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Dog Heaven

Cynthia Rylant
Book Description:

Academic Objective:

  • ELAKR6: The student gains meaning from orally presented text.

c. Asks and answers questions about essential narrative elements (beginning-middle-end, setting, characters, problem, events, resolution) of a read aloud text.

g. Connects life experiences to read aloud text.

Brilliant Star Objective:

Readability Level: 3.4
Vocabulary: sleds, dog biscuits, memories, invisibly, investigate
Introduction: The teacher will introduce the story by asking the following questions:

  • Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a pet. What kind of pet did you have?

  • Have any of you ever lost a pet or had a pet that died?

  • How did you feel when this happened?

  • What do you think happens to an animal when they die?

During Reading: Since this is such an intimate topic to a child, the teacher needs to be certain that the students have a chance to share their experiences during and after the story. Encourage children to talk about how they feel and persuade them to show compassion to their classmates.

Follow-Up Activities:

  1. When the share time is over, have the students practice retelling the story. Use the specific story elements listed in the Georgia Performance Standard above. The teacher may want to list these on chart paper or use a graphic organizer suitable for this grade level.

  2. Students can create a picture showing their own “animal Heaven”. Students can use discarded magazines, pictures from home or art supplies such as crayons, markers, and paint to create their masterpiece. When everyone is finished, give students the opportunity to share their work and discuss their version of “animal Heaven”.

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