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Housing see also Apartments & Condominiums; Historic Buildings

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Housing see also Apartments & Condominiums; Historic Buildings

Arlington Court


College Court

Covent Hill

Garden Homes



Hillside – Construction

Hillside area before housing project

Hillside area demolition before construction

Holton Terrace

Lapham Park

Milwaukee Tenants Union


Northridge Lakes


Plymouth Hill





Humane Society see Wisconsin Humane Society

Jones Island see
also Schools, Public – Jones Island; Water Department; Harbor; Panoramic Views - Lakefront

Miscellaneous Photos

Treatment Plant

Labor Unions


Brotherhood of Boiler-Makers and Iron Shipbuilders of America

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers - Operator's Local No. 9A

Junior International Association of Machinists

Lake Front

Lake Front


Land Commission

Letter Carriers







Suburbs-Hales Corners


Suburbs-South Milwaukee

Suburbs-West Allis

Light Houses

Mailmen see Letter Carriers; Occupations & Trades – Letter Carriers; Post Office


Central Market

Daily Green Market

Division Street Market

Jahr Market

North Avenue Public Market

Old German Market

West Side Market

MECCA see Auditorium and Arena - MECCA

Menomonee Valley see Panoramic Views – Menomonee Valley; Railroad Shops & Yards; Rivers – Menomonee River; Stockyards; Bridges & Viaducts – 27th Street; Bridges & Viaducts – 35th Street

Military see
also Coast Guard; Conventions – American Legion; National Guard; Parades – Military; Veterans Activities

Armed Forces – American - Air Force

Armed Forces - American – Army

American - Army - Army Disciplinary Barracks

Armed Forces - American - Marines

Armed Forces - American - Navy

Armed Forces - American - Wisconsin State Guard


Civil War


Education - Basic Training


Missile Sites

Mobilization - Korean War

Mobilization - Punitive Expedition into Mexico, 1916

Mobilization - World War I




Prisoners of War - Germans (World War I)

Prisoners of War - Germans (World War II)

Recruiting & Enlistment

Recruiting & Enlistment - World War I

Recruiting & Enlistment - World War II

Rites & Ceremonies


Spanish-American War, 1898

Training Camps - Janesville

Training Camps - Madison

Training Camps - Milwaukee


Model City Agency

Municipal Buildings

Municipal Buildings

Construction 1957-1958


East Troy Trolley Museum

Grand Avenue Dime Museum

Milwaukee Art Center/Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum

Milwaukee Art Museum - Artwork

Milwaukee Art Museum - Interiors

Milwaukee Art Museum - Plans

Milwaukee County Historical Society

Milwaukee Public Museum

Milwaukee Public Museum - Actual on scene safaris

Milwaukee Public Museum - American Indian Exhibits

Milwaukee Public Museum - Animal Exhibits

Milwaukee Public Museum - Construction

Milwaukee Public Museum - Ice Skate Exhibit

Milwaukee Public Museum - Landscape Exhibits

Milwaukee Public Museum - Miscellaneous

Milwaukee Public Museum - Pacific Isles Exhibits

Milwaukee Public Museum - Prehistoric Exhibits

Milwaukee Public Museum - Public Activities

Milwaukee Public Museum - Skeletal Exhibit

Milwaukee Public Museum - Staff

Villa Terrace



Bands – 32nd Division Memorial Band

Bands – Circus Band

Bands - Custer High School Band

Bands - Fraternal Order of Eagles, No. 137

Bands – G.U.G.G. Band

Bands - Hamilton High School

Bands - Madison High School Band

Bands - Marquette University Band

Bands - Milwaukee Exposition Band

Bands – Milwaukee Sentinel Newsboys’ Band

Bands - Police Bands

Bands - Pulaski High School Band

Bands - Rufus King High School Band

Bands – Soldiers Home Band

Bands - Sousa Band (John Philip Sousa)

Bands - South Division High School Band

Bands - South Milwaukee High School Band

Bands - Thirty-eighth Street Elementary School Band

Bands - Turnverien Milwaukee Drum Corps

Bands - West Milwaukee High School Band

Black & Blue Rock Concert – Building Damage

Choral Groups

Choral Groups – Lyric Male Chorus

Choral Groups – Madison High School

Choral Groups - Maencharr Eintracht

Choral Groups-Maennerchoir Edelweiss

Choral Groups – Sounding Board

Chorus – Lyric Glee Club

Chorus – Milwaukee Public School 7th and 8th Grade Chorus

Chorus – Philharmonic Chorus of Milwaukee Teacher’s Association


Civic Music Association

Music Groups – Miscellaneous


Orchestras - Children

Orchestras - Milwaukee Chamber Orchestra

Orchestras – Milwaukee Public Schools’ Young Peoples Symphony Orchestra

Orchestras - Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra

Orchestras - Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra

Natatoriums see Swimming Pools

National Guard


Daily News

Evening Wisconsin

Free Press


Milwaukee Herald

Milwaukee Journal

Milwaukee Journal - Construction

Milwaukee Journal - Employees

Milwaukee Journal - Interiors

Milwaukee Journal - Interiors

Milwaukee Journal - Plans

Milwaukee Leader

Milwaukee Sentinel

Newspaper Row

North Point Water Tower see Water Dept. – North Point Water Tower

Nursing Homes see Rest Homes

Occupations & Trades

Air Traffic Controllers

Airline Attendants

Appliance Stores


Assembly Line Worker

Auto Repair

Bakeries & Bakers

Barber Shops


Beer Growler


Book Stores


Bus Drivers

Butcher Shop

Candy Manufacturer

Carriage Shops & Wagon Makers

Cemetery Workers

Cigar Manufacturer



Clothing Manufacturer




Cooper Shop

Crane Operator


Data Processor


Dock Workers



Dry Cleaners

Elevator Operator


Firewood Vender



Fuel Terminal Operator

Furniture Manufactures


Glove Manufacturers

Grocery Stores



Hair Salon

Home Improvements

House Movers

Ice Cream Shops

Ice Industry


Junk Dealers



Letter Carriers


Liquor Stores

Livery Stables

Lumber Industry


Merchant Marine



Miners and Mining

Models and Modeling

Motor Drivers

Music Store



Nurses and Nursing

Opera Singers



Panoramic Painters

Paper Manufacturers



Physical Therapy



Print Shops

Radio Announcer


Railroad Engineer

Repair Shop


Scissor Sharpening

Service Stations

Sewer Workers

Ship Captains


Social Workers

Soda Shop

Stadium Vender

Store Clerk

Street Vendors





Telephone Operators

Toy Store

Truck Drivers




Window Cleaners


Milwaukee County Home for Dependent Children

Protestant Orphan Asylum

St Joseph Orphanage

St Roses

Panoramic Painters see Occupations & Trades

Panoramic Views

Central City - Civic Center

Central City East

Central City North

Central City Northeast

Central City South

Central City West

East Side of City

Expressway System

Folders, Brochures, Clippings

Lakefront Views

Lithographs of Milwaukee

Menomonee Valley

North Side of City

North West

River Views

South Side of City


West Side of City


20 Mule Train Movie Parade

American Legion

American Legion Parade

Armed Forces Parade

Armistice Day-Nov. 11, 1918

Be Kind to Animals Week

Cavalcade of Transportation

Center Street Parade

Charles Lindbergh Parade

Christmas Parade

Circus Parade

Crispus Attucks Day

Flag Day


Grand Army of the Republic

Labor Day Parade

Liberty Loan Parade

Loyalty Parade

Memorial Day


Milwaukee 100th Anniversary Parade

Milwaukee 50th Anniversary Parade

Milwaukee Flower Parade

Milwaukee Homecoming Parade

Modern Woodmen of America

National Hospital Day Parade

Perry Centennial


Polish Parade

Preparedness parade

Santa Claus parade

Schuster’s Christmas Parade

Shriner's Parade

Spanish-American War Veterans

St. Patrick's Day Parade


V.J. Day Parade

Veterans Day Parade

Veterans of Foreign Wars Parade

War Hero's Parade

West Allis Frontier Days

Wiley Post & Harold Getty Parade

Parking Garages


Atwater Beach Park - Shorewood

Back Bay Park

Bay View Park

Blatz Park

Bluff Park

Bradford Beach

Brown Deer

Cathedral Square, Formerly Courthouse Square

Crystal Spring Park

Currie Park

Doctors Park

Eastbrook Park (Estabrook)

Eighth Ward


Flushing Tunnel

Fourth Ward


Garfield Park, Formerly Pabst Park

Gordon Park

Grand Avenue Park, Now Court of Honor

Grant Park, South Milwaukee

Greenfield Park

Havenwoods State Forest

Henry Maier Festival Park

Holt Park

Humboldt Park

Jackson Park

Juneau Park

Kaszube's Park – Dedication

Kern Park

Kern Park & Hubbard Park Looking South along the Milwaukee River

Kilbourn Park

Kletzsch Park

Kosciuszko Park

Lake Park

Lake Park – Pavillion and Band Stand

Leidersdorf Parks

Lincoln Park

MacArthur Square

McKinley Park (Beach)

Miscellaneous A-M

Miscellaneous N-Z

Miscellaneous Parkways

Mitchell Park

Mitchell Park - Bandstand

Mitchell Park - Boat House

Mitchell Park - Conservatory

Mitchell Park - Conservatory - Interior

Mitchell Park - Dancing Pavilion

Mitchell Park – Domes

Mitchell Park – Domes - Construction

Mitchell Park - Domes - Interior

Mitchell Park - Domes - Plans

North Point

North Side Bathing Beach

Pabst Park

Parks - Unidentified

Pere Marquette Park

Pulaski Park

Ravenna Park

Red Arrow Park

Reservoir Park

Riverside Park

Schlitz Park, Lapham Park, also known as George Washington Carver Park

South Shore Park

Trimborn Farm

Urban Park

Veterans Park

Walker Square

Washington Park

Washington Park - Music Temple

Washington Park - Winter Scenes

West Park

Whitnall Park

Wilson Park

Wonderland on the River

Zeidler Park

Performing Arts


Autographed Portraits – addressee Carl Zeidler

Classical Performances

Fountains & Sculptures

Miscellaneous A-Z

Performing Arts Building

Performing Arts Building - Construction

Performing Arts Building - Interior

Performing Arts Building - Interior - Construction

Poetry-Dirty Rice Poetry Ensemble

Poetry – Rainbow Pen Poetry Group

Rainbow Summer Act

Receptions & Activities






Buildings – Interior

Coroners Office

Dispatch System



Historical - Police Call Boxes

Horse Mounted Police

Miscellaneous A-Z

Motorcycle Police

Motorized Police


Public Relations


Traffic Control

Political Parties

All Peoples Congress / Workers World Party

Progressive Party

Port of Milwaukee see Harbor

Post Office


First Post Office 1859-1896

Post Office in Action

Second Post Office

Third Post Office

Posters & Advertisements

Posters & Advertisements

MPL Poster Collection

Power Plants

Power Plants



TMER&L - Interior

Prisoners of War see Military – Prisoners of War

Public Health

Public Housing see Housing

Public Works Department see
also City Engineer; Forestry Bureau; Jones Island; Sanitation, Bureau of; Traffic Engineering & Electrical Services; Tunnels; Ward Yards; Water Dept.; Weights & Measures

Pumping Stations see
also Water Dept.


Central Board of Purchasing

Radio & Television

Miscellaneous A-Z



WTMJ RADIO (The Old Timers)


Railroad Accidents

Chicago and North Western

Milwaukee Road

Soo Line

Union Pacific

Railroad Bridges

Railroad Cabooses

Escanaba and Lake Superior

Railroad Construction & Maintenance

Railroad Crossings

Railroad Employees

Chicago and North Western

Milwaukee Road

Railroad Ferries

Grand Trunk

Railroad Freight Cars

Chesapeake and Ohio

Chicago and North Western

Lake Superior & Ishpeming

Milwaukee Road

New York Central

Northampton and Bath

Soo Line

Railroad Locomotives

Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe

Baltimore and Ohio

Baltimore and Ohio - Centennial Celebration

Bessemer and Lake Erie

Boston and Albany

Boston and Maine

Boyne City Railroad Company

Buckstaff Lumber Co.

Burlington and Missouri River

Calumet & Hecla

Canadian National

Canadian Pacific

Central Railroad of New Jersey

Chesapeake and Ohio

Chicago and Illinois Midland

Chicago and North Western

Chicago and North Western – Engine Numbers0-99

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 100-199

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 1000-1099

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 1100 to 1199

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 1200 to 1299

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 1300 to 1399

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 1400 to 1499

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 1500 to 1599

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 1600 to 1699

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 1700 to 1799

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 1800 to 1899

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 200 to 299

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 2000 to 2099

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 2100 to 2199

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 2200 to 2299

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 2300 to 2399

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 2400 to 2499

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 2500 to 2599

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 2600 to 2699

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 2800 to 2899

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 2900 to 2999

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 300 to 399

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 3000 to 3999

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 400 to 499

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 4000 to 4099

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 4100 to 4199

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 500 to 599

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 5000 to 5999

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 6000 to 6999

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 700 to 799

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 800 to 899

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 900 to 999

Chicago and North Western - Engine Numbers 9000 to 9999

Chicago and North Western – Pioneer

Chicago and North Western - The 400

Chicago Great Western

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy

Chicago, Rock Island and Pacific

Cincinnati, Wabash, Michigan

Cleveland Cliffs Iron Co.

Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati and Indianapolis

Colorado and Southern

Danville and Western

Delaware and Hudson

Delaware, Lackawanna and Western

Delta Chemical and Iron Co.

Denver and Rio Grande Western

Detroit and Mackinac

Duluth and Iron Range Railway

Duluth Union Depot and Terminal Co.

Duluth, South Shore and Atlantic

Elgin, Joliet and Eastern


Escanaba and Lake Superior

Great Northern

Green Bay and Lake Penn

Green Bay and Western

Illinois Central

Illinois Terminal Co.

Illinois Traction System

Indiana Harbor Belt

Ives Quarry

Lake Superior and Ishpeming

Lake Superior and Mississippi

Lake Superior Terminal and Transfer

Lehigh and New England

Lehigh Valley

Louisville and Nashville

Milwaukee & Whitefish Bay Railway

Milwaukee Lakeshore and Western

Milwaukee Northern

Milwaukee Road

Minneapolis and Rainy River

Minneapolis, Sault Ste Marie & Atlantic

Minnesota Valley

Missouri Pacific

Mohawk and Hudson

Nahma and Northern

New York Central

New York, Chicago and St. Louis

New York, Ontario and Western

North West Cooperage and Lumber Co.

Northern Pacific

Pennsylvania Railroad

Pere Marquette

Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Co.

Rahway Valley

Reading Railroad

Rock Island

S & C. R. R.

Snowplow Locomotives

Soo Line

Soo Line - Engine Numbers 0-99

Soo Line - Engine Numbers 1000 to 1999

Soo Line - Engine Numbers 2000 to 2999

Soo Line - Engine Numbers 300 to 399

Soo Line - Engine Numbers 400 to 499

Soo Line - Engine Numbers 4000 to 4999

Soo Line - Engine Numbers 5000 to 5999

Soo Line - Engine Numbers 700 to 799

Soo Line - Engine Numbers 900 to 999

South Carolina

South Shore

Southern Pacific

Thunder Lake Lumber Co.

Union Pacific

Virginia and Tennessee


Western and Atlantic

Western Maryland

Wheeling and Lake Erie

Wisconsin and Southern

Wisconsin Central

Railroad Mail Service

Chicago and North Western

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy

Railroad Observation Cars

Chicago and North Western

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy

Milwaukee Road

Railroad Passenger Cars

Arcadia and Betsey River Railway

Baltimore and Ohio

Chicago and North Western

Chicago, Burlington and Quincy

Milwaukee Road

New York Central

Sperry Rail Service

Railroad Roundhouses

Railroad Schedules

Time Plans

Railroad Shops and Yards

Chicago and North Western

Menomonee Valley

Milwaukee Road - Fowler Street

Railroad Station


Chicago and North Western Depot

Chicago and North Western Depot - Interior

Chicago, North Shore Line Depot

Elevator Office

LaCrosse and Milwaukee Railroad Depot


Merrill Park Depot

Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad

Milwaukee Road

Milwaukee Road - Interior

National Avenue

North Avenue

Union Depot

Waukesha Beach Electric Railwau

Railroad Strikes

Railroad Switching

Railroad Tracks

1st Street (S)

6th Street (S)

Bay View St (S)

Commerce Street


Fond Du Lac Avenue

Humboldt Avenue

Lake Front

Milwaukee & Beloit – Abandoned Tracks

National Avenue

Prospect Avenue

Third Ward X Airports-Maitland Field

Redevelopment Authority Committee




Roman Catholicism

Roman Catholicism – Papal Mass

Religious Orders see
also Occupations & Trades - Nuns; Convents

Religious Orders

School Sisters of St. Francis

St. Mary’s

Rest Homes

Bayside Nursing Home

Home for the Aged Jews

Layton Home

Protestant Home


A&W Root Beer Drive-In

Abu's Jerusalem of the Gold

Berlin Café

Bill’s Restaurant

Boulevard Inn

Boulevard Inn - Interior

Brighton Inn

Bruno's Country Restaurant


Cape Cod Inn

Casey Jones Green Parrot Café

Central Hall Restaurant

Charcoal Pit, The

Chef’s Corner Café


Chips & Py's

Church's Fried Chicken

Club Milwaukee

Cobble Stone Inn – East Troy

College Inn


Commission Row Café


Deutsch, Joe's Café

Dina Grill


Dos Bandidos

Ernst, John's Café



Fountain Inn

Fred G. Smith's Restaurant

Frisch's Big Boy Boat In

Fritz Gust


George Webb's

Gilpatricks Restaurant and Lunch Room- Interior

Glatz's German Kitchen

Golden Zither

Green Room

Ham n' Egger

Hamburger Stand

Heinemann's Restaurant

Home Restaurant

Hot Dog Stand

Immaculate Restaurant

Jefferson Inn

Karl Ratzsch Restaurant

Kegel's Restaurant and Bar

Kneisler’s White House


Kurtz Bros.

La Joy Chop Suey

Leon's Custard Stand


Mader's German Restaurant

Mamies Grotto

Manning's Restaurant

Natural Food Dining Food

North Point Snack Bar

Ogden Café

Old Heidelberg

Palm Garden Terrace

Pan American Club

Pick's Club Madrid

Pieces of Eight

Pinnacle Peak

Pollworth, John F.’s Home Restaurant

Post, The

Puritan Restaurant

Purple I

Red Snapper Fish

Ritz Eat Shop

Riverboat Restaurant

Sargent's Quick Lunch Counter

Schlitz Palm Garden

Schlitz Palm Garden - Interior

Schuch's Dinner

Schuster's Lunch


Six Corners Restaurant

Spot Restaurant

Stage Coach Drive In and Restaurant

Strachota's Sea Food Restaurant

Tangney's Buffet

Top of the Marine

Toy's, Charlie

Volpano's Restaurant

Wally Schmidt Restaurant

Whitey's Restaurant

Wrigley's Restaurant

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