Alcohol = a a1 = Drunk and Dangerous Goggles


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Resource Library Key

Alcohol = A
A1 = Drunk and Dangerous Goggles (x4 small and x2 ski style)

A2 = Alcohol Wall Chart (x1)

A3 = Abuse Booze and Lose Display (x1)

A4 = Binge Drinking Folding Display (x1)

A5 = CHAT Posters
Breastfeeding = B
B1 = Baby Dolls (x7) and Knitted Breasts (x6)

B2 = Best Beginnings DVD (x1) (can be found in the DVD box)
Child Safety = CS
CS1 = Ban the Burn folding display (sun safety) (x1)

CS2 = ‘Fancy a Cuppa’ DVD (x1) and teaching pack with (x2) burn dolls in black bag

CS3 = ‘Too Hot to Handle’ DVD and resource pack (can be found in the DVD box) (x1)

CS4 = ‘Toxic Tales’ DVD and resource pack (can be found in the DVD box) (x1)

CS5 = ‘Look Who’s Falling’ DVD and resource pack (can be found in the DVD box) (x1)

CS6 = ‘Safe at Home’ ROSPA DVD (x14) with leaflets and choking cylinders (x3)

CS7 = Teen Stress folding display (x1)

CS8 = ‘Dangers of Social Media’ DVD (x2) (can be found in the DVD box)

CS9 = ‘Hunt the Hazard’ posters (x7)

CS10 = Road Safety – crossings (Includes:1 zebra crossing pole,1 zebra crossing mat, 1 high vis jacket,1 lolly pop crossing stick
Drugs = D
D1 = Substance Abuse Chart set (x7 posters)

D2 = Club Drugs folding display (x1)

D3 = Drug Identification Guide - 3D Display (x1)

D4 = ‘The Truth about Drugs’ postcards (2 boxes)
Hygiene = H
H1 = ‘Bug Busting’ DVD (x2) and teaching materials including poster and laminated word search (the DVD can be found in the DVD box)

H2 = Wash and Glow Lamp with hand washing teaching pack (x2 box, 1 small 1 large)

H3 = School Teaching Pack National Curriculum linked: Detection wallchart, Life Cycle poster, Bug Busting Day poster, presentation folder with teaching materials, work sheets, Shared Wisdom journal, demonstration DVD, sample Family Bug Buster Kit, + 50 FREE leaflets + FREE OUP Kipper Gets Nits! book*

Men and Women’s Health = MW
MW1 = ‘What Goes in Your Body, Goes in Your Baby’ Poster (x3)

MW2 = Breast Examination Model (x3)

MW3 = Testicle Examination Model (x3)

Nutrition and Activity = NA
NA1 = Rolls of Fat (x2 sets within one box)

NA2 = Eating Disorders display (x1)

NA3 = Eat Well Plate laminated poster (x2)

NA4 = Sodium Facts test tubes set (x1)

NA5 = Benefits of Physical Activity 3D display (x1)

NA6 = Fat Vest adult (x1)

NA7 = Health Eating leaflets (x1 box)

NA8 = Stomach Sizers set (x1 child stomach and x1 Adult)

NA9 = Fast Food Pack (models) inc. eat well chart x1
Oral Health = OH
OH1 = Clean Mouth Display (x1)

OH2 = Oral Health Story Sacks (x3 Healthy Eating, x1 Visiting The Dentist x2 Mouth Hygiene story sack)

OH3 = ‘Brush Your Teeth Properly’ pack (x2)

OH4 = Oral health models box, contains x2
Relationships and Sex Education = RS

RS1 = Condom Demonstrators, Condoms and Wipes (in a black bag and in several boxes)

RS2 = Sexplanation Game (x1)

RS3 = Contraceptive Display Kit (x5)

RS4 = Emotional Bingo for Teens (x1)

RS5 = STI Party Game (x2 boxes)

RS6 = Baby Think it Over doll (x1)

RS7 = ‘Building Bridges’ pack and game (x1)

RS8 = ‘Lets Do It’ Sex ed activities (x1)

RS9 = Sex, Drugs and Alcohol file (x1)

RS10 = Life size characters (x3 women, x3 men, x2 children, x2 teens)

RS11 = Character Note Posters Large (x31)

Tobacco = T
T1 = ‘What’s in tobacco smoke?’ display (x1)

T2 = Smoking Wall Chart (x2)

T3 = Help to quit – Smoking Cessation box (includes leaflets, quit kit, vitalograph (x2), 1 year of tar, 2 months of tar, mouth pieces (x11), leaflet stand (x2), money saving spin chart, AAA batteries.

T4 = ‘Don’t get burned’ folding display (x1)

T5 = ‘The Consequences of Smoking’ 3D display (x1)

T6 = Smoking Cessation cardboard tubes (x1 box)

T7 = Effects of Smoking laminated posters (x5)


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