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Agents Listed by Agency

Started September, 2010

loohan's Blog Index

Agents Listed by Agency

Started September, 2010

This is a list of some Satanists who area at least slightly prominent in the orgone, ET, patriot, or do-gooder movements of various sorts. And maybe a few Satanists that don't really fit into those categories, but not too many, for simplicity's sake.
A few are deceased.
I have listed them by agency where possible.
The old agent list is archived here.

NSA: David Wilcock, Wynne Free, Jeff Rense, Ward Churchill, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Carol Croft, Ken Adachi, Stewart and Janet Swerdlow, Ted Gunderson, Sherry Shriner, Greg Szymanski, Victor Thorn, Val Valerian, Art Bell, Don Bradley, Marijah McCain, James Casbolt, Bill Moyers, Brother Jonathan, Mark Davey, Laura Magdalene Eisenhower,
"Environmentalists": David Foreman, Howie Wolke, Ed Abbey, founders of Earth First!

CIA: Whitley Strieber, Alfred Webre, George Green, Chuck Norris, Neil Young (but not his satanist double who does some of his gigs), Mark Philips, John Birch, Mike Ruppert, Richard Boylan, George Noory, Bo Gritz, Fred Gunn, Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk, Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval, Michael Moore, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck, Joe Vialls, Helga LaRouche (Lyndon's MPD handler), Professors Jim Fetzer and Steven Jones, founders of Scholars for 9/11 Truth, Steve Watson who works for Alex Jones. Max Keiser.

MI3: Sorcha Faal (actually several males and an occasional female contribute to this)
USN: Sensei Dennis of
Mossad: JK Rowling; she doesn't even write the books, so why is all this Mossad money going to an MS center in Scotland?
Chinese government: Louis Farrakhan

Belgian State Security Service: Paul Craig Roberts

Russian-Israeli Mafia: Yoko Ono
Jesuit: Dr. Laura Schlessinger, Mother Theresa (actually all these agencies and more, like Mossad, are under the Jesuits. Well, maybe not the Russian-Israeli Mafia. The Jesuits, including the Rothschilds, led by the Black Pope, are the most evil humans on Earth).
ET from NGC 4414: George Kavassilas (more info)
ETs from the Sombrero Galaxy: Michel Desmarquet and Tom J. Chalko (these latter 2 are not Satanists, but some other kind of black magicians)

Agency (if any) Unknown: (many are Freemasons) Orly Taitz, Esther Hicks, Amitakh Stanford, Joseph Chiappalone, Bono, Ernst Zundel, David Irving, Trevor James Constable, James DeMeo, Brian Desborough, Laurence Gardner, Jacques Vallee, Chris Everard, Zechariah Sitchin, Michel Desmarquet, Zahi Hawass, the "Dalai Lama" (an imposter; the monks who tested and recognized him as a child were all darksiders), Rigoberta Menchu, Ted Nugent (NRA poster child), John Muir, John James Audubon.
Pachauri, Gore, and most other high-profile proponents of anthropogenic global warming.
Moses, Mohammed. Gandhi was a Satanist British agent.
Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Paul Newman and his widow.
John Lennon (Yoko was his MPD handler, but did he know who she worked for?)
"Laozu" Kelley and his friend Cesco -- high level masons in orgonite scene

websites: is run by CIA satanists paid by drug profits.

publications: The Nation is NSA-run (though most of the contributors are sincere)

Note that just because someone seems to be doing a lot of good, confronting The Establishment and putting out a lot of hard-hitting and empowering truth, etc., is no indication that they are not government Satanists!

Dr. Deagle says they let us know what they are doing to us because this gives it ritual value. Maybe that's the truth, or part of it. It may also be that they are somehow bound to obey some law to inform us what they are doing to us.

Of course, there may well be curve balls and disinfo thrown in.

For example, someone may put out a great deal of truth, but get it all mixed up with a racist agenda (e.g. John Birch). Then another CIA Satanist will come along, like Chip Berlet of the PRA and let people know how these crazy racist, gun-toting fundy anti-semites, etc. are a threat to "left" values. And some of the "right-wing" beliefs he ridicules are the very disinfo injected into "alternative" groups by the CIA and similar agencies.

Who is definitely NOT an agent? Some good people are often falsely accused.

If I've forgotten anybody that really belongs on this page somewhere, email me.


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Loohan's blog for September, 2010

Sep. 3, '10: (7pm) On the evening of the 1st i got another 0.6" of rain, and last night another 0.1".

Bad chem cover a lot of the time.

Today i made another all-day gifting run, mostly to Conway again. Found several more towers. Busted the university a lot better than i had time for on my last run. Busted that Central Baptist College a bunch more.

Chem cover was super bad.

Coming home through Greenbrier, i snapped pics of a couple supposed planes leaving "ordinary contrails":

I saw a lot of chemtrailus interruptus. Just ordinary jet traffic, Irma, go back to sleep. Nothing to see here.

Sep. 5, '10: (4:25pm) All day yesterday and so far today, nothin' but perfectly clear blue sky. Warm days, cool nights.
Increased rain chances mid to late week. Meaning, i expect heavy chem i the near future.

I just uploaded a page about the Qikxie people.

(6:15pm) Creepy black panthers in Europe article.

I found a bunch in the Cannock, Staffordshire area of England. Especially in a 5-mile radius around the city center. Feels like 130 there. They don't seem jailable, so they must be physical. They have a bad vibe. In searching for their home galaxy, i found 2 places:

 The pic here, in the upper left corner. The galaxy marked 980703.

 Also, in this pic we have the galaxy on the left. That unsatisfactory pic is a thumbnail i got on a google image search, but clicking on it did not produce the regular pic.

Sep. 6, '10: (5:10pm) Well, the sky stayed pristine until small chem-clouds started rolling in around 1:30pm. Now i got chem-clouds as well as those clouds that look simultaneously real and fake.

I keep reading about Palin's home on Lake Lucille, Wasilla, AK, so i thought i'd check out the area on the map. Had to clear out some demons, then the next DORy thing i noticed was Wassilla Assembly of God (map). Very DORy. I suspected this had to be her church. So i click on More Info and read "The church gained national attention in 2008 when United States presidential candidate Senator John McCain chose Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, an attendee of the church until 2002, as his running mate in the 2008 election." Surprise, surprise.

They have a site that lists their satanist staff.

My impression of Sarah has long been that she has had sex with some 3K men, as well as many women. About 1/2 the men were during her child prostitute days, and the other 1/2... well, somehow i keep seeing her as the naked party doll at illuminati "parties". She used to be very pretty.

Sep. 7, '10: (1:05pm) Been getting gentle rain. No wind, no thunder.

Satanic ring in SW MO: It has come to my attention that there is a DORy bunch of gay male satanists in the Neosho, Missouri area. There was alleged satanic activity in the Fort Crowder area in the 80s... supposed to be some caves/tunnels in the area behind Premiere Turbine where rituals were held, now closed off & owned by gov't.

Some items of interest:

 There is an Army vibe to many of these guys.

Premier Turbine has 3 of the fellas working for it. One of them seems to be on close speaking terms with a guy at CIA in Langley.

 The center of this zip code (map) is DORy. A power spot, evidently. Demons are drawn to it.

 There's a house near Premiere with a bad vibe. I don't think this is a Premiere staff person, but 2 other coven members.

2 more of them here.

2 more here who may be transvestites.

1 more here.

2 more here.

11 more here!

1 more here.

 DORy ritual site here. There are also 2 ponds SE of there that have a bad vibe for some reason.

 There are tunnels here where we took care of 242 satanists last night.

(7:10pm) Got 1.8" of gentle rain. More chances for a bit in the near future.

I have been pouring a lot lately. My Tucson friend contributed 32(!) gallons of epoxy. I have been making awesome stuff, including a hefty item that is supposed to be a drought-busting CB. It went online a few days ago.

Sep. 9, '10: (9:30am) It's dark, drizzly, and sloppy outside. Got another 1.7" of rain, and the forecast says we could get another 1-2" today.

Got a new agent list up.

(1:05pm) Got another full 2" by noon, and now it's raining again.

I am fleshing out that agent list more, bit by bit.
I was just adding Helga LaRouche, and thought i'd look her up on Wikipedia. She has the CIA vibe, but she's German...
Hmmm, she studied at the Otto Sur Institute. Very nasty illuminati vibe. I suspect she was recruited there. I sense 5 CIA satanists there now. Probably as students, and i don't know if the administration is aware of them.

(1:55pm) Yeah, that is one DORy campus. I hope some German reader will walk the halls with test tubes full of agnihotra ash.

Here is a list of the DORy personnel. They do not seem to have a CIA connection, so i presume the CIA is "ripping off" talented students to work for them.

(3:10pm) Had another 1.2" by 3pm. That's 6.7" of gentle rain so far off this storm, Tropical Storm Hermine, which has caused flooding in TX.

It has stopped raining here for the moment.

Sep. 10, '10: (11:45am) Got another 0.15", bringing the total to 6.85". Chances of slight rain continue for the next few days. The sun has poked through, and the usual chem-clouds are on display.

Supposed to get up into the low 90s today. I anticipate extreme mugginess.

On July 15 i wrote about the Van Buren County Special School. Well, one of the bigwigs in the Capitol bldg is no longer listed on the gov site, and furthermore it feels like the staff at that school may have been replaced with normal people.

I have the impression that, of those 17 satanist staff, 7 are in training here.
The other 10? I had a time finding them. They were in a cloaked U base here in SW MO, along with 22 more gov't satanists.

(8:55pm) It did get up to 87F, but there was also a nice dry breeze in the afternoon.

Thorp is always telling me about an alleged evil race of physical dragons, and Anteran bat people, both of which are supposedly very dangerous. I never could feel them out, though.
Finally this evening i asked my good dragon wife Novz about them. In short order, i saw a silhouette of a bat-like head, and was able to latch onto the being. Likewise, i was able to dig into the lair of the evil dragons.
The Anteran bats seem to be in Galaxy Cluster CL1358. That big bright spot a bit above center.
The evil dragons are in a green pea galaxy. The one upper left in the pic.
No doubt these races are in many other locations as well, but these seem to be their main hives.

(10:05pm) Ha, i just figured out that Dr. Laura Schlessinger is a Jesuit agent! Honest to God. You read it here first.

Sep. 13, '10: (10:40am) Got another 0.4" early morning of the 11th.
Daily chem. This morning, a lot of semi-long trail segments being laid.
BTW, those 6" humanoids in ESO 69-6 that i mentioned on Aug. 20 were hitting me for a while last week. They would hit me with 3 transmitters at a time from their galaxy. I would direct my guys to knock out the transmitter bases. This happened numerous times, then they stopped.

I'll be happier when we mop up ESO 69-6, which also seems to be the main hive of the physical greys.

(1:10pm) The chemtrail segments have morphed into sylphed chem-clouds. Funny how almost nobody is interested in watching what goes on in the sky.

I think i have mentioned a couple times how the Muslim Brotherhood is largely filled with dirty soulless guys, tho non-satanist. I found this interesting:

The Muslim Brotherhood was long ago compromised by British intelligence. “The bottom line is that the Muslim Brotherhood’s success could not have been achieved without the approval of the British ruling establishment,” writes Peter D. Goodgame. The CIA was also interested in exploiting the Brotherhood. “According to CIA agent Miles Copeland, the Americans began looking for a Muslim Billy Graham around 1955… When finding or creating a Muslim Billy Graham proved elusive, the CIA began to cooperate with the Muslim Brotherhood.”

From this article, Ground Zero Mosque Controversy: A CIA Orchestrated Event.

(4:25pm) It always confounds me to watch a sprayer and not be able to detect any organic life or metal connected with the alleged plane, so sometimes i snap a bunch of pics hoping to catch some visual anomaly.

Here's one that went by a bit ago. Note how the trail is fading fast, despite the fact that it is some distance from Orgone Central. This is at 4X [correction: 5X] optical zoom maxed out (i think i need a camera with more optical zoom and/or resolution):

Here is a best-quality crop of the "plane". Maybe there's a simple explanation for why it bears a striking resemblance to this thing.

You can probably zoom in by hitting Ctrl +.

(5:15pm) To the right is the same pic, edited for size, focus, brightness, and color balance only.

(5:35pm) Here is the residence of a CIAtanist that Mordok spotted prowling around his house. He lives very close. In fact, he's there to keep tabs on Mordok. Must be pretty exciting.

(7:45pm) Lotta white-out.

That guy's boss lives here with 3 more male CIAtanists, and their 4 clueless(?) wives. And they work here. At this 2nd spot, we also have 1 male and 2 females in the long, narrow bldg, 2 males living in the south bldg, 1 male in the north building. All CIA satanists.

Sep. 14, '10: (3:10pm) Overcast all day except briefly to display chem-clouds. It drizzled all morning; got slightly over 1/10".

I was just looking at some electrical tape I just bought, and noticed it says "Low Lead". Lead? I did a web search and found info that electrical tape (and other PVC items) often contain lead and/or other toxic metals. Which can migrate to the surface.

To think of the copper-pipe wands I have wrapped with such tape...

Sep. 15, '10: (7:15pm) Heavy chem-clouds around here today.

Mordok has tracked down some majorly evil dude here in Rome. I think he's on the 2nd floor. It's a hotel. I think he may have been living there for 3 years now, and is a Jesuit.

Sep. 16, '10: (10:20am) Chem-clouds.

I was woken up during the night by lightning, thunder, and rain. Got almost 1/2".

I made a big breakthrough last night.

Elizabeth has long had 3 evil portals in her house. And my Tucson friend also had one; there was a room in her house that couldn't be used. The family experienced mental problems.
Well, last night i realized that these portals had to have been moved to these places after these ladies moved in -- to harrass them with. Hence, maybe i could move them, too. I moved them out and stuck them into an evil person. Not sure what the results will be to the person. They are to migrate into Obama when the time is right.
If you think you may know of an evil portal of this nature, e-mail me. I have not been able to move another evil portal that i presume is a naturally-occurring portal that has been in use by evil ETs. Only portals that have been put in places to persecute psychic individuals seem to be movable.

(11am) Someone i will be blasting tomorrow evening: the Great Whore of Alaska. According to the Iowa Republican Party site "It's not too late to make a reservation to see Sarah Palin this Friday night at Hy-Vee Hall in Des Moines. Dinner starts at 6:30 p.m." That would be CST. (pic of the Hall)

(11:30am) Oh, here's another fine bunch: the Institute of Terrorism Research and Reponse, with offices in Philly and Israel. Advisors to Homeland Security on US domestic "terrorists" (article).

(4:35pm) I notice some people are blasting the Pope on his visit to the UK. Today is his 1st day of a 4-day visit.

I say "his" with tongue in cheek, for it is my belief that Ratslinger is long dead, and what we have is 3 of his clones. Only 1 is in the UK.

(5:05pm) I was just reading this article about the Gulf. It says

In June, a passenger in a car passing Subra's house fired shots through her window, the bullet lodging "in a brick a few feet from where she was sitting."

I didn't bother going after the lower-echelon thugs. The order came from a man and a woman who live here. Above them i found and nailed a U base here.

(6:55pm) It keeps bugging me. (Referring to the agent list.) I swear i'm right about JK Rowling being Mossad. But why would the Vatican have Mossad do that Harry Potter op for them, instead of doing it directly themselves? And what interest does the Vatican and/or Israel have in Edinburgh?

So i prowled around a bit. Googled edinburgh catholic. The strongest vibe on the 1st page of hits was from the Catholic Students' Union. Scary vibes here. All satanists. And this would be the same university where the new MS center will be.
And Cardinal O'Brien and the Archdiocese have a particularly strong bad vibe, too.
And wow, the Pope kicked off his tour in Edinburgh! (article). That's where his plane landed.

Did some more searching. Found this odd article. Not sure it confirms anything.

Found out about Nancy Carpentier Brown, author of The Mystery of Harry Potter: A Catholic Family Guide. Um, she feels like a Jesuit satanist to me.

Sep. 17, '10: (7:55pm) My hunch is, the MS center is for the purpose of softening up the city for a Harry Potter theme park, sort of like this one in Orlando.

(8am) That reminds me, June i wrote

June 20, '10: ... (5:55pm) Mossad Park opens in Orlando.

J.K. Rowling (Wikipedia) is a satanist on the Mossad payroll, who probably has little to do with writing the books. Mossad is run by the Vatican.

June 21, '10: (10:40am) Or maybe it should be called Vatican Park or Jesuit Park.

I think it's Vatican money behind it. I have never figured out why the Jesuits farm out the Harry Potter op to Mossad. Doesn't Mossad have enough nazi stuff to do, that ties more directly to Israel?

(5pm) Nasty chem day.

And i just noticed i was being psychically hit by some 9' physical reptilians on this planet of Gliese581. Yes, that's just an artist's rendition, but it will serve.

(6:40pm) What they do is, 3 groups of 9 will hit me in the head. The power source they draw on somehow is the same demons that i've been fighting lately.

200 Ta'l, 400 Rojohy, and 2K Red Draco were on the scene right away, and considerable carnage has been ensuing.
BTW if you don't quite trust the Red Draco, you're not alone. But right now they are working for us rather than opposing us.

(6:50pm) And remember: the big Repub fundraiser with Palin has begun.

Sep. 18, '10: (5:15pm) Less chem today. And the attacks from Gliese581 have been squelched, though fighting continues. I think they had 3 billion repts there originally and now they are down to 1.4 billion.

Today i have been blasting the Holy Clone (Holy C for short) alternatingly with some local satanists. The interesting thing is, each time i hit the C, i immediately get a demonic kickback.

(5:35pm) Lately i have been getting Truthout mailings. I do not recall ever subscribing, but they just started arriving a few weeks ago. Truthout is run by a bunch of sincere lefties that are basically OK but naive as hell about some realities. I usually skim the emails for interesting tidbits. Like this one:

I noted yesterday that Mary Glazier of Alaska anointed Sarah Palin as a "prayer warrior" who could rise to the highest level of government and establish extremist Christian rule. About nine months ago the Alaska Fairbanks Newsminer paper profiled Glazier, Palin's spiritual mentor.

Here is one of Glazier's statements: "In 1993, I heard C. Peter Wagoner who taught on the three levels of warfare: Ground, Occult and Cosmic levels. We were doing the same thing here in Alaska and it was growing by leaps.... We now have 4600 prayer networks/individuals, 281 pastors, about 221 Native ministries. Alaska is an important northern gate, and it will become 1 of the important mission-sending stations. God is moving through His warriors to redeem the continents where He finds warring armies."

This is no joke.

Mark Karlin Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout

Ah, religion, you gotta love the stuff. Mary has a website.

Mary Glazier is the founder and president of Windwalkers International. A Haida Indian born in Ketchikan, Alaska, Mary was nurtured in her early faith by the Salvation Army.

Nurtured, indeed. The Salvation Army is a satanic cult. And Indians can be satanists, too.

She lists her satanist advisors here.

(7:05pm) I noticed today that the NSA guys seem to have vacated Lufkin, TX (last mentioned 7/7/10), and seem to have permanently grounded the TX drought plane.

Sep. 19, '10: (7:55am) They are forecasting mid-90s today. Yesterday reached 88F in town.
I just checked the Drought Monitor. It looks like there is a drought-free ellipse shape in north AR that pretty much corresponds to the region i have been busting the hell out of this year (pic). Coincidence, no doubt.
And wunderground says "Karl was the first landfalling major hurricane in the Atlantic basin since Hurricane Ike over Cuba in 2008..."
The theory is, nature tends to bring hurricanes over droughty areas of land, so countering droughts diminishes hurricane horror.

(8am) I am still blasting the Holy C most of the time. Still get a constant demonic-attack kickback when i do this. Means that it is probly a good thing to nail this insignificant clone during this visit.

(6:10pm) It did get to 90 today.
Chem-clouds are moving in this evening.

I checked the drought map for Mexico, and they were actually looking pretty good down there at the end of August. So maybe that theory i mentioned earlier is not that valid. That's where Karl hit.

Probably the real reason we haven't been getting much in the way of scary hurricanes in the US lately is that "they" are no longer able to steer them, having lost almost all their demons and having lost some hardware to ETs.

(8:50pm) For those interested in the Qikxie people, i just added several more paragraphs of information.

Sep. 20, '10: (1:45pm) Sky pretty clear here today.

US Navy upset by approach of rival predators?. I zoomed in like they said and took this crop of the alleged spacecraft, which does have a DORy vibe!

Allies attacking it now.
Yo, gummint: shouldn't i be getting generous funding for this stuff?

(2:50pm) Abducted Iranians: According to this article

The Iranian NGO list also contains the name of two Iranians who have gone missing while on trips abroad, and who are reported to have possible ties to Iran's nuclear program.

I am tearfully ashamed to admit that "my" government, specifically the CIA, illegally abducted them.

Yesterday i dowsed this location in Montgomery, AL, as the location where they were being held. I wasn't quite confident, tho, especially as no bldgs were shown there.

Using gmail (a highly secure method for confidential communications) i emailed Mordok, Elizabeth, and a friend i have in Montgomery about this. My friend says there are metal bldgs there now, and it is a very dangerous area.

Well, i don't know why, but this morning the CIA started moving them to another location. They are now here, close to Christiansburg, VA, a town i busted on 1/22/8. The house on the right is where the Iranians are being hosted by 2 CIAtanists. Seems like the Iranians have that house all to themselves most of the time. However, they stay locked in one room that has a bath.

There are still 3 CIAtanists at that Montgomery location.

BTW those 3 hikers busted in Iran are innocent. If they were zio-spies, they would be satanists. But all of them have souls.

(6:15pm) Sky still clear.

About that huge ship headed this way...
There are 2 ships with 1K Red Draco each, and 1 ship with 200 Rojohy just hanging out about 2 miles from this thing. It is well fortified and armed.

I am blasting the commander. I have only vague impressions of 6' humanoids that do not resemble us. 3K of them, plus 5K slaves. The slaves seem to be of the same species, but they have discoid metal electronic "boxes" sticking out of the top of their heads. They are completely controlled with electronics, and are in large part a stash of cannon fodder. These are the guys that would be sent out in the 2 warships berthed in the big craft. Each of these carries 1K slaves, and has 2 smaller ships in it, each made to hold 21 slaves.

It looks like the original(?) article must have been published last Feb. It says

At the present time the object(s) are beyond the orbit of Pluto. It is estimated that the objects are in the neighborhood of 150 miles across by 30 to 50 miles wide.

It is not moving fast. What is the objective?

I just realized that the [first] article i linked has more ufos. The cylindrical object feels like it may already be long gone. The circular object is DORy, but a different species; the same one that i wrote about on July 5:

These are physical humanoids, probably 7' tall, pale blue skin, green eyes, white hair.

Oops, the Red Draco are taking them out.
Their homeland is in Abell 2218. It's the bright "orange" in the lower left of the cutout. Pic occurs on this page. Allies are attacking them now.

I don't get much of a vibe off the next 2, but the one at 14 59 06, -88 21 24 is DORy, also that Abell 2218 species. The next one doesn't have much of a vibe, whilst the last one does, also the same Abell 2218ers.

BTW just yesterday i took care of a base of 2K+ of the same species under the ocean.

I doubt the Abell 2218 guys are friends of the other guys in the 1st craft. Also, none of these ships of theirs have my allies around them yet, suggesting the Abell guys are not that high a priority compared to other things going on.

Sep. 21, '10: (1:35pm) And they are still neglecting those Abell 2218 craft.

But something is happening with The Big One. What, exactly, i don't know. It is possible that we crippled the electronics running the slaves, and maybe the ship's power systems too. All i know is, the DOR levels keep going down. I have the impression that 80% of the bad guys may be dead or disabled, but the slaves are unharmed. Don't know how that could be. I doubt our orgone blasting is killing them (but maybe helping matters along). I doubt the slaves are killing them, but it's possible... It seems unlikely the slaves have enough self-interest, having been controlled all their lives, but who knows.

Our guys are hoping to take the vessel over undamaged. Since the gov't has neglected to send me large cash offers, i guess we'll just keep it ourselves. Maybe put it in orbit around Earth as a way station and outpost for misc. good guys.

The ship is rather odd, with its ridiculously narrow waist, and a size much, much too large for 8K people.

Here, it was clear all morning, but now real and fake clouds have blown in.

A cool pic i snagged from Icke's newsletter. Interesting in light of the irreconciliability between Catholicism and Freemasonry.

(2:45pm) Speaking of bizarre flying objects, i just had a Goodyear blimp slowly putter over my property! Their site shows them having only 3.

It's a good thing i can feel energy, or i would definitely have been spooked. But it seemed to have only 1 occupant, an ensouled pilot.
It was very low, noisy, and slow, fighting the wind, bobbing around. I probably could have shot it with a bow and arrow. Seemed to be headed in the direction of Harrison. Or maybe the Goodyear advertising dept. has determined that they sell more tires if they noisily buzz rural areas.

(4:40pm) The home galaxy of the guys in The Big One is here; the dominant one in the pic.

There are good guys of this species there also. The good guys are outnumbered about 5 to 1, i think. And perhaps 20% of the good guys are slaves.
Now i am getting the impression the slaves are not raised by the bad guys. The bad guys take captured enemies and implant electronics into their bodies and mind-control the hell out of them.

Possibly it is the slaves revolting that is killing off the bad guys in the ship. Now i have the impression there are only 280 of the bad guys left on board.

(7:20pm) And now, 0 bad guys, and the thing is feeling sweeter and sweeter. I get that there are 2,106 slaves left. They are in telepathic communication with our guys. I think they are all trying to figure out the best thing to do next. Most of the former slaves might go back in the 2 ships still berthed within the big ship.

And now, allied forces have moved on to the 3 objects i mentioned yesterday from Abell 2218.

Sep. 22, '10: (6:45pm) Real and fake clouds.

Those 3 Abell 2218 ships feel like dust now. The Big One, this morning i seemed to feel it 500 miles above the south Atlantic. Then it seemed to drift west to someplace south of Mexico, then cruise north a bit. it has been hanging over central MX area for hours. Feels like it's right above Poza Rica on the east coast now. Always 500 miles. Must be cloaked, as the object is 140 miles long, i get, and would be rather conspicuous if visible.

Yet some seem able to detect it. Feels like 212 Nazi satanists at NASA are excited about it. But no Russians. Maybe they're too dumb to follow my blog. I feel 1 satanist at the European Space Agency also concerned.
I know, it must be disappointing to realize that one will not get metal control cylinders implanted in the top of one's head.

Most of the former slaves did go home, accompanied by a Red Draco ship for safety. There may be some major fighting there soon, but not yet.

Some Rojohy as well as former slaves are in The Big One.

Pilot whales stranding by the north tip of NZ. I did find something unidentifiable and DORy here which i suspect is responsible. Physical. Repts? Sending in the Red Draco.

Sep. 23, '10: (1am) Funky vibes. It is the solstice full moon, and rituals abound. They bring a bunch of demons into the areas where they are. The same common demons i've been fighting lately; countless different species of the same class, some humanoid and some faunal.

The Puget Sound area (Seattle) is particularly noticeable. Hundreds of rituals ongoing.

(7:50am) Wanna see some real DORy planes?

Those are E-3 Sentries (Wikipedia). They all feel nasty for some reason. Feels like ET technology.

(8:35am) The Big One is now south of Louisiana a bit. It might come over my place late this afternoon.

That huge hunk of metal has been programmed by The Committee, so it is pretty easy to feel, what with demons attacking it a bit too.

Now i feel 2 Russian space dudes who are interested. One has a soul, even. And at the ESA, 4 satanists now.

(12:45pm) Veronica in Atlanta told me they are in a drought with very hot weather. I looked up the drought monitor, and it looked like there was a "hot" spot around Auburn, AL (cached pic). I found and took care of 6 U bases in the area.

Now, without my having asked them to, the guys have driven the big ship right over Auburn, and are clearing some energies!
Maybe the Rojohy somehow outfitted The Big One with their own weapons.

(3:50pm) Now it's over Atlanta, a filthy, filthy town that Veronica has done a great job of gifting lately. After that, i think it will go a few miles east to Lawrenceville, another filthy town. Thorp just landed there for an undetermined period of time, and he drew my attention to some issues there. Extensive old tunnels all under the town. Had to fry some rats down there.

I guess the ship is going to hop around beaming dirty areas. Maybe they'll do ORNL and DC soon.

A few real and fake clouds here today.

(6:15pm) They are over Lawrenceville, blasting the Georgia-Pacific plant.

Sep. 24, '10: (8am) Light rain this morning. Surprising that they didn't spray yesterday. There were only a relatively few little chem-clouds yesterday.

Yesterday evening, after blasting Lawrenceville, the ship zoomed off past Pluto's orbit to rendezvous with a Red Draco craft, which brought a couple more Rojohy energy guns (that seemingly got connected to the outside of The Big One in no time flat; kinda makes me wonder), and left to take home the remaining former slaves.

After which The Big One jumped over to 500 miles above Tel Aviv, and has been blasting that city since.

BTW, (aargh!) i haven't wanted to mention what The Big One got re-christened as, but since it looks like it's going to be a frequent item mentioned from here on out, i'll be referring to it in the future by its real name (gag! convulse. barf.): the Starship Loohan. And let the amateur psychologists out there have a sarcasm field day.

(9:35am) Oops, forgot that, prior to leaving for the rendezvous, they did blast ORNL pretty well. That is, the big building in green.

(9:45am) Elizabeth had a dream that led us to find a U base under the library in Elkhorn, WI, with 241 gov't satanists and 200 ETs from here, the galaxy just left of center.

They were working on something involving some scary technology i haven't been able to get detail on.
Base gone now, and the Reds are going to address the galaxy on the back burner.

(1:20pm) Mordok has been getting hit by teams of 9 Jesuit psi-attackers in Rome (example locations), and, has also drawn my attention to some mysterious source of strong DOR in Rome, which turns out to be reptilians working with the Jesuits. Interesting thing is, these repts also come from that same object in the lower left of the cutout in this pic of Abell 2218. They are friends of the evil humanoids there that also work with the NWO. They might be just 5'6" or so tall, and slender, but they pack some strong DOR.

I am fairly confident that the next stop for Starship Loohan is Rome. London might be after that.

(3:15pm) Got 0.3" of rain. The Vatican has been getting blasted for a while now.

Scary article suggesting the Russians are sucking up to the NWO. A quote:

Another roundtable speaker from Russia - Gen. V. Dvorkin who, incidentally, paid a visit to Israel a short time ago - urged US senators to OK launching an attack against Iran as soon as possible and even presented a computer model of the conflict to US partners.

Bad move, comrades. Jump on the bandwagon right before it hits the brick wall. I am beginning to wonder how smart these Russians are.

(6:40pm) Heavy chem-clouds here.

Vatican still being reamed.

Found another ET walking among us: Mike Krempasky. This guy is from Hickson Compact Group 40, the galaxy nearest the center. Mordok thinks he's a shapeshifter. Wouldn't surprise me.

Sep. 25, '10: (5:05pm) On the subject of Masonic handshakes, here's another one. I've been saying for years that Bono is a satanist.

Tell ya what, if i had hair, i'd surely attempt to emulate that hairdo.

Around 2:45pm i thought of SS Loohan. I noticed it was no longer over the Vatican. It was over London. But not blasting. 700 miles up.

The 35 Rojohy had just let 5 unfamilar allies into the ship. As nearly as i can make out, 6' reptilians. They are from Galaxy Group Hickson 44, specifically the galaxy about 1/4 up from the bottom, and almost 1/2way across from the left. It has a real good vibe.
I have the impression that within a couple days, 400 of these repts will be living in the ship. They will have 2 craft berthed there when they are not out getting into trouble.

Very soon they got to reaming out Buckingham Palace.

(8:55pm) A while back i noticed that there are now 200 of those good repts in the starship. And they brought a weapon, that also seems like it must be attached to the outside. On quick-mount brackets, presumably. They are frying the palace.

Sep. 26, '10: (4:05pm) Overcast all day, colder, faint drizzle.

Today the other 200 good repts boarded the ship.
2/3 of them are female. Their society is pretty much run by the women, who tend to be a bit larger and stronger than the men. I think their home world has a 6:4 ratio of women to men.

They are still blasting Buckingham palace. What have they been blasting with? All i can discern is that it seems to be scalar energy somewhat similar to what we use; programmed to harm only evil beings. How much does it harm them? Well, for whatever reason, those evil repts in Rome are feeling extremely feeble now, though they still attack Mordok some. Before, they felt real strong and DORy.

However, i doubt all of them were in the Vatican when it was being blasted. Maybe it affected some energy source of theirs there.

Maybe it helped the weather in Atlanta, too. According to wunderground

Widespread showers and scattered thunderstorms. Locally heavy rainfall possible. Lows in the lower 60s. Light and variable winds shifting to the northwest after midnight. Chance of rain near 100 percent.

Widespread showers and scattered thunderstorms. Locally heavy rainfall possible. Highs in the lower 70s. West winds 5 to 15 mph. Chance of rain near 100 percent.

Monday Night
Mostly cloudy. Scattered showers and thunderstorms in the evening...then isolated showers and thunderstorms after midnight. Locally heavy rainfall possible. Lows in the mid 50s. West winds up to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30 percent.


(4:10pm) And Auburn, GA also has kind of good rain chances forecast.

(6:25pm) The 2 ships that berth in the starship normally each carry 20. Each has an energy weapon. One is presently 2 miles over my neighborhood, blasting away at earth energies. 12 women and 8 men in it.

Sep. 27, '10: (7:45pm) After that, they returned to ship, and the 2nd one took off and worked over Sydney, AU for a while. Then they've been berthed since.
And Buckingham Palace (pics) is still getting deep-fried.

The day started out clear, but was largely chem-clouded in the late afternoon. Was guided to make another all-day trip down to Conway. Flushed up more demons. Also there was a large area west of Greenbrier that had a lot of demons under it.

Kinda weird, on the way down there was a deer in the road that had been cut in half. Not very neatly, either. But the front half was on one side of the road, and the rear half on the other. Hard to imagine how that happened.

On the subject of blood and gore, here's a real sweet guy i picked up on from this article. Quote:

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