American Lutheran Church Council Minutes

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November 17, 2015

American Lutheran Church Council Minutes
All were in attendance except Lisa Argenziano and Carla Szuch.
Deyo Blake called the meeting to order. (7:03 p.m.)

Pastor Gretchen gave the devotions on Chapter 2 in the book “The Mission Table”.

This chapter is called from the kitchen table to the altar table. The kitchen table refers to sitting with the family, telling stories and values that were passed on.

Some of the council members told some stories from their kitchen tables.

Pastor Gretchen read these quotes, “The altar table joins our kitchen tables as we affirm our baptismal vows at confirmation, stand at the altar for marriage, and walk away from the altar to follow a casket to the cemetery and remember the table set among the tombstones as life goes on. We all bring from our kitchen tables gifts to offer to God and to the mission of the church”.

“From the kitchen table, we are sent to the altar table and from there into the world as story and sign bearers of the Creator’s vision for reconciliation, forgiveness, restoration, and grace. In the next chapter, we will see the rhythm of mission as the leaving of our tables to seek company at the tables in our communities and world”.

Pastor Gretchen ended with prayer.
Consent Agenda
Approval of Minutes:

Receiving of Reports:

Reports received.
Discussion Agenda

Patti Hollis and Dave Bauer are working closely together to get repairs done that came up this week. The 13 year old gas water heater in the school building was repaired for $125.00 by the plumber.

Dave Bauer gave a report about the vermin abatement. The company proposed 4 visits; $225.00 for the 1st visit and $100.00 for the 3 subsequent visits.

Susan Anderson questioned Brighton Hall’s request to change the parking configuration in front of the church. Some of the neighbors complained about the traffic in the alley where the loading/unloading zone was. Alan from Brighton Hall requested the City of Burbank change the curb yellow for a loading/unloading zone. Patti Hollis has asked Alan to communicate with us in writing before going forward with future changes.

Old Business
Mission Investment loan application status:

The loan is still in progress and we have been placed on the top of the list.

Capital campaign: identify committee members and retaining Capital Campaign services:

Pastor Gretchen gave us a list of candidates for the Capital Campaign Committee she feels has a passion for mission. We need 7 people plus Pastor on the committee.

The fee for the Mission Investment Fund Capital Campaign Team leader is $2000 for expenses and $5000 for a church our size. We need to start this process as soon as possible.

Jason Shih and Pastor Gretchen went over the offerings for the first six months of this year to show the breakdown of offerings given by percentages.

Pastor’s compensation review:

Jason Shih, Dave Bauer and Deyo Blake were on the review committee. Jason gave us a sheet breaking down the ELCA ranges on a graph, ELCA Points Adjustment and Pastor’s Historical Compensation. The ELCA bases compensation on Base Salary, Housing Allowance and FICA (7.65% employee component of FICA).

Method 1: The graph shows low, medium and high ranges for 21-25 years of service and 26-30 years of service.

Method 2: ELCA Points Adjustment: 40 points

The ELCA compares salaries with teacher and principals, size of congregation and offerings. Pastor‘s salary is well behind based on all methods.
Jason Shih made a motion to increase Pastor’s compensation to (base salary to $41,500, housing allowance of $42,000 plus FICA) $89,890 in the 2016 budget, Dave Bauer second. Motion carried unanimously by ballot.

Holiday planning:

We did not discuss.

New Business
Formally accept new member. Include in November minutes:

Mark Baker motioned to formally accept the following new members:

Jenny Deahl

Sarah and Lisa Holmberg

Ed, Ludonna and Ryan Loney

Erica Hauck and Angie Long

Vsev Krawczeniuk seconded the motion.

Motion carried.

Begin process of identifying Volunteer of the year candidate:

We will review later.

Review of congregational chat on Nov. 8:

The chat was good.

Preparations for Annual Congregational meeting:

We will table for next meeting.


Jason Shih gave us the roofing bids from Jason’s general contractor’s roofing company.

School roof – new roof $25,000 - guarantee 5 year labor, 12 year material

School roof- 10/10 replacement $15,000 - guarantee 3 year labor, 10 year material

747 dome roof – new roof 18,500

Sanctuary roof - $7,500 to replace low sides

Down spouts and gutters - $2,200

The council agreed the school roof needs to be repaired first with the $15,000 bid.

Jason will find out when the roofers can start.


The invoice from our Lawyer is $7500. She is willing to wait for payment as soon as our loan is finalized.

Property Tax Refund:

We are in contact with the Los Angeles County Tax Collector regarding what information to send them for a refund. Susan Anderson will pay the property tax bill for the Screenland house on December 1, 2015.

Treasurer’s Report
Review and approve October Profit and Loss statements:

The offerings are up. Susan Anderson has paid out more expenses this month than normal. Loose offerings are down as well as group offerings. She needs to bill Brighton Hall for utilities. Deyo Blake will talk with Brighton Hall about the property taxes.

Vsev Krawczeniuk asked Susan to review the expenditure of $230.24 from Item 6704: BCTC Expense. She will correct if this expenditure does not belong under BCTC.

Jason Shih would like the reports to be more efficient by placing items under one heading.

2016 Budget process:

Susan Anderson has started the worksheet for the 2016 Budget. She will present the 2016 budget at the December 2015 council meeting.

Pastor Gretchen informed the council that she is resigning from our congregation as of December 15, 2015. She is sending her letter of resignation in tomorrow’s mail. She has accepted a call at a church in Boise, Idaho. Pastor’s last Sunday will be December 6, 2015. Pastor Tony Auer will preside over the congregation for the month of December.

The Executive council needs to meet with the assistant to the Bishop Reg Shultz Ackerson to discuss hiring an interim pastor. Pastor suggested that we ask for a full-time specially trained intentional interim pastor because they do wonderful work. The council will need to start discussions about the call committee and what our mission is.

The next council meeting is December 15, 2015 at 7:00 p.m.

Meeting Adjourned (9:19 p.m.)

Closing Prayer (9:21 p.m.)

Joni Stanford

Council Secretary

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