Amount of Sugar in Grams

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Directions: Read the following story. Within the story are food products that contain sugar. Find each food product that you believe contains sugar and then try to match it to the corresponding amount in the chart below. There may be more than 1 food per sugar amount.

Alex was invited to his friend’s BBQ. Once he arrived and saw the array of food, he knew that he would have to taste everything. First, he started with a hot dog on a white bun topped with honey mustard, ketchup, and relish, washing it down with a can of Pepsi. For a side, he ate a salad with ranch dressing. After playing an exhausting game of touch football, he refueled with a granola bar and a glass of milk. Before leaving, he just had to have one more plate of food filled with teriyaki chicken and finger-licking barbeque ribs.

Amount of Sugar in Grams



Hot Dog & Relish (1 packet)

Ranch Dressing (2oz)


White Bun


Honey Mustard (1 packet)


Ketchup (1oz)


Granola Bar & Milk (8oz)


Teriyaki Chicken (1/4 chicken)


BBQ ribs (6 ribs)


Pepsi (12oz)

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