Acf nationals 2008: Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool Tossups by Maryland a


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ACF Nationals 2008: Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool

Tossups by Maryland A (Mike Bentley, Jonathan Magin, Charles Meigs, Chris Ray)

1. Georges de Scudéry’s Observations of this play attacked its subject, which was based on a chronicle written by Guillem de Castro. In one scene, a man insists that his valor is being rewarded by the king, but his foil tells him that his machinations and old age are the true source of his honors. The second act begins with Arias discussing an insult delivered by Gomes, who is then challenged to a duel by the title character. That character is loved by Urraque, and duels with Sanche in the fifth and final act. It focuses on the relationship between Chimène and the title character, a son of Don Diègue, and this play was the subject of a furious pamphlet war after being condemned by the Académie Française for not conforming to the classical unities. The title character is originally named Rodrigue and successfully battles the Moors, thus earning the title nickname. For 10 points, name this play by Pierre Corneille about a medieval Spanish hero.

ANSWER: Le Cid [accept The Cid but not El Cid]

2. The name "Cadmus" means one who is from here, and this direction was guarded by Jikoku in Shinto and symoblized by the Long dragon on the traitional Chinese compass. Tlaloc's sister Chalchiuhtlicue ruled this direction in Aztec myth, and Horus's son Duamutef also guarded it. This is the direction sacrificial fires to the gods face in Hinduism; one of Angrboda's functions in Norse myth was as patroness of the wind from here, while the Romans attributed the wind from this direction to Vulturnus, the equivalent of the Greek Eurus. Thyestes agreed to relinquish the throne to Atreus if the sun set in this unusual direction. For 10 points, name this cardinal direction, normally the start of Helios's daily journey.

ANSWER: east


3. This philosopher’s sympathetic review of Gottlob Schulze’s polemic Aenesidemus introduced his concept of the “fact/act,” or Tathandlung, which he defined in a later work as “the I posits itself absolutely.” In his essay “On the Basis of Our Belief in a Divine Governance of the World,” he argued that God has no existence apart from the morality of the world, which caused him to be accused of atheism. He responded to those accusations in The Vocation of Man, and gave a series of Addresses to the German Nation in 1808 before returning to the University of Jena. For 10 points, name this German idealist philosopher, a follower of Kant who developed a transcendental philosophical system called Wissenschaftslehre in Attempt at a Critique of All Revelation.

ANSWER: Johann Gottlieb Fichte
4. The narrator of this work is forced to memorize the 330 sermons of the preacher Mr. H, and admires his classmate G— for defending Grotius’ adaptation of a legend about Muhammad’s dove. Its first section ends with Lord Desert satisfying the conditions of Jewish moneylenders while the narrator desperately searches the streets of London for the child prostitute Ann. Later appended with the short essay “The Daughter of Lebanon,” this work recounts a recurring dream of being chased by a hideous crocodile through Chinese houses in a section titled “the pains of” the title substance. Published in 1822, it describes the author’s experiences with the title substance, which he takes as an anodyne for his terrible stomach pains. FTP, name this book by Thomas De Quincey about his addiction to the title drug.

ANSWER: Confessions of an English Opium Eater

5. Even opponents of this ruler praised his passing of the National Forest initiative. One action directed against him revolved around the Extraordinary Parliament, which elevated his rival to a de jure political office; this was known as the National Protection War. To support this ruler, the most profitable governmental department formed the Communications Clique. He was forced to agree to some of the 21 Demands and drew upon the advice of Frank Goodnow. He was offered the rank of First Marquis after resolving the Wuchang Uprising, during which this assassin of Song Jiaoren commanded the Beiyang Army. He took the hilarious reign title Constitutional Abundance and attempted to declare himself Emperor, but died in disgrace in 1916. FTP, identify this greatest military ruler of China's Warlord Period, who ruled as a dictator between the end of Manchu power and the rise of the Republic.

ANSWER: Yuan Shikai (or Rong'an)


6. William Hogarth described the importance of including these in the sets of performances of Antony and Cleopatra in his tract The Analysis of Beauty. One of these appears by a shallow pool at the far right of Masaccio's Saint Peter Baptizing the Neophytes, while two groups of them flank the left side of Delacroix's Entry of the Crusaders into Constantinople. Gold was applied very liberally to those separating the prophets and sybils when Michaelangelo decorated the Sistine Ceiling. St. Jerome unfurls a scroll as he stands in front of a group of them in Parmigianino's Madonna of the Long Neck, while two of them fittingly appear in the background of David's Oath of the Horatii. FTP, identify these architectural features which have acanthus leaves on their capitols in their Corinthian varieties, and might also come in Doric and Ionic examples.

ANSWER: Columns (accept specific buzzes of “Corinthian Columns,” etc.)


7. On the right end of this painting, a saw and a split log with a stick and an ax resting on it lie on the floor, beneath the bench where a bearded man in brown constructs a mousetrap, symbolizing the role of the cross as a trap against Satan.  An open door and the brick walls of a castle with a guard perched in front form the backdrop of the left end, where a man in black and a woman in a red garment and white veil kneel in awe.  Between these depictions of Joseph as a carpenter and this painting’s donors, a vase, a candle, and an open book rest on the table in the center panel of this work, which shows an angel approaching an oblivious Virgin Mary, who wears a flowing red dress and stares intently at the book in her hands.  FTP, identify this three part altarpiece showing an annunciation scene, a work by Robert Campin, the Master of Flemalle.

ANSWER: Merode Altarpiece

8. A decisive advantage in this battle was due to an earlier trade deal with England, which provided equipment that the attackers used to scatter all except the za'ar, zealot bowmen whose legs were bound to prevent them from fleeing. It came in the wake of a victory at Alcacer Quibir, and the victorious commander here demanded a personal guard of 80 Christians from Ahmad al-Mansur of the Saadi dynasty. Soon after this clash, he occupied Djenne and Taghaza, home to famous salt mines. The death of Daoud left the incompetent Ishaq II in charge of the defenders, who were overwhelmed by the gunpowder of the eunuch commander Judar Pasha. Enabling the swift occupation of Gao, FTP, name this 1591 battle in modern-day Mali by which Moroccan troops brought about the fall of the Songhai Empire.

ANSWER: Battle of Tondibi


9. Starting with an article in The New Republic,"Call to Arms",  this thinker advocated for America's entry into World War II, an argument he expanded in the books Men Must Act and Faith for Living. His forays into criticisms were inspired in part by his friendship with Van Wyk Brooks; he also authored a biography of Herman Melville and argued for the merits of aesthetic experience in Values for Survival. In The Human Prospect he traced the development of the clock to time keeping in monasteries, while in a better known work he used the metaphors of containers and magnets to explain the the development of "megamachine" in Technics and Civilization. Cofounder of the Regional Planning Association of America, his main work sought to examine the development of urban culture. FTP, identify this social scientist, best known for The City in History and The Culture of Cities.

ANSWER: Lewis Mumford
10. Based on a future real-estate analyst, at one point, this character nearly reveals a secret by announcing that has mother has granted him permission to take the TV from the basement, and he calls another character Danny Ocean. He lives on 898 Momona Street, and is accused of resembling Aladdin. In reference to women, he describes that he’s not concerned about the “going,” rather being concerned about the “coming,” and he is also accused of thinking he’s “Seal.” He reveals he’s never met anybody from Mohammed in a scene where he reveals he’s an organ donor. Interested in the character Nicola and befriended by officers Slater and Michaels, for ten points, name this character who purports to be a one-named 25-year-old Hawaiian organ donor in order to buy booze in the film Superbad.

ANSWER: “McLovin” or Fogell

11. This man formulated a mechanism that checks whether a new state is safe or not when granting requests in the Banker's Algorithm.  That algorithm was subsequently used in an early operating system he developed, known as the "T-H-E  multiprogramming system".  He also formulated a method that uses a stack to convert standard syntax into Reverse Polish Notation, the Shunting Yard Algorithm.  With C. A. R. Hoare this man lends his name to a 1972 text book called Structured Programming that advocated his position against the GOTO statement.  His extensive correspondences are collectively known as the "EWD" series, and one of his eponymous creations falls apart when graphs have negative edge weights and has a heuristic modification known as A Star.  FTP, identify this computer scientist best known for lending his name to a greedy algorithm that finds the single source shortest path from a node in a graph.
ANSWER: Edsger Wybe Dijkstra

12. One religion says that this figure was taken to the Orissa region for instruction in the Jagannath Temple, and appeared to a couple named Claudius and Juliet, Roman pagans, on the Tiber River. In another religion, this figure is known as “kdaba,” and was originally Mandaean, but perverted the prophecies of his mentor and became an evil figure, like Moses and Abraham. A claimed disciple of this man, a son of Patek, died at Gundeshapur at the hands of Bahram I. Among the figures who have claimed to be him were Marshall Applewhite, the leader of Heaven's Gate, and David Koresh. For 10 points, name this figure recognized in Islam as ‘Isa, believed in by the so-called "Jews for" him, and by a messload of Christians.

ANSWER: Jesus [or ‘Isa or Yehoshua]


13. One member of this dynasty died as Abbot of St. Germain-des-Pres after signing the Truce of Andrusovo. Another member of this dynasty was defeated at the Battle of Stångebro by his regent, and after his wife died, he married her sister Constantia, provoking a civil war in one nation he ruled. Another member of this dynasty signed the Armistice of Stuhmsdorf with one of its branches. This house succeeded to the throne of one nation after the death of Stephen Bathory, after which it signed the Truce of Altmark. Including members such as John II Casimir and Wladyslaw IV, one member of it invaded Moscow and held it for two years, from 1610-1612, Sigismund III. That leader was frustrated in his attempts to unite two kingdoms, by his uncle, Charles IX, whose descendants in this line include Charles XII and Gustavus Adolphus. FTP, name this dynasty famous for ruling Sweden from 1523-1654.

ANSWER: Vasa or Waza


14. In Calvino’s If on a Winter’s Night a Traveler, the novel Looks Down in the Gathering Shadow is by a fictional author from this country, which is the location of the monastery that is the final resting place of the narrator of August Strindberg’s Inferno.  Sylvia, the wife of Vonnegut’s Mr. Rosewater, ends up in a nunnery here, while fictional characters from this country include a horse painter in The Enormous Room and the lover of the title character of Charlotte Bronte’s Shirley, Louis Gerard Moore.  One work from this country is set partially in a dream world created by Tyltyl and Myltyl, while novels from this country include The Abyss and The Watchmaker of Everton, the latter written by the creator of Inspector Maigret, Georges Simenon.  Also the homeland of the author of Pelleas et Melisande, Maurice Maeterlinck, this is, for 10 points, what European country with capital at Brussels.

ANSWER: Belgium

15. The Lax-Wendroff and Leapfrog schemes modify the general equation for this process. For a cylinder in cross flow, the Churchill-Bernstein equation estimates the Nusselt number for this process. One type of this process is named for Boussinesq, and Benard cells take on a hexagonal shape when undergoing this process. The Richardson number determines whether it is free or forced, and when the Rayleigh number is above the critical value for a fluid, heat transfer occurs through this process. FTP, identify this process, the flow of heat through the movement of matter from a hot region to a cold region, which is opposite from conduction.                                                                 

ANSWER: convection 


16. The most famous work of Slovenian author Vladimir Bartol deals with the downfall of this group. Muhammad of Esfizar, a Herati historian, claims they still existed in the sixteenth century, and Abaka sent an army against them. One leader of them had his head removed from his body in a shepherd’s hut by his Mazandarani companion, a deed to which Rokn ud Din did not respond. Their defeat involved the taking of Girdkuh, Maimundiz, and Lembeser, and an account of this group’s founder was compiled when the minister Athamulk Juveni found the Sergerushti Sidina. The man who defeated them eventually murdered the family of the Khurshah, after successfully taking a fortress established by Hasan Sabbah, Alamut. FTP, name this group destroyed by Hulagu Khan, a sect of radical Ismailis known for their habit of killing important leaders.

ANSWER: Assassins or Hashishuun or Hashishiin or al-Hashashuun
17. From 1933-1934 and 1944-1946, this region was briefly independent under the leadership of Hoja Niyaz Hadji and Alikhan Tore. The forgeries of Islam Akhun about this region were exposed by the explorer Aurel Stein, and Paul Pelliot explored this region, finding the manuscript trove at the Cave of the Thousand Buddhas. The source of the Ili River, cities in this region include Yarkand and Aksu, and the mountain known as Pik Pobedy in one language is the highest in this area. The A-erh-chin Mountains are located in here, along with the Dsungarian and Tarim Basins, the Turfan Depression, and the Taklamakan desert. Dominated by trading cities such as Khotan, Kashgar, and Turfan and by the Uyghur people, FTP, name this region bordered by Gansu and Tibet, the largest political unit in China with its capital at Urumqi.

ANSWER: Uygur Autonomous Republic of Xinjiang or Sinkiang or East Turkestan

18. This compound’s direct form is prefixed with the term “azo,” and very high levels of it can induce Dubin-Johnson or Crigler-Najjar syndromes.  It is acted upon by its namesake oxyreductase and, like phytochrome, consists of a tetrapyrrole, though it does not form a porphyrin ring like heme.  It is made soluble in water when conjugated with glucuronic acid, which can then be metabolized to stercobilinogen by bacteria in the colon. It is formed in the body when erythrocytes undergo heme catabolism, and its light sensitivity results in a water-soluble isomer that mitigates jaundice in newborns.  FTP, identify this compound that gives a yellow-brown color to bile. 

ANSWER: bilirubin 


19. In this author’s first novel, Stonecipheco baby food fortune heiress Lenore Beadsman has an affair with Rick Vigorous while searching for her missing great-grandmother. He wrote about a lesbian whose amazing win streak on Jeopardy is broken by her insane brother in his short story “Little Expressionless Animals.” That story appears in a collection named for his short story about the sociopathic lawyer Sick Puppy, Girl With Curious Hair. This author collaborated with Mark Costello on Signifying Rappers, and collected his nonfiction in A Supposedly Fun Thing I’ll Never Do Again. His most recent novel focuses on a film created by James Incandenza so addictively entertaining that it causes people who watch it to stop functioning. FTP, name this contemporary American author of Infinite Jest.

ANSWER: David Foster Wallace


20. Oort and Yienger modeled these entities using the zonal mean meridional streamfunction, elucidating a long-term intensification based on the increasing frequency of an oceanic phenomenon which strengthens their vertical components. The Hoerling and Eischied Model of climate change links that intensification to watershed erosion in the Great Basin Region. A persistent Bermuda High may diminish the upper tropospheric trough that makes up their northern boundary in early autumn as they overcome the weaker flow of their immediate neighbors. As their currents are deflected toward lower latitudes, they are associated with the northeasterly and southeasterly trades, and their return flow ends at the Intertropical Convergence Zone. FTP, identify this circulation pattern that dominates tropical air flow between 30 degrees North and 30 degrees South, named for a English lawyer who dallied in meteorology.   

ANSWER: Hadley Cells  


 TB. This man’s presidency saw the first US commercial treaty with the Hanseatic League. In addition to a more famous minister, this man negotiated a treaty with General Vives, and he accused Senator Trimble of Ohio of having a brain occupied by a maggot when he voted against that treaty. Under the pseudonym Publicola, he criticized Thomas Paine and in his Congressional career, he attacked rules suggested by Henry Pinckney and Atherton, after being elected on an Anti-Masonic ticket. His presidency ended with a disastrous dispute with the British West Indies, and with his Secretary of State, he built the Dismal Swamp Canal and other routes of transportation. Present at the negotiations of the Treaty of Ghent and the signer of a treaty with Onis, FTP, name this president whose term saw the passing of the Tariff of Abominations and began with a “Corrupt Bargain.”

ANSWER: John Quincy Adams


TB. This work's third movement intermezzo features a section in six-eight time framed by clarinet solos in two-four. The first movement's introduction features three simultaneous motives above a throbbing rhythm in the percussion, and each movement is set a major third up from the previous movement.  Alpine horns introduce C major in the fourth movement with a melody that the composer first scribbled on a birthday postcard to Clara Schumann.  The composer responded "Any ass can see that!" when asked about the fourth movement chorale's resemblance to Beethoven's "Ode to Joy"; the similarity led Hans von Bulow to dub this work "the Tenth."  FTP, identify this orchestral work in C minor composed over a period of twenty-one years by Johannes Brahms.

ANSWER: Brahms's Symphony No. 1 in C Minor [or Brahms's First Symphony; prompt on partial answer; "Brahms" not required after his name is mentioned]


 TB. The introduction to this work quotes a doctor who says “to read one line of [its author] is to forget all the troubles of the world.” In one section of this work, a prisoner forges a chain to hold the world captive, but ends up being bound by it instead. Another section describes a place “on the seashore of endless worlds” where “children meet,” while yet another section addresses “world-filling,” “eye-kissing,” “heart-sweetening” light. Beginning with a poem about a “little flute” which “breathed through it melodies eternally new,” this collection includes poems previously published in Nobeiddo, and also contains a poem about a place “where the mind is without fear.” Featuring an laudatory introduction by William Butler Yeats, FTP, name this 1913 poetry collection whose name translates as “Song Offerings,” a work by Rabindranath Tagore.

ANSWER: Gitanjali
TB. This man’s work inspired Albert Eschenmoser to use an allylic alcohol to make a gamma-delta unsaturated amide. He described namesake syntheses of isatins and cinnamates, and the Chen-Mapp reaction is sometimes named after him and Stuadinger. LDA can be reacted with allylic acetate in a rearrangement named for this man and Ireland. Also known for his rearrangement of allyl phenyl ether, the reaction named for himself and Schmidt will react aryl ketones with benzaldehyde derivatives. He’s best known for a reaction which produces a beta-keto ester or a beta-diketone from two esters or an ester and a carbonyl compound; that reaction has an intramolecular variety named for Dieckmann. FTP, give this German namesake of a famed condensation.

ANSWER: Rainer Ludwig Claisen

ACF Nationals 2008: Be Somebody or Be Somebody’s Fool

Tossups by Maryland A (Mike Bentley, Jonathan Magin, Charles Meigs, Chris Ray)


1. Answer the following about the oasis of Tamanrasset, a crucial point of rest in the 90s computer game Africa Trail, FTPE.

[10] Tamanrasset was an ostensible capital of the Tuareg peoples and is the largest city in the southern part of this nation. Other cities in this country of northern Africa include Constantine and Oran.  

ANSWER: Algeria

[10] Tamanrasset is located in these mountains of southern Algeria, east and south of the Atlas Mountains, whose highest point is Mount Tahat.

ANSWER: Ahaggar Mountains or Jibal Ahaggar

[10] These mountains of the eastern Sahara include the 11,204 foot Mount Koussi and are known for fine examples of petroglyphs. They are located primarily in Chad, Libya, and Niger, in the region of the Aouzou Strip.

ANSWER: Tibesti Massif

2. Here’s an uninspired lead-in people can complain about later – name these effects from physics, FTPE.                

[10] In this effect named for an American scientist, electrons are affected by a Lorentz force when they move through an electric plate immersed in a magnetic field.                                                                                          

ANSWER: Hall effect                                                                                                                                                   

[10] This effect refers to the large temperature anomalies in the cosmic microwave background radiation caused by gravitational red shift of photons.                                                                                                                               

ANSWER: Sachs-Wolfe effect                                                                                                                                    

[10] Also known as the internal Peltier effect, this effect describes the development of heat from a current passing across the interface where the orientation of a crystal changes.                                                                                   

ANSWER: Bridgman effect                                                                                                                                         


3. FTPE, name these American operas.

[10] In this operetta, Don Cazarro leads a conspiracy to oust the newly-appointed Viceroy of Peru, and gets the buffoonish Pozzo appointed in his stead. In response, Don Medigua joins the insurgents, and is eventually arrested by his own men.

ANSWER: El Capitan

[10] In this 1958 opera, Erika sings “Must the winter come so soon?” before the title character runs off with Anatol.

ANSWER: Vanessa

[10] This opera’s libretto contains numbers, solfege syllables, and poems by Christopher Knowles. Consisting of four acts connected by knee plays, this largely plotless five-hour opera focuses on the title scientist.

ANSWER: Einstein on the Beach


4. Identify the following about a disease FTPE.

[10] Caused by a coronavirus, a near pandemic of this disease occurred between November 2002 and July 2003, originating in Guangdong Province, China.

ANSWER: SARS or severe acute respiratory syndrome

[10] This protein, consisting of two cysteine-rich subunits, complexes with its receptor ACE2 to attach to a cell membrane.  It enables the coronavirus that causes SARS to inject its RNA into a host cell.

ANSWER: spike or S protein

[10] Analysis of the SARS spike protein may help elucidate its interaction with this immunoglobulin, the most abundant in the human body.  It is the only immunoglobulin that can pass through the placenta to give passive immunity to the fetus.

ANSWER: IgG or Immunoglobulin G

5. This work argues that the distinction between performative and constative acts is merely illusory. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this philosophical work which, asserts that all utterances are performative, and can be categorized into locutionary, illocutionary, and perlocutionary acts.

ANSWER: How to Do Things With Words

[10] This British philosopher of language wrote Sense and Sensibilia, as well as How to Do Things With Words.

ANSWER: John L. Austin

[10] Austin compiled How to Do Things With Words from a series of lectures he gave at Harvard named for this American author of The Will to Believe and Pragmatism.

ANSWER: William James [prompt on James]

6. This economist popularized the idea of the long-run multiplier effect. FTPE:

[10] Identify this MIT economist who developed a model of growth along with Swan, and won the 1987 Nobel Prize in Economics.

ANSWER: Robert Solow

[10] Solow published the paper “Balanced Growth under Constant Returns to Scale” along with this other MIT economist who developed the theory of revealed preference and wrote the most used introductory to economics textbook ever.

ANSWER: Paul Samuelson

[10] This Cambridge economist used non-linear dynamics to develop an endogenous theory of business cycles, and gives his name to a type of efficiency criterion along with Hicks.

ANSWER: Nicholas Kaldor

7. For 10 points each, name these terrible American authors.

[10] This pedophile wrote a ton of formulaic “rags to riches” novels like Luck and Pluck, Risen From the Ranks, and Ragged Dick.

ANSWER: Horatio Alger

[10] This author wrote about socialist Lanny Budd in his World’s End novels and made fun of Richardson in his Another Pamela, or, Virtue Still Rewarded.  Other novels include Dragon’s Teeth and a novel which uses an average of 2.92 exclamation points per page, Oil!

ANSWER: Upton Sinclair

[10] This author of Seth’s Brother’s Wife and The Return of the O’Mahony is better known for his novel about a Methodist preacher’s crisis of faith, The Damnation of Theron Ware.

ANSWER: Harold Frederic

8. This movie's horrible sequels starred Robert Patrick as an unconvincing bank robber and saw Orlando Jones try to eat Ambrose Bierce, respectively. For ten points each:

[10] Identify this film in which a character is bitten during the titular time period by Salma Hayek's Santanico Pandemonium, the leader of the brothel-dwelling vampires who inhabit the Titty Twister.

ANSWER: From Dusk Till Dawn

[10] From Dusk Till Dawn was an early collaboration between screenwriter Tarantino and this Mexican-American director, who also collaborated with Tarantino by creating Planet Terror for Grindhouse. He also directed Sin City.

ANSWER: Robert Rodriguez

[10] After vampires slaughter a character played by this actress in From Dusk Till Dawn, she asks George Clooney's Seth if she can join him in his life in a creepy Mexican gangster settlement. She also appeared in The Evening Star and The Way of the Gun, and played the daughter Danielle in Cape Fear.

ANSWER: Juliette Lewis

9. His novels include Alone and The Natives of Hemso.  For 10 points each:

[10] Name this author who also created the characters Arvid Falk and Arkenholz.

ANSWER: August Strindberg

[10] In this Strindberg play, Indra’s daughter descends to Earth as Agnes, only to feel the pain of being human.

ANSWER: A Dream Play or Ett dromspiel

[10] One of the locales in A Dream Play is this geological formation popularized by Mendelssohn in his Hebrides Overture and named for the guy who caught the salmon of knowledge

ANSWER: Fingal’s Cave (accept any reasonable equivalents that involve a hole in a rock wall and Fingal)

10. The Cossee-Arlman mechanism is thought to explain the stereoregularity produced in the use of these catalysts. FTPE:

[10] Name these aluminum-titanium catalysts, which can prepare long unbranched polymers.

ANSWER: Ziegler-Natta catalysts

[10] Ziegler-Natta catalysts can prepare polymers which have all their substituents on the same side of the extended carbon chain or polymers which regularly alternate their substituents on both sides of the chain. Give the adjective used to describe either of these types of polymers.

ANSWER: isotactic or syndiotactic polymers 

[10] The mechanism for this reaction is probably a 2+2-cycloaddition which forms an intermediate metalla-cyclobutane. Chauvin, Grubbs, and Schrock shared the Nobel in 2005 for their work on this rather generally named reaction, in which carbon-carbon double bonds are cut and rearranged.   

ANSWER: olefin metathesis or transalkylidenation 


11. It was preceded by Osulf's murder of Copsi and an alliance between Cospatrick and Morcar. FTPE:

[10] Identify this campaign led by Alain Le Roux, in which fields were salted, settlements burnt, and hundreds of thousands of people slaughtered in order to pacify a certain geographical region, much to the horror of Ethelwin, Bishop of Durham.

ANSWER: The Harrying of the North

[10] Evidence of the Harrying of the North is replete in this census executed for William the Conqueror in 1086, an extensive survey of England for purposes of taxation and the like.

ANSWER: Domesday Book (or Book of Winchester)

[10] This uncrowned king, who was passed over as too young to succeed Edward the Confessor, was the final member of the house of Cerdic, and sparked the Harrying of the North by invading Northern England with Sweyn II. A common appellation for him refers to his incessant and fruitless rebellions against people related to William.

ANSWER: Edgar Aetheling or Edgar the Outlaw or Edgar II

12. It details the deconstruction of Humberto Penaloza, the narrator. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this novel that also includes Doctor Azula and Iris the Orphan, who is pregnant. Forever.

ANSWER: The Obscene Bird of Night

[10] This Chilean author of Poems of a Novelist, The Blue Woman, and Coronation wrote The Obscene Bird of Night.  

ANSWER: Jose Donoso

[10] The central events of this novel revolve around Pancho and Manuela, the cross-dressing brothel owner. The title refers to the bizarre sexual destination of most of the characters.

ANSWER: The Place Without Limits or El Lugar Sin Limites or Hell Has No Limits


13. Name these authors enjoyed by Art Garfunkel FTPE:

[10] This author won an NEA grant for his first novel, Our House in the Last World; however, Garfunkel prefers his 1991 novel about a band led by Cesar and Nestor Castillo, The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love.

ANSWER: Oscar Hijuelos

[10] Garfunkel also read and undoubtedly enjoyed A Severed Head, a novel by this author of Under the Net and The Bell

ANSWER: Iris Murdoch

[10] Garfunkel is also an avid fan of this author’s novels Framley Parsonage and The Way We Live Now; this British author may be better known for The Warden, the first of his Chronicles of Barsetshire.

ANSWER: Anthony Trollope

15. The papal bull Ad Abolendam, issued in 1084 by Lucius III, excommunicated this group from Roman Catholicism. For 10 points each:

[10] Name this group, founded by a namesake man named Peter and devoted to following the “poverty of Christ,” of which a large community currently exists in Burke County, North Carolina.

ANSWER: Waldensians [or Vaudois; or Valdesi]

[10] At this event convoked in 1179 by Pope Alexander III, delegates studied the Peace of Venice, by which Frederick Barbarossa had removed his antipope, and Peter Waldo was present.

ANSWER: Third Lateran Council [prompt on Lateran council]

[10] This 1689 migration of Waldensians from Switzerland to the Piedmont was led by Henri Arnaud under pressure from persecutions by Victor Amadeus II.

ANSWER: la glorieuse rentrée

16. It began with the months Amazonius, Invictus, and Felix, and ended with the months Romanus and Exsuperatorius. FTPE:

[10] Name this calendar, named after the Roman emperor who succeeded his father Marcus Aurelius in 180 AD.

ANSWER: calendar of Commodus (Lucius Aurelius Commodus Antoninus)

[10] While January was named after Turkmenbashy and April after his mother, August on the Turkmenistan calendar was named after this second sultan of the Great Seljuks. He ruled from 1063 to 1072, during which time he’s most famous for crushing Romanus IV at the Battle of Manzikert.

ANSWER: Alp Arslan (or Muhammad bin Da’ud Chaghri)

[10] This month had days named after exciting things like crabs, barleygrass, buckhorn, puffball, licorice, and horse chestnuts. The twelfth month of the French Revolutionary Calendar, it preceded the Sansculottides and on the 18th of this month, in 1799, General Augeau purged 130 members of the Directory.

ANSWER: Fructidor


17. The Louvre houses his marble statue of Baron Montesquieu, while the Met houses his Nymph and Satyr Carousing.  FTPE:

[10] Born Claude Michel, this leading French rococo sculptor was known for his frequent use of terracotta and his depiction of pastoral themes from classical myth, like his Satyr Crowning a Bacchante.

ANSWER: Clodion

[10] Clodion’s sculptures also frequently depict these chubby, Cupid-like, nude cherubs.  A famous bronze by Verrocchio shows one of them holding a dolphin.

ANSWER: putto or putti

[10] Swarms of putti surround the fiery base and, along with Fama and Aeolus, cling to the sphere at the top of this Clodion sculpture, which commemorates Jacques Charles’ first ascent in the titular object.

ANSWER: The Invention of the Balloon

18. A plaque at Puopolo Park commemorates this event, which saw 21 people die and 150 casualties, as a result of an event at the Purity Distilling Company. FTPE:

[10] Name this 1919 event, in which a 40-foot wave of a namesake substance rampaged through a Northeastern city at speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

ANSWER: Great Molasses Flood of Boston or Disaster or Tragedy (accept clear-knowledge equivalents)

[10] U.S. Industrial Alcohol, later found liable for the flood, blamed Italian anarchists for the incident, who had been largely led by this man, who was known for his claims “We will dynamite you!” The editor of Cronica Sovversiva, he was exiled in 1919 to Italy for writing a bomb making manual titled La Salute e in Voi!.

ANSWER: Luigi Galleani

[10] Carlo Voldinoci, an associate of Galleani, attempted to bomb this man’s house, and died while he was putting the bomb under this man’s porch. This former Pennsylvania representative was appointed by Woodrow Wilson to replace Thomas Gregory as his attorney general.

ANSWER: A(lexander) Mitchell Palmer


19. They are named for a member of the constellation whose alpha star is Vega. FTPE:                                               

[10] Identify this class of objects, which exhibit the Blazhko Effect, and are characterized by a uniformly old age and relatively low luminosity.                                                                                                                                 

ANSWER: RR Lyrae Variable Stars                                                                                                                         

 [10] Polaris is an example of this other type of variable star, whose high luminosity makes them much more useful than RR Lyrae stars as extragalactic standard candles.                                                                                            

ANSWER: Cepheid Variable Stars                                                                                                                           

 [10] Often known as Type II cepheids, these variables have a lower average luminosity but more importantly a lower metallicity, and thus belong to Population II. The formula for making calculations involving them was developed due to Hubble's observations of Andromeda.                                                                                     

ANSWER: W Virginis Variable Stars 

20. It was sparked by the death of conservative politicians Paul Sauvé and Maurice Duplessis, the leader of the Union Nationale. FTPE:

[10] Name this movement in Quebec starting in the early 1960s which saw secularization of education, the adoption of a labor code, and the expansion of federal welfare organizations.

ANSWER: Quiet Revolution (Revolution tranquille)

[10] The Quiet Revolution is generally asserted to have begun when this Liberal became premier of Quebec in 1960.

ANSWER: Jean Lesage

[10] A key figure in the Quiet Revolution was this man who invoked the War Measures Act after the October Crisis. He served as prime minister of Canada throughout the 1970s and early 80s.

ANSWER: Pierre Elliot Trudeau


21. It laments that “purblind Doomsters” “had as readily strown / Blisses about my pilgrimage as pain.” FTPE:

[10] Name this poem written in 1866 whose speaker states he would “bear, and clench myself, and die” if only “some vengeful god” would tell him “thou suffering thing, / Know that thy sorrow is my ecstasy.”


[10] “Hap” was written by this British author, whose other poems include “In Time of the ‘Breaking of Nations’”, “The Man He Killed,” and “The Convergence of the Twain.”

ANSWER: Thomas Hardy

[10] In this novel by Thomas Hardy, Elizabeth-Jane marries Donald Farfrae after being auctioned off as a child to Mr. Newsome by Michael Henchard, the titular official.

ANSWER: The Mayor of Casterbridge

22. Mike Bentley was roped into writing this bonus rather than studying for a parallel algorithms test, so you all get to answer some shit about parallelism, FTPE.

[10] In practical applications, these constructs are used to achieve parallelism.  Many can exist within one process, and data races and deadlocks in them tend to lead to really frustrating bugs.
ANSWER: Threads
[10] One of the main building blocks of parallel algorithms is this operation, usually denoted "star".  Its applications include being able to do array compaction in Big O of n work and Big O of log n time, and it works by going up and down a tree in parallel doing the namesake operation.
ANSWER: Prefix-Sums Algorithm
[10] Another technique that comes up all the time in parallel algorithms is list ranking, like when you want to root one of these graphs where there exists one and only one path between any two nodes in the graph.



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