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About the Washington Calligraphers Guild Library

One of the many benefits of membership in the Washington Calligraphers Guild is having access to a first-rate library. The collection comprises, what I believe to be, one of the most comprehensive collections on calligraphy and related arts of its kind. It currently contains over 700 titles including books, slides, videos, CDs, DVDs, pamphlets, and journals. Subjects collected are broad and varied but all related to the calligraphic arts: see adjacent list. Guild members have donated most of the books and other titles, as noted. If you are interested in making a donation, please contact me for information. Due to limited space, we can add only “new” titles to the collections.

The WCG Library is located at Strathmore Hall Mansion in Rockville, Maryland (see map at the end of the Library List). The Library is open for browsing weekdays and Saturdays by appointment. Call Iris Anderson at 301-598-0392 to arrange a convenient time to visit.

In this author-title list, each item is shown only once under the first author (co-authors and additional information about each title are included in the Library’s database). If you require a more detailed search of the titles, for example, by a particular subject as shown on the next page, or by author or publisher, please let me know and I can send it to you by email. Subject lists of the titles are also available on the Guild’s website, under Library:


Iris W. Anderson, 301-598-0392; iris.anderson@comcast.net


Advertising; Alphabets; American Calligraphy; Ampersands; Asian Calligraphy; Bible Passages; Bibliography; Biography; Black Letter/Gothic; Book Arts; Brush Lettering; Business; Calendars; Calligraphy for Children; Capitals; Celtic Arts & Calligraphy; Contemporary Collections; Cookbooks; Copperplate/Roundhand; Decoration & Ornament; Design & Layout & Printing; Digital Letterforms; Drawing & Painting; Drawn Letters; Embossing; Engraving; Engrossing; Essays on Calligraphy; Etiquette; Exhibition Catalogs; Flourishing; Folk Art; Foundational; Gilding & Illuminating; Greeting Cards; Handwriting; Hebrew Calligraphy; Heraldry; History; Illuminated Manuscripts; Instruction-Advanced; Instruction-Basic; Instruction-General; Islamic Calligraphy; Italic; Left-Handed Calligraphy; Marbling; Museum & Library Collections; Numerals; Papermaking; Poetry; Reference Works; Rubber Stamps; Signs & Signmaking; Stone Carving; Typography


AUTHOR-TITLE LIST – September 2009

Aaron, W.M. Italic writing: A concise guide. Transatlantic Arts. 1971. Gifts of Leslie Cohen & Harvey Hoffman.

Adachi, Fumie. Japanese design motifs. Dover. 1972. Gift of Alan Taylor.

Adams, Caroline Joy. An Italic calligraphy handbook, rev. ed. Dover. 2004.

Addiss, Stephen. The art of Zen: Paintings and calligraphy by Japanese monks, 1600-1925. Harry N. Abrams. 1989. Gift of Harry N. Abrams.

Adkins, Jan. Letterbox: The art & history of letters. Walker and Company. 1981.

Gift of Virginia Berton.

Adobe Systems. Adobe originals: A library of typefaces (7 pamphlets for Adobe, Garamond, Adobe Wood Type I, Charlemagne, Lithos, Tekton, Trajan, Utopia). Adobe Systems, Inc., 1989-1990.

Aladine Pamphlets: 1. Calligraphie Chinoise; 2. Ecrire au Moyen-age; 3. Ecrire a la Renaissance. Gifts of Chuck Gibbs.

Alexander, J.J.G. The decorated letter. George Braziller. 1978. Gift of Harvey Hoffman.

Alexander, J.J.G. Italian Renaissance illumination. George Braziller. 1977.

Gifts of Todd Furniss & Marilyn Jeffery.

Alexander, J.J.G. The master of Mary of Burgundy. George Braziller. 1970. Gift of A.R. Lawrence.

Allcock, Hubert. Heraldic design: Its origins, ancient forms and modern usage. Tudor Publishing Company. 1962. Gifts of Bill Gray & Arthur Beneckson.

Ames, Daniel T. Ames' compendium of practical and ornamental penmanship. Daniel T. Ames. 1883(?). Gifts of Laverne K. Burke & A.R. Lawrence.

Andersch, Martin. Symbols, signs, letters. Design Press.1989. Gift of A. R. Lawrence.

Anderson, Donald M. The art of written forms: The theory and practice of calligraphy. Holt, Rinehart & Winston. 1969. Gifts of Calligraphics Ink & Harvey Hoffman & William Pitcher.

Anderson, Jeanette, ed. Comments by Lloyd Reynolds (taken during class, Fall 1974).

Angel, Marie. An animated alphabet. Godine. 1996. Gift of Mary Dee Tebbetts.

Angel, Marie. The art of calligraphy: A practical guide. Charles Scribner's Sons. 1977. Gifts of Calligraphics Ink & Leslie Cohen & Harvey Hoffman.

Angel, Marie. Painting for calligraphers. Overlook Press. 1984. Gifts of Overlook Press & Arthur Beneckson.

Aria, Barbara and Russell Eng Gon, calligrapher. The Nature of the Chinese Character. Chronical Books. 2001. Gift of Harvey Hoffman.

Aris, Rutherford. Explicato formarum litterarum. The Calligraphy Connection. 1990. Gift of William Pitcher.

Armstrong, Mimi. Calligraphic designs. Stemmer House. 1983.
Gifts of Judy Hoyle & Marilyn Jeffery.

Artist & alphabet: Twentieth century calligraphy and letter art in America. Curated by Jerry Kelly and Alice Koeth. David R. Godine. 2000. Gift of Alan Taylor.

Ashman, John. Bookbinding: A beginner’s manual. Adam & Charles Black. 1983. Gifts of Leslie Cohen & A. R. Lawrence.

Association for the Calligraphic Arts. Calligraphy for the classroom. 2002. Gift of ACA.

Association for the Calligraphic Arts (ACA). The Newsletter. (1997 -present).

Atil, Esin. Süleymanname: The illustrated history of Süleymanname the Magnificent. National Gallery of Art and Harry N. Abrams. 1986. Gift of Earl Kreins.

Atkins, Kathryn A. Masters of the Italic letter: Twenty-two exemplars from the sixteenth century. David R. Godine. 1988. Gifts of David R. Godine & A.R. Lawrence.

Avril, Francois. Manuscript painting at the court of France: 14th century. George Braziller. 1978. Gifts of Todd Furniss & Marilyn Jeffery.

Backhouse, Janet. The Illuminated manuscript. Phaidon. 1979. Gifts of Leslie Cohen & Mary Lou O’Brian.

Backhouse, Janet. The Illuminated page: Ten centuries of illuminated manuscripts from the British Library. University of Toronto Press. 1997. Gift of Ethelmary Maddox.

Backhouse, Janet. The Lindisfarne Gospels. Phaidon. 1981. Gift of A.R. Lawrence.

Backhouse, Janet. The Luttrell Psalter. New Amsterdam. 1990. Gift of A.R. Lawrence.

Bain, George. Celtic art: The methods of construction. Dover. 1973.

Gifts of V. Berton & M. Jeffery & Arthur Beneckson & Harvey Hoffman.

Bain, Iain. Celtic knotwork. Sterling. 1992. Gift of A.R. Lawrence.

Baker, Arthur. Arthur Baker's copybook of Renaissance calligraphy (Mercator's italic hand). Dover. 1981. Gifts of Bill Gray & Karl F. Heumann.

Baker, Arthur. Arthur Baker's historic calligraphic alphabets. Dover. 1980.

Gift of Karl F. Heumann.

Baker, Arthur. Calligraphic alphabets. Dover. 1974. Gifts of Bill Gray, Bonnie Pewterbaugh & Marilyn Jeffery.

Baker, Arthur. The calligraphic art of Arthur Baker. Charles Scribner’s Sons. 1983. Gift of Earl Kreins.

Baker, Arthur. Calligraphic cut-paper designs for artists and craftsmen. Dover. 1983. Gift of Earl Kreins.

Baker, Arthur. Calligraphic swash initials. Dover. 1983. Gift of Susan Morton.

Baker, Arthur. Calligraphy. Dover. 1973. Gifts of B. Callejas & K. Heumann & M. Jeffery.

Baker, Arthur. Celtic hand stroke by stroke (Irish half-Uncial from the Book of Kells). Dover. 1983. Gifts of Karl F. Heumann and A.R. Lawrence.

Baker, Arthur. Dance of the pen. Art Direction Book Co. 1978. Gift of Earl Kreins.

Baker, Arthur. Foundational calligraphy manual. Charles Scribner's Sons. 1983.

Gift of Kathleen Costello.

Baker, Arthur. Mastering italic calligraphy. Scribner’s. 1985. Gift of Elizabeth Causey.

Baker, Arthur. New calligraphic ornaments & flourishes. Dover. 1981. Gift of Arthur Beneckson.

Baker, Arthur. The Roman alphabet. Art Direction Book Co. 1976. Gift of Earl Kreins.

Baker, Arthur. Roman capitals stroke by stroke. Dover. 1968. Gift of Laverne K. Burke.

Barchowsky, Nan Jay. BFH [Better Fluent Handwriting]: A manual with CD-ROM, Revised edition. Swansbury, Inc., 2008. Gift of Nan Jay Barchowsky.

Barker, Judith. Stenciling & embossing greeting cards. North Light Books. 2000. Gift of Bonnie Duke.

Barnard, Tom and Christopher Jarman. Making calligraphy work for you. Osmiroid. 1985. Gift of William Pitcher.

Barnard, Tom. Starting calligraphy. Osmiroid. 1990. Gift of William Pitcher.

Barry, Patrick. Handwriting sheets. James Barrie [UK] 1954.

Beasley, Dick. Alphabeas: Broad edge pen letter forms. Calligraphabets. 1983. Gift of Linda Abrams.

Becker, George F. Ornamental calligraphy. Dover.1993. Gift of A.R. Lawrence.

Belser Incorporated. Catalog of facsimile editions of the Vatican Library. Belser Inc. 1988. Gift of Rochelle Follender.

Benson, John Howard. The first writing book: An English translation & facsimile text of Arrighi's Operina. Yale University Press. 1977. Gifts of Calligraphics Ink & Bonnie Pewterbaugh & Lili Wronker & Harvey Hoffman.

Benson, John Howard and Arthur Graham Carey. The elements of lettering. McGraw Hill. 1950. Gifts of Calligraphics Ink & Bill Gray & Harvey Hoffman.

Berks Calligraphers’ Guild Cookbook. Hand lettered by Guild members in Pennsylvania.

Beusekom, Mels van. Kreatieve Kalligrafie Voor Links-en Rechtshandigen. La Riviere & Voorhoeve. 1988. Gift of Harvey Hoffman.

Beyond words: A contemporary exhibition. Calligraphy Research Initiative. University of Sunderland (UK). 1999. Gift of Manny Ling.

Bickham, George. George Bickham’s penmanship made easy. Dover. 1997. Gift of William Pitcher.

Bickham, George, engraver. The universal penman. Dover. 1968. Gifts of Calligraphics Ink & Virginia Berton & L. K. Burke & Harvey Hoffman.

Biggs, John R. The Craft of script. Blandford Press. 1964. Gift of Leslie Cohen.

Biggs, John R. Lettercraft. Blandford Press. 1982. Gift of Harvey Hoffman.

Biegeleisen, Jacob I. The ABC of lettering. Harper & Row. 1976.

Bird, Michael S. Ontario Fraktur. M.F. Feheley Publishers. 1977. Gift of William Pitcher.

Bise, Gabriel. Medieval hunting scenes. Productions Liber. 1978. Gift of Todd Furniss.

*Björkstén, Johan. Learn to write Chinese characters. Yale University Press. 1994.
Gifts of Yale University Press & Harvey Hoffman.

Blackwell, Buddy. Learning roundhand and flourishes. Buddy Blackwell. n.d.

Gift of Rose Folsom.

Blunt, Wilfrid. Handwriting: a practical approach to the italic hand. James Barrie. 1955.

Blunt, Wilfrid and Will Carter. Italic handwriting. Newman Neame, Ltd. 1954.

Gift of Edwin Gould.

Boardwell, Robert. Beginning calligraphy. Touchstone Press. 1974. Gift of Earl Kreins.

Bodleian Library. Humanistic script of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. Bodleian Library. 1976. Gifts of Bill Gray & Harvey Hoffman.

Bologna, Giulia. Illuminated manuscripts: The book before Gutenberg. Thames and Hudson. 1988. Gift of Ethelmary Maddox.

The Book of Kells: Reproductions from the Manuscript in Trinity College, Dublin. Alfred A. Knopf. 1977. Gift of Harvey Hoffman.

Bostick, William. Calligraphy for kids. La Stampa Calligrafica. 1991. Gift of Elizabeth Causey.

Botts, Timothy R. Doorposts: Sixty calligraphic renderings of Bible passages with notes by the artist. Tyndale House. 1986. Gift of Timothy Botts & Harvey Hoffman.

Briem, Gunnlaugur S. E., How to space a type design in ten minutes. Second Hand Press. 1990. Gift of Lili Wronker.

Briem, Gunnlaugur S. E., ed. Living letters: International exhibition of calligraphy. Icelandic College of Arts and Crafts. 1982. Gift of Linda Abrams.

Briem, Gunnlaugur S. E., ed. Sixty alphabets. Thames & Hudson. 1986. Gifts of A.R. Lawrence & Mary Lou O’Brian.

Briem, Gunnlaugur S. E., ed. Visible language. (Calligraphy issue, Winter, 1983).

Gifts of Visible Language & Bill Gray & Arthur Beneckson & Leslie Cohen.

Broadbent, Brenda. Parallel pen wizardry. Paper & Ink Arts. 2003. Gift of B. Broadbent.

Brown, Ken. Calligraphy: Learn a more beautiful way with words. Ken Brown Studio of Calligraphic Art. 1977. Gift of Judy Hoyle.

Brown, Ken. The Ken Brown calligraphy handbook. Ken Brown Studio of Calligraphic Art. 1977. Gifts of Leslie Cohen & William Pitcher.

Brown, Ken. The Ken Brown calligraphy resource guide. Ken Brown Studio of Calligraphic Art. 1987. Gift of A.R. Lawrence.

Brown, Michelle P. A Guide to Western historical scripts from antiquity to 1600. University of Toronto Press. 1990. Gift of A. R. Lawrence.

Brown, Michelle P. and Patricia Lovett. The historical source book for scribes. University of Toronto Press. 1999.

Brown, Peter, ed. The Book of Kells: 48 pages and details in color from the manuscript in Trinity College, Dublin. Alfred A. Knopf. 1980.

Burgert, Hans-Joachim. Ludus scribendi. Rijksmuseum Meermanno-Westreenianum.1983.

Burke, Clifford. Printing it: A guide to graphic technique for the impecunious. Wingbow Press. 1976. Gift of Bernard Baum.

Butterworth, Emma Macalik. The complete book of calligraphy. Barnes & Noble Books. 1984. Gift of Judy Hoyle.

Calderhead, Christopher, ed. Letters from New York: 3. Society of Scribes, Ltd. 1977.

Calkins, Robert G. Illuminated books of the Middle Ages. Cornell University Press. 1986. Gift of Arthur Beneckson.

Callery, Emma. The complete calligrapher. New Burlington Books. 1993. Gift of Eleanor Holsopple.

Calligrapher's engagement calendar: 1979 (Old Testament); 1980 (Time); 1981 (Music); 1983 (Renaissance); 1984 (Food & Drink); 1985 (Nature); 1986 (Magic); 1987 (Love); 1988 [Pendragon] (Children & Childhood); 1990 (Travel); 1991 (Artful Letter); 2003 [John Neal] (Music); Gifts of Taplinger & Bill Gray & Leslie Cohen & William Pitcher.

The Calligrapher’s handbook: A practical guide to learning calligraphy. Crescent Books. 1988. Gift of Judy Hoyle.

The Calligrapher’s handbook. Quill Publishing. 1987. Gifts of William Pitcher & A.R. Lawrence.

Calligraphy Northwest. The faculty exhibit (An illustrated catalog, 7th International Calligraphy Conference, University of Portland, 1987). Gift of Judy Hoyle.

Cameron, Corrie. Profiel: Jean Larcher (in Scriptores, Vol. 7, No. 3/4, 1992, pp. 2-7). De Buitenkant. 1992. Gift of Jean Larcher.

Camp, Ann. Pen lettering. Dryad Press. 1976. Gifts of Calligraphics Ink & Bonnie Pewterbaugh & Arthur Beneckson & Harvey Hoffman.

Carlyle, Paul. New letters and lettering. McGraw-Hill. 1943. Gift of Earl Kreins.

Carter, Patricia. Illuminated alphabets. Search Press. 1991. Gift of Elizabeth Causey.

Carter, Patricia and Anne Gardner. Illuminated Calligraphy. Search Press Limited, 1989. Gift of Marilyn Jeffery.

Cartner, William C. The Young calligrapher. Frederick Warne. 1971. Gift of Leslie Cohen.

Cary, Melbert B. Jr. Modern alphabets. Bridgman. 1936. Gift of Karl F. Heumann.

Casey, Brenda and Barbara Brandt. Uncommon numbers. PenUltimates. 1996. Gift of Elizabeth Causey.

Catich, Edward. Reed, Pen & Brush Alphabets for Writing and Lettering (Book & Portfolio). The Catfish Press, St. Ambrose College. 1972. Gift of Sister Delphine Vasquez.

*Catich, Edward M. and Gilroy, Mary W., ed. The origin of the serif; Brush writing & Roman letters. Catich Gallery, St. Ambrose University. 1991. Gift in memory of Joanna Vitale. Gifts of L. Cohen & H. Hoffman.

Cavanagh, Albert. Lettering an d alphabets. Dover. 1946.

Cennini, Cennino D'Andrea. The craftsman’s handbook: The Italian "Libro dell' Arte". Dover. 1960. Gifts of Bonnie Pewterbaugh & Harvey Hoffman.

Central Conference of American Rabbis and Baskin, Leonard, illustrator. A Passover Haggadah. Penguin Books. 1978. Gift of Virginia Berton.

Chappell, Warren. The living alphabet. University Press of Virginia. 1980.

Chappell, Warren. A short history of the printed word. David R. Godine. 1980.

Gift of Bill Gray.

Child, Heather. Calligraphy today. Taplinger. 1976. Gifts of B. Pewterbaugh, Bill Gray, V. Berton, Lucinda Huttlinger, L. K. Burke & Edwin Gould & Harvey Hoffman.

Child, Heather, ed. and Society of Scribes and Illuminators. The calligrapher's handbook. New York: Taplinger. 1986. Gifts of M. Jeffery and A. Beneckson.

Child, Heather. Gold in manuscript illumination. John Roberts Press. Gift of E. Gould.

Child, Heather. Heraldic design: A handbook for students. G. Bell & Sons. 1970.
Gifts of Calligraphics Ink & Leslie Cohen & Harvey Hoffman.

Child, Heather, et al. More than fine writing: The life and calligraphy of Irene Wellington. Overlook Press. 1987. Gifts of Lucinda Fitch Huttlinger & Laverne K. Burke & Harvey Hoffman.

Cicale, Annie. The art & craft of hand lettering. Lark Books. 2004. Gift of Sandra Collazo.

Cirker, Blanche. The book of Kells: Selected plates in full color. Dover. 1982.

Gifts of Judy Hoyle & Arthur Beneckson.

Cirker, Hayward and Blanche Cirker. Monograms & alphabetic devices. Dover. 1970. Gifts of Todd Furniss & Bernard Baum.

Civen, Janice Davis. Illuminations: A Ro-mlen Alphabet. Dodd, Mead & Company. 1984. Gift of Marilyn Jeffery.

Clark, Michael. Golgotha. (illustrated by Michael Clark). 1997. Gift of M. Clark.

Clark, Michael. Letters are symbols which turn matter into spirit. 1999. Gift of M. Clark.

Clark, Michael. Letters: The hows and whys of what we do and how I do it. 2007. Gift of Michael Clark.

Colleagues of Calligraphy. Alphabet Soup: Recipes from A-Z. 1982. Gift of L. Cohen.

The Complete guide to calligraphy. Quantum, Oceana. 2006.

Condron, Pat. Hand embossing. 1986. Gift of Earl Kreins.

Consumer Guide and Will Norman, ed. Calligraphy made easy. Beekman House. 1983. Gift of William Pitcher

Contemporary calligraphy: Modern scribes & lettering artists II. Taplinger. 1986.

Gifts of Taplinger & Harvey Hoffman.

Craig, James and Susan E. Meyer, ed. Designing with type: A basic course in typography. Watson-Guptill. 1971. Gifts of Robin J. Long & Leslie Cohen.

Cusick, Rick and Warren Chappell. The proverbial bestiary. TBW Books. 1982.
Gift of Rose Folsom.

Cusick, Rick and Thea Wheelwright. With respect…to RFD: An Appreciation of Raymond Franklin Da Boll. TBW Books. 1978. Gifts of Harvey Hoffman and Muriel Parker.

D aBoll, Irene Briggs and R. F. DaBoll. Recollections of the Lyceum & Chautauqua Circuits. Bond Wheelwright. 1969. Gifts of K. Heumann & H. Hoffman.

David, Ismar. The Hebrew Letter. Aronson. 1990. Gift of A. R. Lawrence.

David, Ismar. Our calligraphic heritage. Geyer Studio. 1979. Gifts of Harvey Hoffman and Linda Abrams.

David, Ismar; Helen Brandshaft and David Pankow, eds. The Work of Ismar David. The RIT Cary Graphic Arts Press. 2005. Gift of the publisher.

David, Stuart. How to become a professional calligrapher. Taplinger. 1985.

Gifts of Taplinger & William Pitcher & Harvey Hoffman.

David, Stuart. How to become a successful lettering artist. Art Direction Book Company. 1987. Gifts of Taplinger & William Pitcher.

Davies, Martin. The Gutenberg Bible. Pomegranate Artbooks. 1996. Gift of Lili Wronker.

Davis, Courtney. Celtic art source book. Blandford Press. 1988. Gift of Marilyn Jeffery.

Davis, Jinnie Y. and John V. Richardson. Calligraphy: A sourcebook. Libraries Unlimited. 1982. Gift of Libraries Unlimited.

Defoer, Henri, ed. and James H. Marrow. Golden age of Dutch manuscript painting. George Braziller, Inc. 1990. Gift of Marion Verweij.

De Goede, Julius. De mooiste kalligrafische alfabetten. Uitgeverij Kosmos. 1988. Gift of William Pitcher.

Degering, Hermann. Lettering: Modes of writing in western Europe from antiquity to the end of the eighteenth century. Ernest Benn. 1965. Gifts of Calligraphics Ink & Bill Gray & Bonnie Pewterbaugh & Harvey Hoffman.

Denman, Frank. The shaping of our alphabet: A study of changing type styles. Alfred A. Knopf. 1955. Gift of Bill Gray.

De Reyna, Rudy. How to draw what you see. Watson-Guptill. 1972. Gift of David Barker.

Derman, M. Ugur. Letters in gold: Ottoman calligraphy. Harry N. Abrams. 1998. Gift of Arthur Beneckson.

Diagram Group. Lettering & calligraphy workbook. Sterling. 1997. Gift of Tamara Stoneburner.

Diehn, Gwen. Making books that fly,fold,wrap,hide,pop up,twist and turn: books for kids to make. Lark Books. 1998. Gift of Bonnie Duke.

Diringer, David. The book before printing: Ancient, medieval and oriental. Dover. 1982. Gift of Bill Gray.

Donley, Marci. Simple stroke calligraphy. Sterling. 2006.

Donoughue, Carol, compiler. The development of writing (Jackdaw No. 47). Grossman Publishers. 1969.

Douglass, Ralph. Calligraphic lettering with wide pen & brush. Watson-Guptill. 1967. Gifts of Calligraphics Ink & V. Berton & L. Sandler & T. Stoneburner.

Drogin, Marc. Anathema! Medieval scribes and the history of book curses. Allanheld & Schram. 1983. Gift of A.R. Lawrence.

Drogin, Marc. Medieval calligraphy. Allanheld & Schram. 1980. Gifts of Laverne K. Burke & A.R. Lawrence.

Drogin, Marc. Yours truly, King Arthur: How medieval people wrote, and how you can too! Taplinger. 1983. Gift of William Pitcher.

Dubay, Inga and Barbara Getty. Italic calligraphy & handwriting letters. Van Nostrand Reinhold. 1984. Gifts of Van Nostrand Reinhold & A.R. Lawrence.

Duensing, Paul Hayden. Bruce's penman scripts: Facsimile edition. Paul Hayden Duensing. 1977. Gift of Bill Gray.

*Dummett, Michael and William M. Voelkle Tarot triumphant (Reprinted from FMR, No.8). Franco Maria Ricci. Gift of Judy Hoyle.

Dumpleton, John. Make your own booklet. Pentalic. 1969. Gift of Leslie Cohen.

Dumpleton, John Le F. The art of handwriting. British Pens Ltd. 1964. Gift of E. Gould.

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