After High School

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After High School

“I wanted to go to college and my dream came true. With the help of many people, I am currently on the campus of Oakland University in partnership with Rochester Community Schools. I have an IEP. I am sitting in on classes: such as public speaking, sociology, communications and political science. I take public transportation to the campus. I am a member of the Jewish student organization, Hillel, and the social worker club. I have a great group of peer tutors. I work with them, my professors, and my public school facilitator to support my learning. I work out at the University fitness center. I love going to college. I am learning a lot AND having fun. I am proud.”


I worked on the first ever

Disability Pride Parade

held in Chicago on

July 18, 2004.

You can learn more about it at

Some of my favorite quotes are:

You can’t do it alone!
Nothing about me, without me!
A community that excludes even one of its members is no community at all!
I like doing presentations, workshops, and conferences for youth groups, parents, teachers, and other groups.
Contact me:

Micah Fialka-Feldman

10474 LaSalle Blvd.

Huntington Woods, MI 48070



It includes articles I wrote and videos and articles about me.




And Speaker

School Experience

Micah Fialka-Feldman was in inclusive education in the Berkley School District from elementary through his high school years. He has a cognitive impairment and was supported by the general and special education staff, including a paraprofessional, peer tutors (LINKS), a Circle of Friends and use of creative modifications and accommodations in classes to meet his needs. He excels in the use of computers and soft ware programs. Micah uses Screen Reader, Power Point, and a voice-to-text program called Dragon Point and Speak which enhance his independence to learn and communicate.

Some of his high school accomplishments include:

  • Varsity Letter in Cross Country and Track.

  • Homecoming Court.

  • Club membership in Key Club, Peer mentors, SADD, & Circle of Friends.

  • The Social Studies Department Award for his civic involvement.

Micah actively participates in his educational planning and IEPC’s. He uses Power Point presentations and includes his friends in the planning.


  • Received CEC “YES I Can” Award in 2004 for Self-Advocacy

  • Selected to attend the 5-day Michigan Youth Leadership Forum (MYLF) in 2001

  • Selected to attend National Youth Leadership Forum (NYLF) in 2002 (one of 77)

  • Board Member of the national youth advocacy organization, KASA (Kids as Self-Advocates)

  • Internship with State Representative Andy Meisner.

  • Volunteer with Detroit Summer.

  • Advisor to United Synagogue Youth (USY) Teen Group.

  • Avodah staff member at Camp Tamarack.


  • “I wanted to go to college and my dream came true.”

  • “Scott has a Good Mind and a Good Smile” and “My Second Story of Scott” in Inclusion News 2002 and 2004. (

  • A chapter in a new book, New Horizons: People with disabilities share their college experiences. (


  • Power of Peer Support: Making Inclusion Work in High School.

International Parent to Parent Conference, Philadelphia, 2002

Transition Institute, Gaylord, 2002 & West Michigan Inclusion Conference, 2002

  • Self-Determination: My Story

TASH Conference, Chicago, 2003. Presentations at Wayne State University, U of D Mercy, Oakland University and others.

  • Stories of Students with Disabilities in Postsecondary Education

TASH Conference, Chicago, 2003.

West Michigan Inclusion Conference, 2003,

National CEC, April 2005 (forthcoming)

Tennessee Department of Education Annual Conference 2004 & 2005.

The Ride of My Life Parent- Educator Conference, Iowa, 2004

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