Agueda I. Johnston Middle School Course Syllabus

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Agueda I. Johnston Middle School

Course Syllabus

Annie C. Cruz

Room A4A

Comp. B2

Comprehension B2 program is designed to teach students how to understand what they read. The skills taught are divided into six principal areas: Reasoning Skills, Information Skills, Vocabulary Skills, Sentence Skills, Basic Comprehension Skills, and Writing Skills.

Reasoning Skills

  • Identify a contradiction in a passage

  • Create and express a simile

Information Skills

Vocabulary Skills

  • Tell the definition and part of speech of words

  • Use a vocabulary word in a sentence by substituting the word for its synonym

Sentence Skills

  • Identify the subject and predicate of a sentence

  • Rewrite the sentence by moving part of the predicate in front of the subject

Basic Comprehension Skills

  • Use facts to fill out a form

  • Put summary statements about passages in the correct order

Writing Skills

  • Write step-by-step directions by using prompt words

  • Rewrite a paragraph by combining consecutive sentences joined with an underline

  • Write a story about a picture, using skills taught in the program


Workbook Comp. B2



Red Pen

Composition Notebook

  • Independent Work 40%

  • In-Program Test 50%

  • Attendance 10%


The students will follow the AIJMS School Wide Behavior Expectations:

  1. Be safe

    • Be on time

    • Be ready to begin

  1. Be respectful

  • Speak appropriately and respectfully

  • Respect yourself, others, and school property

  1. Be responsible

  • Be prepared

  • Be focused and stay on task at all times


    1. Verbal warning

    2. Phone call to parent/guardian

    3. Conference with parent/guardian

    4. Four minor offenses will result in a referral to the discipline office.

    5. All major offenses will result in immediate referral to the discipline office as per school wide policy.


E = Excellent

S = Satisfactory

N = Needs Improvement

U = Unsatisfactory

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