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Dominic Streames


  1. Narrator: ..........................................

  2. Abananza (baddy) : ..........................................

  3. Wonton: ................................................

  4. Aladdin: ..........................................

  5. Widow Twanky: ..........................................

  6. Salinna (Aladdin’s sister) : ..............................

  7. Jafira (Aladdin’s sister) : ................................

  8. Genie of the ring: ..........................................

  9. Genie of the txapela: ..........................................

  10. Princess: ..........................................

  11. King : ..........................................

  12. Queen: ..........................................

  13. Bob (Friend of Aladdin) : ..........................................

  14. Agather (Friend of princess) : ..........................................

Scene 1

(Sound effects 1: Arabian music)

Narrator: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. How are you? (Elicit reply) Wonderful! Tonight, we are going to take you on an adventure, to a land far away, to a land ...... of magic. This is the story of a beautiful princess and poor boy. A poor boy called Aladdin. Aladdin falls in love with the beautiful princess. But how can Aladdin, a poor boy, possibly marry a beautiful princess? Magic. But there is one problem. You see, between poor Aladdin and the beautiful princess there is someone, a very bad man. Look here he comes!

(Enter Abananza and Wonton miming a conversation)
Narrator: His name is Abananza. He is very bad. Listen everyone, when you see him, you must shout “Booooo!!!” Ok? Hmmme... I think we need to practise.

(Abananza comes to the front of the stage)

1. Boooo

Narrator: Ok, now! Boooooo!!!” (Elicit boo from audience using big sign)
Narrator: What was that? I can’t hear you, come on! (Elicit louder “Booooo!!!”)
Narrator: Very good. Ok, one more practise.

(Abananza comes to the front of the stage)
Audience: Boooooooo!

(exit Abananza and Wontonstage right)
Narrator: Excellent. So remember, when you see him, “Boooo!!” And so ladies and gentlemen, let our story begin.

(Bow and exit)

1. Boooo

Abananza: Come on, come on, what are you doing?
Wonton: I’m sorry master.
Banana: You are slower than a very slow snail .... with a limp.
Wonton: I’m sorry master.
Abananza: You see this snail. This snail is faster than you.

(Wonton stamps on it)
Wonton: (to the audience) Not any more. Master, I’m very tired. Can we have a rest, sit down, have a cup of tea.
Abananza: Sit down! Have a cup of tea!
Wonton: Ok.

(Wonton sits down and has a cup of tea)
Abananza: Wanton!

(Wonton jumps up into the air)
Abananza: How can you stop? How can you give up? We have come so far on our journey. We have fought dangerous dragons.
Wonton: I fought the dangerous dragon.
Abananza: We have climbed mountains.
Wonton: I climbed the mountains. You took a cable car.
Abananza: We have swum across rivers.
Wonton: I swam across the river, you took the ferry. Why do i have to do all the work?

Abananza: Wonton, I am the brains and you are the ...

Wonton: Yes?
Abananza: You carry my bags. Ah, the cave. We are here. In this cave there is a magic txapela.
Wonton: A magic txapela? Excellent, lets go.

(Holding him back)
Abananza: Wait! There is a problem. We cannot enter the cave. Only one person can enter the big cave. A boy. A boy called Aladdin, and he lives in that village.
Wonton: Will he help us?
Abananza: Oh yes, he will help us. I have a plan, a very cunning plan.

(They move stage leftand enter Aladdin)
Aladdin. Hello everyone, my name is Aladdin. have you seen my mother, Widow Twanky? I should be doing the ironing but I’m so tired...I think I’ll have a little rest here.

(Sits down and falls asleep)

(Enter Widow Twanky)
Twanky: (singing) Oh what a beautiful morning. Oh what a beautiful day, I’ve got a beautiful feeling, a rich handsome man’s coming my way. Well, hello there. What have we here? What a lovely audience, look at all those handsome, eligable, rich, unmarried men. Where are my manner? I haven’t even in troduced myself. My name is Wdow Twanky, and this is my beautiful launderette. You know, i do have two beautiful eligable daughters who would make such beautiful wives. Ah and here they come.

(Enter daughters rapping)
Twanky: Girls, girls..

(They are oblivuous to her as they listen to their MPS’s)

Twanky: Oi!!
Oh sorry, did I startle you?. Hmme...ladies, we have company.
Jaffira: Ooer ... he’s a bit of alright.
Salinna: which one?
Jaffira: The handsome devil over there on the right
Salinna: The small good looking one, oh yes, I bet he’s got a big...
Jaffira: Wallet.
Salinna: Oooo! Now he’s a bit of a hunk. Jaffira, look what I’ve found. (said descending into the audience)

Salinna: Hello there, big boy. And where are you from?

Teacher: I’m form Dublin.
Salinna: I’m sorry.
Teacher: I’m from Dublin. (or where ever the teacher is from)
Salinna: No, I heard you, I’m just sorry.
Jaffira: Hello, ooo.. are you a handsome devil. Is that a scimitar in your pocket or are you just pleased to see

me? And what’s your name?

Teacher: ......................
Jaffira: And er...what’s your surname?
Teacher: O’Brien.
Jaffira: Ooo yes, I like the sound of that. Jaffira O’Brian. Very sophisticated.
Twanky: Girls, girls, you’re wasting your time, There’s no eligible bachelors out there, just a bunch of English teacher and you know they haven’t got any money.
Salinna: Well, if there were any eligable bachelors, would we ever have time to meet any?
Jaffira: We ‘ve been working here since we were fifteen years old.
Twanky: Fifteen years old! there are children in Africa who started work at the age of six. Which means, by my calculations, you have accumalated 24,500 unused hours.

Salinna: Talking of lazy children, where is Aladdin.

Twanky: Oh, yes, I have a son, his name is Aladdin. The laziest boy you can imagine. Where is he?
(They look around and see Aladdin who is sitting fast asleep on a chair in the corner. Twanky picks up a small sharp stick, and sticks it up his bum to wake him up)
Aladdin: Aaaahhhh!!!!!!!

(Enter Abananza and Wonton who knock on the door.)
Twanky: Who can that be at this hour.

1. Boooo


Abananza: Hello.

Twanky: Sorry, you’ll have to come back tomorrow. We’re closed for sock taking.
Abananza: We’re looking for Aladdin.
Twanky: Aladdin? What has he done this time?
Abananza: No, nothing. like that. I am his uncle. I am Franky’s brother.

Twanky: Franky? My poor deceased husband?

Abananza: Your husband? You ...and Franky?
Twanky: Yes, I got up the hank panky with Franky Twanky.
Abananza: Anyway....I need to Aladdin.
Twanky: Borrow Aladdin? But I need him here. We have so much work to do. Life is so hard. We haven’t got a washing machine. Someone stole it. They made a clean getaway.
Abananza: Maybe I can persuade you.
Twanky: I couldn’t, I couldn’t, he’s my son. (Over acting the grieving mother). How much?
Abananza: Twenty euros.
Twanky: Done. Aladdin, come here. Meet your uncle. Have a nice rest of your life. Gooodbye. (All said very fast)
Aladdin: Where are we going?
Wonton: Don’t worry, Aladdin, don’t worry. You can trust us, ha, ha,ha.

Scene 2

Outside the big cave

Abananza: Here we are.

Aladdin: Where?

(He silently points at the hole in the floor)
Abananza: Aladdin, in this cave there is a hat
Aladdin: A hat?
Abananza: Yes, but not an ordinary hat. There is ...a chapella, a magic chappella! I want you to climb down, take the magic txapela and climb back up. OK?
Aladdin: Ok.
Abananza: Wait. Not so fast, my boy. You will need to use this magic ring. But first, to enter the cave you must say the magic words.
Aladdin: What are the magic words?
(Wonton stubs his toe)
Wonton: Oh bugger!
Aladdin: Oh bugger!

(Abananza turns round and wallops Wonton over the head)
Abananza: Open seseme!
Aladdin: Open seseme!

(The lights go off and Abananza and Wonton exit)
Aladdin: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

(Abananza and wonton are speaking through a microphone offstage)
Wonton: Are you OK?
Aladdin: Aw! I think so.
Abananza: Can you see the chapella?

Aladdin: I can’t see anything. It’s very dark down here.

Abananza: Light the torch.

(Left side light on)
Aladdin: That’s strange.
Wonton: What is it?
Aladdin: It feels like I’m not alone.
Wonton: Stop worrying. Can you see the chapella?
Aladdin: No.

(Aladdin starts walking to the right, backwards. When in the middle of the stage, Right spot light on)

(When in the middle of the stage, Right spot light on)

(Aladdin turns around and sees the skeleton)
Aladdin: AAAAAhhh!!!
Abananza What is it?
(Aladin then moves around it and realises it is not alive, as it doesn’t move.)
Aladdin. The Txapella! The magic txapella! Great, now I can get out of this horribel place, it’s beginning to give me the spooks.

(As Aladdin is saying this, the skeleton starts moving towards her, slowly)
Aladdin: What was that? Can you see anything?

2. It’s behind you!

(Skeleton freezes then starts to move)
Aladdin: What was that?

Aladdin: What was that?

(The skeleton starts to move)
Aladdin: (Finally seeing the skeleton) Aaahhhh

(Aladdin finally sees it, screams, and so frightens it off)
Wonton: What are you doing down there?
Aladdin: I’ve found it.
Abananza: Excellent. Well done. Now, just give it to me.
Aladdin: How do I get out?
Wonton: You don’t.
Abananza: You don’t ...have to worry about that just give me the magic chapella.
Aladdin: (To the audience) What do you think? Should I give him the magic chapella?
Aladdin: Help me out first and then I’ll pass it to you.
Abananza: No, no, give me the chapella first and then I’ll help you out.
Aladdin: I don’t trust you.

Abananza: Ok, then you can stay in that cave ... forever!

(Sound effect 2: Loud noise)
Aladdin: Oh no, I can’t get out! I’m trapped. What can I do?


Aladdin: The magic ring! I can use the magic ring.

(He rubs the magic ring and the genie appears)

(Sound effect 3: magical noise)

Genie: Hello there.

Aladdin: Who are you?
Genie: Who am I? You don’t recognise the cultured repartee, the exquisite cut of the cloth, the air of mystery, the posture?
Aladdin: John Bradley?
Genie: I am .. the genie of the ring. And I’m rather hungry.
Aladdin: I’ve got some food. What would you like?
Genie: ......................... I haven’t had any for years.
Aladdin: Food?
Genie: That too.
Aladdin: How do we escape?
Genie: Escape? Oh yes, the magic word. Hmme.. we need some help. can you help us? (To the audience)

You need to say the magic words. Ok , repeat . Aiy nidiot!

Aladdin: A door!
Genie: Come on, lets go.

Scene 3 The next day in the town

(Enter Aladdin and genie stage right, and sisters and Bob stage left, miming talking)
Narrator: The next day in the town square our hero Aladdin meets his sisters and some friends.
Friends: Hey Aladdin.
Bob: What’s happening man?
Salinna: Where have you been?
Jafira: Left us to do all the work, again!
Genie: You ain’t nothing but hound dogs, crying all the time.
Salinna: Who are you calling a dog?
Jaffira: Who is he?
Aladdin: This is…friend…. Uncle Bob. But don’t worry about that, look what I’ve got.

Bob: Are we supposed to be impressed?

(He produces the hat with a flourish)
Aladdin: It’s a magic Chapella.
Salinna: What are you going to do with it?
(Aladdin’s smile and enthusiasm suddenly disappears)
Aladdin: No idea.
Bob: Hey, look, It’s the princess.
Aladdin: The princess?
Salinna: Ha, ha, ha. Don’t get your hopes up, she is way out of your league.
Bob: Don’t listen to them. Maybe you could, you know, send her a present.
Aladdin: A present? What can you give the girl who has everything?
Bob: Penicillin?

(Enter princess and her friends)

Agather: Look, look, he’s very handsome. No, no, no, look,look, he’s much more handsome.
Princess: Yes, yes, they are all handsome, but, but, they are all so ....boring.
Agather: Yes, but handsome.
Princess: But I don’t want a boring boyfriend. I want a boyfriend who different. Exciting, dashing. adventurous! A boyfriend who ….. has traveled.
Salinna: My boyfriend’s been to ..Zumaia.
Jarrira: Wow! That is super chulo.
Princess: I mean ,…beyond Guipuzkoa.
Salinna: Is there a beyond Guipuzkoa?
Jaffira: My boyfriend says if you travel beyond Zumaia, you’ll fall of the edge of the world.
Princess: Maybe you could go with him. Ooh, now who’s he? (seeing Aladdin)
Salinna,Jaffira: Oooooooo!
Aladdin: Wow, (seeing the princess) guys, I’m in love.

Desert lovin', had me a blast
Desert lovin', happened so fast
Met a girl crazy for me
Met a boy cute as can be
desert days drifting away
To, uh oh, those desert nights

Well-a, well-a, well-a, uh!

Tell me more, tell me more
Will you get very far?
Tell me more, tell me more
Like does he have a

listen babe do yer fancy a date

listen buddy have you got what it takes ?

desert days drifting away

To, uh oh, those desert nights

Well-a, well-a, well-a, uh!

Tell me more, tell me more
Is it love at first sight?
Tell me more, tell me more
Will she put up a fight?

1. Booooo!


Abananza: What are you doing? what are you doing? Today is not a holiday! Shouldn’t you all be working?

(Wonton suddenly spots Aladdin, and the next part of the dialogue is said very fast, with no pauses)
Wonton: It’s him!
Abananza: It’s who?
Aladdin: It’s me.
Abananza: It’s you?
Genie: Is it him?
Aladdin: Are you there?
Genie: Yes, I am.
Aladdin: We’ve been seen!
Genie: Does he know?
Aladdin: I can’t tell.
Genie: Shall we go?
Aladdin: Now It’s time.

(Abananza and Wonton approach)
Genie: Here they come
Aladdin: So let’s scram!

(Aladdin and the Genie start running around the stage to hide)
Wonton: Look! He’s got the magic chapella!
Abananza: Grab it!

(There is a big fight/chase as the chapella is thrown from person to person, with Abananza and Wonton trying, unsuccessfully to grab it. But eventually Abananza intercepts it)
Abananza. I’ve got it! Wonton, arrest those thieving scoundrels, put them in prison!
Aladdin: Come on, run!

(Aladdin and his mates run off and hide in the corner of the stage, at the bottom of the steps stage left (?) and immediately the King, Queen, and princess etc enter)

(Sound effect 4: Trumpets)
Narrator: Their Royal Highnesses, the King and Queen.
Abananza: Your majesties.
Queen: Good afternoon Abananza. Where have you been?
Wonton: Oh, on a little holiday.
Princess: What’s that you’ve got there?

Wonton: This, oh nothing, a just a small souvenir. And er…what brings you here?

King: I have …

(Queen coughs)
King: Sorry, we have .. an important announcement. Our beautiful Princess is going to get married.
Abananza: She is? To who?
Queen: Very good question. We are going to have a big party. We are going to invite all the princes from all over the Kingdom, to come. And we will choose..

(princess coughs)
Queen: Sorry..the princess will choose… her new husband to be.
King: Abananza, go forth and tell everyone in the kingdom. The party will be tonight! Oh and Abananza, organise some entertainment, Hmmme… some belly dancers, yes, find some beautiful ..

(Queen coughs)
King: I mean, some normal, average looking, belly dancers.
Abananza: Yes, your majesty.

(Exit royal entourage)

(As he is leaving) King: Abananza, beautiful! (whispering)
Abananza: Hmmme….. so the beautiful princess is going to get married. Yes, she is going to get married alright, but to me. I have been working here all my life, Abananza, do this, Abananza do that, and for what? A “contrato fijo discontinuo”? No, I am going to marry the beautiful princess, and I am going to become the new king. And to help me I’ve got this! (Showing the magic chapella)

(Exit Abananza and Wonton)

(Aladdin and his mates re-enter)
Bob: What are we going to do?
Salinna: He’s got the magic chapella.
Genie: We have to go to that party.
Jafira: But how are we going to get in?
Aladdin: Hmmme…. I have an idea, come on.

Scene 4 The Royal Ball

(Enter King, Queen, princess and agather stage left miming conversation)

Narrator: And so ladies and gentlemen, the night of the royal party arrives. There is a faint murmur of anticipation.

Everyone: Anticipation, anticipation.
Narrator: Who is going to come, will the princess meet a handsome prince? And what about poor Aladdin? Let’s have a look, shall we.

(Sound effect 5: Waltz music)

(Everyone on stage takes a partner and waltzes around the stage)
Agather: I’m so excited. There are so many handsome men.
Princess: They all look pretty boring to me. It’s all right for you, you’re just going to snog’em. I’m the one who’s got to marry one them.
(Enter abananzastage left)

1. Booooo!

King: Abananza, what about the…you know…the belly dancers?
Abananza: Right away your majesty. Orquestra!

(Cue to stop music)
Abananza: Ladies and gentlemen, all the way from Persia, we present, the wonderful, the beautiful, the voluptuous and mysterious, Babylonian…. bellydancers!

(Sound effect 6. Arabian music)

(Enter Belly dancers)
King: Abananza, where exactly did you find these bellydancers?
Abananza: Well, It’s a funny thing, they just turned up this morning. Amazing coincidence.

(Music ends)
King: Wonderful… and definitely rather mysterious.
Abananza: And now, the Princess will choose her …prince!
Princess: Abananza!
Abananza: Yes (said hopefully!)
Princess: Out of the way. I choose, Prince Bongo!
Abananza: Not so fast, princess. This so-called “princes “ may have good looks and charisma, but I have …this!
King: Abananza, what are you doing? What is that thing?
Abananza: Silence! Oh, how I have longed to say that to you. This, is my magic chapella. Now I have the power and I am going to marry the Princess, ha, ha, ha.

4. Oh no you’re not!


Audience: Oh no you’ re not.
Abananza: Oh yes I am.
Audience: Oh no you’ re not.
Abananza: Oh yes I am.
Audience: Oh no you’ re not.
Abananza: Oh …shut up. Alikazam!

(Abananza casts a spell over theKing and freezes him.)
Queen: You can’t freeze a jolly good fella?
Everyone: And so say all of us.

(Abananza grabs the princess)
Princess: Aaaaahhh!
Aladdin: Genie, do something!
Genie: Yes, master…by the powers of Alibenjal, by the powers of the magic sultans of ……swing, die!
Abananza: Aaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!

(Abananza fakes a dramatic death)
Abananza: Just kidding. You fool, your puny magic can not work against me. Do you want to see some real magic, what will happen if I rub the magic chapella, I wonder?
Genie: Don’t do it, you don’t understand, no one can control the power of ..
Abananza: To late…. Genie …arise!

(Sound effect 7: strange sounds)

Genie 2: Who summoned the genie of the chapella?

Abananza: It was I.
Genie 2: Thank you, I haven’t had a good rub in ages. Your wish is my desire.
(Aladdin and his friends come forward)

Abananza: Genie, do you know any powerfulspells, that can …..kill?

Genie 2: That can kill, …..there is one … Viagarous Erectum! It’ll make anyone go stiff. But it will only work on bad people.
Abananza: Kill him!
Genie 2: Tell me, Aladdin, have you been …a bad boy recently.
Aladdin: Recently, er…no…not, really no.
Genie 2: Shame.
Abananza: Just get on with it
Genie 2: Viagarous Erectum!

(There is a big fight and they all duck etc)

Genie: Heartbreak hotelus!

Genie 2: Viagarous Erectum!
Genie: Heartbreak hotelus!
Genie 2: Viagarous Erectum!

Genie 2: Ha, ha, ha, you cannot possibly stop me, the genie of the txapela! Viagarous erectum!

Genie: Aladdin, use the mirror!

(Aladdin takes the mirror and reflects the magic back on him)

Genie 2: Aaaaahhh!!!!!

Abananza: You can stop him, but you can’t stop me, fool!
5. Oh no!
Abananza: Oh yes!

(They have a sword fight and as Abananza is about to kill Aladdin, the Princess jumps forward and kills Abananza)

Abananza: Errrr!!!

(Abananza dies)

Aladdin: Thank you.

King, Queen: You saved us. and you, Aladdin, you are a true hero, you…shall marry the princess.

Everyone: Hooray.

Aladdin: You’re lovely.

Princess: You’re lovelier

Aladdin: You’re the loveliest.

Genie: Come on, come on, What are you doing, what’s with all the talk, talk talk, you gotta do something boy.

Aladdin: What do you mean?

(Sound effect 8: song- “a little less conversation”)

A little less conversation, a little more action please
All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
Satisfy me baby

Baby close your eyes and listen to the music

Drifting through a summer breeze
It's a groovy night and I can show you how to use it

Come along with me and put your mind at ease

A little less conversation, a little more action please

All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark

A little less conversation, a little more action please

All this aggravation ain't satisfactioning me
A little more bite and a little less bark
A little less fight and a little more spark
Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me
Satisfy me baby

Close your mouth and open up your heart and baby satisfy me

Satisfy me baby

Come on baby I'm tired of talking

Grab your coat and let's start walking
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Come on, come on
Don't procrastinate, don't articulate
Girl it's getting late, gettin' upset waitin' around

The end

Dominic Streames © 2011

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