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Interurban (TMER&L - Devil's Teapot Washout - Spring 1917)

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Curtis Wright Airport

First Milwaukee County Airport

Maitland Field

Mitchell Field

Mitchell Field - Aerial Views

Mitchell Field - Interior

Timmerman Field


Between 36th St. & 37th St.

Between 37th St & Park Hill Place

Between 38th St. & 39th St

Between 39th St. & 40th St.

Between 63rd St. & 64th St.

Between 65th St & 66th St.

Between 66th St. & Conttrell

Between Garfield & North

Between Mt. Vernon Ave & Park Hill Ave

Between Park Hill Place & 38th St.

Apartments & Condominiums

Adler Apartments

Alabama Apartments

Ambassador Apartments

Ann Manor Apartments

Arcade Apartments

Ardmore Apartments

Ardmore Apartments - Construction

Astor Apartments

Auditorium Court

Bay View Terrace

Belvedere Apartments

Biltmore Grande


Burnham Flats

Cambridge Apartments

Caroline Apartments

Cass Apartments

Cass-Wayne Apartments

Central Market Apartments

Chacona Apartments

Clybourn St.

Clyman Apartments

College Courts

Cudahy Towers

Diamond Tower

Drew Apartments

Essex Flats

Grace Apartments

Harbor View Apartments

Harborside Apartments

Hollywood Enterprises

Inbusch Tenements

Jefferson Apartments

Juneau Village

La Casa Esperanza

La Salle Apartments

Lake Crest Apartments

Lake Shore Apartments

Lincoln Terrace

Lodgewood Apartments

Mann Apartments

Marquette Apartments

Martin Apartments

Mozart Apartments

Munkwitz Apartments

Nevada Apartments

Newport Apartments

Newport Apartments - Construction

Oxford Apartments

Portland Apartments


Rex & Roth Apartments

River House Condos

Robinson Apartments

Roosevelt Arms

Roth Apartments

Shoreham Apartments

Sovereign Apartments

St. Clair Apartments

St. Lawrence Apartments

St. Montrose Apartments

Strafford Apartments

Teweles Seed Tower Apartments

Twelve Sixty Apartments

Unnamed – 3rd St.

Unnamed – Jefferson St.

Unnamed – Milwaukee St.

Unnamed – National Ave

Unnamed – Virgina St. (423 W. Virginia)

Wayland Apartments

White Manor Apartments

Zonta Manor Apartments

Armories see Historic Buildings

Art Galleries & Institutes

Layton Art Gallery

Milwaukee Art Center

Milwaukee Art Institute

Auditorium & Arena

Milwaukee Arena

Milwaukee Arena - Construction

Milwaukee Arena - Interior

Milwaukee Arena - Technical Study Committee

Milwaukee Auditorium

Milwaukee Auditorium - Artwork

Milwaukee Auditorium - Board and Managers

Milwaukee Auditorium - Booth

Milwaukee Auditorium - Booth - Exhibit

Milwaukee Auditorium - Booth - Model

Milwaukee Auditorium - Construction

Milwaukee Auditorium - Equipment

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : American Bottlers of Carbonated Beverages

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : American Chemical Society

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : American Dental Assembly

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : American Hospital

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : American Medical Association

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : American National Fox Breeders Association

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Aqua Star and Style Show (Milwaukee Journal)

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Bicycle Race

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Brewers Expo

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Charity Bazaar

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Dairy Show

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Direct Mail Adv. Asso.

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Evangelical League National Convention

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Flower Show

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Governor Alfred E. Smith (NY) Address (1928

Democratic Presidential Candidate)

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Grand Opening

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Health Show

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Hobby Show

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Independent Grocer's Association

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Internatonal Lutheran Walther League

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Knights of De L'Epee

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Loyal Order of the Moose, Lodge 49

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Mass, Catholic

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Master Builders

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Medical Association of North America

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Milwaukee Auto Show

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Milwaukee Co-operative Milk Producers

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Milwaukee Journal Food and Household Exposition

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Milwaukee Journal Style Show

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Milwaukee Sentinel Cooking School

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : National Association of Master Plumbers

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : National Catholic Action Social Conference

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : National Council of Catholic Women

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : National Grocers Convention

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : National Retail Jewelers

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company Dinners

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Outdoor Advertising Show

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Photographers Association of America

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Photographers' Exposition

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Police Chiefs Banquet

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Power Engineers Banquet

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : President Roosevelt's Birthday Ball

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Radiological Society

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Shoe Retailer Show

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Silver Fox Show

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Socialist Bazaar

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Sports Show (Outdoor Expotition)

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Swimming Show

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Verteran Employees of C.M.StP.R.R

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : War

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Wisconsin Canners Association

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Wisconsin I.G.A.

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Wisconsin Implement Dealers

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Wisconsin Medical Society

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Wisconsin Radio Trades Exposition

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Wisconsin Retail Hardware Expo

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Wisconsin Retail Lumberman's Association

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Wisconsin Skat Players

Milwaukee Auditorium - Events : Wisconsin Teachers

Milwaukee Auditorium - Floor Plans

Milwaukee Auditorium - Halls : Engelmann Hall

Milwaukee Auditorium - Halls : Juneau Hall

Milwaukee Auditorium - Halls : Kilbourn Hall

Milwaukee Auditorium - Halls : Main Hall

Milwaukee Auditorium - Halls : Market Hall

Milwaukee Auditorium - Halls : Mechanics Hall

Milwaukee Auditorium - Halls : Plankinton Hall

Milwaukee Auditorium – Interior

Milwaukee Auditorium - Interior – Construction

Milwaukee Auditorium – Tablet

Milwaukee Exposition Convention Center and Arena (MECCA)

Milwaukee Exposition Convention Center and Arena (MECCA) - Construction

Automobile Service Station

Bands see Music - Bands


American City Bank & Trust

Bank of Commerce

Bank One – Riverside

Continental Bank & Trust

First Wisconsin National Bank

First Wisconsin National Bank – Interior

German American Bank

Great Midwest Savings

Guaranty Bank

Hopkins Street State Bank

Marine Bank – South Milwaukee

Marine National Exchange Bank

Marshall & Ilsley Bank

Midtown State Bank

Mitchell Bank

National Exchange Bank

Old Mitchell Bank (Wisconsin Marine & Fire Ins.)

Second Ward Savings Bank

State Bank of Wisconsin

West Side Bank

Wisconsin State Savings Bank

Beer Gardens see also Restaurants - Schlitz Palm Garden; Restaurants - Gargoyle; Whitefish Bay Resort

Beer Gardens

DeWerth's Park

Schlitz Palm Garden

Blizzards see Storms - Blizzards

Borchert Field see Sports – Baseball – Borchert Field


Best (Jacob) Brewing Co.


Blatz - Construction

Blatz - Interiors

Capitol Brewing Co.

Cream City Brewing Co.

Empire Brewery

Falk, Jung & Borchert Brewing Co.

Gallagher Brewery

Gettelman (A.) Brewing Co.

Gipfel Brewery

Graf, John Brewery

Independent Milwaukee Brewery

Meister Brewery

Miller Brewing Co.

Miller Brewing Co. - Interiors

Munzinger (C.H.) Brewery

Pabst Brewing Co.

Pabst Brewing Co. - Interior

Schlitz (Joseph) Brewing Co.

Schweekhart Brewery

Bridges & Viaducts

11th St. South

16th St. Viaduct

1st St.

27th St. Viaduct

35th St. Viaduct

59th St. Viaduct

6th St. Bridge

6th St. Viaduct

9th St. South

Atwater Bridge

Bartlett Ave

Becher St.

Broadway St.

Buffalo St.

Capitol Dr.

Cedar St. Bridge

Cedarburg (Covered Bridge)

Cherry St.

Clybourn Ave.

Farwell St.

Folsom St.

Fond Du Lac Ave.

Fond Du Lac Ave. - Near Timmerman Field

Foot Bridges

Hawley Rd.

Highland Blvd.

Hoan Harbor Bridge

Hoan Harbor Bridge - Construction

Holton St.

Humboldt Ave

Huron St.

Juneau Ave

Kilbourn Ave.

Kinnickinnic Ave.

Lafayette Crossing

Layton Ave.

Lincoln Ave.

Lincoln Memorial Drive

Locust St.

Michigan St.

Morgan Ave.

Muskego Ave.

North Ave

Plankinton Ave.

Pleasant St.

Port Washington Rd. (Old bridge)

St. Paul Ave.

State St.


Water St. (N)

Water St. (S)

Water St. (S) & Erie St. Railroad Span

Wells St. Street Car Trestle

Wells St.

Wisconsin Ave

Wisconsin Ave at 39th St

Brooks see Creeks; Rivers

Business & Industry - A

A. O. Smith

A. O. Smith – Interiors

A. O. Smith - Products

Abel & Bach Co.

Abresch (Charles) Carriage Works

Ahren's Mill in Grant Park

Albecht's Hot Fudges, Inc.

Alcazar Range & Heater Co.

Allcott (J.M.) & Co.

Allen-Bradley Co.

Allis (Edward P.) Co.


Allis-Chalmers - Erector Shops - Interior

Allis-Chalmers - Gear & Tractor Plant

Allis-Chalmers - Gear & Tractor Plant - Interior

Allis-Chalmers - Office Building - Construction

Allis-Chalmers - Supercharger Plant

Allis-Chalmers - Supercharger Plant – Construction

Alpine Printing & Business Forms Inc.

American Can Company

American Candy Co. Building

American Plumbing Supply Co.

American Wholesale Grocery Co.


Andy Thon’s Sporting Goods

Anton Express Line Furniture Moving

Armstrong Florist

Aschermann & Co. Cigar Factory

Atrium Sales & Exhibit Center

Auction Service Co.


Business & Industry - B

Babcock Agency

Badger Candy Co.

Badger Feeds

Badger State Shoe Co.

Badger State Tobacco Works

Ballard Bicycle


Barkow (H.) Co.

Barkow (H.) Co. - Interior

Barrett (G.M.) Co. (Toy Store)

Barrett's (Penny Store)

Batchelder Co.

Batzner (Ed.) - The Friendly Exterminator

Bauch (Hugo E.) Co.

Baumann Hoffmann Hardware

Bay View Rolling Mills

Becker Victrola Service

Becker, Post & Lumber Co.

Bell Telephone

Bendfelt (W.H.) Co.

Bert’s Worldwide Fabrics

Best & Gerber

Best Block Co.


Bitker-Gerner - Company Picnic

Bitker-Gerner - Fire

Bitker-Gerner – Interior

Black Forest Imports

Blade (A.) Son & Co.

Blair & Persons


Blumenfeld, Locher & Brown Co.

Bodden Packing Co.

Boettcher (Chas.)

Borden Dairy

Boruszak (Harry) Tailor's Trimmings & Woolens

Boston Store

Bradley & Metcalf Shoe Co.

Branta (Wm. J.) - Furniture

Brick (Nathan) Furniture

Briggs & Stratton

Brodesser Manufacturing Co.

Brumder Publishing Co.


Buemming, Alex & Guth Architects

Buergermeister (E.F.) News Depot

Busy Bee Clothing Co.

Business & Industry - C

Campbell Laundry Co.

Caspar (C.N.) Book Emporium

Casual Corner

Certified Concrete Co.

Chain Belt

Chapman (T.A.) Co.

Cherry Mill & Wool Factory

Cisco Printing

Clark's Towing Co.

Club Deli Delicatessen (770 N Marshall)

Coal Yards

Colossal Stumpf & Langhoff Co.

Concord Furniture Co.

Consolidated Hat Works

Conway, Clement & Williams Furniture

Cream City Trimming Co.

Cream City Woven Wire Works

Cullen (J.P.) & Sons

Cutler & Hammer Co.

Business & Industry - D

Dahl Motors Co.

Dairy Distributors, Inc

Daisy Roller Mill

D'Amore (M.) & Sons Co

David’s Gifts

Deep-Rock Motor Oil

Deicken Pharmacy

Des Forges Book Shop

Despine’s Greek Imports

Dewey's Harness Shop

Dewey's Sporting Goods

Dobre's Bakery

Doerfler's (A.) Market

Dohmen, Schmit & Co.

Donges Hat Shop

Dousman Warehouse

Dreyer Meyer

Droegkamp (John) Co. Furnaces and Sheet Metal Works

Dunlop Tire & Rubber Corp

Dutcher (J.A. & P.E.)

Business & Industry - E

Eagle Buffet

Eagle Flour Mill

Eggert's Office Supply

Ehnert, Jodecus Mill

Eiffel Hosiery

Ender's (Frank) Studio

Espenhain Dry Goods

Business & Industry - F

Fairbanks - Morse Co.

Falk Co.

Federal Malleable Co.

Fein Bros.

Felsecker (J.P.) Laundry

Ferry & Clas Architects

Fischbeck (D.) & Sons Wholesale Saddlery

Fischer (C.W.) Furniture Co.

Fisk Rubber Company

Fox-Midwesco Theatres, Inc.

Frank Seneca Service

Frankfurth (Wm.) Hardware Co

Franzen (William) Paper Stock & Bottles

Friedlander Knitting Works

Friedrich (E.O.) Cutlery & Grinding

Friend Bros. Clothing Co

Froedert Malt & Grain Co

Fueldner (John) Box Factory and planning & Resa Wing Mill

Fuller & Warren Company

Business & Industry - G

Gaenselen Bros. Leather Co.

GAF Corp

Gallun Tannery

Galvanized Iron Works

Ganhs Bakery

Garens (George) Co.

General Parking, Inc

Gimbel Bros. Store

Gimbel Bros. Warehouse

Globe Union

Goddfrey (E.R.) & Sons Co.

Golden Guernsey

Goldsmith & Co.

Goll & Frank Co

Good Old Days

Goodrich Dock

Goodwill Industries

Goodyear Rubber Co.

Grand (The)

Grasselli Chemical Co

Greenleaf & Co.

Greenwood Bros

Gridley Dairy

Groeling Grocery

Gross (Phillip) Hardware Co

Gruhl Sash & Door Co

Guaranty Company of Wisconsin

Gugler Lithographic Co.

Gumz (R.) & Co.

Gunnis (Helen) Music Shop

Business & Industry - H

Hacks Furniture

Hale (I. D.) Company Auto Electricians

Hansen's Empire Fur Factory

Harley Davidson Co.

Harnischfeger Corp

Harper's Wallpaper

Haupt Barrel & Cooperage Co.

Helen's Food Market

Heller (S.) Elevators

Hilgen Manufacturing Co.

Hilty-Forster Lumber Co.

Hoffer’s Tropical Fish

Holmes Motor Co. (Ford)

Home Bros. Co.

Home Furniture Co.

Hometown Inc.

Hong Fat Co.

Hummel & Downing Co.

Business & Industry - I

Illinois Steel Co. Rolling Mills

Business & Industry - J

Jacobi & Richter Co.

Janssen and Beach Galvanized Iron Works

Jo-Ell Auto Service

Johnson Controls

Johnston (Robert A.) Co.

Joynt Venture Pipe Shop

Business & Industry - K

Kaiser's Hair Bazaar

Kausch Garage

Kearny & Trecker Corp

Kehr’s Kandy Kitchens

Kiefert (F.) Moving Company

Kiewert (Emil) & Co.

Kirby's (Abner) Jewelry Store

Kissinger (J.P.) Co.

Kissinger's Wholesale Meats & Poultry

Kleinsteuber (Charles F.) Machinist & Engraver

Klug (Wm.) & Sons

Knights Tower

Knudten Bros

Koehring Corp. - Machinery

Koehring Corp. - Paving



Kosciesza (B.) Meat Market

Koss Corp

Krause (Chas. A.) Milling Co.

Krause (Emil A.)

Krieger & Vietmeyer

Kroeger Bros. Department Store

Krueger Printing

Krueger Printing – Interior

Krumbholz (J.O.)

Kuesel Coal Co.

Kuhl Motor Company

Kummer Engineering & Tool Co.

Kuphal (Aug.) Boots & Shoes

Business & Industry - L

La Grange Bros. Co Battery Service

Ladwig, Schranck & Co.

Lakeside Hand Laundry

Landuer & Co.

Lapin Electric Co.

Lasky Corp

Layton Packing Co.

Leisings Jewelers

Leon's Frozen Custard

Lincoln Tool & Die Co.

Lindsay (E.J. & Wm.)

Loan & Trust Co.

Loeffelholz Co.

Lou Fritzel

Luick Dairy Co.

Luick Ice Cream Co.

Business & Industry - M

Maciolek Co.

Mack (H.S.) & Co.

Mahler, Albenberg Co.

Main Express & Storage Co.

Mann, Beals & Co.

Mannack (B.) Meat Market

Manpower Inc.

Manufacturer's Home Building

Martinez Grocery

Master Lock Co.

Matthew's Brothers Furniture Store

Matyas Bakery

Mayer (F.) Boot & Shoe Co.

McNally (C.W.) Co.

Meinecke (Adolph) & Son

Menger Florist Shop

Merchant Mills Building

Meyer’s-Krueger Florist

Michael Best and Friedrich Law Firm

Middleton Manufacturing Co.

Mid-Empire Electric Co.

Midtown Sporting Goods

Miller Compressing Co.

Miller Park - Crane Collapse

Miller Smart Apparel

Miller Smart Apparel - Construction

Milwaukee Auto Engine Co.

Milwaukee Auto Wreckers

Milwaukee Barber's Supply Co.

Milwaukee Bronze Casting Co.

Milwaukee Cement Co.

Milwaukee Coke & Gas

Milwaukee Co-operative Foods

Milwaukee Corrugating Co.

Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Co.

Milwaukee Forge and Machine Co.

Milwaukee Gas Light Co.

Milwaukee Growers

Milwaukee Journal

Milwaukee Map Co.

Milwaukee Mechanics Insurance Co.

Milwaukee Power Co.

Milwaukee Press & Machine Co.

Milwaukee Rubber Works

Milwaukee Saddle Shop

Milwaukee Solvay Coke Co.

Milwaukee Steel Division

Milwaukee Vinegar Works

Milwaukee Western Fuel Co.

Milwaukee Willow Works

Monday (A.J.) Co.

Mondschein (S.A.) Piano Co.

Monogram Midwest Film Co.

Moratz & Steinfuhr

Moritz & Winter Co.

Motor Transport Company

Mount Flora Cigar Factory

Mount Pleasant Dairy

Movie Mart

Mutual Drug Co.

My Favorite Things

Business & Industry - N

National Biscuit Co.

National Brake & Electric Co.

National Spencerian

Nelson Brothers Furniture Store

Newhall Warehouse

Newton (Ralph) Real Estate

Niedecken (H.) & Co.

Niss Furniture Co.

Niss Furniture Co. - Interior

Nordberg Mfg. Co.

Norris (G.D.) & Co.

North Chicago Rolling Mill

Northern Glass Works

Northern States Life Insurance Co

North-Western Chemical Co.

Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co

Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co - E. Wisconsin Ave. Building

Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co 611 N. Broadway

Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co Construction

Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co - Employees

Northwestern National Life insurance Co.

Nutrigla Milk Co

Business & Industry - O

Obenberger (Joseph) and Sons Co.

Ogden Carriage Factory

Orth (P.H.) & Co.

Oster Bros. Furniture Co.

Business & Industry - P

P&H Co

Patton (J.E.) & Co.

Penney (J.C.)

People's Bakery

Perfex Corp

Peter’s Pharmacy

Pfister & Vogel Leather Co.

Phoenix Hosiery Co.

Phototron Film Developing

Piano Factory

Pieper (O.R.) Co.

Pierrons (Louis M.) Pottery

Pietsch (Ferdinand) Iron Works

Pietsch (Otto) Dye Works

Pittelkow & Siegart

Pittsburg Plate Glass Co.

Pittsburg Plate Glass Co. - Interior

Plaum (Ed E.) Hatter

Plymouth Creamery

Poss (Jacob)

Pretschold (Ernst) Co.

Prinz & Rau Mfg. Co.

Pritzlaff Hardware

Puttler's Cigar Store

Business & Industry - Q

Quirk Co.

Quirk Co. - Interior

Business & Industry - R

Rainbow Jersey Bike Shop

Rank & Motteram Co.

Reckmeyer (William) Co.

Red Star Yeast

Red’s Barber Shop

Reichardt & Devitt Popular Hatters

Reimers Photo

Reliance Works

Rex Chain Belt

Rex Chain Belt - Interior

Rex Chain Belt – People

Rexall Drug Store

Rice & Friedman

Rice’s Deli

Riebs Grain Elevator

Rigas Candy Store

Rohlfing (Wm.) & Sons

Roloff's Grocery

Roundy, Peckham & Co.

Royal Tea Co.

Royal-Globe Insurance Companies

Rudig Trophies

Rundle Spence Mfg. Co.

Business & Industry - S

Salvation Army

Sawyer Buick Service

Schaeffer Brush Manufacturing Co.

Schemmer (L.) & Sons

Schinz Bottling Co.

Schmitt-Orlow Co.

Schneider Fuel & Supply Co.

Schoenleber (Adoph) Furniture Store

Schultz Market

Schuster's Department Store

Schwaab Stamp & Seal Co.

Schwalbach (M.) Star Tower Clock Works

Scott's Tire Service

Seaman (A.D.) & Co. Furniture Mfg.

Seaman Body Co.

Sears, Roebuck & Co.

Second Chance

Seefeld Drugs

Shadbolt & Boyd Iron Co.

Sheboygan Chair Co.

Sherin (W.R.) Co.

Sherman Park Shoppe

Shop ‘N Save

Sisson & Sewell

Skinner (M.L.) - Commission Merchant


Smith (Angus) Elevator Co.

Smith (Jabey M.) Confectionary

Sperry & Hutchinson - Green Stamp Redemption Center

Stahl (John) Second Hand Barrels

Steinmeyer (Wm.) Co

Steinmeyer (Wm.) Co. - Display

Steinmeyer (Wm.) Co. - Interior

Stelloh & Druse Manufacturing Co.

Stenzel (H.O.) Co.

Sterling Motor Truck Co.

Stern (H.) Jr. & Bros.

Sullivan's Warehouse

Svoboda Industries

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