Ames Woodworkers Club Newsletter March 2017 Ames, Iowa

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Ames Woodworkers Club Newsletter

March 2017 Ames, Iowa
The Ames Woodworkers Club meets at various places in Ames and in other locations in Central Iowa. Unless otherwise announced, meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month. Membership is open to all interested in woodworking, arts and crafts involving wood, and related activities. Annual dues for 2017 are $10.00.
NEXT MEETING: TUESDAY, March 21st, 2017

Program: Table Saw Basics: Set-up and Use

Presenter: Will Zitterich and Jim Merideth

Time: Gathering begins at 6:30 pm; Meeting begins at 7:00 pm

Location: Will Zitterich Shop, 905 Top-o-Hollow Road, Ames.

It is often said that the table saw is the primary tool at the heart of the general woodworking shop, and we will examine this tool in detail, discuss its parts, and its uses at the March AWC meeting. Will Zitterich and Jim Merideth will review the various parts of the tablesaw, how it is properly adjusted and maintained, and how it is used safely. In addition, Will and Jim will demonstrate different kinds of cutting operations, and what to look for when buying a table saw. Because we will be meeting in a functional workshop, many of these topics are possible to discuss as an actual demonstration, so it is hoped that members will take advantage of this opportunity to attend this meeting and learn about this important woodworking tool. Given the relatively close space we will be meeting in, and that we have lots to cover for the demonstration, it would be good to limit Show-and-Tell items only to those that are relatively small in size, and with quick presentations of descriptions. Also, those members wanting or needing to sit for the duration of the meeting are encouraged to bring along a folding chair or stool for their use at the meeting. (A limited number of chairs are available at Will’s shop.). Those attending may also want to bring hearing protection, since the tablesaw will be in use throughout the meeting.

Directions to Will Zitterich’s Shop, the 905 Top-o-Hollow Road, Ames - From Grand Avenue in Ames, continue north past the North Grand Mall and turn west onto Bloomington Road. Take the first right turn (Roy Key Road) and continue north on Roy Key to the stop sign - Will’s house (905 Top-o-Hollow Road) is straight ahead. Parking is available on both sides of the street near 905 Top-O-Hollow Rd. – additional parking is available to the west on Calhoun Road. Members can enter from the garage doors in the front of the garage if they are open (weather dependent); if they are not open then enter through the shop door on the back side of the garage.
UPCOMING CLUB ACTIVITY – STORY COUNTY FAIR – July 21-22-23 - It is not too early to begin thinking about what projects you will show at the Story County Fair this year in the AWC’s Woodworking Exhibit. This is just 4 short months away - plan your projects now to show them at the Fair!

UPCOMING 2017 MEETING DATES….mark these dates on your calendars: March 21stSet-up and Use of Table Saw; April 15th (Saturday) – Rockler Demo of CNC Router; May 16thBasic Functions of Woodworking; June 17thIowa Arboretum & Picnic (tent.); July 21st-23rdStory County Fair; August 15thTBA; September 19thShop Set Up; October (TBA) – Shop Tours; November 21st – TBA; December 12thEnd-of-Year Meeting/Potuck

LAST MEETING NOTES: The AWC’s February 2017 meeting was held at the Environmental Health and Safety building on Tuesday, February 21st – approximately 45 members attended. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 by AWC President Al Johnson, who welcomed new members and visitors. Reports were received from the woodturners and cabinetmakers special interest groups. Cy Hornberg announced the upcoming demonstration of a CNC router by woodworking experts from Rockler, being held on April 15th (see information about this on page 3). Members are encouraged to attend this Saturday demonstration which will be our April AWC activity. Show and Tell items were brought by Cy Hornberg, Roger Nass, Carl Link, Bob Long, and Frank Maly. The program began with Jim Merideth providing an introduction to different cutting board designs which have a 3-dimensional quality, formed both by the shapes of glued pieces used in their construction, and the colors and features of the different species of wood used. He also showed and explained specialized gluing jigs he used to make these end grain boards that are so attractive it is unlikely people will use them! We thank Jim for a great demonstration and introduction to this aspect of woodworking!

I  WOOD! - I  WOOD! - I  WOOD! - I  WOOD! - I  WOOD! - I  WOOD! - I  WOOD! - I  WOOD!

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MEMBERSHIP in the Ames Woodworkers Club not only enables members to attend meetings and receive the monthly newsletter, but members are also entitled to make use of discounts at some local businesses. When your 2015 dues are paid you will receive an AWC Membership Card that can be presented at the time of sale at participating woodworking businesses to make use of in-store discounts for club members.

VIDEO TAPE LIBRARY: The Club has a fairly diverse collection of video tapes on various woodworking techniques and projects that may be borrowed for free. Tapes may be borrowed by club members at each meeting. Please return borrowed tapes promptly at the next meeting so that others may have access to them. Call Charles Smith (515-450-3257) to arrange pickup or drop-off if you can’t attend a meeting when the tape is due.

AWC TOOL LOAN PROGRAM - Club-owned tools are available for loan; contact Jim Gunning (Phone: 515-292- 8412, e-mail: to make arrangements. AWC Tools available for loan:

Table saw alignment system: [Master Plate, A-Line-It dial gauge and miter track mount, alignment video]

Jointer blade setting jig Pen Disassembly Tools Blum 35mm Hinge Hole-boring jig

Delmhorst J-Lite Wood Moisture meter Wizard Wand-style metal detector Spline Jig

NEW MEMBERS – We welcome new members Andrew Dodds and David Graham, both of Ames, to the Ames Woodworkers Club and look forward to your participation! New member forms are available for download & printing from the AWC web site at
AWC WEB SITE – ( - Webmaster Jim Gunning is always looking for additional items to put up on the web site, including images of members projects, announcements, etc. Contact Jim Gunning (Phone: 515-292-8412, e-mail: for information.

SWAP AND SHOP: This section is YOUR free advertising to put out the word for previously-owned tools or materials you are looking to buy, or if you would like to sell similar items. Are you looking for a tool?? Have something to sell?? Let the Editor know what it is you have to sell or want to buy.

ITEMS FOR SALE: (Please alert the Editor if your items have sold – we normally list items for up to 3 months.)


DUST COLLECTION DUCT AND FITTINGS – Spiral duct: 1 pc. of 7”x 96” spiral dust collection duct (new) $30; 2 pcs. of 5” x 96” spiral dust collection duct (new) $50 for both, plus an assortment of pipe connectors. - Contact Cy Hornberg. (Ogden) – Call: 515-230-0159 or e-mail:
RED OAK MILLED LUMBER – Lumber cut from logs at the end of December – 5/4, rough sawn red oak, just over 7 ft., various widths. Price $ 2.25/bd. ft. For more information, call Art Fleener at 515-290-3356 or e-mail at:


The following local woodworking-related businesses that have extended AWC members a 10% discount on purchases (excluding power tools):

Ace Hardware 615 24th St., Ames; 515-232-1791.

Acme Tools 629 SW 9th St., Des Moines; 515-244-4189.

Hokel Machine Supply224 Duff Avenue, Ames; 515-232-6505. (10% discount on machinery)

Hutcheson Lumber & Millwork - 2169 180th St, Marshalltown; 641-753-4144 or 641-751-8125

Sherwin-Williams, Co. - 1624 South Duff Ave, Ames - 515-232-2124 (20% discount on non-sale items; 5% sale)

The Woodsmith Store - 10320 Hickman Road, Clive, 515-254-9494.

Woodhaven - 501 W. 1st Ave., Durant, IA 52747, 1-800-344-6657 (10% disc. on items they make)

Accurate measurement is essential to properly fitting joinery. In addition to having rulers

measuring devices that are well marked and easily read, the scribing implements are also important too. In general, pens are never used, since the ink bleeds into the wood, resulting in inaccurate lines. Pencil is better, and fine pointed hard lead can provide the best representation of measurement. The best method is to use a marking gauge or a marking knife to score the wood fibers in precisely the place where the cut is to be made.

Ames Woodworkers Club Newsletter - Page 3

APRIL 2017 AWC MEETING – The AWC's meeting March 2017 will be held on SATURDAY, APRIL 15th beginning at 9:00 am, at the Fire Safety Institute Building, in Ames. This will be a live demonstration of a CNC Router System being demonstrated by Larry Needham and Dave Wallace of the Rockler Woodworking Supply Company in Minneapolis. This will be a daytime demonstration with morning and afternoon sessions, and will include lunch provided by the club. See additional information below, and put this event on your calendar for April! Additional information about the April meeting will also be included in the April 2017 AWC Newsletter, and a separate e-mail message will be sent to all members with details about the activity.

CABINET AND FURNITUREMAKING GROUP - The last cabinet makers meeting was held at the garage shop of Bret Meyer on February 28th. While there was a limited turnout, it was a good meeting. The purpose was for Bret to give a tour of his relatively new shop and discuss and display his recent woodworking projects. He had done a great job with his double car garage shop and has a very nice and fairly complete selection of power tools. The shop has a number of cabinet and work bench built-ins including an entire wall of upper and lower cabinets with numerous storage drawers and includes a power miter saw station. The rest of the shop included an outfeed table for his table saw, a large combination workbench/assembly table and a router table with home built router raiser.  His woodworking projects included a chess board and very large octagonal poker/game table, both of which made use of air dried walnut from his father's farm.  Both were very well done, although he, like the rest of us, had to point his minimally obvious errors��.  At the end of the meeting we helped him lift his new 8" Grizzly jointer from its shipping box onto its stand. Nice looking machine. The next meeting will be at Jim Merideth’s shop on March 28 at 1231 Idaho Ct. in Ames (gathering at 6:30 with the meeting to begin at 7:00) The topic of the meeting will be the construction and use of the various cutting and glue up jigs Jim used in the construction of several of the 3D end grain cutting boards he displayed at the February AWC meeting.  If you would like to join the Cabinetmakers Special Interest group, contact Will Zitterich at

TURNERS GROUP – The February meeting of the Ames Area Wood Turners was held on Sunday, February 19th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the shop of Roger Nass. Approximately 24 members were in attendance. The demonstration began with Roger Nass and Jerry Turbett reviewing the use of face plates. The advantages of strong attachment to the spindle were compared to the disadvantages of being unable to re-position the blank to account for shape, balance, or other factors when using a face plate. Rob Wallace then presented a review of woodturning chucks, showing the major types available (“Tommy-bar” versus scroll types), and briefly discussed what features to look for, including size, smoothness of operation, having a range of interchangeable jaw styles, use of jumbo jaws, etc. with a variety of examples used to show the differences. The final demonstration segment was presented by Roger Nass, who spoke about different ways of jam-chucking between centers, emphasizing the safety and convenience aspects of being able to hold a nearly completed piece on the lathe, or ways of truing a piece after drying and beginning second turning to finish. The business meeting included discussion about forthcoming meetings, the Kansas City AAW Symposium, hands-on mentoring, and upcoming group purchases for Joyner Eccentric jigs and to Craft Supplies. Show and tell items were brought by Roger Nass, Doug Stremick, Paul Christensen, and Pat Fisher.The next Turners meeting will be held on Sunday, March 19th from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm in the shop of Roger Nass. The meeting demonstration topic this month will be a continuation of our review of “Work Holding on the Lathe:  Part 2”, presented by Rob Wallace, Roger Nass, and perhaps others.  This demonstration will be the second of two demonstrations we will have on holding wood in various ways on the wood lathe, showing a range of available options.  The March demonstration will include review the use of screw chucks, drive centers and drive spurs, live centers and their accessories, mandrels, collet chucks, vacuum chucking, and use of a center-steady. Come and learn about these important tools, accessories, and techniques to help improve your woodturning skills and work more efficiently and safely. Details about the March AAWT meeting were included in the March 2017 Turners Update newsletter that was sent to group members via e-mail. Contact Rob Wallace (; 292-5785) if you are interested in joining the Turners Group.

CNC ROUTER DEMONSTRATION BY ROCKLER STAFF - The April AWC activity will be a demonstration of a CNC Router system for the AWC on SATURDAY, April 15th at the Fire Safety Institute Building. There will be demonstration sessions in both morning and early afternoon, and lunch will be provided (pizza and pop/beverages) for those in attendance. The tentative schedule for this activity includes a morning session from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon, lunch from noon to 1:00, and an afternoon session from about 1:00 to about 3:00. If you are planning on attending lunch, attending the morning session would be helpful to allow us to get an accurate count for ordering the amount of food needed. We have a great opportunity to see this state-of-the-art computer-assisted tooling in action, so plan on attending one or both sessions on Saturday, April 15th. A separate e-mail message will be sent to members with details about this event, and further information will also be included in the April 2017 AWC Newsletter.

WOODSMITH STORE THURSDAY EVENING SEMINARS – Held at the Woodsmith Store, Clive - Seminars are held Thursday evenings and begin at 6:30 pm and run to 7:30 pm – Cost it $ 8.00 per seminar (includes $5 Woodsmith Store coupon); no pre-registration required. For updated scheduling see:

Mar 23Pocket Hole Joinery.

See you at the March AWC meeting at the shop

of Will Zitterich, 905 Top-o-Hollow Road, in Ames on

Tuesday, March 21st at 7:00 pm.

Freehand drilling perpendicular to a plane can be aided by the use of an

acrylic mirror with holes drilled for commonly used hole sizes. When the

reflected image aligns with the bit in front-to-back and side-to-side views,

the bit is perpendicular to the surface being drilled.


GET NEW MEMBERS! Ask an interested friend to attend a meeting with you!!!

Club Officers:

President: Alan Johnson, 3912 Squaw Road, Ames, IA 50014, Phone: 1-515-233-4831, e-mail:

Vice-President: Carl Link, 28263 595th Avenue, Cambridge, IA 50046, Phone: 1-515-383-2232; 1- 515-450-0052, e-mail:

Secretary/Treasurer & Newsletter Editor: Rob Wallace, 2841 Torrey Pines Road, Ames, IA 50010-8946 Phone 515-292-5785 Information to be included in April 2017 newsletter should be sent to Rob Wallace by mail, phone, or e-mail ( by Friday, April 7th.

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