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Retirement Homes see Rest Homes

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Retirement Homes see Rest Homes

Riots see also Strikes

Curfew Violations

National Guard

Police Action

Property Damage

Rivers see
also Creeks

Kinnickinnic River

Menominee River

Milwaukee North Ave Dam

Milwaukee Rescue Operation

Milwaukee River

Milwaukee Tug Boats

Milwaukee Upper River


Roll of Honor

Safety Building and Jail

Safety Commission

Sanitation, Bureau of

Building - 1333 N 33rd


Incinerators - Construction



Refuse Collection

Snow Removal

Street Cleaning

Schedules (Time Plans)

School Board

Schools – Private see
also Swimming Schools

Blessed Sacrament School

Brookfield East High School

Evangelical Lutheran Trinity School

Freinen Gemeinde

Gesu School

Grace Lutheran School

Holy Angels Academy

Holy Assumption School

Holy Trinity Roman Catholic School

Kettle Moraine Lutheran High School

Krenz Evangelical Lutheran School

Layton School of Art

Marquette High

Martin Luther High School

Messmer High

Milwaukee Academy

Milwaukee University School

Miss Brown’s School of Business

Miss Treat's School

New West Side


SS. Peter and Paul School

St. Adalbert School

St Agnes School

St Hyacinth School

St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran School

St. John’s Institute for Deaf Mutes

St. John’s Military Academy

St Joseph’s School

St. Mary’s Institute

St. Mathew’s Evangelical Lutheran School

St. Matthias School

St. Monica Rectory

St. Stephen’s Evangelical Lutheran School

Wheelock School for Girls

Wisconsin Conservatory of Music

Schools - Public

Administration Building

Albert E. Kagel School

Alexander Graham Bell Junior Hugh

Alexander Hamilton High

Alexander Mitchell School

Allen School

Allen-Field School

Andrew Jackson School

Atwater Elementary (Shorewood)

Auer Avenue School

Auer Avenue School - Children

Bartlett Avenue School

Bay View High

Benjamin Franklin School

Berger School

Blaine School

Boy's Technical High School

Boy's Technical High School - Children

Boys' Trade and Technical High

Brown Street School

Browning School

Burbank School

Burdick School

Burroughs Junior High

Byron Kilbourn School

Carleton School

Cass Street School

Center Street School

Clara Barton School

Clarke Street School

Clarke Street School Annex

Classrooms - Children

Clement Avenue School

Clement J. Zablocki Elementary - Interior

Clybourn Street School

Cold Spring Avenue School

Concordia Book Warehouse

Congress School

Cooper Elementary School

Craig School

Custer High School

Daniel Webster Junior High

Davis Street School

Delaware Warehouse

Detroit Street School

Detroit Street School - Children

Doerfler School

Douglas Road School

Douglas School

Dover Street School

East Division High School

East Side High School

Edward A. MacDowell School

Eighteenth Avenue School

Eighteenth Street School

Eighth Street School

Eighth Ward School

Eighty Eighth Street School

Eighty First Street School

Eighty Second Street School

Eleventh District Primary School No. 5

Elm Dale Elementary (Greenfield)

Elm School

Elm Street School

Elm Street School - Children

Engleburg School

Eugene Field School

Fairview School

Fernwood School

Fifteenth District School - Children

Fifth Avenue School

Fifth District School

Fifth District School - Children

Fifth Street School

Fifty Fifth Street School

Fifty Third Street School

First District School

First District School - Children

Forest Home Avenue School

Fourteenth District

Fourteenth Street School

Fourteenth Street School - Children

Fourth District School

Fourth District School - Children

Fourth Street School

Fourth Ward

Franklin Pierce School

Franklin School

Franklin School Annex

Fratney Street School

Fulton Junior High

Fulton Junior High Annex

Gaenslen School

Garden Acres School

Garden Homes School

Garfield Avenue School

Gilbert Stuart School

Girls' North Junior Trade School

Girls' Prevocational School

Girls South Junior Trade School

Girls' Trade and Technical High School

Golda Meir School

Goodview Elementary

Grant Street School

Grantosa Drive School

Granville Elementary

Green Bay Avenue School

Greenbush School

Greenfield School

Gustav Fritsche Junior High

Hadley School

Hamlin Garland School

Hampton School

Hampton Warehouse

Hanover Street School

Happy Hill School

Hartford Avenue School

Hawley Avenue School

Hawthorne Elementary

Hayes School

Henry David Thoreau School

Henry David Thoreau School - Children

Highland Avenue School

Hill School

Hi-Mount Boulevard School

Hi-Mount Boulevard School - Children

Hopkins Street School

Humboldt Park School

Industrial School for Girls

Island Avenue School

James B. Madison School

James B. Madison School - Children

James Fenimore Cooper School

James Russell Lowell School

Jeremiah Curtin School

John Audubon Junior High School

John Greenleaf Whittier School

John Muir Junior High

Jones Island

Joyce Kilmer School

Juneau High School

Kagel School

Keefe Avenue School

Kilbourn Junior High School

Kilbourn Prevocational School

King High School

Kosciuszko Junior High

Kosciuszko Prevocational School

Lady Pitts Center

LaFollette School

Lancaster Avenue School

Lapham Park Open Air School

Lee School

Liberty School

Lincoln Avenue School

Lincoln High School

Lincoln School

Lisbon Avenue School

Lloyd Street

Longfellow School

Longfellow School - Children

Louis Alcott Elementary

Lowell P. Goodrich Elementary

Ludington School

MacArthur School

MacDowell School

MacDowell School - Construction

MacDowell School - Interiors

MacDowell School - Plans

Madison Street

Madison Street - Children

Manitoba School

Maple Tree School

Marshall High School

Maryland Avenue School

Maryland Avenue School - Children

Meinecke Avenue School

Meinecke Avenue School - Children

Mineral Street School

Mineral Street School - Children

Mitchell School

Morgandale School

Mound Street School

Nathaniel Hawthorne School

Neeskara School

New Road School

Ninety Fifth Street School

Ninth District School

Ninth District School - Children

Ninth District School - Faculty

Ninth Street School

North Division High School

Oklahoma Avenue School

Oliver Wendell Holmes School

Palmer School

Palmer Street - Children

Park View School

Parkman Junior High

Paul Binner School

Peckham Junior High

Philipp School

Pierce School

Pierce Street School

Pierce Street School - Children

Pleasant View Elementary

Pleasant View Elementary - Children

Pulaski High School

Pulaski High School - Classrooms

Ralph Waldo Emerson School

Recreation Warehouse

Riley School

Ring Street School

Riverside High (East Division)


Roosevelt Junior High

Rufus King High

Rufus King High - Children

Samuel Clemens School

Samuel Morse Junior High

Schlitz Park Open Air School

School for the Deaf

School for Women's Work

Scott Street School

Second Avenue School

Second District School - Children

Second Ward

Seventh District School

Seventh Street School

Seventh Ward

Seventy Eighth Street School

Sherman (William T.) School

Sholes (Christopher Latham) Junior High

Shorewood High School

Siefert School

Silver Spring School

Sixteenth Avenue School

Sixteenth District No. 2 - Children

Sixteenth District Primary School

Sixth District School - Children

Sixth Ward

Sixty Eighth Street School

Sixty Fifth Street School

Sixty Seventh Street School

Sixty Sixth Street School

South Division High

South Side High

South View School (Greenfield)

State Street School

Steuben Jr. High

Stores Division

Stores Division-Warehouse

Story School

Tenth District Primary No. 4

Teutonia School

Third District School

Thirteenth District No. 2 - Faculty

Thirteenth District School

Thirty Eighth Street School

Thirty Fifth Street School

Thirty First Street School

Thirty Seventh Street School

Thirty Sixth Street School

Thomas Edison Jr. High School

Thomas Jefferson School

Thomas Elementary School (St. Francis) - Children

Tippecanoe School

Townsend Street School

Trowbridge Street School

Twelfth Street School

Twentieth Street School

Twentieth Street School – Children

Twenty Fifth Avenue School

Twenty First District School No. 3

Twenty First Street School

Twenty Fourth Street School

Twenty Seventh Street School

Twenty-first District No. 2

Twenty-first District Primary School

Twenty-Third District School No. 2 - Children

Union School

Victor Berger School

Victory School

Vieau School


Walker Junior High

Walnut Street School

Walt Whitman School

Walt Whitman School - Children

Walter Allen School


Warnimont School

Washington Annex

Washington Avenue School

Washington High School

Washington High School – Construction

Washington Irving School

Wauwatosa East High School

Wauwatosa High School

Wells Street Junior High

West Allis High School

West Allis Vocational School

West Division High

West End School

West Milwaukee High

Whitefish Bay High School

Wilbur Wright Junior High

Wilbur Wright Junior High - Children

William Cullen Bryant School

William George Bruce School

William McKinley School

Williamsburg School


Windlake Avenue School

Wisconsin Avenue Elementary School

Wright Street School

Schools - Special

Gaenslen School - Children

Guadalupe Head Start

Interior Views Miscellaneous A-Z

Miscellaneous A-Z


Vacation School

Shoemakers see Occupations & Trades - Cobblers

Shopping Centers

Brookfield Square

Capitol Court

Capitol Court - Interior

Grand Avenue Mall

Mayfair Mall

Mayfair Mall - Interior


Northridge Mall



Spring Mall

Treasure Island

Social Services

Socialist Party


Miscellaneous Scenes - Zeidler Collection

Portrait Collection

Sunday School

Soldiers Home see also VA Hospital


Corbett, Elizabeth

Miscellaneous Views

Sports see also Auditorium & Arena; Clubs; County Institutions – County Stadium; Swimming Pools; Swimming Schools


Arm Wrestling

Auto Racing

Automobile Stunt Show



Baseball - Brewers, Braves, Amateurs, Borchert Field, Miscellaneous


Basketball – Marquette Warriors

Basketball – Milwaukee Bucks

Basketball – Milwaukee Bucks - Players

Bicycle Racing




Bocce Ball

Body Building



Broom Ball




Cross-Country Skiing



Demolition Derby


Dog Sledding


Figure Skating



Football – Green Bay Packers

Football - Marquette




Horse Racing


Ice Boats

Ice Skating



Log Rolling

Motorcycle Racing

Mud Wrestling

Ping Pong



Roller Derby

Roller Skating

Rope Skipping




Scuba Diving





Soap Box Derby


Special Olympics

Speed Skating



Table Tennis




Trap Shooting



Water Polo

Weight Lifting


St Lawrence Seaway

State Fair see Festivals & Celebrations – State Fair

State Legislature

Joint Sessions

Wisconsin Assembly

Wisconsin Senate

State Office Building

State Office Building

State Office Building - Construction

Statues and Monuments

Abraham Lincoln

Baron Von Steuben

Casimir Pulaski

Cenotaph for Lincoln Memorial Bridge

Civil War Monument

Cenotaph for Lincoln Memorial Bridge

Civil War Monument

Court of Honor (Carnival Column)

Douglas MacArthur

Elk Statue

Erastus B. Wolcott

George Washington

Goethe & Schiller

Henry Bergh

Immigrant Mother

John Plankinton

King Gambrinus

Leather Shoppe

Leif Erickson

Memorial Arch

Miscellaneous A-Z

Pere Marquette

Robert Burns

Sacred Heart Sanitarium

Servicemens' Memorial

Soldiers Home at Wood

Solomon Juneau

Spanish American War Monument

Thaddeus Kosciuszko

Valiant Immigrant Mother

Western Leather Products



Stores & Shops see Business & Industry; Occupations & Trades



Wind - Rain

Stoves see also Business & Industry – Alcazar Co.

Streams see Creeks; Rivers

Street Clocks

Street Lights

Street Maintenance

Street Signs


100 (Hwy)

10th St (N/S)

11th Lane (N/S)

11th St (N/S)

12th Lane (N/S)

12th St (N/S)

13th St (N/S)

14th St (N/S)

15th Place (N/S)

15th St (N/S)

16th St (N/S)

17th St (N/S)

18th St (N/S)

19th St (N/S)

1st St (N/S)

20th St (N/S)

21st St (N/S)

22nd St (N/S)

23rd St (N/S)

24th Place (N/S)

24th St (N/S)

25th St (N/S)

26th St (N/S)

27th St (N/S)

28th St (N/S)

29th St (N/S)

2nd St (N/S)

30th St (N/S)

31st St (N/S)

32nd St (N/S)

33rd St (N/S)

34th St (N/S)

35th St (N/S)

36th St (N/S)

37th St (N/S)

38th St (N/S)

39th St (N/S)

3rd St (N/S)

40th St (N/S)

41st St (N/S)

42nd St (N/S)

43rd St (N/S)

44th St (N/S)

45th St (N/S)

46th St (N/S)

48th St (N/S)

49th St (N/S)

4th St (N/S)

51st St (N/S)

52nd St (N/S)

53rd St (N/S)

57th St (N/S)

59th St (N/S)

5th St (N/S)

60th St (N/S)

61st St (N/S)

62nd St (N/S)

63rd St (N/S)

64th St (N/S)

65th St (N/S)

66th St (N/S)

67th St (N/S)

68th St (N/S)

6th St (N/S)

70th St (N/S)

71st St (N/S)

72nd St (N/S)

73rd St (N/S)

74th St (N/S)

76th St (N/S)

77th St (N/S)

79th St (N/S)

7th St (N/S)

81st St (N/S)

84th St (N/S)

8th St (N/S)

90th St (N/S)

91st St (N/S)

92nd St (N/S)

9th Place (Midland Avenue)

9th St (N/S)

Adler St (W)

Albion St

Aldrich St (N/S)

Allis St (S)


Appleton Ave (E/W)

Arthur St (W)

Astor St (N)

Atkinson Ave (W)

Auer Ave (E/W)

Austin St (N/S)

Barclay St (N/S)

Bay Street

Becher St (W)

Bettinger Court (S)

Bluemound Rd (W)

Bradford (E)

Brady St (E)

Branting Lane (W)

Bremen St (N)

Brisbane Ave (S)

Broadway (N)

Brown St (N)

Bruce St (W)

Buffalo St

Buffum St (N)

Burleigh St (E/W)

Burnham St (W)

Burrell St (S)

Cambridge Ave (E)

Cameron St (W)

Canal St (W)

Capitol Dr (E/W)

Cass St (N)

Cedar St (W)

Center St (E/W)

Chambers St (E/W)

Chase St (S)

Cherry St (E/W)

Chicago (E)

Christine Ln (W)

Clarke St (E/W)

Clement Ave (S)

Cleveland Ave (E/W)

Clybourn St (E/W)

Cold Spring Road

Commerce St (E/W)

Cornell St (W)

Crawford Ave (W)



Davidson St (S)

Delaware Ave (S)

Detroit St (E)

Dickinson St (W)

Division St (W)

Dixon St (W)

Donges Bay Rd (W)

Dousman St (N)

Dover (E)

Downer Ave (N)

Dunbar Place (N)

Edison St (N)

Elizabeth St

Ellen (S)

Emery Ave (N)

Erie St (E)

Euclid Ave (W)

Fairmount Ave (W)

Farwell Ave (N)

Ferry St (S)

Fiebranz Ave (W)

Florida St (W)

Fond Du Lac (W)

Forest Home Ave (W)

Fowler St (W)

Franklin St. (N)

Fratney St (N)

Freeways & Highways

Freeways & Highways – Highway 100

Galena St (W)

Garfield Ave (W)

Glendale Ave (N)

Glenview Ave (N)

Grand Ave

Grange (E/W)

Grant Blvd (N)

Grant St (E/W)

Granville Rd (N)

Green Bay Ave (N)

Greenfield Ave (W)

Greeves St (W)

Griffin St (S)

Grove St (S)

Hackett Ave (N)

Hadley St (E/W)

Hampton Ave (E/W)

Harrison Ave (W)


Hawley Rd (N)


Herman Ave (S)

Hi Mount Blvd

Hibernia (W)

Highland Ave (E/W)

Hilbert St (S)

Holton (N)


Hope Ave (E)

Hopkins St (N)

Howard Ave (E/W)

Howell Ave (S)

Hubbard St (N)

Humboldt Ave (N)

Huron St (S)

Irving Pl

Ivanhoe Place (E)

Jackson Park Drive (W)

Jackson St (W)

Janesville Rd (W)

Jefferson St (W)

Julia St (N)

Juneau Ave (E/W)

Juneau Place


Kane St (E)

Kassner Place (W)

Kathryn (W)

Keefe (W)

Kilbourn Ave (E/W)

Kingston Place (W)

Kinnickinnic Ave (S)

Knapp St (E)

Kneeland St (W)


Lake Drive (N)

Lakefield Drive (W)

Lapham (E/W)

Layton Ave (W)

Layton Blvd (S) (S 27th St)

Lenox St (S)

Lincoln Ave (E/W)

Lincoln Memorial Drive (N)

Linden Pl (W)

Linus St (E)

Lisbon Ave (N)

Lisbon Ave (N)

Lloyd St (W)

Locust St (E/W)

Logan Ave (S)

Loomis Rd (W)

Lyon St (E)

Madison St (E/W)

Main St (W)

Maple St (W)

Marietta Ave

Market St (W)

Marshall St (N)

Martha Washington Dr

Martin Ln

Martin Luther King Dr

Mason St

McKinley Ave/Blvd (W)

McMyron St

Medford Ave (E/W)

Meinecke Ave

Melvina St (W)

Menomonee River Parkway

Michigan St (E/W)

Mill Rd

Milwaukee St (N)

Mineral St (E/W)

Mitchell St. (E/W)

Morgan Ave (E/W)

Mt Vernon Ave (W)

Murray Ave (N)

Muskego Ave (S)

National Ave (E/W)

Neenah St (W)

New York Ave

Newberry Blvd (E/W)

Newhall St (N)

Nicholas St (W)

Noble St

North Ave

Oakland Ave (W)

Oakwood Rd

O'Connor (W)

O'Dell St

Ogden St

Oklahoma Ave (E/W)

Old World 3rd St


Oneida Street

Ontario St (E)

Orchard St (E/W)

Oregon Ave

Pabst Ave (E/W)

Packard Ave (S)

Park Hill Ave

Park Place (E)

Pennsylvania Avenue (S)

Pier St (E)

Pierce St

Pittsburgh Ave

Plankinton Ave (N)

Pleasant Ave (E)

Port Washington Rd (N)

Potter (E)

Prospect Ave (N)

Pryor Ave (E)

Puetz Rd (E/W)

Pulaski St (N)

Reservoir Ave (E/W)

Richards St (N)

Ring St (E/W)

Robinson St (S)

Rogers St

Russell (E)

Schlinger Ave (E/W)

Scott St

Seeboth St (E/W)

Sercomb Rd (N)

Sheridan Pl (W)

Sherman Blvd (N)

Sholes Ave (N)

Silver Spring Dr (E/W)

Smith St (E)

Sobieski St

Somers St (W)

St Louis St

St Paul Ave (E/W)

State St (E/W)

Stevenson St (W)

Stewart St (E)

Stickney Ave (N) – Wauwatosa

Story Parkway (N)

Superior St (S)

Terrace Ave (N)

Teutonia Ave (N)

Thomas St (E)

Toelle Ave

Tomah St (N)

Tripoli Ave (E/W)

Union St (S)

Van Buren St (N)

Villard St (W)

Vine St (E/W)

Virginia St (E/W)

Vliet St (E/W)

Walker St

Walnut St (E/W)

Warren Ave (N)

Washington Circle (S)

Washington St (E/W)

Water St (N/S)

Weil St (N/S)

Wells St (E/W)

Whitnall (N/S)

Wilbur Ave (E/W)

Windlake Ave (W)

Windsor Place (E)

Winnebago St (W)

Wisconsin Ave (E/W)

Wright St (E/W)

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