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March, 2012 Volume 12 Issue 3

PACE Home Page 2011-12 Theme: Step Up For monthly Lists

Next Edition Scheduled for late April, 2012 (subject to change)


Administrative Corner

Out for Spring Break

Picks from the Shelf

The Tree, DVD – A Critic’s Pick by the New York Times. Oh my gosh. The music in the movie is so wonderful. It is breathtakingly beautiful with a mournful haunting quality. The music in this movie becomes an actual character in the movie. Charlotte Gainsbourg stars in this movie as the young mother of four who is suddenly widowed. The tree that is just over the house becomes an integral part of the story. The tree becomes the spirit of the Dad for a couple of the young children. Even the mother talks to the tree. It is not until a devastating storm that the family is able to finally come to terms with the death of the father. This movie is adapted from “Our Father who Art in the Tree” by Judy Pascoe. – Ann Keane, ADC Office Spec.

Hedy’s Folly, Book – By Richard Rhodes. Frequency hopping and spectrum spreading—who would have thought? This technology is used world-wide today. Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil are the inventers on the original patent in 1942. In titling his book Richard gives the glory to Hedy. Is it perhaps to interest people because of the name? Any movie aficionado would certainly recognize Hedy’s name. There was a lot of history in the lives of Hedy and George leading up to their meeting and eventual invention. I kept thinking to myself “come on, when are you going to talk about the actual invention?” Well, needless to say when he finally did it was chock full of technical hoo-hah. It was impressive and mind-boggling what these two individuals came up with. And of course there is some government secrecy thrown in to spice it up. The author did a great job in researching for this book. And it supports the idea that anyone can be an inventor—even a stunning actress and a world renown music composer. – Ann Keane, ADC Office Spec.

Captain America, The First Avenger, DVD – Every country needs a hero, most especially during wartime. The USA’s is Captain America. From Marvel Studios, the very same that brought you Iron Man, comes a story of courage and honor. The story of a young man who wants to help his country and is turned down by every enlistment office he goes to. He is too small of statue, his stamina isn’t what it should be. Oh, ye of little faith though. His heart is gigantic with love for his country and wanting to do what is right with honor. His heart is what helps him on the journey to become Captain America. Great family film. Don’t miss it. – Ann Keane, ADC Office Spec.
Girl Hunter, Book – What a mouth-watering book filled with delightful stories of providing food for the table. I know some ladies on and off campus who are hunters, so of course I was drawn to the cover right off the get go. Georgia Pellegrini the author is so totally fantastic in drawing you in to the hunt with her writing. She then provides recipes at the end of each hunt. Georgia helps you to understand the primal nature of hunting. Not for sport but for providing food for the table. This is a book any hunter would want to have on their kitchen shelf—for the stories and the recipes. – Ann Keane, ADC Office Spec.

If you have a favorite book, movie or CD from our very own CSI library you would like to recommend to your co-workers, let me know about it. You don’t need to be a professional critic. All you need is two to four sentences giving info on why you think it is something folks might want to spend their time on. – Ann Keane, PACE newsletter editor, ext. 6530,


New Faces on Campus

Kris Turner, Idaho STAR

Office Specialist

2513 Federal Way, Suite 100

Boise ID  83705

“Kris Turner is a part-time STAR Office Specialist. Originally from Eastern Idaho, Kris moved to the Treasure Valley and has resided there for 20 years. She is excited to be a part of the STAR family, as her husband is an avid rider and sets a great example for her two young boys. Who knows? Maybe we’ll be seeing her on a bike before too long…”

Melissa Emerick, Replacing Tamara Janak (now an instructor)

Patient Simulation Lab Coordinator

HSHS 264, ext. 6705

Hi all! My name is Melissa Emerick and I am the new patient SIM lab coordinator at CSI. I attended college here at CSI, where I initially earned an Associate’s Degree in Fine Art, then attended Boise State and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in the same discipline before returning to CSI to graduate the Paramedic Program in 2010. I am very excited about the opportunity to work at CSI with such a skilled faculty and eager students.

Cori Glauner, Replacing Diana Thomason

Adult Protection Investigator

Office on Aging, 736-2122

My name is Cori and I very excited about my new employment through CSI at the Office on Aging. I graduated from the College of Southern Idaho in 2008, and then transferred to Boise State University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work in 2010. I am married to a wonderful husband and have two amazing kids, whom I love to spend time with. I enjoy life and the fun things that each new day brings!

Greg Duncan, New Position


McManaman, 6606

Kevin Gibson, Replacing Merlin Blake


McManaman, 6606



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