Activity Supplies: PowerPoint slideshow “World Records” We have some really cool things that are all the biggest and tallest in the world! Have you ever seen anything that was the tallest or biggest in the world?


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David and Goliath

1 Samuel 17:1-54

April 12, 2015

The kids will understand

  • The story of David and Goliath.

  • That God helped David conquer the giant Goliath.

  • That God will give us strength to face giants in our lives.



PowerPoint slideshow “World Records”
We have some really cool things that are all the biggest and tallest in the world! Have you ever seen anything that was the tallest or biggest in the world?
In today’s Bible story, we will learn about the world’s greatest and most unfair fight; it was a battle between the tallest man and a young boy. Let’s look at some pictures of other things that are the biggest and tallest in the world.
(show slide #1) World Records: Tallest and Biggest

(show slide #2) World’s Tallest Man Meets World’s Shortest Man
The world's tallest man is Sultan Kosen, who is 8 ft 1 in.

(show slide #3) World’s Tallest Dog
The world’s tallest dog is George, a 245-pound great dane from Arizona that is 43 inches tall.

(show slide #4) World’s Smallest Dog

(show slide #5) World’s Largest Bat
The world’s largest bat is 120 feet tall, and is in Louisville, Kentucky.

(show slide #6) World’s Tallest Building
The world’s tallest building is the Burj Tower in Dubai. It stands at 2,640 feet, with a total floor space of 5.35 million square feet!

(show slide #7) World’s Tallest Rocking Chair

The world’s tallest rocking chair is in Cuba, Missouri, and stands 42 feet tall.
After seeing all of these things, do you think you would want any of them? Would you want to own the world’s tallest dog, or use the world’s largest baseball bat, or live in the world’s tallest building? Probably not! What if you had to get into a fight with the world’s largest man?
In today’s Bible story, we will learn about an ordinary boy who came face to face with a giant. Instead of running away, he faced the giant with courage and bravery! And he didn’t even need to wear armor or carry deadly weapons to make him brave!

Bible Account


5 small stones

small pouch/bag

In today’s Bible story, we will learn the true story of an epic battle that defied expectation and explanation—perhaps one of the greatest battles on earth—and it took place between the tallest man, who was a warrior and a giant, and a young boy, who came straight from the fields tending sheep.
What I want to focus on as we listen to this story are the ACTION words. I am going to stop at certain action words, and I want you to act it out quickly, so we can get back to the story! The most important action comes when we get to the part about David and how he approaches the giant … so listen closely. I will help you know what words to act out.
King Saul was the leader of the Israelites at a time when their enemies, the Philistines, wanted to take over! The Philistines were known for being big and mean and tough! On a mountain, the Philistines set up camp and pitched their tents.
Everybody show me what you would do if you were setting up your tents.

On the opposite mountain, the Israelite army set up their tents. Every time they looked across and saw the Philistine army, they were terrified! Every day, a giant from the Philistine army came over to the Israelites and challenged them to a battle. He told them to choose one of their men who would fight him, and if the giant killed that man, all the Israelites would be their servants. But if the Israelite won the fight, the Philistines would be their servants! The Israelites saw how big and scary this giant was, and they were afraid!

Show me what you would do if you were afraid!
The giant came to their camp again and again, and every time the Israelites were so afraid. They trembled when they saw him coming! Even King Saul was scared, and didn’t know what to do! This giant—Goliath was his name—was way bigger than any of the other men!
This went on for 40 days. The giant came out and threatened the Israelites. The Israelites shook in their shoes. All the Israelites were too afraid to fight the giant, Goliath!
While all this was happening, there was a young shepherd boy named David. It was his job to care for all his father’s sheep. David’s father, Jesse, had three sons who were a part of the Israelite army, though. One day, Jesse called David in from the field and told him to go check on his sons who were in the army. So, David went to the place where the Israelite army was camped out. While David was there, he saw how afraid the Israelites were of the Philistines.
Show me again how you would look if you were really afraid!
David saw the giant Goliath come out and yell to the Israelites, “WHO WANTS TO FIGHT ME?” And, David saw all the Israelites run and hide, trembling in fear.
Run in place and hide your faces.
The Israelites told David that King Saul had said whoever beats Goliath would get a great prize: riches and his daughter’s hand in marriage. What a great reward! But no one wanted to take a chance and fight Goliath. David told his brothers that he would go and kill Goliath! Everyone must’ve been shocked to hear David, a small shepherd boy, say that he would face the great, scary giant!
Look shocked!

They ran to tell the king! When King Saul came to David, he told David that he could not possibly fight the giant, for he was much too small and the giant was a very experienced fighter! David told the king that he had experience fighting, too! Sometimes when he was caring for the sheep, he fought off and killed lions and bears to protect his sheep. He told the king that since God protected him then, God would protect him as he fought the giant.

Show me what it would look like if you were fighting off lions and bears!
Then, King Saul agreed to let David fight Goliath. He gave David his armor to protect him. He gave him his big helmet, body armor, and a weapon, but David wasn’t used to the armor, and he couldn’t move in it! So he took it off and went to meet Goliath in his own clothes, with no protection!
David trusted God and knew that God would protect him. He might have been scared, but he let God give him courage and strength. On his way to meet Goliath, David stopped at a river and picked up 5 smooth stones. He put the 5 stones in a little bag.
Pick up 5 stones and put them in your bag. He took out his slingshot and RAN to the giant.
Everybody run in place, very quickly, like you are charging toward something!
This is how David approached the giant. He didn’t slink slowly; he didn’t crawl or tiptoe. He RAN! Goliath was shocked to see a boy running toward him. He yelled at David, but David kept coming! David yelled with bravery at the giant, “You come against me with a sword and a spear and a shield, but I come against you in the name of the Lord God of hosts.” David kept screaming at Goliath, “You have defied the Lord, and today the Lord will deliver you into my hand. Then all the earth will know there is a Lord God in Israel, and all those who watch will know that the Lord does not give victory with the sword and spear. The Lord will help us win this battle.”
David courageously continued toward the giant. As the two got closer to each other, Goliath ready to kill the boy … David put the stone in his slingshot and pulled it back.
Pull back your slingshot.

The stone flew high into the air and hit the giant right on the head. Everyone watched in awe as the giant fell to the ground, dead! He did it! God helped David kill Goliath! What a celebration!

Everyone show me how you would celebrate!
The Philistine army was so scared that they ran away, but the Israelites rejoiced and praised God for giving them victory!
Out of all the actions we just did, I think the most important one is the one where we ran in place, because that represents David’s complete trust and faith in God to protect him as he ran toward the giant. God gave him courage and victory, because David trusted God and obeyed Him.


Each team will line up with one person standing on a chair about 15 feet away, holding the Goliath paper over their face. The first player on the team will have 30 seconds to hit the Goliath paper with 5 marshmallows. The first team to hit their Goliath face with 5 marshmallows will answer a question from the Bible story. For the next round each team will switch shooters (and Goliaths, if you like). Keep playing until all the questions are answered.

Make sure to pick up the marshmallows from the floor before the kids start walking around, because marshmallows don’t mix with carpet very well when they’re stepped on!
Questions and Answers

  • What was the name of the people group that Goliath belonged to?

(the Philistines)

  • How many days did Goliath challenge the Israelites to a fight?

(40 days)

  • What did Goliath say would happen if he won the fight?

(the Israelites would be the servants of the Philistines)

  • What was David doing in the field when his father called him in?

(caring for sheep)
  • Why did David go to the Israelite army camp?

(to check on his brothers who were in the army)

  • What was the name of the king of the Israelites?

(King Saul)

  • What had David killed while tending sheep?

(a lion and a bear)

  • What did King Saul give David to fight the giant?

(his armor and weapon)

  • What did David wear to fight the giant?

(his own clothes)

  • What did David pick up from the river before he fought Goliath?

(5 stones)

  • How did David approach the giant?

(He ran at him.)

  • What kind of weapon did David use to kill Goliath?

(a stone in a sling shot)

  • What did the Philistines do after David killed Goliath?

(They ran away.)

  • What did the Israelites do after David killed Goliath?

(They celebrated.)

Activity – Video


YouTube video
Beforehand, download this amazing clip from “Facing the Giants, Death Crawl”, submitted by CarolButchko. It’s the death crawl scene. Refer to the instructions file for both PC and Mac users, if you have any difficulties downloading. Your boys will especially be inspired by this clip.

This is a great video to demonstrate what it’s like to accomplish more than you ever thought you could, because you didn’t give up! In this video clip, the person who is doing the crawl wants to give up, but he gets strength from his coach, and he was amazed at what he accomplished! How is this like David? Did David give up when he saw the giant Goliath? No! He got strength from God, and ran to his problem!

Science Experiment


dollar bill
Have you ever faced something that seemed impossible? If we could do everything on our own, then we wouldn’t have a need for God and He wouldn’t be glorified through us. Ever time you face something impossible, remember that it’s an opportunity for God to show up and do something great! Do you believe that? Some things you face might seem easy, but you find out that they will become difficult, and some things might seem impossible, but they’re easy for God to work out.
We’re going to try some things that might not seem difficult, but together we’ll see if they are possible.
All you have to do is pick up this dollar bill (place the dollar bill on the ground, about a foot away from a wall). Sounds easy, right? But you have to stand against the wall. AND you have to keep your back and heels against the wall the whole time. You can’t bend your knees. Does that sound easy? Who thinks they can do it? If you can do it without falling, keeping your back and heels against the wall and your feet together, without bending your knees, then you can have the dollar! Allow a few students to come up and try it, but this task is impossible, so no one will be able to get the dollar bill.
With God, even the impossible things, can be made possible, because God is all powerful.
We have another task. This time, all you have to do is jump! Sounds easy, right? But, you have to stand with your heels, back, and shoulders against a wall, and try to jump straight up without leaning forward or falling. Do any of you think you can do this? Allow a few students to come up and try this, but it will be impossible to do without falling or leaning forward.

With God, even the impossible things, can be made possible, because God is all powerful.

The next thing we’re going to try is this: stand sideways against a wall, and put your right cheek and foot against the wall. Then, lift your left foot off the ground and stay where you are, without leaning or falling. All you’re going to do is balance on your right foot. Surely SOMEONE in here can do that, right? Allow a few students to come up and try this, but this will be an impossible task.
With God, even the impossible things can be made possible, because God is all powerful.
Okay, we only have ONE more task to try together, and this one is the easiest. Just jump forward! Okay, everybody, on the count of three … One … Two … WAIT a minute! I forgot to tell you one thing. You have to bend over and hold your toes (or the ends of your shoes) with your hands. You can bend your knees slightly. Now, without letting go of your toes, jump forward. GO! NONE of you can do it! Why not? That’s because it’s impossible!
So, nobody was able to accomplish any of our tasks, but you know what? With God, even the impossible things can be made possible, because God is all powerful. No matter what you face, no matter how hard your problems are, they are never impossible for God.



PowerPoint slides

pieces of paper

Learning true stories of people who did great things for God can be a truly inspiring process for kids, especially if they learn about other kids who faced giants and overcame challenges through God! To help the kids apply lessons and biblical truths through these stories, split the kids up into 3 groups.

Give each group a piece of paper with one of the names of the heroes written at the top: Martin Luther, BJ Higgins, Amy Carmichael. Encourage each group to listen extra close when their person’s story is being told, because the next activity will have to do with their person.

(show slide #2) 1) What or who were their giants?

2) How did God help them overcome?

3) What can we learn from this person?
It’s good to have the stories memorized so you can focus on bringing the stories to life for the kids without having to read them word for word.
In today’s Bible story, we learned of the true story of a boy named David who stood up to a giant. Because he was filled with God’s courage and strength, he conquered the giant. God gave him strength, and God gave him victory! We’re going to learn about 3 more courageous people who conquered giants because God helped them. These people faced challenges, but that didn’t stop them from living for God and serving Him in great ways!
Think about the answers to these 3 questions as I tell you about these 3 people.

(show slide #3) Martin Luther
Martin Luther was a man who made a great difference for God! Without him, things would probably be very different in church! Martin Luther was born a LONG time ago (in the 1400s) in Germany. One day, as a teenager, he was outside during a thunderstorm, when suddenly, he was almost struck by lightening when a lightening bolt hit the ground super close to him! Afraid that he might die, he promised God right then that he would be a monk. That’s someone who has completely surrendered his life to God.

Martin moved to a monastery to become a monk and spent many hours praying to God. A few years later, he came across someone going through town selling something called indulgences. I bet that’s a new word to you. Indulgences were something the Catholic Church created to get money from people. The people paid for forgiveness for their sins and they could pay for their loved ones to be saved by God. Martin realized that this was not what God wanted. God forgave people of their sins, and it didn’t cost them money! So Martin started telling people this was wrong.

Martin Luther wrote a note to tell people that what they were doing was wrong. He told them that God would forgive their sins and that salvation was a free gift. The note was very famous and was called the “95 Theses.” That note made people mad, and I mean super mad! Martin Luther was told by the Pope that if he didn’t take back what he wrote in his note, he would be kicked out of the Roman Catholic church!
Martin was then called to a special meeting with the Roman Empire leaders where he stood trial. He was accused of saying things that went against the Catholic Church. He was in BIG trouble! During the trial, he was asked if he still believed in everything he wrote, and he told them that he sure did. All the officials were fuming mad at him, and they wanted to arrest Martin Luther!
He escaped their arrest, and went into hiding, but while he was there, he worked on translating the Bible from Greek into German, so that the regular people of Germany (who didn’t know Greek) could read and understand the Bible on their own.
Despite the danger of people wanting to kill him, Martin Luther started churches, traveled and preached about God, and never stopped telling people the truth about God and salvation. It changed people’s hearts to know how to be saved, and changed the course of history for the Church. Because of Martin Luther, a movement started that is called the Protestant Reformation, and that movement shaped the way our church is today. He was courageous and made a big difference for God!

(show slide #4) BJ Higgins

BJ Higgins was a teenage missionary. He died in 2005 at the age of 15, after he got a deadly disease while on a mission trip in Peru. From a young age, he loved God. He gave his life to Christ and was saved when he was 8 years old. He inspired others by his love and passion for God. He never stopped growing in his faith and was always reading the Bible and sharing its truth with others.

When he was 12, BJ felt God calling him to ministry. He devoted his life to serving God and sharing God with others. He started planning to go on mission trips to share Jesus with people in other countries. Even as a teenager, there was something special and courageous about him. During class at school, kids wrote notes to him, and BJ wrote back about Jesus and told the other kids how much Jesus loved them.
He went on his second mission trip to Peru when he was 15. When he got home, he got really sick. He had to go to the hospital and stayed there for weeks while doctors tried to find out what disease he had and how to help him get well. The whole time in the hospital, BJ never stopped sharing about God through his positive attitude, his courage, his smiles, and his words. He never stopped believing and told God that if he had to die for Him, it would be his honor.
One of his diary entries from 2004 (he was 14) says, “We need to live with courage and character worthy of citizens of heaven, fight boldly in this spiritual war we are immersed in, and take our suffering boldly, for it is a pleasure to suffer for Christ." BJ wrote this when he was in Peru serving the Lord.
BJ died from the disease, but he was not afraid to die, because he knew he had lived God’s purpose for his life and would get to be with Jesus in heaven. BJ’s life and story have inspired many people. To read more about BJ, you can check out the book his parents wrote called I Would Die for You by Brent and Deanna Higgins.

(show slide #5) Amy Carmichael

Amy Carmichael was a missionary in India. She was born in Ireland in 1867, her parents were Christians, and Amy became a Christian at an early age. As a child, Amy desperately wanted blue eyes, but she had brown eyes. She prayed to God and begged Him for blue eyes, but her eyes stayed brown. She still trusted God, and she committed her life to serving Him.

Amy began to teach a class at her church, and eventually it grew to become a new church. She became a pastor and her ministry touched many lives. She had a disease that left her sick and in bed for weeks at a time, but that didn’t stop her from serving God. She felt God calling her to give up her life for Him by serving Him in another country. So, she left her family and her home and went to Japan to serve God as a missionary.
She stayed in Japan for a little over a year, and then God sent her to India. With her brown eyes, she fit right in with all the other brown-eyed Indian people. She was able to minister to them with great passion and love as she constantly shared God’s love with the people of India, especially to young girls.
Amy spent her lifetime helping young girls in India who had been held captive; she rescued them and protected them. She started an orphanage that cared for thousands of children and saved lives. Not only did she care for the orphaned children, but she dedicated her life to helping them know the love of Jesus.

(show slide #6) God will give you courage.

  • Do you believe that God can give you courage?

  • When is a time that you have needed courage?

Look up and read together 1 Corinthians 16:13. Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong.” God wants you to be courageous and have faith in Him. He does not promise that everything will be easy and happy for you all the time, but when the hard times come, you know that God is with you.

(show slide #7) You can face your giants.

Look up and read together 1 Samuel 17:45. David said to the Philistine, ‘You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied.’”

David should have been afraid; he was facing a giant, and he was only a young boy with no armor or real weapons! But David was strong in faith and courageous, because he knew that God was on his side. He knew that God was bigger than any giant and that the battle was God’s to win. God did give David victory, and God can give you victory! No matter what you face, whether it’s illness, bullies, loneliness, or anything else you’re afraid of, God will have your back! You can face your giants!
This is a Scripture that David wrote, from Psalm 27:1, “The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” No matter what he faced, David did not let fear cripple him. He let fear give him an opportunity for God to make him brave. You can do that too! Any time you start to get afraid or worry about something, think of it as an opportunity for God to make you brave and an opportunity for God to give you victory!





PowerPoint slide #2

Each group (from the Message activity) will have a paper with a name written at the top.

  1. Martin Luther

  2. BJ Higgins

  3. Amy Carmichael

You just heard 3 true stories of people whose lives reflected the courage and strength of God, despite facing giants and obstacles. Work together with your group to write the answers to 3 questions about your person. Show PowerPoint slide #2 to post these 3 questions.
1) What or who were their giants?

2) How did God help them overcome?

3) What can we learn from this person?

The three people were different, and their stories were different, but the lessons we learn are the same. Just as God helped David conquer Goliath, He helped these ordinary people do extraordinary things through His power and strength. He can help you overcome obstacles and giants, and do great things for Him, too!

Share your answers to the questions, and share with the group how you can learn from these people and do great things for God.



copies of giant at the end of lesson


During prayer time, the kids will have an opportunity to lay their giants before God and pray over them, receiving God’s strength and courage to face their fears and problems.
Give every child a cut-out of a giant and a pencil. They will write some giants that they are facing or things that they are afraid of on this paper giant. When they are finished, pray the following Scripture over them, and allow the students to pray over their problems.
The kids will look up Psalm 27:1 and 14. If you encourage your kids to underline verses, then these are ones they should underline. Psalm 27:1 and 14, The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?” “Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!” Leave your paper in your Bible at this place. It will serve to mark the day when you turned your giants and your fears over to God.
Sample prayer:

Dear God, no matter what is on the paper, no matter what happens in our lives or what fears we have, YOU are all powerful and strong. We ask You for courage to not only face our problems and giants, but to RUN to them with great courage and strength. Please give us bravery and boldness. Help us seek You for protection. Help us conquer our giants. We will give You all the glory. We love you! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Take Home Reminder



permanent markers

You can make your own “courage” stones for the kids or have them make them. Use a permanent marker to write “COURAGE” on a smooth stone. Bags of these stones can usually be purchased at a dollar store in the candle/frame section. Give each child a courage stone to keep within reach.

Whenever you start to feel afraid, let God’s Word remind your heart. Remember David­—God gave him courage to run to his giant and God gave him victory. Whenever you get afraid, this stone can remind you that God is with you, and He will make you strong and courageous.


Be strong and courageous for God is always with you.

Scripture Memorization


memory verse PowerPoint slide


permanent marker
Philippians 3:8-9a (NIrV)

I consider everything to be nothing compared to knowing Christ Jesus my Lord. To know him is the best thing of all. Because of him I have lost everything. But I consider all of it to be garbage so I can get to know Christ.”

In the Bible story, David didn’t even need a sword or deadly weapon to conquer the giant Goliath. He only needed stones! We’re going to use our stones to help us remember our memory verse.
First, go over the memory verse with the kids by putting it on the screen. Then split the kids into groups. Give each child a rock. Mark a dot (with permanent marker) on the bottom of one stone per group. The kids will sit in a circle.
The kids will secretly check their stone for the dot. They will put their stones in the circle with the dot down. At the signal, they will all reach in and grab one stone that was not theirs. All the kids who got the stone with the dot on it will say the memory verse together. Keep playing until all the kids have had a chance to say the memory verse.



Puppet: (crying)
Actor: (walks up and finds puppet crying) Hey, there! What’s the matter? Why are you crying?

Puppet: Oh! Didn’t know anyone was around. Sorry, I’m just down in the dumps.

Actor: Oh yeah? Why are you so sad?
Puppet: Because … well, do you really wanna know? It’s a big problem!
Actor: Yes, I really want to know! I’m sure whatever it is, it’s not too big for God!
Puppet: Well, it’s just that some kids at school were really mean to me. They made fun of me for the way I dress, and then during recess, they closed the door on me before I could get outside, and held it shut, so I couldn’t get out! Now I feel so bad, and I’m afraid to say anything to them or the teacher! I don’t even want to go back to school anymore!
Actor: Oh, that’s terrible! Bullying is serious! I can see why you’re so upset. That’s not nice!
Puppet: Yeah! I don’t know what to do!
Actor: Well, have you told anyone about this?
Puppet: No. I was too scared to tell the teacher, and I didn’t want to worry my parents. These kids have made fun of me before, and I’m scared to stand up to them.
Actor: In church last week, we learned that God can give you courage to face your giants.
Puppet: Well, I don’t know if these kids are giants …
Actor: But, they are a BIG problem, and that makes them giants! A giant is anything you’re afraid to face. God can give you strength and courage to do the right thing, and you don’t have to be afraid.
Puppet: So what’s the right thing?
Actor: What do you think it is?
Puppet: Well, I suppose I should tell my parents, and maybe we can go talk to my teacher together.
Actor: That’s good!
Puppet: And maybe God will help me confront the kids who are making fun of me. Instead of being mean back to them, you think God could help me love them?
Actor: That’s wonderful!
Puppet: I feel better and stronger already.
Actor: That’s great. Why don’t we pray together that God would give you more strength and courage to do the right thing and face your giants?

Puppet: Okay. Dear God, I thank You for always being with me and loving me. Please give me strength and courage. Help me to do the right thing, and help me know what to do and say. Thank You for always being on my side. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Actor: Hope you have a great day at school tomorrow!
Puppet: Thanks. It may not be a great day tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be better.

Our puppet was pretty upset, wasn’t he? And, I think it had to do with a giant—not Goliath, but a giant of a different kind.

  • What were the giants in the skit?

  • What are some giants in your life?

  • How can God help you conquer those giants?

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