Adair, Gilbert- buenos Noches, Buenos Aires


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ADAIR, Gilbert- Buenos Noches, Buenos Aires

ALEXANDER, Nick- 50 Reasons to Say Goodbye


ALEXANDER, Paul C- Code of Submission

ANSHAW, Carol- Seven Moves

ARNOTT, Jake- He kills coppers

Johnny Come Home

This is a gripping tale of emotional and political ferment in 70s London from the author of the bestselling "Long Firm" trilogy. London, 1972, and a charismatic anarchist called O'Connell dies of an overdose, leaving his artist boyfriend, Pearson, and fellow activist Nina in shock. It also leaves a spare room in their squat, so Pearson moves in Sweet Thing, a streetwise yet vulnerable young rent boy he initially picks up but then tries to help. Pearson isn't the only one who's interested though - glam rock star Johnny Chrome is on the brink of a breakdown and is convinced that Sweet Thing is the only one who can bring him back. As Sweet Thing gets drawn further into Johnny Chrome's dangerous orbit, Pearson and Nina discover that O'Connell was not all he seemed. In this tautly paced, highly evocative novel Jake Arnott once again combines brilliant storytelling with a flawless portrait of a changing era, when the optimism of the 60s was giving way to the anger and bombs of the early 70s.

The Long Firm


ASHLEY, Tim- The Island of Mending Hearts

AUGIERAS, Francois- The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

BABCOCK, Jim- Boys and the Bees

BAINBRIDGE, Beryl- Harriet Said

AKER, James Robert- Anarchy


BALDWIN, James- Giovanni’s Room

Go Tell It on the Mountain

BALDWIN, Kim- Force of Nature
BANNON, Anne- Journey to a Woman
BANIS, V.J- That Man from C.A.M.P.
BARKER, Pat- The Regeneration Trilogy includes Regeneration

The Eye in the Door

The Ghost Road
BAXTER, Clare- Cry Havoc

BECK, Timothy James- He’s the One

Arriving in New York City to realize his dreams as a web site designer, Midwestern jock-slash-computer geek Adam Wilson finds the perfect man in Jeremy, a gorgeous TV actor, and launches an all-out campaign to win his heart--an endeavor that teaches Adam a thing or two about true love.

I’m Your Man

It Had to Be You
BEHR, Mark- Embrace
BERNSTEIN, Matt- Pulling Taffy

BESSON, Philippe- In the Absence of Men

BLACK, Ethan- The Broken Hearts Club

BODNER, Hal Bite Club: a West Hollywood Vampire Novel.
BOULTER, Amanda- Around the Houses

In this, the first of a series of novels set in South London, we meet Anna who is having a baby - but the father's gay, and her lover is a woman. Her best friend Ruby is 40 and fondling every man she can, and her neighbours are the OAPs from Hell. Balham will never be the same again!

Back Around the Houses


OYLE, T.C- The Inner Circle

In 1939 on the campus of Indiana University, a revolution has begun. The stir is caused by Alfred Kinsey, a zoologist who is determined to take sex out of the bedroom. John Milk, a freshman, is enthralled by the professor's daring lectures and over the next two decades becomes Kinsey's right hand man. But Kinsey teaches Milk more than the art of objective enquiry. Behind closed doors, he is a sexual enthusiast of the highest order and as a member of his 'inner circle' of researchers, Milk is called on to participate in experiments that become increasingly uninhibited.

BRAUND, Diana Tremain- Wicked Good Time
BRITE, Poppy Z- Exquisite Corpse

Lost Souls

BROWN, Angela- Best Lesbian Love Stories
BROWN, Lawrence- Addictions
BROWN, Rita Mae- Alma Mater

Rubyfruit Jungle

BROWNRIGG, Sylvia- Pages For You
BURCHILL, Julie- Sugar Rush

Saucy, shimmering, loud and larger than life - come get your sugar fix! It's survival of the fittest at Ravendene Comprehensive - the terrifying teenage jungle for which Kim Lewis must trade her safe, posh private school. But help is at hand - in the unlikely form of the rude, raucous, toxic and tantalising Maria (aka Sugar) Sweet, queen of the 'Ravers'. As Kim falls quickly under her spell, and gambles her good-girl past for an exciting life of late-night parties and daring emotion, she must ask herself a disturbing question: has she fallen in love with her best friend?

BURNETT, Allison- Christopher
BUFFORD, Bridget- Minus One
BURROUGHS, William- Naked Lunch
BURSTON, Paul- Shameless

BURTON, PETER (Editor)- Serendipity : The Gay Times Book of New Stories

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