Adding Pictures and Photos to Social Stories

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Adding Pictures and Photos to Social Stories

  • The Clip Art for use in social stories may be selected from Microsoft Office on-line “Design Gallery Live” clip art directory and Google’s online clipart directory.

  • Many clip art images that are accessed on the Internet may be copy right protected. In general, clipart that is displayed on Microsoft’s site and on Google’s online directory are considered public domain and not subject to copy right laws. Any social story with online selected clipart that is written and sold for profit may be subject to copyright violation.

  • The search for online clipart should conducted by adults since unsupervised access to the Internet may place students at risk. If Jamie is present during the search for images, adults will need to carefully screen ALL images she will be viewing and should be present at all times to ensure that she is not accidentally exposed to questionable images or content on the Internet.

To Insert Clipart From Microsoft Office On-Line “Design Gallery” Clip Art Directory Into A Word Document:

  • Open a new Word Document

  • Select, “Insert” from the main toolbar (between View and Format on the left side of the main toolbar).

  • Scroll down and select, “Picture.”

  • Then select, “Clip Art.”

  • From the “Clip Art” main selection, select clip art pictures from the main categories that are pre-loaded into the computer’s operating system.
  • If the computer is connected to the Internet, select “Clips Online” to access Microsoft Design Gallery “Live” files.

  • Type the name or key descriptive word for the desired picture, action, or activity in the main search box (on the left side of the screen). A number of photos and pictures for the search word will appear from Microsoft’s gallery. Clip art photos and pictures that are secured in this fashion are considered public domain and can be used in not for profit, personal documents like social stories.

To Access Clipart from “Google’s” On-Line Image Gallery:

  • To access Google’s on-line clip art gallery, go to their image search website at

  • Enter a key word or category and a selection of pictures and photos will be displayed that can be copied into documents.

  • Some images from this site may be copy protected, please read all fine print before selecting images to use in documents.

  • Insert selected images into the desired document.

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