America: The Story of Us

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America: The Story of Us

Boom ~ Episode 8

  1. What natural resource is discovered beneath Texas dirt? What do men call it?

Oil; Black Gold

  1. Beneath the Hamill’s feet lay oil reserves that were worth how much today?

11 billion

  1. How much do the Hamills get for every foot they drill?

2 dollars

  1. How many people die in oil explosions each year?


  1. What is the thicker liquid that the Hamills get from the nearby cattle?


  1. The men were hoping for 50 barrels a day, but the well ended up producing how much a day?

Over 80,000

  1. The price of oil plummets from $2.00 a barrel to _________ _________.

3 cents a barrel

  1. What is the revolutionary process that Henry Ford uses to make cars more efficiently?

The assembly line

  1. What do all the people do when they want to brake when Roscoe Sheller takes people out to drive?

“Wooooah” – like they were riding a horse.

  1. What sign is put up in California that is still there today?

The Hollywood sign

  1. William Mulholland finally reaches a place called ___________ Valley where he found water for the city of L.A.


  1. How many men died building the aqueduct that brought water to Los Angeles?

43 men

  1. What did local farmers try to do to the aqueduct because it ruined their farmland?

Local farmers attempt to blow the aqueduct up ten times, but it did not work.

  1. What was it called when 1.5 million African-Americans moved form the south to the north?

The Great Migration

  1. How much did Henry Ford pay his workers per day whether they were white or black?

$5 per day; 5 times more than sharecroppers wage in Georgia

  1. What ultimately happened to the boy on the raft in Lake Michigan in Chicago?

He was hit in the head with a rock and he ultimately died

  1. In 1920, for the first time more Americans live in __________ areas than _________.

Urban, rural

  1. What did Billy Sunday think was ruining society?


  1. What did the 18th Amendment do in America?

Prohibition – made the manufacturing, sale & distribution of alcohol illegal

  1. Even the President has a private ______ _____________ during prohibition.

Wine cellar

  1. What new national pastime was developed because of the supped up cars?

Stock car racing

  1. Who is the most notorious gangster in Chicago, Illinois?

Al Capone

  1. Who do they believe was responsible for the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre?

Al Capone

  1. What was Al Capone found guilty of? How many years did he go to jail for?

Tax evasion; 11 years

  1. What happens to prohibition on December 5, 1933?

The 18th amendment was repealed – the only amendment to be repealed.

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