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Exhibit B – LUPC Staff Report Re: 119 Lincoln Blvd

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Exhibit B – LUPC Staff Report Re: 119 Lincoln Blvd

Venice Neighborhood


Post Office Box 550

Venice, CALIFORNIA 90294


Land Use and Planning Committee Report to VNC Board of Officers


Case Number: ZA 2009 674

Address of Project: 119 Lincoln Blvd
SYNOPSIS OF PROJECT FOR VNC BOARD of OFFICERS: CVS Pharmacy would like a type 21 ABC license allowing them to sell off-site beer, wine and hard alcohol. Currently, they have not ABC license. However, before they moved to their current location (they were previously located where the Whole Foods is now) they had a type 21 license which stayed with the property. Additionally, they would also like to stay open 24 hours a day. Currently, their hours are from 7am-10pm

Size of Parcel: 12,778 Sq ft

Size of Project: 7000 Sq Feet
Venice Subarea: Oakwood

Zone: C2

Permit Application Date: March 18th 2009

Date of Planning Report: November 7th 2008

ZA Hearing: March 18, 2009 postponed to September 10, 2009

City of LA Planning Staff

Report Prepared by: TBA
Applicant: Combined Lincoln Rose LLC

Address: 1255 22nd St., 6th Floor Washington Blvd
Representative: Roger Barbosa

Contact Information: 1422 Allec Street Suite C Anaheim, CA

Date(s) heard by LUPC: June 24, 2009, ___________, August 26, 2009
WLA Area Planning TBA

Commission Dates:


The Land Use and Planning Committee of the Venice Neighborhood Council recommends that the Board of Officers recommend approval of this project as presented with the addition of the usual LUPC/ABC alcohol related conditions which are appended to all alcohol-related projects recommended by LUPC. Motion passed unanimously.

Conditions are:
_______________ list here ___________


Project Description: A CUP to permit the sale of alcohol type 21 full liquor license for off-site consumption AND 24 hour operation. Currently there is no ABC license and their store hours are from 7am-10pm.

Applicant described the project on the LUPC Project Form as: CVS is petitioning for a full type 21 license to allow the sale of beer wine and spirits. Additionally, CVS would like to increase their store hours from 7am-10pm to 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Section of Venice Coastal Zone Specific Plan and/or the Los Angeles Municipal Code governing this particular site and application: Oakwood area Venice- Venice Specific Plan
Summary of Arguments Against this Project/Issue: Currently, Venice already has more full liquor licenses than the population would usually allow. There is a liquor license in the adjacent Whole Foods. Additionally, CVS Market is requesting an extension to 24 hour operation.

Summary of Arguments For this Project/Issue: CVS was previously in the building now occupied by Whole Foods. While in that building they had a liquor license without incident. Their liquor license was sold with the building to Whole Foods. CVS is a large company with many stores. Their corporate structure seems to lend itself to the idea that they would operate responsibly with a full liquor license and a 24 hour a day operation time.

Summary of Public Comment: N/A

Summary of Findings by LUPC: Venice currently has a disproportionate number of liquor licenses. This is primarily due to the fact that Venice is a tourist destination for hundreds of thousands of people a year. The increased number of visitors apparently justifies the increased liquor licenses. People come to Venice and it makes sense that they should be able to buy liquor if they so please. CVS operated with a liquor license for years without incident before selling their previous space to Whole Foods. CVS has ample parking and it located on Lincoln Blvd away from the residential streets behind the property.

Applicant called a meeting together of neighbors/residents within approximately 1,000’ of 119 Lincoln Wednesday, August 5, 2009, at Oakwood Community Center from 6:30pm to 9:00 pm. Applicant hired a firm specifically to do the radius mailing and flyer distribution. Copy of flyer attached. No one showed up at this meeting.

Author of Report: Matthew Geller

Date: August 26, 2009
Draft of LUPC Recommended Letter from VNC Board of Officers to Council District 11 and selected others.

Approximate Hours Spent on this Project by LUPC Staff: 3
CUB conditions:
1) No branded alcohol advertisements shall be visible from the outside of the premises.

2) There shall be no coin-operated games, video machines, pool tables or similar game activities maintained upon the premises at any time.

3) Any future operator or owner for this site must file a new Plan Approval Application to allow the City of Los Angeles to review the _mode and character_ of the usage.

4) The authorized use shall be conducted at all times with due regard for the character of the surrounding district, and the right is reserved to the Zoning Administrator to impose additional corrective Conditions, if, in the Administrator_s opinion, such Conditions are proven necessary for the protection of persons in the neighborhood or occupants of adjacent property.

5) The applicant shall train staff to provide Designated Driver resources, when appropriate, for restaurant patrons, such as taxicabs, referral services (e.g., ).

6) In addition to the business name or entity, the name of the individual

Applicant(s) shall appear on the alcohol license and any related permits.
General conditions:

1) Any graffiti painted or marked upon the premises or on any adjacent area under the control of the Applicant shall be removed or painted over within

24 hours of being applied, and the paint shall match the original color.

2) The Applicant shall be responsible for maintaining free of litter, the area and adjacent to the premises over which they have control.

3) Noise generated on-site shall not exceed the decibel levels stated in the Citywide Noise Ordinance.

4) The use and development of the property shall be in substantial conformance with the floor plan submitted.

5) No tobacco sales allowed on the premises.

6) The Applicant shall adhere to Best Management Practices as they pertain to the location.

7) To encourage a walk-friendly environment, the applicant will install bicycle racks.

8) Exterior lighting on the building shall be maintained and provide sufficient illumination of the immediate environment so as to render objects or persons clearly visible. Said lighting shall be directed in such a manner so as not to illuminate any nearby residence.

9) The Applicant shall regularly police the area under their control in an effort to prevent loitering.

10) The entitlement will run with the applicant, not the property.

11) Trash receptacles used will be designed to contain odors per Best Management Practices.

12) Cleanup and all trash removal will be performed in such a manner as to prevent debris from entering the storm drain system, and will not interfere in any way with surrounding uses.

13) No exterior work-related activity will occur either before opening or over one hour after closing.

14) Offsite advertising signage will be prohibited.

15) Trash pickup will occur between the hours of 8am and 6pm on weekdays as necessary.

16) Loading and unloading hours will be arranged to avoid conflict with surrounding uses, and will in no case occur after 4pm.

17) The storage/changing room will be clearly marked as such on plans submitted to the City, and will not be used as service area.

18) The applicant will appear before LUPC twelve months after opening.

19) Upon change or termination of any lease regarding satisfaction of the Conditions of Approval, the applicant will notify the Department of Planning and the Venice Neighborhood Council, and will comply within thirty days.

20) Upon change of ownership, the new owner must appear before the City within 30 days of the close of escrow, with a plan approval application to renew the conditions and demonstrate that the required parking can be provided.

21) The applicant must obtain approval for all outside signage, or must remove nonconforming signage.

22) All bottles will be recycled upon removal from the premises.

23) A laminated copy of these Conditions shall be posted in a conspicuous place.

Exhibit C – LUPC Staff Report Re: 600 E. Mildred

Venice Neighborhood


Post Office Box 550

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