And, for all the hype about Bollywood heading into a 'bold' direction


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“For this is no ordinary 3.5-hour film. It is a saga that stretches on and on -- imagine, if you will, a Balaji Telefilms soap running for several seasons, time leaps and all. Yes, I've lost a sizeable chunk of my life, and you will too….
A tense romantic drama between two married couples -- and the most compelling character in the film is a dad who dresses rather bizarrely? The film is working from a fundamentally flawed script, and our four (okay, two) main leads aren't really fleshed out at all.
And, for all the hype about Bollywood heading into a 'bold' direction, KANK ends up being a lot of oversight with barely any insight. No motivations are explained, no headway made. Couples on the verge of marriage would do well not to head into the theatre. You may be dumped for the choice of flick….” Extremely entertaining review of various reviews (including some big names), with added links.
“A French version would have a lot more sex and cigarette smoking. An American one would probably end with a letter opener in someone’s back. But only in Bollywood would the standard-issue marital-infidelity tale include disco-style musical numbers and clock in at almost three and a half hours….
The story takes place largely in New York, whose native inhabitants are often turned into buffoons by Mr. Johar, payback, perhaps, for Hollywood depictions of foreigners over the last century….”

“Too long. Too tedious. And strangely plastic. No, this time, Karan Johar seems to have got the formula somewhat skewed.”
“Karan Johar was inspired to make Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna(Never Say Goodbye), his study of love and its complex nature in these rapidly changing times, after a single viewing of Richard Linklater’s Before Sunset. For the sake of all of us, may his DVD collection burn and/or the library he rents titles from run out of classics. And pray to God that he doesn’t get inspired by Before Sunrise!” Another excellent set of round-ups.

“Despite the inherent flaw that Karan Johar tries to salvage them from the depths they've fallen into by giving them refuge in "a love that broke all relationships" story, KANK, unlike 'Closer,' is not about morality. It's about vulnerability.

In 'Closer,' infidelity is wrong. In KANK, it's human.

'Closer' does not forgive cheaters. KANK is more kind.

'Closer' is so dark, real. KANK sugarcoats it, makes it DISTANT.”

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