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ALIVE-O8 Term 1

Lesson Title

What am I trying to do?



Read/ Poem



To be learned

  1. In Relation….

Explore the nature of ‘relation’.

So that the children may develop their understanding of ‘relationship’ and be enabled to apply that understanding to their everyday life.

Reflective music for Prayertimes

Pop Quiz

  • The Text Message(sister in Australia)

  • Juggling and Relationships (things have to have space to move through)

  • Juggling Life (God gives us the energy to keep all our relationships going)

  • Space Walk Ritual

  • In God’s Space; breath prayer- O my God I love you

  • Graciously Hear Us

Interview with the juggler

Demonstration of juggling

In you we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28)

  1. In Relation to God’s Creation

Explore relatedness within the created universe.

So that the children will be enabled to ‘see creation with new eyes’ and deepen their understanding of the ongoing relationship between the Creator and Creation.

  • Within God’s Creation

  • All the Nations of the Earth


  • Star Prayers

  • God’s Universe

  • How did it all begin?(Hubble)

  • The Story of Creation Genesis 1:1-31; 2:5-25

  • All the nations of the earth, Daniel 3:62-85

Poem: Stones

  • We Praise you God

  • We Thank you God

  • In Wonder and Awe Praise the Lord!

Pavement artist

Images from the natural world

God is the creator of the whole world and of all the people in it.

We should look on the world as a gift from God and as a sign of God’s love and power.

  1. In Relation to the Word

Explore the role of language in relation to human experience.

So as to enhance the children’s appreciation of the gift of language; to increase their understanding of the Bible as the inspired Word of God and to deepen their relationship with Jesus as the Word of God.


(God sent His son to show the world what Love means)

  • Juggling and Language

  • Interview with Juggler

  • The Bible as the inspired Word of God (in the life death and resurrection of Jesus love = forgiveness, compassion, justice, prayer, friendship, joy, peace, suffering...)

  • Poem: Surprise, Surprise!


  • Hear our Words Lord

  • You Catch Me God

  • Let the Spirit in...

  • The Word of God.


Christians love and revere the Bible because it is the Word of God.

In the beginning was the One who is called the Word. The Word was with God and was truly God. The Word became a human being and lived here among us.

  1. In Relation to Numbers

Explore order in the mathematical world.

So that through appreciating order in the created universe, the children may come to see order as the work of God’s Spirit.

Bless the Lord

  • Living by Numbers

  • The Visit of the Angels

  • Number Relations

  • The Holy Spirit

Poem: A Perfect Relationship
Psalm of Thanksgiving:

Psalm 136

  • We Praise and Thank You, God

  • Psalm 136

  • Prayer to the Holy Spirit
  • Athair Mac is Spiorad Naomh Bíodh an Triúr-in-Aon linn lá is oíche

Juggling 2 balls

Spirit of God in the heavens

Spirit of God in the seas

Spirit of God in the mountain tops

Spirit of God in me

Spirit of God in the sunlight

Spirit of God in the air

Spirit of God all around me

Spirit of God everywhere.

  1. In Relation to Being Human

Explore the children’s experience of human relations.

- So to enhance their understanding of ‘being in relation’

- To enable them to see the relationship between the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit as the ultimate relationship and to relate the love in their own relationships to its source in the Trinity.

  • Connected

  • Try Again

  • Bless the Lord (Glory be to the Father)

  • Interview with Juggler

  • Relationships

  • The Mystery of the Trinity

  • The Blessed Trinity

Poem: Hugs and Kisses

The Things They Say

  • We are connected

  • Prayer to the Trinity

Praise to the Father

Praise to the Son

Praise to the Spirit

The Three in One

Juggling 3 balls

Women and men are the greatest of all God’s creatures on earth because they are made in the image and likeness of God

  1. In Relation to Reconciliation

Explore and celebrate the role of forgiveness in all relationships.

- So that the children may learn to develop and maintain relationships in as Christian a manner as possible.

- So that they may be always ready to acknowledge and return to the source of all forgiveness in the love of the Blessed Trinity.

  • Try Again

  • Song of Repentance

  • Let Us Endeavour

  • Gospel Acclamation

  • Interview with Juggler

  • Two Sons

  • The Prodigal Son,

Lk 15:11-32

  • Act of Sorrow

  • Let us Endeavour

  • Reconciliation Service or Ritual of Forgiveness.

Ritual of forgiveness

We sin when we refuse to love God our Father and to love our neighbours as Jesus taught.

Jesus asks us to be sorry and to repent because he wants us to return to God.

In the Sacrament of Reconciliation God our Father forgives us through the words and actions of the priest.

  1. Coming Together and Rituals

Explore the children’s experience of ‘meeting’ and the customs and rituals associated with them.

So as to develop their appreciation and understanding of the role of meeting and ritual in sacramental celebration.

Gather Round

  • Meeting and Merging

  • Simon the Pharisee,

Lk 7: 36-39, 44-47,

  • At Bethany

Jesus is anointed at Bethany, Mk 14:3-6

Reflections around Paintings

  1. Symbol

Explore the children’s experience of symbols.

So as to develop their appreciation and understanding of the role of symbols in sacramental celebration.

  • Jacob’s Ladder

  • Time and Time and Time Again

  • Do Not Be Afraid

  • Symbols

  • Symbols have Meaning

  • Jacob’s Stone,

Gen 28:10-22

  • Christian Symbols

  • Reflection around Symbols

  • Meditation around Stones

  • Meeting God in this Classroom

  • God is in this Place

Standing stones & stone crosses

  1. Conversations and Stories

Explore the children’s experience of conversation and story as components of sacrament.

So as to develop their appreciation of the role of conversation and story in sacramental celebration.


  • A Conversation

  • The Woman at the Well,

Jn 4:7-43,

  • God is in our Conversations

  • Living Water

  • Meditation

  • Meditation at the Well

Everybody who drinks this water will get thirsty again. But no one who drinks the water I will give will ever be thirsty again. The water that I give is like a flowing fountain that gives eternal life.(Jn 4:13-14)

  1. Sacramentality

Based on the last three lessons, to bring together gathering, ritual, symbol, story and conversation in the context of the sacraments of the Church.

So that the children may deepen their understanding of, and engagement with, sacraments.

More than just….

  • We Celebrate in Church

  • In Baptism we are Reborn

  • Granny Rose’s Story

  • Celebrating in Faith

  • Church in Sacrament

  • Lord Jesus, You Are With Us

  • Seen and Unseen

  1. Sacraments of the Church (1)

Continue to develop the children’s understanding of the sacraments.

So that they may engage more fully with them throughout their lives.

  • Nicene Creed

  • More than Just….

  • Baptism

The Baptism of Jesus,

Mk1:9-11, Mt 3:1-17, Lk 3:1-22, Jn1:19-34

  • Confirmation and Eucharist

  • Penance (Reconciliation)

  • Anointing the Sick

  • Remembering Baptism

  • Remembering Reconciliation

  • Lord touch us with your healing love

Baptism, Eucharist and Confirmation

Aspects of Reconciliation
Anointing of the Sick
Children reading scripture passages

  1. Sacraments of the Church (2)

Introduce the children to the sacraments of Marriage and Holy Orders.

So that they may begin to see how these sacraments are relevant to their unfolding faith-life story.

More than Just….

  • The Full Story

  • The Sacrament of Marriage

  • The Sacrament of Holy Orders

  • Our Story

  • ‘Continuing the Story’ Ritual

Marriage and Holy Orders

  1. Nativity Play

Offer the children through drama, the opportunity to explore the theme of Jesus as the Word of God made flesh.

So that they will experience the history of salvation as ‘Good News’.

  • Words

  • Creation

  • God Called Abraham

  • The Ten Commandments

  • Every Valley

  • The Salvation Song

  • In the Bleak Mid-Winter

  • Following a Star

  • Dia do Bheatha

  • Children Gather Round and Sing

  • Carol of the Journey

  • Joy to the World

The text of the play
Poem: The Burning Bush

  • Sharing the Words

  • Praying the Words

  • Good News

  • Part of the Story

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