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County Budget The year-to-date report of 2010 revenue and expense is attached. The County’s preliminary budget for 2011 will be distributed to departments next week; we have been told to anticipate cuts.
State Aid 2011 An additional reduction of 1.9% in the Public Library Subsidy (and all other state-funded programs) was ordered by Governor Rendell in order to close the “budget gap” which resulted from shortages in federal funding. This brings the total reduction in state aid to 11%. For our System, this means $133,019 less in the 2011 funding distribution and $32,466 less for Coordination Aid programs.
Municipal Support 2009 The attached compilation was derived from the 2009 state reports. The 0.7% decrease is the first reduction in total municipal support for libraries since 1996.

Task Force Update The original schedule for release of the Task Force report was end of October; because some financial and legal issues have proven more complex to analyze than anticipated, the schedule has been adjusted to the end of the calendar year. However, members of the Task Force will attend our October Board meeting to provide an interim report on their activities to date.

Trustee Workshop The 21st annual System/District Trustee Workshop will be held on Saturday, October 16, at Exeter Community Library; speaker James Keller will present Strategies and Street Smarts from 9 a.m. to noon. Attendance at this program is required by the Envisioning Excellence Guidelines for boards that were not represented at the state’s Trustee Institute in April.

Greater Reading Literary Festival Also known as “Reading Reads,” this month-long celebration of reading and writing will begin on October 1 and continue throughout the month with events in libraries and other venues across the county. The complete schedule will be published in a supplement to the Reading Eagle and online at During the week of October 9-16, Barnes & Noble will be

honoring vouchers that are available at all county public libraries; a percentage of all purchases in the Wyomissing store or online will be donated to the libraries.

Continuing Education Updates Due to a conflict with the Preschool Connections training, the Storytime How-to Workshop has been re-scheduled for Monday, October 4, 9:30 to noon, at System HQ Meeting Room A.

Hooray Ole! Bilingual Storytime for Beginners will be offered on Monday, October 18, 2-3:30 p.m. at Exeter Community Library.


Friends Board meeting, 8/26

Task Force meeting, 8/31

PaLA Board meeting, 9/1

Spring Township Library open house, 9/7

So. Berks Area Retired School Employees meeting (speaker), 9/8

Governing Boards workshop, 9/11

Preschool Connections program, 9/13

County Department Heads meeting, 9/15


Friends Board meeting, 9/23

Bringing Boys to Books workshop, 9/24

Librarians’ Meeting, 9/28

Storytime “how-to” Workshop, 10/4

APPLS meeting (Camp Hill), 10/5

System/DLC meeting (Camp Hill), 10/5-6

Task Force visit to York County, 10/13

IDS Board meeting, 10/14

Hooray Ole! Workshop, 10/18

PaLA Annual Conference (Lancaster), 10/24-27

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