makers and art fans who lead inspiring art projects all over Melbourne. The Signal Curators devise ways to foster creativity in young artists and non-artists alike, from participating in workshops to thinking up exciting avenues to share their work. They team up with new art makers every month and continue to develop exciting project ideas, always aiming to connect multi-art form professionals with budding art talent.

The Signal Curators have on-going input into the program, sharing ideas and realising creative projects. If you’re interested in becoming a Signal Curator and shaping the future of Signal, check out the Signal website.

SIGNAL Media Artists Club

Signal Media Artists Club is a monthly meet led by experimental artist duo Cake Industries. Working in an open lab environment you will have access to a variety tools and materials and explore the many mediums and possibilities of art and technology.

Signal Media Artists Club is open to young people aged 13 to 18 years.

Check out the Signal website for workshop information on how you can get involved.


The Signal building features iGlass technology in its window façade creating a projection screen visible after dark. The Signal Screen showcases new works created by young artists all year round.

Check out Signal website for screening details and events.


Signal is wired for sound. The Signal sound walk leading from Flinders Street Station to the Signal building showcases sound installations and experiences created by young artists. Installations can be heard all year round.

Check out the Signal website for program details.

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