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Ancient India: A Webliography

Ancient India

At this site from the British Museum, you can find timelines, maps, and information about the Buddha, early Hinduism, the Indus Valley, and Ancient Indian writing systems.

Indus Civilization

A webpage devoted to archaeological findings surrounding the Harappan civilization. Includes lots of graphics.

The Complete History of India

Under Ancient History, you can find out more about these civilizations: Indus Valley, Aryans, Magadha, Mauryans, Post Maurayns, Kushana, Golden Age, and Post Gupta.

Ancient India (and a little modern India)

A teacher created this page with information about the early civilizations in India. It covers housing, food, clothing, art, transportation and much more.

Indian Divinity

Learn about the animal deities, cosmic trinity, Hindu trinity, lesser gods, and more.

Indus Valley Civilization

Read about the discovery of two ancient cities, Mohenjadaro and Harappa, in 1925.

The Story of India: Pakistan and North India

This series of photos explores the ancient sites that helped shape the history and culture of Pakistan and northern India. It explores eight places, including Harappa, the Golden Temple at Amritsar and Fatehpur Sikri. “The Story of South India” can be found at

Ancient India Coinage

View images of coins from ancient Indian civilizations.

Astronomy of Ancient India

Read about how scientists in ancient India studied the stars.

Indus Valley Civilization (Crash Course World History)

A fast-paced history of the Indus Valley Civilization from John Green

Buddha and Ashoka (Crash Course World History)

This John Green video focuses on Hinduism and the origins of Buddhism.

The Story of India

These hour-long videos from the BBC cover periods of India’s history:

Beginnings (before 500 BC)
The Power of Ideas (the age of Buddha and Mahavira)
Spice Routes and Silk Roads

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