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Ajamila Story #5

Narrator: In the city known as Kanyakubja, there was a brahmana named Ajamila who lost all of his brahminical qualities because of low-class association. The fallen brahmana gave trouble to others by arresting them, by cheating them in gambling and by stealing from them. This was the way he supported his wife and children.
By the time he was old, Ajamila had 10 sons. The youngest of them all was very dear to his father. His name was Narayana.
When Ajamila ate, he always called his son to eat. When Ajamila drank, he called his son to drink. Ajamila always engaged in taking care of the child and calling his name, he was completely unprepared when the time of death arrived.

(The Yamadutas come out as Ajamila is dying.)
Ajamila: Narayana!

(The Yamadutas start putting ropes around Ajamila. The Visnudutas come on.)
Visnudutas: Stop!!
1st Yamaduta: Who are you, sirs? And where do you come from?
2nd Yamaduta: Why do you forbid us to touch the body of Ajamila?
3rd Yamaduta: Are you some kind of demigod?
1st Visnuduta: If you are actually servants of Yamaraj, then you must know the difference between religion and irreligion.
2nd Visnuduta: You must know who is to be punished and who is not to be punished.
3rd Visnuduta: Should everyone engaged in fruitive activities be punished or just some?

1st Yamaduta: That which is described in the Vedas is dharma, religious principles.

2nd Yamaduta: The Vedas are born directly from the SPG, Narayana.
3rd Yamaduta: This we have learned from Yamaraja.
1st Yamaduta: Everyone engaged in fruitive activities can be subjected to punishment for his sinful acts.
2nd Yamaduta: In the beginning, this brahmana named Ajamila studied all the Vedic literatures. He had good character, good conduct and all good qualities.
3rd Yamaduta: But he saw a sudra with a prostitute and the sight awakened all the lusty desires in his heart.
1st Yamaduta: He lost his good intelligence and spent the rest of his long life engaged in the most sinful activities.
2nd Yamaduta: This man did not undergo atonement.
3rd Yamaduta: Thus, we must take him to the court of Yamaraj for punishment.
1st Visnuduta: It is too bad that irreligion is being introduced into the place where religion should be maintained.
2nd Visnuduta: Ajamila has already atoned for all his sins.
3rd Visnuduta: Ajamila has atoned for sins performed in millions of lives.
1st Yamaduta: What are you talking about?
1st Visnuduta: This man, Ajamila, was a great sinner. But, he was always chanting the Holy Name of Narayana.
2nd Yamaduta: So?
2nd Visnuduta: When he was eating, when he was sleeping 
3rd Visnuduta: Even when he was dying he uttered the Holy Name of Narayana!
3rd Yamaduta: I don't get it.
1st Visnuduta: At the time of death, Ajamila loudly and helplessly called out the Holy Name of Narayana. This is recommended it all scriptures.
1st Yamaduta: But, he meant to call his son!

2nd Visnuduta: It doesn't matter. One who chants the name of the Lord is immediately freed from reactions to unlimited sins.

3rd Visnuduta: Even if that person meant someone else!
1st Visnuduta: Even if it was a joke! Even if it is mispronounced!
2nd Visnuduta: Even, if the Name is part of a song!
3rd Visnuduta: The example is given that if a person is unaware of a medicine's ingredients, the medicine will still work.
2nd Yamaduta: These are very elevated principles that we know nothing about.
3rd Yamaduta: I would like to know more about the potency of the Holy Name of Narayana.
1st Yamaduta: We will go and inquire of this from our master,Yamaraja.
(The Yamadutas leave. The Visnudutas also quickly leave.)
Ajamila: Alas, I've been such a fool! I was once a qualified

brahmana, but I've become so fallen! I have broken all religious principles and therefore I deserve to suffer extreme punishment but somehow I have been saved! Where did those beautiful people go? I have been given another chance, I will go to a holy place and purify myself by prayer and penance so that I may see them again.

Narrator: Thus, Ajamila detached his mind from the process of sense gratification and became fully absorbed in thinking of the form of the Lord. In due course of time, the Visnudutas did return for Ajamila. He boarded a golden airplane and went directly to the abode of Lord Visnu.



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