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10th St, N. (3000 block)

12th St. Store – Walnut, W. (1134)

13th St, S. (6100)

14th St, N. (1110)

14th St, N. (1313)

10627 S 27th St - Best Disposal

1110 N 14th St

1111 W. Vliet St

15th St, N.

15th St, N. (1323)

16th St, N. (1322 & 1326)

16th St, S. (1207-1213)

17th St, N. (2766)

19th St, N. & State St, W.

20th St, S. (1919)

23rd St, N. (628-630)

24th Place, N. (3817A)

28th St, S. (747)

29th St, N. & Wisconsin Ave, W.

29th St, S. (639)

30th St, N. & Walnut St, W.

35th St, N. (5353)

38th St, N. (1934)

3rd St, N. (3300 block)

3rd Ward Fire

56th St, N. & Lisbon Ave, W.

6th St, N. (2469)

6th St, S. (726)

71st St, N. (2217)

7th St, N. & Juneau Ave, W.

7th St, S. & National Ave, W.

99th St, N. & North Ave, W.

Afram Metal Processing – 12th St, N. (260)

Astor Hotel - Juneau Ave, E. (924)

Atlas Mill Company - Commerce Ave, (490-506)


Badger Leather Goods - Garfield, W, (1022)

Badger State Canning Co - 25th St, N. (305)

Best Disposal - 27th St, S. (10627)

Big Top Fruit Co. - Silver Spring Drive, W. (1935)


Bitker's Department Store - Fond du Lac Ave, (1801-1813)

Bridge fire

Bronz-Vil Bar - 3rd St, N. (1731)

Burleigh, W. (3824-3832)

Calvary Presbyterian Church - Wisconsin Ave, W. (935)

Capitol Lumber Co. - Capitol Drive, W. (400)

Carbolineum Wood Preserving Co. - Highland Ave, W. (528)

Caspari Shoes - Downer Ave, N. (2559)

Center St, W. (911-913)

Chambers, E. (1014)

Charles A. Krause Milling Co. - Burnham, W. (4222)

Charles H. Jurss Quality Meats - 35th St, S. (1601)

City Fruit Market - Vliet St, W. (1320)

Cutler-Hammer Inc - 20th St, S. (3019)

Dash Inn - Fond du Lac Ave, W. (2331)

Debris Fire

Donohue-Stratton Elevator

Dorecrest Rabbit and Poultry - Muskego Ave, N. (125)

Eagles Club - Wisconsin Ave, W. (2401)

Elevator Fire - October 13, 1903

Emmaus Evangelical Lutheran Church - 23rd St, N. (2818)

F. Mayer Boot & Shoe Co. - Water, N. (342)

Forest Fires of 1967

Garage Fire - 34th St, N. (2400 block)

Garland's Women's Apparel - 3rd St, N. (2377)

George Seelman & Sons - 7th St, N. (1127)

Great Milwaukee Discount Center - 3rd St, N. (2345)

H. Theis Company (Plumbing Supplies) - Fond du Lac Ave, W. (1819)

Hack's Furniture & Appliance Stores - 3rd St , N (1023-1025)

Hack's Furniture & Appliance Stores - Green Bay Ave, N. (3390)

Hampton Ave, W. (500)

Hartman Furniture & Carpet Co. - Water, W. (286-290)

Hilty-Forster Lumber Co - Wisconsin Ave, W. (3846)

Hoffmann and Billings Mfg Co. - St. Paul, W. (1819)

Hopkins Drugs - Hopkins, N. (4970)

I. D. Hale Company (Auto Electricians) - 738 N 16th St

Jewett & Sherman Warehouse Fire - Florida Ave, W. (106)

Joe Goldman Jewelers - Mitchell St, W (838)

K. W. Jacobs Cooperage Co. - St. Paul, W. (1907)

Kenmore Apartments - State St, W. (1201)

Kepec Chemical Company - Cherry St, W (401)

Kohl Brothers Fine Foods - Vliet St, W. (3826)

Lady Lynn's Shoppes - Wells, W. (1627)

Legion Barber Shop - 5th St, N. (755)

Lincoln Creek

Lincoln Fireproof Warehouse Co. - 3rd St, N. (1116)

Louis Allis Co. - Stewart St, E (427)

Luick Dairy Company

Marc Plaza Hotel - Wisconsin Ave, W. (503)

Meyer Furniture Store - Fond du Lac Ave, W. (1815)

Mid West Tire Auto Store - 3rd St, N. (2332)\

Middleton Mfg. Co. - Broadway Ave, N. (354-356)

Midwest Poultry - 2nd St, N. (433)

Miller Fisheries Inc - Becher St, W. (333)

Miller's Flat - Market St, N. (939)

Milwaukee Equipment Mfg Co - 4th St, N. (1251)

Milwaukee Horse & Cow Commission Co. Barn - 84th St, N. (616)

Milwaukee Malleable & Grey Iron Works - 29th St, S. (2773)

Milwaukee River

Milwaukee Welders - Monarch Place (4300)

Milwaukee Yacht Club - Lincoln Memorial Drive, N. (1700)

Mueller Engraving - 8th St, N. (632)

Munkwitz Apartments - 27th St, N. & Highland Ave, W.

National Bar Room - National Ave, W. (3530)

National Wood Products - 11th St, N. (1630)

Nick's Nicabob - State St, W (2538).

Nino's Super Bar - Vliet St, W. (1111)

Northern Paper Mills - Thomas, E. (1514)

Northwestern-Hanna Fuel Co. - Washington St, E. (301)

Oswald Jaeger Bakery Co. - Somers St, W. (918)

Palmer Ave, N. (2763)

Paper Co. - Newhall Ave, N. (2300)

Park Sport Shop - Vliet St, W. (3820)

Peltz Brothers Waste Material - 32nd St, N. (4875)

Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. - Pittsburgh Ave, E. (235)

Plankinton Ave, N. (431)

Post Office

Propane Gas Truck

Red Owl Store - Hampton Ave, W. (4925)

Rose & Aaron's Child Development Center - 6th St, N. (1901)

Ruby Chevrolet - Broadway, N. (807)

Ruby Chevrolet - Capitol Drive, W. (5101)

S & M Manufacturing Co - Wisconsin Ave, W. (1324)

Saint John Cathedral - Jackson St, N. (802)

Saint Joseph's Home - Lincoln Ave, W. (5301)

Saint Paul's Episcopal Church - Knapp St, E. (904-914)

Saint Vincent de Paul Society - Walnut St, W. (607)

Schowalters Pharmacy - Humboldt Ave, N. (1802)

Seaman-Andwall Corp - 25th St, N. (305)

Shine Shop - North Ave, W. (3428)

Ship Café Restaurant - Bluemound Rd.

State Fair Park

Stone's Jewelry - 3rd St, N. (2238)

Structural Fires

Super Kleen Laundromat - Lisbon Ave, W. (4513)

Sydney Hih - Juneau Ave, W. (310)

Tabernacle Baptist Church - Wells St, W. (1713)

Ted & Marilyn's - Lincoln Ave, W. (1551)

Thelma's Calypso Room - Center St, W. (910-912)

Thomas H. Bentley & Sons - Mitchell St, W. (4610)

Toepfer & Bellack Inc. - Wisconsin Ave, E. (3300)

Town Club - Farwell Ave, N. (1642)

Trester Service Electric Co. - Ogden Ave, E. (235)

Vliet St, W. (1422-1430)

W.B. Bottle Supply Co. - 5th St , S. (917)

Waldeim's Furniture Co. - Plankinton Ave, N. (857)

Walnut St, W. (1704)

Walnut St. School - Walnut St, W. (2318)

Washington St, W. (1200)

Washington St, W. (1206-1208)

Water St, N. (634)

Wells St, W (521-533)

Wells St, W. (1628)

Wirth's Colonial Ballroom - Wells, W. (1835)

Wisconsin Ave, W. (1631)

Wisconsin Ave, W. (3414)

Wisconsin Ave, W. (415)

Wisconsin Hobby Craft Store - Fond du Lac Ave, W. (1743)

Wisconsin Job Service and Incentive Program - National Ave, W. (500-512)

Wisconsin Plumbing & Heating Supply Co - 2nd St, S. (822-832)

Yunger & Stilcke Wholesale Cookery - Water St, E. (354-356)


American Flag

Community Service Flag

Milwaukee City Flag


Forestry Bureau see City Departments – Department of Public Works – Forestry Bureau


16th St. &Pearl St. Fountain

19th Ave. & Mineral

1st Ward Park

8th Ward Park

Artesian Well/Spring

Cathedral Square

Clarke, Monroe, Tamerack and N. 24th St

Downer and Hackett

Drinking Fountains (Bubblers)

Forest Home Cemetery

Forest Home Triangle

Franklin Square Park

General Information (no photos)

Henry Bergh Fountain

Milwaukee City Hall

Milwaukee Journal

Milwaukee Public Museum

Mitchell Park Conservatory

N Water, E Ogden & N Market St Fountain

Notre Dame Convent

Old Courthouse Square

R. D. Whitehead Fountain

Saint Mary's Hospital

Soldier's Home

Veterans Administration Center (Wood, WI)

Walker Square (S 10th St. & Walker)

Water Fountain Exhibit

Watering Trough


Fourth of July Committee see Festivals & Celebrations – Fourth of July Celebrations

Freeways see Streets - Freeways

Funerals and Memorials

Dr. Martin Luther King Memorial

Fire Department

John F. Kennedy Anniversary

McKissick, Clifford

Mortuaries and Undertakers (Billboards)

Pearl Harbor Survivors War Memorial

Police – Callura, Rosario

Police – Laubenheimer, Jacob (Chief)

Police – Lesnieske, Leonard R.

War Dead








Kite Flying



Boston Store

Boston Store - Interior

First Wisconsin National Bank

Magnetic Realty Co.

Magnetic Realty Co. - Interior

Grain Exchange see Commodity Exchange - Employment; Historic Buildings - Mackie Building



Greeting Cards

Grocery see Occupations & Trades

Harbor - Milwaukee see also Jones Island; Lakefront; Panoramic Views - Lakefront

Boats in Harbor


Historic Scenes

Loading of Boats

Naval Vessels

Views of Harbor

Health Department

Historic Buildings

A.D. Button Block Building

Adams, Phineas Residences

Adelman House

Adelman House - Interior

Aitken House

Akin House

Albany Hall

Allis, Margaret Residence

Armory - Kosciusko Guard

Armory - Lighthorse

Armory - Wisconsin National Guard

Austin, George Residence

Bacon, E.P. Residence

Bank of Milwaukee Block

Basse, Gerhard D. Residence

Bauer, Adam Building

Baumbach Building

Bean, Jane Residence

Bell Telephone Building

Bemis, Herman & Caroline

Benjamin, H.M. Residence

Benjamin, Mrs. A.L. Residence

Berg, L. Building

Berlin Arcade

Best, Philip Residence


Bielfeld Building

Birchard Block

Blatz, Val Jr. Residence

Blatz, Val Sr. Residence


Bockl Building

Bodden, A.G. Residence - Interior

Bogk, Frederick C. Residence

Bradley House

Bradley Residence

Brand, Sebastian Residence

Breidenbach Residence

Brinton, Beulah House-2590 S. Superior St.

Brinton, Beulah Residence

Brown, Samuel Residence

Brumder Residence

Buemming, Herman W. Residence

Burnham Building

Burnham Residence

Button House

Caloroga Residence

Camp Building

Cary, Joseph Residence

Caswell Block Building

Caswell, N.B. Residence

Cawker Estate Building

Centennial Building

Chamber of Commerce Building

Chapman, T.A. Residence

Childs, Paul House

Church, Benjamin Residence - 1315 N Van Buren St

Church, Benjamin Residence - Estabrook Park

Colby-Abbot Building

Colby-Abbot, 320 E Mason

Coleman, John Casper Residence

Collath Cabin

Commerce Building

Commission Row

Comstock Residence

Comstock Residence – Interior

Comstock, Cicero Residence - W Galena Ave.

Cramer, Adolph Residence

Cramer, Eliphalet Building

Crocker, Hans Residence

Cudahy, John Residence - Interior

Curtin, Jeremiah Residence

Cushing, John W. Residence

Damon, Lowell Residence

Dearholt House

DeBow, John Residence

Deutscher Club

Dewey, Linus House

Diedrichs, Edward Residence

Dousman Residence

Dousman, George Residence

Downer, Jason Residence

Downtown Garage

Ely Residence

Empire Block

Enterprise Building

Eschweiler House

Excelsior Block

Exposition Building

Exposition Building - Fire Damage

Exposition Building – Interior

Falk, Frank Residence

Falk, Otto Residence

Faries, Robert J. Residence

Federal Building (Old)

Ferguson, David Residence

Finney, Fredrick Residence

Fitch, Eliot Residence

Fitch, Grant Residence

Fitzgerald, Robert Patrick

Fowler, George J. Residence

Fowler’s (Albert) Office

Freethinkers Hall

Friend Building

George Hambach Building

German-English Academy

Germania Building

Goldberg/Martin Mansion

Goll & Frank Building

Goodrich, William O. Residence

Gordon Cottage

Graham House

Gray, Dr. N.A. Residence

Greene House

Guaranty Building

Gustorf, Edmund B. Residence

Hall, O.J., Residence

Hambach, George Building

Harnischfeger, Henry Residence

Harrison, Stephen A. Residence

Hathaway Building

Hawley-Bloodgood Residence

Hays House

Hicks' Block Building

Hill, Priam B. Residence

Hinkel, J. Building

Hinton, Francis Residence

Hippodrome Building

Hochmuth, F.H. Building

Hokanson Building

Hollister Residence

Hull, Lemuel B. Residence

Inbusch, John G. Residence

Insurance Building

Insurance Exchange Building

Iron Block Building

Jacobs Mansion

Jewish Community Center

Jewish Community Center-Construction

Jewish Community Center-Interiors

Jewish Community Center - Plans

Johnson, Martin Q. Residence

Joys Building

Julien Home

Juneau, Solomon Residences

Juneau, Solomon Residences - Log Cabin

Juneau, Solomon Residences - Market St

Juneau, Solomon Residences - Michigan St

Juneau, Solomon Residences - Theresa, WI

Juneau, Solomon Residences - Wisconsin Ave

Kalvelage, Joseph B. Residence

Kasten House

Keenan, Matthew Residence

Keltner Home

Kennan, T.L. Residence

Kern Residences

Kilbourn, Byron Residence

King, Rufus Residence

Kleser House

Kneeland, James Residence

Koch House

Kunckell Home

Lapham, Increase A. Residence

Lee, William Residence

LeFevre, Clement Fall

Library Building (Old)

Line Material Building

Lion House

Lipps Building

Loan & Trust Building

Lowry Residence

Loyalty Building

Ludington Building – Plankinton Ave.

Ludington Building – Wisconsin Ave

Ludington, Birchard & CO.

Luening, Dr. Frederick August

Luick House

Mabbett’s and Breed’s Block

Machek-Nasgowitz House

Mack Building

Mackie Building

Mackie Building – Interior

MacLaren House

Maier Block Building

Majestic Building

Manegold, Henry Residence

Manhattan Building

Manschot, Henry Residence

Mariner Realty Co. Building

Mariner Tower

Marshall, Samuel Residence

Martin, James B. Building

Martin, James B. Residence

Mathews Building

Mayer Building

McIntosh House

Medical Arts Building

Meinecke Building

Meinecke, Adolph Residence

Meister Building

Melm's Schandein Residence

Merrill Building

Messenger Home

Metropolitan Building

MGIC Building

Miller Block

Miller, George P. Residence

Miller's Hall

Milwaukee Hall

Milwaukee Manufactures Building

Miner, Dr. George B. Residence

Mitchell Building

Mitchell, Alexander Residence

Mitchell, Alexander Residence - Summer Gazebo

Mix, E. Townsend Residence

Morton Home

Munkwitz Apartments

Munkwitz Residence

Noonan House

Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Building-Old (N Broadway)

Northwestern National Life Insurance Co.

Nunnemacher Building

Nunnemacher Residence

Obermann Building

Octagon House

Odell Residence

Office on the Square Building

Ogden Row

Old Block on Spring Street

Old City Jail and Armory

Orth Residence

Ott, Walter S., Residence

Pabst Building

Pabst, Frederick Capt., Domestic's Residence

Pabst, Frederick Capt., House-828 Chestnut Ave

Pabst, Frederick Capt., Residence

Pabst, Frederick Jr., Residence

Paetzold House

Panorama Building

Peck, George W., Residence

Pereles Building

Perkins, Dr. D.W.

Perkins, Dr. D.W. – Interior

Petit, Louis J. Residence

Pfister, Guido Residence

Pierce Building

Pilgrim, George W. Residence

Pizzala, Gottlieb Residence

Plankinton Arcade

Plankinton Arcade - Construction

Plankinton Arcade - Interior

Plankinton, Elizabeth Residence

Plankinton, John Homestead

Plankinton, John Residence

Plankinton, William C. Residence

Post Office (Old)

Prentiss Home

Preusser, Christian Building

Preusser, Christian Residence

Pritzlaff, John Building

Public Service Building – 231 W. Michigan St.

Railway Exchange Building

Ray, Charles Residence

Reilly, W.P. Building

Rescue Mission

Richards, Daniel Residence

Rogers, Charles Residence

Rogers, Donald Residence

Rogers, James H. Residence

Roundy, J.A. Residence

Row Houses

Sanger, Casper M. Residence

Sawyer House

Schandein, Emil Residence

Schoenleber, A. Building

Schroctor, Edward Residence

Scottish Rite Temple

Seaman, Horace M., Residence

Security Building

Sentinel Building

Sexton Building

Slocum House

Smith, A. Residence

Smith, A. A. L. Residence - Interior

Smith, A.L.L. Residence

Smith, Clement Residence

Smith, Edwin L., Residence – Interior

Smith, Edwin Residence

Smith, Edwin Residence – Carriage House

Somers, Peter House

South Side Armory

Stanford, Edward Residence

Stein, Mathias Residence

Steinmeyer Building

Stern, Carl Residence

Stern, Carl Residence - Interior

Stern, Henry Residence

Stern, Henry Residence - Interior

Stewart, Alexander Residence

Stotzer Building

Swallow, Arthur C.

Swan, Seth B. Residence

Tannhaeuser Building

Temperance House

Teweles Building - Construction

Treat Block

Triangle Building

Trimborn, Werner Residence

Turner Hall

Uhrig, Franz Joseph Residence

Uihlein Building

Uihlein, Alfred Residence

Uihlein, August Residence

Uihlein, August Residence - Interior

Uihlein, August Summer Residence Exterior & Grounds

Uihlein, Henry Residence

Uihlein, Joseph Sr. House

Uihlein, Paula Residence - Interior

Underwriters Exchange

Usinger House

Van Dyke Building

Van Dyke Residence

Vieau, Jacques Cabin

Villa Terrace

Vogel, August Residence

Wadhams Oil & Grease Co. – 76th & National

Wadhams Oil & Grease Co. - Pagoda gas station

Wadhams Oil & Grease Co. – Wisconsin Ave

Watkins Building

Wells Building

Wells, Daniel Residence

Winding, George Residence

Winding, George Residence - Interior

Wisconsin Building

Wisconsin Club

Wisconsin Club - Interiors

Wisconsin Electric Power Plant

Wisconsin National Guard Armory

Wisconsin Telephone Co. - Main Exchange

Wisconsin Tower Building

Wisconsin Tower Building - Construction

Wisconsin Tower Building – Interior

Wurster House

Yale, Horace P. Residence

Zielsdorf House

Zimmerman Bros. Building

Historic Markers

Court House Square

First Paper Mill

Fourth Ward Square

Highland Avenue Marker

Honey Creek Settlement

Juneau Park – Knights of the Round Table

Lapham, Increase

Lest We Forget

Letter Carrier Tablet

Lincoln, Abraham

Mackie Building Cornerstone Marker


Mitchell Building

Mitchell Park

Oneida Street Power Station

Pabst Building

Schroeder Hotel – Indian Village Site

Senn. Dr. Nicholas Marker

Ten Commandments – Municipal Building


Vieau, Jacques Cabin – Mitchell Park

Walker Square

Watertown Plank Road

Home Front see Victory Gardens; World War II, 1939-1945 – Milwaukee; World War II, 1939-1945 – War Work

Home Shows

Milwaukee Home Show

Milwaukee Home Show – 1927

Milwaukee Home Show – 1928

Milwaukee Home Show – 1929

Milwaukee Home Show – 1931

Milwaukee Home Show – 1933

Milwaukee Home Show – 1934

Milwaukee Home Show – 1935

Milwaukee Home Show – 1936

Milwaukee Home Show – 1938

Milwaukee Home Show – 1940

Milwaukee Home Show – 1941

Hospitals & Clinics see
also VA Hospital

16th St. Community Health Center

Bread & Roses Women’s Health Center

Columbia Hospital – Construction

Columbia Hospital – Interior

Deaconess Hospital

Deaconess Hospital – Interior

Elmbrook Memorial Hospital

Froedert Hospital

Hanover Hospital

Indian Health Center

Johnston Community Health Center

Johnston Emergency Hospital

Lutheran Hospital

Marquette University Hospital

Mental Health Services

Milwaukee Children’s Hospital – Interior

Milwaukee County Dispensary

Milwaukee County Emergency Hospital

Milwaukee County Hospital

Milwaukee Eye & Ear Clinic

Milwaukee Hospital (formerly Passavant)

Milwaukee Hospital – Interior

Milwaukee Sanitarium

Misericordia Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital

Mount Sinai Hospital – Interior

Muirdale Tuberculosis Sanatorium

Post Graduate Hospital

Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Hospital

Sacred Heart Sanitarium

South View Isolation Hospital

St. Anthony Hospital

St. Camillus Hospital

St. Francis Asylum

St. Joseph's Hospital

St. Joseph’s Hospital - Construction

St. Luke's Hospital

St. Luke’s Hospital - Interior

St. Mary's Hospital

Trinity Hospital

Trinity Memorial – Cudahy

Trinity Memorial – Cudahy – Construction

Veterans Administration (VA)

Hot Houses see Greenhouses


Abbot Crest Hotel

Aberdeen Hotel

Albany Hall

Ambassador Motor Hotel

American House Hotel



Atlantic Hotel

Auditorium Hotel

Axtell House Hotel

Axtell House Hotel - Demolition

Baltic House Hotel

Bechtel, J. Mansion House Hotel

Berninger Park

Blatz Hotel

Brown Hotel

Carlton Hotel


Clifton Hotel

Clinton House

Coach House

Community Hotel

Cottage Inn

Cross Keys

Downtown Motor Inn

Eagle Hotel

Fond du Lac House Hotel

Fountain House


Globe Hotel

Grand Central Hotel

Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency – Interior

Juneau Hotel

Juneau House

Kilbourn Hotel

Kilbourn House

Kirby House Hotel

Knickerbocker Hotel

Knickerbocker Hotel - Interior

Lake House Hotel

Lakeshore Hotel

Lakeside Hotel

Layton Home

Marc Plaza

Marc Plaza – Interior

Marc Plaza - Plans

Martin Hotel

Maryland Hotel

Mayer Motel


Menomonee Hotel


Milwaukee House Hotel

Milwaukee Inn

Newhall House Hotel

Newhall House Hotel - Fire & Ruins

Pabst Hotel

Packard Motel

Park East

Park Hill Hotel

Pfister Hotel

Pfister Hotel - Interior


Plankinton House Hotel

Plankinton House Hotel - Interior


Plaza - Interior


Remerstsen's Boarding House

Republican House Hotel

Republican House Hotel – Interior

Rooming House

Schlitz Hotel

Schroeder Hotel

Schroeder Hotel - Interior

Schuster Hotel


St. Charles Hotel

Stag Hotel

State Hotel

Sydney Hotel

Terminal Hotel

United States Hotel

Washington House


Westmore Hotel

Wettstein hotel


Wisconsin House Hotel

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