Access and Amenity Fund – 2014-15 Projects 6 projects were awarded funding to the value of £22,800

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Access and Amenity Fund – 2014-15 Projects

6 projects were awarded funding to the value of £22,800

In total 8 projects were considered by the panel

1. Deben Community Marine Association £3,500

Supporting a new business that is offering pleasure boat trips, possible Ferry Services to Sutton Hoo & local Water Taxi services. Based in Woodbridge on the River Deben.

2. Autism and Nature £5,000

Engaging autistic children with the natural places of the Suffolk coast, with educational visits for special schools and the publication of a guide to help parents/carers and teachers to engage autistic children with the countryside.

3. Suffolk Wildlife Trust – Me & My Beach (Sizewell) £5,250

Helping young people from the communities closest to Sizewell Belts and the beach to learn first-hand about their coastal wildlife and landscape and reflect on its value in their lives. The project aims to support 150 young people age 10+ with in-school and outside school activities ongoing over six months.

4. Suffolk Punch Trust £1,700

Working with the charity Country Trust the Suffolk Punch Trust will host over ten East London primary schoolchildren’s visits and provide a guided experience of rural life in Suffolk on the farm and in the museum.

5. Eastfeast – Story telling project £2,350

In a project called ‘Tell Us Your Story Please – the AONB speaks’ young people will engage in creative narrative story telling based on their experiences in their AONB – discovery making you feel animated and exhilarated in the AONB. Eastfeast will work with a school and c60 children to develop audio and visual recordings of stories.

6. Pebble Media – the Suffolk Coast on Film £5,000

A film project about Inspiring Visitors to and Showcasing the Suffolk Coast, undertaken in partnership with the AONB and working with local learning providers and schools, businesses, organisations and communities, a short film of the Suffolk coast, featuring and highlighting the landscape, wildlife, heritage and seasons will be made.

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