About: This is an updated bible tale set in Manhattan 2004, with smooth characters, and more unfolding story. Enjoy


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Davey and Goliath:

A New Twist On An Old Tale

By Zach Oldenburg


This is an updated bible tale set in Manhattan 2004, with smooth characters, and more unfolding story. Enjoy.

We start off in a Manhattan cab. David Williams, CEO of Williams’ Son Inc.


(To Taxi Driver) How’s it going, beautiful morning.




Crisp fresh, spring air fills the busy streets.


Listen, Pastor, cut the crap!


(As driver pulls down Alley) Hey, whughh…?


I know you, you’re a big shot, I don’t want any trouble, just empty your briefcase and give me your cash or I shoot.

David empties his billfold in disgust and an outside the cab view zooms out as he gets tossed out the back and on his face in the wet alley. The taxi speeds off.


Wait! My briefcase! Nauggh! Aw…
He walks away, up the alley and *Brringg*. He answers his cell phone, crushed slightly in his back pocket.

David Williams here.

Davids Older Brother, Mark:

Dave! Where in all of God creation are you!? The meetings started and Dad’s Peeved off!

David slowly brings his hand down and clicks off the phone, whipping it behind him. Soft music plays as we show Dave entering the Office, no one in sight but the aggravated Father. Dave takes a seat.
Father, Jesse:

(Disappointed) David, when your mom dies, I kept you kids in my sight, gave all 8 of you jobs, big time jobs, and the least could do is show up for the Prom Week Meeting.


I sorry, Dad, I really am.


Don’t let it happen again. Ok?

We now transfer to a late night, on the streets; David is walking home, no ride. He turns the corner and hears a girl scream as she’s being mugged.


Eh! Put her down!

He chases after the Mugger as he runs down the alley and catches up to him, slamming his face into the ground.

Give the nice lady her purse back and apologize.


Goli’ won’t like this!


Goli’? Who’s Goli’?


You’ll hear from him.

The mugger then wraps his fist around and cold cocks him in the nose. David, confused thinking about Goli’, doesn’t see it coming.
David awakens in his home the next morning, puts his ice on his forehead and plays his acoustic a little bit. As he’s playing he looks out at the sun rising over the buildings, so beautiful.
David’s Voice Over:

(Narrating) My life seems like crap, right? Well, it is. My three oldest brothers are CEO’s, im the youngest. I did some research on Goli’. (Shows David Doing Research on the NYPD Site) Well, he’s a big time crime boss, many have tried to murder him after deals gone badly but he reins above all. His name is Goliath Carlene, pretty fruity name right? That’s what I thought. I guess I didn’t know him….

We see David jogging through the park and up the street. He goes around the corner and enters the Police Department.

Can we do something for you, son?


Yes, I need all you know about… (Looks at note book) Goliath Carlene.


Im sorry, boy, but were unauthorized to. Do… Hey, your Jesses Williams kid right? Mark? Luke, No, John? Right?


No, im David… the youngest.


I thought Matthew was the youngest? Well, anyways, we can’t give any information other than on the web, did you check the web?


(Leaving) Thanks…

He leaves the building. We flash to a back alley, a bunch of Gangsters throw a helpless fellow gangster out the door.

One Gangster:

(Looking around) Ok, Boss, coast clear, pops.

Very tall, very tough Goliath walks out, cigar in mouth. He pulls a gun out of his coat and clicks it. We focus on the bloody mans face, the one on the ground, Its David! Goli’ puts it forward and…
David jumps out of bed, sweaty.

(To Himself) Uggh… I don’t feel good.

Now we show a montage of Goliath driving his car around, “taking care of business.” We fade back into the apartment, David is tossing up and around a good size rock, that his grandpa gave him, now dead grandpa, I mean.
David goes outside and enters his brother, Marks car.

You ok, bro? I mean, If this camp is too soon for you, im cool with it. Right?


Too soon? Too soon from what?


Nothing, lets go.


You mean moms death? No, im… im over that.

The car pulls up the road and into the sunset.
The next scene David gets out of the main camping center with his bags, Mark in the background talking to his other brothers. David sets his bags down and sniffs the sweet air, overlooking the mountains he stands, sun shining like a scene in the bible. He slowly overlooks the plains and hills. A scream and gun shot occurs in the distance. Only Dave heard.

(In Distance) No, Gol…! *Gun Shot*

David runs down the hill. Luke notices and chases after him.

Davey! (Trips down the hill and lays down, in pain) No! It’s not safe!

Mark catches up with him and stops him.

Hey, whoa, you’re a runner. What’s your problem, kid?


Goliath. He’s killing someone. I got to confront him, he’s after me.


You can’t take him, you’re a young man, and this, this “giant” is a mobster. I saw your note book, some heavy stuff in there.

David shoves Mark and runs down the hill, closer and closer to Goliath each time. He finally gets down to the bottom and looks up at him.

Hey, *psst*, get over here!


Let him stay. Let him stand up to me and fail, and I will put him in a good place… The Ground!

His goons laugh.
David pulls the stone out of his pocket.

Grandpa’s stone.


With out weapons, you’re a petty child. Give it up, Goli’, your nothing.


(Shoots Mark) There, last one. (Drops his gun)

Luke tends to Mark. David picks up the stone and thinks. The whole movie recaps in his head, in a fast motion.
Slow Motion scene:

Dave stops and tosses the rock up and down in his hand.

Speeds up as Dave throws the rock at the chuckling Goliath. The impact of the rock sends Goliath to his knees, in pain. The goons take off, leaving helpless Goli’.

You got what you deserved.

Fade. Then back in, Goliath in jail, the camera pans out of the window and pans across the night town, then rolls into David’s apartment window. A parties going on, David’s a lonely man, drinking his whiskey. He goes to the door to answer it and he realizes it’s the lovely lady he saved from getting mugged on the street.

Hi, there.

Fade out..
A black screen appears with the following on it:

Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.

Fade out to credits….


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