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Alaska State Library

Historical Collections

Alaska Packers Association
Alaska Packers Association records, 1891-1970
MS 9

ACQUISITION: The original collection was received in 1970 from Del Monte Corporation (11 cubic feet including 10 rolls of microfilm). Additional records were donated by the Whatcom County Park and Recreation Board April 7, 1982 (beginning with Box 22). In 2003, a donation of maps was received from the Center for Pacific NW Studies (Acc. No. 2003-54). Candy Waugaman donated materials in 2004 (Acc. No. 2004-58).
ACCESS: The collection is unrestricted.
COPYRIGHT: Request for permission to publish or reproduce material from the collection should be discussed with the Librarian.
PROCESSING: The original, printed guide, A Guide to the Alaska Packers Association Records and to the APA Library,” was prepared by Ellen Greenberg March, 1972, who also established the original series, I through VII. In July of 1983, Phyllis DeMuth and Michael Sullivan prepared and published A Guide to the Alaska Packers Association Records 1891-1970 in the Alaska Historical Society. It incorporated the first guide and described a large accession acquired in 1982, with cross-references to the selection of records copied on microfiche (microfiche numbers APA 1 – 720, located in white binders in the Reading Room and in box at beginning of MS 9). See also MFMS 30.

The current collection guide was scanned from the printed guide and includes accessions since 1982.

Box Microfilm

no. 1. History. Canvas bound and handwritten. 8 v. Reel no.
1 1891 1904. 1

Includes list of original companies which joined to make up the Association. Page numbering

repeats in the middle of the volume.
1905 1909. Includes the account of the effects the San Francisco earthquake had on the Packers. Also includes a record of the company's introduction on the market of Argo canned salmon.
1910 1914.
2 1915 1921. 2

Contains information on the effects of World War I on salmon canning.

1922 (1927).

1928 (1934).

3 1935 (1940). 3

First mention of labor disputes in this volume.


Apparently the writer of these books simply stopped mid way through the statistics, never to begin again, as there is no stock report for 1941 and the majority of the pages are empty.

4 2. Pack Reports. 5 items. 4

Typewritten recapitulation of Salmon pack by cannery, brand, and species.

1893 1917. (2 copies) Canvas bound.

1918 1937 Canvas Bound.

1938 1957 Leather binder.

(1893) (1956) Metal binder.

5 3. Untitled Loose leaf Binder. 1 item. 5

Alphabetical listing of data pertinent to APA operation: cost of feeding men at various

canneries; memoranda for superintendents; Table of Provision Allowances; Navy Ration;

Specifications for barrels; Specifications for Columbia River round bottom boats;

Specifications for various machinery; Pilotage and towing fees on Pacific Coast.

4. Data on Alaska Land Patents. 1 item.

Compiled by A.R. Barthold (1936 1937). Listing of Land Office survey numbers and patent

numbers covering various cannery sites from Loring to Bristol Bay.
5. Miscellaneous Statistics and Forms.

1. Statistics, 1913 1941. 6 items:

Alameda Shipyard Balance Sheet, Year ending June 30, 1934.

Alameda Shipyard Balance Sheet, Year ending June 30, 1935.

Foremen and Doctors, 1941.

Recapitulation of Wages, 1913 1922.

Comparison of Wages, 1939 1941.

Launch description form.

5 2. APA offices, San Francisco, 1905 1923. Photos (2 copies)

3. Report on 1919 Influenza Epidemic, Bristol Bay, Alaska. (6 copies)

(6th copy has “Copies of Certain Letters Acknowledging Receipt…” and a newspaper clipping of article on Capt. F. G. Dodge: “He Never Dodged a Duty – Coast Guardsman Ends Remarkable Career”)
6. Alaska Packers Association Deed of Trust. 1 v. (101 p.)

Legal document of bonded indebtedness of APA to Mercantile Trust Company of San

Francisco in 1905. Included is a listing of each vessel at time of indenture.

Correspondence and Files on Various Fisheries Activities.

6 1. Rehabilitation of Canneries. 1 binder. 6

Correspondence and estimates on rehabilitating cannery plants of Alaska Packers

Association following World War 1, 1945 1948.

2. Alaska Fisheries: Miscellaneous Data, Etc. 1 binder.

Statistics on such matters as average earnings, 1921 1934, of APA employees and fishermen.

Data and correspondence used in connection with traps, fisheries legislation, and fisheries

regulations. Includes a very large Department of Commerce map of Shelikoff Straits

and Afognak Island.

7 3. Data on Alaska Fisheries Operations. 8 binders. 6

Black loose-leaf binders, Correspondence and regulations.

Vol. 1. Miscellaneous.

Includes numbers of traps operated by Alaska Packers Association, 1921 1934, number

closed, and amount of fish caught by traps. Decision in case of Injunction relating to

trap fishing for salmon in Alaskan waters.

Vol. 1A. Miscellaneous.

Necessity for post war protection against Japanese fisheries. Correspondence of 1914 1945.

Vol. 2. Bristol Bay.

Spans 1920 1951. Carlisle Packing Co., 1926 1927; Bristol Bay closed to fishing, 1935; rumored expansion B.B. fishery, 1936; APA on Bristol Bay fishing boats, 1941; Survey on Bristol Bay spawning areas, etc., 1945; rehabilitation of Alaska canneries, 1945; power boats, 1946 1951.

Vol. 2A. Bristol Bay.

Correspondence and general operations   Egegik, Kvichak, Naknek, Nushagak and Ugashik. Listed under specific localities as well as General Bristol Bay operations.

Vol. 3. Central Alaska. Spans 1928 1945.
Vol. 3A. Central Alaska.

Primarily concerns Alaska Packers Association   Pacific American Fisheries controversy, 1923 1945.

8 Vol. 4. Traps.

Includes articles and newspaper clippings on salmon traps.

Vol. 5. Under War Conditions, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945. 2 binders.

One is labeled Vol. 5 on the cover, the other not. Both, however, are so numbered inside,

one belonging to the Seattle office, the other to San Francisco.

8 Vol. 6. (Empty binder and index to volumes.)
4. Data For Compilation of Karluk Historical Record 1 binder. 7

(unfinished) Pioneer companies, pack figures 1882 1900, correspondence and legal opinion

relating to Karluk Reservation and APA land acquisitions.
9 5. Alaska Fisheries; Karluk and Vicinity. 4 binders. 7

Vol. 1. Miscellaneous Data, Etc.

Miscellaneous correspondence, reports, and regulations pertaining to Karluk. Maps of Karluk River, 1889, Karluk and vicinity, 1939, all Kodiak land surveys, 1940. Early APA activities, canneries, and land acquisitions in Karluk. Fishermen's strike, 1922.

Vol. 2. Legislative Matters. (Tied with string)

Comments and hearings relating to proposed White Act. H.R. 2714. 1945 fishing

regulations relating to Karluk Indian Reservation, correspondence, and opinions.
Vol. 3. Excerpts from Various Government Reports.

Included are extracts from such reports as "Alaska Salmon Investigations, 1898 and 1899" by Moser and "The Control and Protection of the Salmon Streams of Alaska" by David Starr Jordan and C.L. Hooper. Papers span years 1887 1930.

10 Vol. 4. Bureau of Fisheries: Fish and Wildlife Service; Miscellaneous Data.

Hearings with respect to prohibition of fishing in Karluk River, 1917, and with respect to limiting or prohibiting fishing in all Alaskan waters between Cape Spencer and Cape Newenham,1919. A list of Fish Commissioners, their term of office, and United States Presidents served under is included. Some correspondence.

6. Minutes and Other Data On Annual Conferences; Fishing matters. 5 binders.

Minutes of salmon canners conferences and correspondence on fishery laws, notices, and regulations. Conferences revolve around largely unwritten agreements upon methods of enforcing regulations amongst canners themselves. These include Bristol Bay salmon canners and later the Alaska Salmon Industry. Well recorded in Vol. 1, and sporadically in Vol. 2, they are seldom even mentioned in the remaining volumes. Letters deal with specific procedures APA intends to follow, as well as requests to change rules in certain localities.

Vol. 1. 1926 1934.

Vol. 2. 1935 1941.

Vol. 3. 1942. Effects of World War II on Salmon canning.
11 Vol. 4. 1943. 7

Concentration Plan   consolidation of salmon canners during wartime conditions.

Vol. 5. 1944, 1945.

Vol. 6. 1946, 1947, 1948.

1. Foreign Invasion of American Fisheries. 3 binders. 8

Primarily pertains to fishing in the Bering Sea by Japanese nationals. Newspaper clippings.

Vol. 1. 1937, 1938. From Congressional Record.
12 Vol. 2. 1937, 1938, 1939. From The Pacific Fisherman.
Vol. 3. Miscellaneous clippings, correspondence, and pamphlets, 1905, 1906, 1931, 1938, 1939, 1940, 1945.
12 2. Indian Reservations Alaska: 3 binders.

Indian Fishing and Ancestral Rights, Etc.

Enclosed are acts, memorials, hearings, opinions, messages of Territorial Governor,

proposals, land orders, legal memoranda, and news clippings, all related to proposed

Indian Reservations in Alaska, 1935 1944.

Part 1.

Part 2.

13 Part 3. Documents.

Contains Administrative Inquiry Pursuant to Section 201.21b of the Alaska Fisheries

General Regulations by Fish and Wildlife Service and Alaska Commercial Fisheries,

Parts I, II and III. Also includes hearings on native claims to Hydaburg, Klawak and Kake.

1. Union Contracts. 1 binder. 9

Labor contracts between Alaska Salmon Industry and various salmon related unions;

i.e., cannery, fishermen, machinists, etc. Predominantly 1948.
14 2. Bureau of Fisheries and other Departments: 5 binders. 9

Laws, Notices, Orders, Proclamations, Rules, Regulations, Etc.

1889 1923.

1924, 1925, 1926, 1927, 1928.

1929, 1930, 1931, 1932.

15 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936, 1937, 1938.

1939, 1940, 1941, 1942.

3. Fish and Wildlife Service and Other Departments: 3 binders. 10

Laws, Notices, Orders, Proclamations, Rules, Regulations, Etc.

Besides the above, also includes newspaper clippings.

1943 1944.
16 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948.

1949, 1950, 1951, 1952.

Includes a 49 page report by W.F. Thompson: Outline for Salmon Research in Alaska,

and an anonymous report History of Contract Negotiations for Resident Cannery Workers

in Bristol Bay (1942 1951) and Bering Sea Fishermen's Union in 1951.

4. Depletion of Puget Sound Salmon Runs, Investigation by 1 binder.

Post Intelligencer of Seattle.

Clippings relating to Puget Sound salmon runs. Initialed "AKT" on first looseleaf page.

5. Rich, Willis H. Notes on the Laws and Regulations 1 binder.

Affecting the Alaska Salmon Fisheries.

Copies of regulations from 1889 to 1940, with typewritten comment.

17 6. Miscellaneous. 1 box. 10

Laws and regulations for Alaska fisheries, 1868 1957. 1 folder.

(Incomplete file).
State Laws and Regulations for the Protection of 1 folder.

Fish and Game in California and Washington. 1903 1928.

17 U.S. Laws and Regulations for the Protection of Fish. 8 items.

Federal Register, January 20, 1965.

Federal Register, March 22, 1956.

Laws and Regulations for Protection of the Commercial Fisheries of Alaska, for the years

1953, 1954, 1955, 1956, 1957.

Laws Governing the Steamboat Inspection Service. 1911.
Report of Pack of Sockeyes on Fraser River and Output of Hatcheries. 1908. Washington Department of Fisheries publications. 1947 1956. California Department of Natural Resources. Biennial Report of the Division of Fish and Game, 1944 1946. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Progress Reports. 1957 and 1958.


18 1. Salmon Canning and Preserving. 2 boxes.
American Can Company. Canned Food Facts. 2 items.

American Can Company. The Canned Food Handbook.

Federal Trade Commission. Canned Salmon. 1918. 2 items.

Federal Trade Commission. Corn, Peas, String Beans, Tomatoes and Salmon. 1921.

Miscellaneous Publications. 5 items.

Archie W. Shiels. The Early History of Canned Foods.

Home Canning Program. 1945.

U.S. Tariff Commission. Canned Fish.

US. Department of Commerce. Office of Technical Services. Utilization of Alaska Salmon Cannery Waste. Part One.
National Canners Association. 14 items.

Canned Food Facts for Grocers. 1945.

Canners Directory for years 1942, 1943, 1944, 1959.

Cannery Waste Disposal Lagoons. 1945.

Processes for Low Acid Canned Food in Metal Containers. 7th and 8th ed. 1950 and

1955 (Bulletin 26 L).

Today's Canned Foods.

Use of Frozen Fish for Canning of Salmon. 1951.

Vitamins in Canned Foods. 1924. (Bulletin 19 L, Rev.)

Canned Food Containers. Washington, D.C.,1923. (Research Laboratory Bulletin 22 L)

Canned Food in Human Nutrition. 1950.

Manual for the Teaching of Canned Foods.

19 Collins, James H. The Story of Canned Foods. New York, E.P. Dutton & Co., 1924.

"A Complete Course in Canning:" Articles reprinted from The Trade 2nd ed., 1924.

Cruess, W.V. and W.W. Christie. Laboratory Manual of Fruit and Vegetable Products.

New York, McGraw Hill Book Co., 1922.

Cruess, W.V. Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Products: A Textbook for Student,

Investigator and Manufacturer. New York, McGraw Hill Book Co., 1924.

Duckwass, E.W. Canning and Preserving of Food Products and Bacteriological Technique.

Pittsburg, Pa., Pittsburg Printing Co., 1905.

Greely, Arthur P. The Food and Drug Act, June 30, 1906; A Study with Text of the

Act, Annotated, the Rules and Regulations of the Act, Food Inspection.

Wiley, H.W.1001 Tests of Foods, Beverages and Toilet Accessories, Good and Otherwise:

Why They Are So. New York, Hearst's International Library Co., 1914.

20 2. Fisheries; Miscellaneous. 1 box.
Canning and Preserving. 7 items.

Harris, Gideon. Audel's Answers on Refrigeration and Ice Making. Volume 1 and 2. New

York, Theo, Audel & Co., 1911.

"The Formulation of Mandatory Food Standards" by H. Thomas Austern.

"Lime Sulfur Spray On Canned Gooseberries;" by R.W. Clough & others.

"Nutrient Retention During Canned Food Production;" by W.J. Cameron & others.

"The Sanitation Program of the National Canners Association; " by R.J. Esty and S.J.


"Should Children Eat Canned Foods; " by Anne Pierce.

Oysters. Also includes some correspondence. 7 items.

Crab. Also includes some correspondence. 4 items.

Tuna. 2 items.

Sardines. 1 item.

Herring. 1 item.

Alaska Salmon. Bulletins, Letters, Editorials, 1945 1954.

21 1. Bureau of Fisheries Documents and Reports. 5 items.
Churchill, C.H. and W.H. Rich. Second Experiment in Tagging Salmon in the Alaska

Peninsula Reservation. (No. 870)

Oshima, Kohichi. Studies in Crab Canning. (No. 8)

Parder, G.H. Effects of Explosive Sounds . . . Upon Fishes. (No. 752)

White, G.F. Fish Isinglass and Flue. (No. 652)

2. University of Washington Publications. 9 items.
Anderson, C.L. Preserved Pickled Herring. 1925.

Cobb, John N. Improved Methods for Canning Crab Meat. 1927.

Crawford, D.R. Synostosis in the Spinal Column of the Rainbow Trout. 1925.

Fellers, C.R. and C.T. Parks. Biochemical Study and Proximate Composition of Pacific Coast Crabs. 1926.

Guberlet, J.E. Notes on a Species of Argulus from Gold Fish. 1928.

Schultz, L.P. Check List of the Fresh Water Fishes of Oregon and Washington. 1929.

Schultz, L.P. Description of a New Type of Mud Minnow from Western Washington. 1929.

College of Fisheries. Index to Fisheries Publications. Vol. 1, 1925 28.

College of Economics and Business. Northwest Industry. May 1942.
3. Department of Fisheries, States of California and 6 items.

Washington Bulletins.

Cleaner, F. Life History and Habits of the Commercial Crab, Cancer Magister. [Olympia] Washington, 1944. (Biological Circular No. 1)

Fry, D.H. and P.M. Roedel. Tagging Experiments on the Pacific Mackerel. [Sacramento] California, 1949. (Fish Bulletin No. 78)

Mosher, K.H. and others. Age and Length Composition of the Sardine Catch Off the Pacific Coast of the United States and Canada in 19471948. California, 1949.

Orcutt, H.G. The Life History of the Starry Flounder. [Sacramento] California, 1950. (Fish Bulletin No. 78)

21 Phillips, J.B. Growth of the Sardine, Saralnops Caerulea. [Sacramento] California, 1948. (Fish Bulletin No. 71)

Scofield, W.L. Trawling Gear in California. [Sacramento] California, 1948. (Fish Bulletin No. 72)

4. Fishery Magazines and Miscellaneous Material. 12 items.
Commercial Fisheries Review, 1959, for the months of January, February, February Supplement, March, April, May, June.

Diesel Times. July 1947.

Fishery Market News. May 1942. Packaging Service. June 1947.

Fisheries Research Board of Canada. Progress Reports of the Pacific Coast Stations. November 1956.

Pacific American Fisheries. Annual Report. 1957.

5. Fish and Wildlife Service Research and Progress Reports. 4 items.

Nelson, P.R. and C.I. Abegglen. Survival and Spawning of Gill Net Marked Red Salmon.

1955. (No. 40)

Parker, P.S. and R.E. Lennon. Biology of the Sea Lamprey in Its Parasitic Phase. 1956. (No. 34)
6. American Fisheries Society. 3 items.
A List of Common and Scientific Names of the Better Known Fishes of the United States and Canada. 1948.

Transactions. 1943.


22 Journals 1915 1946. 21 volumes. APA 1 290

The volumes in this series are Journal No. 22 36 in 15 volumes ending on microfiche 227. This is a monthly record of accounts, purchases, dispursements, taxes, insurance, profit and loss, general expenses, cannery operations, transportation, hatcheries, fleet and plant repairs and some salmon sales. References to controlling and subsidiary ledgers are noted and includes data on separate canneries. The Voucher Journals, 1941 1946 are in 6 volumes and give day, payment number, to whom paid, amount, particulars and miscellaneous data.

Presidential Office File, Miscellaneous (Aubin Barthold). 4 boxes.

1919 1963.

Aubin Barthold, President of APA, was located in Seattle. These files include correspondence, files on company business and various fishing industry topics, state and federal legislation, employment matters, and some publications.
23 Folder

1. Bristol Bay   Control of Bristol Bay Fishing effort. August 21,1957. (Memo with review of regulation by R.S. Olpin)

2. Bristol Bay   Correspondence and miscellaneous.

3. Bristol Bay   Correspondence and statistical data.

4. Chignik/Alitak/Karluk   Fleet and pack data.

5. Kvichal Contract.

6. Saltonstall   Kennedy friends. [Fisheries research] 2 items.

7. Report on New Products.

8. Kodiak Crab, 1959   Correspondence.

9. Alaska villages supplying resident employees, 1961.

23 10. Alaska Packers Association. Twenty year salmon pack record. . . 1951.

11. Cost of Feeding Summaries (Camp and Mess Hall Costs) 1961.

12. APA Industrial District Land Demand and Marketability analysis. 1962.

13. Miscellaneous correspondence.

14. Workmen's Compensation, Alaska Correspondence.

15. Health, Welfare and Pension Negotiation   Correspondence.

16. Equipment purchase correspondence.

24 Folder

17. Legislation.

18. Legislation. 143.

19. Legal matters.

20. Legislation (Alaska) relative to wage and hour.

21. G.P. Halferty & Company   Correspondence regarding sale of clams.

22. Clams. Sales and prices.

23. APA. Personnel   Organization charts, correspondence 1958 and Chignik, 1941 1943.

24. Ketchikan taxes.

25. 1959 Cost Analysis Accounts.

26. Technical Committee on Canned Salmon: Meeting March 3, 1962.

27. California Packing Corporation   Position description outline.

28. California Packing Corporation   Productivity (Confidential report, November 1958).

29. Alaska State Chamber of Commerce.

30. Miscellaneous Publications.

31. Newspaper clippings relative to fishing industry.

32. Miscellaneous correspondence. Includes mortgaged fleet claims, assessment notices, land evaluation at Kenai, marine equipment leasing program, APA vs. Alex Shadura concerning mortgage foreclosure.

25 Folder

33. Boat leasing.

34. Boats   Disposal of.

35. San Francisco   Records of shipment and 1959 projection.

36. Collective bargaining.

37. Canadian American Fisheries. 1957.

38. Research (Fisheries).

39. Alaska. Estimated catch and case pack. Mess Hall costs.

40. "Where are the Salmon, " by Fred Niendorff. 1949. (Newspaper clipping)

41. Pioneer minced sea clam sales. 1956 59.

42. Weekly Digest. Food Distribution. With correspondence.

43. Pamphlets and booklets on fish and fisheries: conservation tagging, international agreements.

44. National Canner's Association, American Can Co., and others.

45. Alaska Fisheries annual summaries 1956, 1959. With correspondence.

26 Folder

46. Miscellaneous (B). 1958 correspondence.

47. Miscellaneous (E). 1958 correspondence.

48. Miscellaneous (I). 1958 correspondence.

49. Company business, 1962.

50. Chamber of Commerce correspondence. 1962.

51. Miscellaneous (B). 1962.

52. Miscellaneous (C). 1963.

53. Miscellaneous (C). 1963.

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