Akhir woh din aya aaj

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Parampita Paramatma ShivBaba Yaad Hai?
Baba's clarification of murli--5-3-'86- tape-49

The song: "Akhir woh din aya aaj"- ('Finally that day has come again.')

Who is speaking this amar katha (eternal story)? Whether you call it amar katha or Satya Narayan ki katha (story of the true Narayan) or you call it Tijri ki katha (story of the third eyed one). These three kathas (stories) are the main ones. Who are you sitting in front of now? Are you sitting in front of Amarnath (Lord of eternity) listening to the amar katha or are you sitting in front of Satya Narayan (true Narayan) or else are you sitting in front of Teesranetradhari (the third eyed one)? It has been asked who are you sitting in front of and who is making you listen? This one also has done a lot of satsangs. In those satsangs there are only human beings to be seen. Here in this satsang who can you see? In those satsangs they say that such and such sanyasi is sermonising the katha and some even say that Shivanand speaks the katha. Shivanand was a famous sanyasi of Rishikesh. Rishikesh, rishik means indrias (organs) and ish means Ishwar (God/ Swami) and kesh means the controller of the organs. So that sanyasi got the name Shivanand of Rishikesh. The controller of the organs. Rishikesh is the place where the organs are controlled, this is a high stage. The lower stage is shown as Haridwar. First the control of the organs and after that Haridwar. Hari means Krishna and dwar means door. The door of Krishna. Krishna's door means the door of vaikunth (heaven). Overthere Shivanand sermonises the katha. He was a hath yogi sanyasi. Who is the one who sermonises here, who do you listen to? There are lots of satsangs in Bharat. In every street there is a satsang. Matas also carry the scriptures and do satsang. Males come and look at them. This is spoken for nowadays in kaliyug. A lot of matas (mothers) speak the kathas at satsangs. When matas do this the males from kaliyug come and look at them but here is a wonderful thing. What is so wonderful here? Here the one who speaks the katha is not a sanyasi, a mata or a pundit. Here the one who speaks the katha is the direct father, Amarnath himself. Who is in your intellect? Who are you hearing the katha from? The children will answer Paramatma. You say that Baba has come and is face to face with us. Nirakar Baba is teaching us. Only you will say that the nirakar Baba is teaching us. What do they say in that Brahmin world? In that world of the so called Brahmins who call themselves Brahma Kumars and Brahma Kumaris, what do they say, who is teaching them, who do they hear the katha from, what do they understand when they do the satsang, do they say that Amarnath is making us listen to the katha or do they say that Satya Narayan is sitting and speaking the katha? No, they can not say this, only here it is a wonderful thing that we are listening to the Satya Narayan katha, Amar katha and the katha of Tijri (the third eyed one) and the one who is speaking the katha is that one himself. Nirakar Baba is teaching us. How can nirakar teach? Nirakar is a bindu, nirakar can not be seen with these eyes. So how will he teach? Nirakar has to be in a nirakari stage, if nirakar is not in a nirakari stage then he is not nirakar. The meaning of nirakar is not just a bindu. How can a bindu speak? Nirakari Baba teaches us, it is not said nirakari Bap. What is the difference? Who is nirakari Bap and who is nirakari Baba? Baba means grandfather, the word Baba is for the meeting or the union of nirakar and sakar and when it is said Bap (father) that is the father of the souls only. The bindu father of all the bindu souls. The bindu father joti bindu Supreme soul Shiv. He is not Baba. There can not be other relationships with him. With joti bindu Shiv souls have only one connection father and the children, atma atma bhai bhai. He is the father and so the souls are the children. The other relationships are formed when he enters the body. So nirakar Baba teaches us. When he said nirakar Baba then it is obvious that it is the meeting of the sakar with the nirakar. Nirakar means the one who stays stabilised in a bindu roopi (seed form) stage. Bindu roopi stage means nirsankalpi stage (thoughtless stage), like the stage of being in Paramdham. Human beings will get suprised and say: "Wah God teaches them!" and then they will say God is without name and form. Father explains there is nothing without name and form in this world. There is someone who teaches you, there is not nothing. How can he then be without name and form? Nothing in this world is without name and form. You children know that here no sakar (corporeal) human being is teaching you. Who are we studying from and who are the ones who are studying? The first ever sentence in Baba's versions generally is roohani Bap roohani backo ko beth parate hai (spiritual father sits down and teaches the spiritual children). The ones who study are roohs (spirits/souls) and the one who teaches is roohani Bap (spiritual father). The meaning is not that bindu is teaching bindus. The children who are in the roohani stage (soulconscious stage) are studying. They are not just only bindus. They are in sakar (corporeal) but whilst being in the corporeal bodies their stage is nirakari, atmic stage. The children who remain in atmic stage only they can study the teachings of the father. The children who stay in the dehabhiman (bodyconscious) stage can not study these teachings from the father. Why is that? Because dehabhimanis have the cover of bodyconsciousness. It is like when you join two electric wires you have to remove the plastic cover for the current to pass. The child who is bodyconscious can not study Baba's teachings because he does not recognise the father. So roohani Bap is sitting down and is explaining to the roohani bache. In the other world corporeal being teach but here the Supreme father who is also called nirakar Godfather, that nirakar sits in sakar, and teaches. This is a completely new thing. The difference has been clarified of there and here. By there it is not meant the outside world but the world of so called BK Brahmins. From the outside we have died completely, for quiet a while we have been dead from the outside world. Now it is our new birth and the new birth is in the world of Brahmins. In this world of Brahmins some children are experiencing now that the nirakar Godfather is teaching us and the others are thinking that such and such sanyasi is teaching us and the others are thinking that such and such sanyasu is teaching us and such and such mother is explaining us from the scriptures. The one who teaches us children is the nirakar father. Does the nirakar Bap not pick up a scripture or a book to teach us? In those satsangs sadhus and sanyasis read from the scriptures. They explain the meaning of the scriptures. Does father not do the same here? The soul of Brahma or Krishna is the one who is studying here also. His studies have not been completed as yet. The stage of being a subtle angel is not the complete stage. It is not a nirsankalpi stage (thoughtless stage). Nirsankalpi stage is the stage when there are no thoughts, then there is total clarifications of the 84 births, then it can be called the nirsankalpi stage. Baba has said many a times in the murli: "Children what sort of actor is an actor who does not know his part". We souls are the actors, the part of 84 births is within our soul and preordained. Do we know these 84 births exactly? When we do not know then the actor is foolish. For Krishna's soul also the story of his 84 births has not opened fully. Till this story of his 84 births is fully opened he can not experience the nirsankalpi stage. The ocean of knowledge comes and makes us the master gyan sagars (ocean of knowledge). Those children who become master gyan sagars they will know the history of their own births. Here the one who teaches is the nirakar Godfather, he teaches direct. Birth after birth you have been listening from other gurus and pundits. Pundits and gurus have many different names. Bharat is very big and whoever teaches there and explains are only human beings. Some human beings are called Mahatmas (elevated souls), some are sanyasis and the students are also human beings. There are many many different human beings who teach and learn from one another. Here in bhakti marg they call the nirakar saying: "Hey Patit-pavan please come". In bhakti marg they call him, in gyan marg there is no need to call him. The one who teaches comes by himself. This is the difference, overthere they will call some soul and give him the invitation, first he will be given the invitation to come. Like in Gulzar dadi some soul comes and he has to be given an invitation first. They call on that particular soul by giving him an invitation because human souls need invitation and importance. Paramatma Bap does not need an invitation and does not have to be made to feel important. He comes every morning at his own time to speak gyan. He comes without invitation. The father comes without being called. In bhakti marg they say: "Hey Patitpavan come and purify us!". That is calling. Why do they say Patitpavan come? Why do they not say come and give us gyan? Why do they say Patitpavan come? Why the main title Patitpavan? No one calls him to come and speak gyan. They call him to purify the impure. What did he do when he came into Brahma's body? He just spoke the gyan. The task of purifying the impure ones did not get accomplished. When they say Patitpavan or Purifyer come they call him into the patit duniya (impure world) and into patit/cum kanta (impure lustful thorn). They call him to make patits into pavans (impure ones into pure ones). The same father now comes and explains to the children, the one who is the Patitpavan Bap. You children know that kalp after kalp the world becomes patit and to make that patit world into pavan is the work of only one nirakar Godfather. It is not a matter of one or two but the whole world, meaning 500 karor. Everyone becomes patit (impure). No bodily human being can purify this whole world because all the bodily beings are all impure themselves. By coming into their company everyone else becomes impure. No matter how elevated they are. Ibrahim, Buddh, Christ and the souls of Ram and Krishna are all human beings who play a part in this drama, even by having come into their company what is the result after 5000 years.? Did we become impure or elevated by coming into their company? Everyone fell. All human souls who come into the cycle of birth and rebirth take you downwards. Only one Supreme soul father is such that although he comes in an impure lustful thorn yet purifies the impure. That is why he is named Patitpavan. The word patit comes before the word pavan because without coming into a patit body he can not make you pavan. If someone is drowning, to save them one has to dive deeper than the one who is drowning. In the same way the father has to go to the bottom most to bring us into satgati (liberation in live). You are sitting here and yet amongst you there are some kachas (weak and unripe) and some pukkas (strong and ripe). The ones who are kachas are deffinitely bodyconscious. They go around trying to purify the impure ones by themselves, showing others the method that when you come into our company you will get coloured and become pure from impure. These are bodyconscious ones. They can not understand such a small thing that how the downfall came from dawaperyug onwards. In dawaperyug the souls of Ibrahim, Buddh and Christ came to this earth. They do not have this in their intellects that there is such a world where everyone is maryadham purshotam (elevated souls who live by the highest code of conduct). In that pure world for many births there is avayabachar (being faithfull to one only). Souls of Ibrahim, Buddh and Christ do not have this in their intellects because they do not come into the world of swarag (heaven). The ones who have not eaten rasgula (indian sweet) how will they know the taste of it? These souls do not have the taste for the avayabhachari duniya (heaven). When these souls enter into other bodies to play their parts what sort of vibrations will they spread, what teachings will they give, will their teachings be of avayabachari or of vayabachari? They definitely make others vayabachari. They come into the yug of less degrees, in their souls the gyan is of less degrees. Naturally they will give the gyan which brings degradation. These souls although they are pure when they come down the bodies of the souls they enter at that time have become impure and they colour each other. For example Ibrahim came, he entered into an impure one, he can not enter into a pure one. The second religious father enters into the one who is the second number Narayan of satyug. It is said in the murli the highest father enters the highest on high. Who is the highest on high religious father? Shivbaba! This is like a law, the highest religious father has to enter the highest Devta soul. The highest religious father is Shivbaba, he comes to create the number one highest religion and enters into the highest and the number one Narayans. Who are the highest and the number one Narayans? Ram and Krishna! One comes into the plus marks although both are sixteen celestial degrees complete. Shiv comes and enters them to establish the number one highest religion. That is why he is called Allah aval dhin (Allah the highest and the first). So it becomes a law that the second number religious father enters into the second number Narayan who is of less degrees. The Narayan of the second satyugi throne loses one quarter celestial degree. He is a weak Narayan who is a weak soul. This soul will not be the one who completes the studies and he loses one birth. This soul does not have the sanskars of studying this knowledge to full. This soul when he reaches the beginning of dawaperyug, after having taken many births falls down completely straight away. The soul of Ibrahim coming from up above enters into the body of this soul and colours him with his company. Before this soul had sanskars of being maryadha purushotam. Like Krishna's dhrishti is only for Radhe and Radhe's dhrishti is only for Krishna. There is no attraction whatsoever to anyone else but when in dawaperyug the soul of Ibrahim enters into the second number Narayan and makes his vison and consciousness (dhrishti and vriti) impure and corrupt. From there and then on the vayabachar (unfaithfulness) of dhrishti and vriti starts. When there are vibrations of vayabachar in dhrishti and vriti then the shrishti (world) will also be affected and starts to become impure. Through Ibrahim the Islam dharam, which is the vayabachari dharam starts. It is the most vayabachari dharam of the world. It is preordained in drama for them to be vayabachari. It is so because before Ibrahim comes there are no souls of that religion present on this earth. So where will the followers come from? They have to spread the vayabachar to increase their population. They will not look at what is the most elevated code of conduct to live by. They will only go by their own dharnas. They will not see which dharnas have been followed from before. They did not take the gyan of these dharnas in sangamyug. For the whole world which becomes impure there is only one nirakar father who can make it pure again. Amongst you children there are some kacha ones and there are some pukka ones also. The pukka ones understand the depth as to how the nirakar father comes, colours us in his own colour and purifies us in a practical way. The ones who are pukka understand this properly and the ones who are kacha have not understood this up till now. How did this world become impure and fall? Through the colour of the company! Many religious fathers with less degrees came onto this earth, they started their own dharnas and by coming into these souls company the Bharatvasi Devta souls became from pavan to patit and fell down. Now how can they pick themselves up from being down to become elevated again? Will they pick themselves up by coming into the company of many? Will the dhrishti of many purify their shrishti? That is why it is said EK BAP DUSRA NA KOYI (one father no one else). Baba says MAM EKAM YAADH KAROH (remember me and me alone). Dujam yaadh na karoh (do not remember anyone else). Ekam means one, by colouring yourself in the company of one Baba the world will become pure again and that one Baba is not ordinary. He is the only one who does not get affected by the colour of anyone's company. The rest of the whole world of 500 karor, from A to Z all get affected by the colour of the company, from Prajapita to the last soul of the 500 karor get affected. Ram and Krishna's souls are affected too. Only Supreme soul father does not ever get affected by the colour of the company. Some are kachas and some are pukkas amongst you. For half a kalpa you stayed in bodyconsciousness and because of this bodyconsciousness the soul can not recognise the Paramatma Bap. Now in this birth you have to become soulconscious. The soul that lives in your body Paramatma Bap sits and explains to that one. Atmas take their sanskars with them. Atma says through its organs I am such and such. There is no one soulconscious at the moment. Human beings are trying to explain to human beings overthere. Here it is not a human being who is explaining to you. Here the one who makes you understand is Parampita Paramatma himself. You children know that you have done a lot of bhakti. Bhakti is the path to durgati (degradation). Bhakti is of statues and of corporeal beings and yaadh is of Paramatma. There is a difference between yaadh and bhakti. Do not think that there are no bhagats of Bap. Father has heirs (waris), father has bhagats and he also has praja (subjects). Why was this said in the murli? Nirakar soul does not have praja. Supreme soul can not have praja because he does not become the master of the world, he makes his children the masters. s he giving you this mantra in sanskrit? Because this is a word with an accurate meaning. Manmanabhav is compilled of three words: mat man bhav, mat means mine, mana means in mind and bhav means merge, merge into my mind. Who is saying this? The nirakar says this sitting in sakar, "Come and merge into my mind". Does nirakar joti bindu have a mind? Does he use his mind? Is there a saying about the world being created with the thoughts of Brahma or has the world been created with the thoughts of Shiv? The song is about the world having been created with the thoughts of Brahma. In this world there are Devtas and Shudras. As is the thoughts so becomes the world. As are the thoughts of the mind, satopradhan or tamopradhan so is the world which is created through Brahma and Brahmins. Everyone creates a world of their own. The one who uses his mind is not the Supreme soul, he does not have to make the horse of his mind run up and down. Who are the ones who are using their minds? Who are the ones who are doing the shooting with their thoughts? Brahma and the Brahmin children. With the thoughts of their own minds they create their own world. By following shrimat they will have elevated thoughts and will create an elevated world. On the other hand if they follow the dharamgurus and use manmat they will have corrupt thoughts and will make a world which is impure and devilish, full of worms and germs. The father is showing you the method now. You make your world the best of best. It is not that every soul who comes into kaliyug becomes sorrowful. In kaliyug there are still such families to be seen in whose household it is like swarag (heaven). Baba has said that the Devi Devta Sanatan Dharam does not finish completely. There are still traces of it left. There are some families where the tradition of this religion still remains. Within these families there is still happiness to be seen. It is as being swarag there although the world of today is tamopradhan. The happiness of these families is not the same as the happiness of satyug but these families are happier compared to the families of the rest of the world. The father now comes and says to the children MANMANABHAV, merge yourself into the thoughts of my mind. Which father is saying this? There are two fathers. We are not talking about the limited lokik father here. There are two unlimited fathers. One is the father of the souls, Shiv joti bindu and the other is the father of humanity, Prajapita, Ram Bap. Who is saying here MANMANABHAV? Merge yourself into the thoughts of my mind. Who is the one who is saying this? Who is the one who creates the highest on high world with his most elevated thoughts? Definitely Prajapita Brahma. There can be no souls more elevated than Ram and Krishna who create the most elevatedworld through their elevated thoughts. These two are the hero and the heroine of the world drama. So if we want to make our world the most elevated then in whose thoughts should we drown our thoughts? MANMANABHAV, who said that? To create the world with the power of thoughts is not the work of Shiv joti bindu. Whose work is it then? It is the work of Brahma? There are two Brahmas. One who creates the mansi shrishti (subtle world of toughts) and the other is the one who creates the mountborn progeny. The one who creates the mansi shrishti does the mansa seva (service through mind). In the Brahmin world this mansa seva has not started in full force. What sort of seva is going on in the Brahmin world? Last year (1992) was meant to be the year of tapasya for the Brahmins. So what happened? They gave up the seva for a while, they gave up the karam and just try to stay in yog. In that way they broke the household path even more. Up till then the seva which was being done was of speech and karam. Even now the mansa seva has not started with full speed. There are a very few souls whose mansa (state of mind) is under their control. Only those who have control over their minds can do the mansa seva. If our mind is not in control how can you do mansa seva? Mansi shrishti starts with the mansi Brahma. It is mentioned in the scriptures and it is said in the avyakt vaani that there were four sons born to the mansi Brahma, Sanat, Sanathan, Sanandhan and Sanat Kumar. Where are these four sons in the Brahmin world? If they are there then the mansa seva has started. Mansa seva has been started but there are very few souls who are doing it. Only a handful have started this type of service. Without having become MANMANABHAV this mansa seva can not start. There should be a sample (proof) of that mansa seva. For this kind of service there is no need to run here and there. There is no need to lecture. There is a saying with yogbhal (power of yog) you can claim the kingdom of the world. When you can inherit the kingdom of the whole world with the power of yog can you then not pull the souls while sitting at home to come and take service from you? Yes you can, such is the proof and the power of mansa seva. The proof of the power of mansa seva is that the souls come running themselves, they are pulled automatically. You do not have to run after them or invite them. Such seva has not started in the Brahmin world as yet. Just here and there such seva is going on. The mansi shrishti which is created by Brahma, the main mantra for that is MANMANABHAV. It is on the basis of MANMANABHAV that this world of thoughts is created. So become MANMANABHAV, i.e. drown into the thoughts of my mind. When you do this your world of numerous births will become most elevated. Baba says you children who are of the Adi Sanatan Devi Devta Dharam, the happiness that you experience nobody else can experience. You experience happiness for three quarters of the time, meaning there is nothing but happiness for you in three yugas, satyug, treta and dawaperyug. There is only one yug when there is sorrow and that is kaliyug. Unless there is sorrow one can not value happiness. If there is no night than the day will have no value. MANMANABHAV, merge yourself into thoughts of my mind. Who is the one who says this? Which father? The father of the souls or the father of the corporeal world? This is a new point. Who is asking you to merge into the thoughts of his mind? (someone answered Brahma baba). Brahma baba has given up the body, if he says MANMANABHAV then we also will have a heartfailure and give up our bodies like he has done. We become like the one whom we remember. If you remember a thief you will end up becoming a thief yourself. That soul of Brahma baba is not complete as yet. That soul now has to enter the body of some Brahmin child and complete his studies. Only two seats have been declared so far. In 1966 it was said in the murlis, which were spoken through Brahma Baba, that whithin ten years (1976) the old world will be destroyed and the new world will be created. At that time, 1976, two souls were declared, one was Jagatpita and the other was Jagadamba, meaning the souls of Lakshmi and Narayan. These two souls were declared in 1976 and revealed into the intellect of some Brahmin children, not into the intellect of all the Bramin children. The big children of Brahma recognise these Lakshmi and Narayan. Out of the two Brahmas who is the most powerful one? The Brahma of the mansik shrishti or the one with the mounthborn progeny? The mansik Brahma is more powerful. In the world of this mansik Brahma the first children are very powerful. Four of them are born first. Who in the scriptures are called Ram, Laxman, Bharat and Shatrugun? These are the four seeds of the world. They are the main seeds, they are the seeds of the Devi Devta Sanatan Dharam, Islam Dharam, Buddh Dharam and of Christian Dharam. These are the four horses of the chariot of God. In the scriptures it is shown that Krishna is controlling these four. They have made Krishna into Bhaghwan. In reality the one who controls them is Parampita Paramatma himself. So who said MANMANABHAV? The father said it. Which father said it? The father of the human world. The father for whom in the murlis it is said, the one who is NEXT TO GOD. He has been described in four different ways by four different names although he is one. It is said NEXT TO GOD is Prajapita, NEXT TO GOD is Shankar, NEXT TO GOD is Krishna and NEXT TO GOD is Narayan. Will there be one who is NEXT TO GOD or will there be four? There is only one personality who is NEXT TO GOD. He is the one who is now saying MANMANABHAV come and merge in my mind. He is the first sangamyugi Narayan, he gives birth to Radhe and Krishna in satyug. He is the creator of Radhe and Krishna. The creator is always more powerful than the creation. That creator is now saying MANMANABHAV come and merge into the thoughts of my mind. The one who is saying this now present and is in the stage of MANMANABHAV himself in practical and that is why he can be followed. If he was just in the air how can he be followed? To look at something and see it makes it easier to follow. The father who is saying MANMANABHAV is in that stage himself practically. There is a practical proof of him being in the stage of MANMANABHAV. What is the proof which has been mentioned? The proof of MANMANABHAV is mansa seva and the future proof of mansa seva is that there is no need for vacha (speach) and no need for karam (actions). No need at all to run here and there. The power and the proof of mansa seva will be such that souls themselves will come and take service. The need to go after souls finishes. This seva in the Brahmin world has not yet started properly. The world has not seen that as yet. It has been started by very very few souls. For these souls it has been said in the avyakt vaani what are Babdada doing at this time sitting in the vatan (region)? They started thinking that the vatan is up above. It is not a matter of up and above. On this corporeal world there is such a subtle world where there are subtle actors. Babdada are sitting there and getting the groups of the rosary ready and the heads of these groups are also getting their own groups ready numberwise on the basis of mansa seva. These souls are very few, eight to nine jewels (ratans). The father is telling the children to be MANMANABHAV. Just by reading Gita you can not get the kingdom . What do the sadhus and sanyasis do? They sit down and read the false Gita. They can not find any new meanings in this Gita. Only the father himself can come and explain new things. The bodily human beings will just explain those old things from the scriptures, they have nothing new to explain. By reading Gita you do not get a kingdom. Not by studying and making others study. How can you claim the kingdom? Only by stabilising yourself in the stage of MANMANABHAV. Only those children claim the kingdom who become completely MANMANABHAV. The ones who drown themselves in the thoughts of the father. Whatever the thoughts of the father so should be the thoughts of the children. There should be no opposition with the father, not even in thoughts. Children who oppose the father with their thoughts are the ones who create bad vibrations. If this is said for mansa then to oppose the father with speech and actions becomes a very big sin. So become MANMANABHAV. Only then you can get your kingdom. By studying Gita and by speaking what you read you can not get the kingdom. Now Bhaghwan (God) of Gita who is our father is saying, children you have written Krishna Bhaghwanovach, this means Krishna the God speaks. Bhaghwan Bap is saying you have done Krishna Bhaghwanovach. In which world have you done this? In the Brahmin world. Do they say this in the Brahmin world? Do not talk about the outside world. Are you still alive in the outside world? The outside world has finished for us. We have now taken a birth in the Brahmin sangamyugi world. Does it happen in the Brahmin sangamyugi world that it has been written Krishna Bhaghwanovach? Our Gita is not the Gita of Sanskrit. Which is our Gita? The one that is printed on paper. The real song (Geet) which God sings is through his mouth, this is the song of gyan which is called murli. Murli is played through the mouth. When it is put on tape then it does not remain a murli in real meaning. You can not call that a first class murli because through the tape there are no vibrations, gestures and atmosphere, the meaning will change a little and you will not be able to catch the complete depth. This becomes second class. Do you want number two goods? You should try to get the number one. You children wrote Krishna Bhagwhanovach. Do not blaim the bhakti marg wales. Where did you write it? On those sheets of paper (murlis) it is written Pitashri. Krishna's soul is sitting and still studying these pages. Before Mama left her body it used to be written Shi Bhaghwanovach and after Mama, who was the controller, left her body the new controller changed the wording into Pitashri. This new controller is a vayabachari king, as the king so are the subjects. So everyone started to listen to the gyan from one another and because someone else started sitting in their intellects they made it into Krishna Bhaghwanovach. Brahma baba was made Pitashri and his name was inserted into our true Gita. So the father says you started writing Krishna Bhaghwanovach but Krishna does not have this gyan. For whom you wrote this, that same Krishna is still studying this gyan. In whom does he enter to study this? There is some Brahmin child who is also the seed of the human world in whom Krishna's soul enters and is studying as gyan chandarma (moon of knowledge). That is why the moon is shown on the forehead of Shankar. Shankar is shown as a yagyopavitdhari Brahmin (full fledged Brahmin of the yagya). He is the Brahmin child in whom Supreme Godfather Shiv comes and makes us study. The soul of Krishna sits in the forehead of that one and listens and studies the murli. Which murli does he study? It is like the beginning so the end. In the beginning of the yagya we used to sit and read the old Sanskrit Gita of bhakti marg. The difference is that in the beginning it was the old Sanskrit Gita and now it is the real Gita. The word sanskrit means the language that has been simplified or straightened. So this Gita now has been clarified and staightened. The soul of Krishna is not the one who speaks this Gita but the one who speaks this Gita is Paramatma himself. Krishna does not have this gyan. Krishna's soul is the one who only studies this gyan, he is not the one who teaches this gyan. To give the clarifications and to explain the essence of the scriptures is the work of the Supreme soul. It is not even the work of Mahadev. For Shankar it has been said what does Shankar do, he does nothing. Shankar is not the one who makes you study. You should not form this understanding. Just like they formed a misunderstanding in the Brahmin world that Krishna's soul is the one who is teaching, the same misunderstanding should not occur here that the soul of Ram is the one who is teaching here. The souls of Ram and Krishna are not the ones who are teaching. Yea but Ram's soul reaches a high nirakri stage with man buddhi. We have to follow him by being MANMANABHAV. Lakshmi and Narayan have been declared from 1976. For them it was said in the avyakt vaani, apart from two seats no other seets have been fixed. At this time you are made trikaldharshi (knowers of the three aspects of time). Krishna does not have this gyan. There is a difference between day and night. Father explains that I teach you Raj Yog. Krishna is the prince of satyug. The ones who were suryavanshis and chandravanshis Devtas they do not have any gyan. This gyan will dissapear. Gyan is only for the satgati (liberation in life). In satyug there is no one who is in durgati (degradation). That is satyug. It is now kaliyug. In kaliyug everyone is in durgati. Raja, Rani, praja everyone is in durgati. Those who become kings in sixty three births they too whilst sitting in the Brahmin world are in durgati. Everyone is in durgati. Durgati is of two types. One is in sthool roop (physical form) and the other is in sukhsham roop (subtle form). If the man buddhi is engaged in the stage of manan chinten manthan (churning) that means the soul is experiencing the subtle stage of satgati. Man buddhi is known as atma (soul). This is the sukhsham stage of satgati, you can not call this practical satgati. Practical satgati is along with the body. Baba has said in the murli that these bodies will keep on becoming rotten and the souls will keep on becoming powerful. Till when will these bodies keep on decaying? Till the viceful world of 500 karor is destroyed because there are many who are spreading the viceful and impure vibrations. These are the ones who are polluting the nature and the nature can not be transformed. They keep on ruining the five elements of nature so the five elements of our bodies can not become nirogi (ever healthy). Yes but the soul can become very powerful, so powerful that no matter how the nature behaves the soul will keep on experiencing the high stage within. We can transform our man budhhi in this way. This father explains to you that I teach you Raj Yog. This gyan is for satgati. Now everyone is in durgati. Raja, Rani, praja, everyone. There are no Rajas at the moment. Can you see any Rajas in the sangamyugi Brahmin world? Is there one Raja amongst the didis, dadis and dadas? In whose kingdom all the souls obey them? In a Raja's kingdom everyone listens to the king. There is no kingdom at the moment and there are no Rajas. Before the partition there were kings. After the partition of Hindustan and Pakisthan no kings remained. There were a few Rajas just by the name, even they are finished. The kaurav government finished them off. Even in the Brahmin world they are finished. No one listens to one another. Do not think that the incharges of the small and big centres obey didis and dadis. No one listens to one another, there are no kings now. There were some before the partition and there were a few afterwards.(contd.)
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