Also, you need to avoid writing in sentence fragments or run-on sentences

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Writing from A-Z

The object of this assignment is for you to practice using sentence combining to write a variety of sentences. Also, you need to avoid writing in sentence fragments or run-on sentences.

  1. Write a story in which each sentence begins with the next letter of the alphabet. For instance, the first sentence would start with the letter “A”. The second sentence would begin with a word starting with the letter “B”, and so on through the end of the alphabet.

  1. Final drafts will be typed in class. If you need extra time, you can type in the library before school, after school, or a lunch. Of course, you may also complete typing at home. (OR MS365 – in the cloud)

  1. A thesaurus or dictionary is helpful with this assignment. Think about what you want to say FIRST, then try to think of the word. Ex: you might be thinking about your main character running somewhere, but you are on letter “J” --- they could “JOG” somewhere instead.

  1. Underline the first word of each sentence so that it is easier to check that you have followed the directions.

  1. The story should be ONLY 26 sentences long, but if you really want to, you can END the story with a few additional sentences. You MUST start with A and go to Z in 26 straight sentences, but you can add a few “wrap up” sentences of any type you’d like to the end.

  1. Rough draft is due ___9/30_____________. Final draft due _____10/4____________.

**HANDWRITTEN rough draft

You may choose from one of the story starters below OR choose your own topic. Remember, when choosing your own topic, it needs to be appropriate and something that would make an interesting short story. If you are uncertain, definitely go rated G --- you run the risk of me handing it back and having you start over if the topic is not the most appropriate one for school.

As soon as I woke up, I knew it was going to be a bad day. Because I had gone to bed late the night before, I had a hard time getting up. “Carolyn/Chris (choose one),” my mother yelled, “It’s time to get up!”
“Aliens have landed,” blasted a voice from the radio as a quickly woke from a deep slumber. “Be vigilant and let the authorities know right away if you see something suspicious,” the voice continued. Could it be true?
“Awesome,” the announcer shouted as the athlete showed fabulous ability. Because he/she (you may choose one) had trained all his/her life for this moment, the excitement nearly overwhelmed him/her.
Anytime I go to the ___________, I know the day will be an exciting one. Being a teenager, I definitely enjoy the _____________ on each and every visit. Carefully packing for my day, I hop into the car.
As I thought about my plans for the future, the options seemed endless. Before I could decide on the path I would take, I needed to ask for some advice. Certainly, my parents would be a valuable resource.

SELF CHECKLIST --- after writing final draft….CHECK!!!



Each sentence starts with the next letter of the alphabet….a, then b, then c….

All spelling, grammar, and capitalization is 100% correct

There are no run on sentences (too long/two sentences in one, etc)

No sentence fragments exist (partial sentences)

Every letter of the alphabet is included and my story is at least 26 sentences

My story flows, has a topic, and makes sense…not just a string of random sentences

I have done my best

**The above chart will be stapled to your final draft along with your rough draft.

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