Andrea Fulton Executive Producer and Director The Bracebridge Dinner at Yosemite Andrea Fulton Productions

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Andrea Fulton

Executive Producer and Director

The Bracebridge Dinner at Yosemite

Andrea Fulton Productions

Since 1979, Andrea Fulton has produced and directed the annual production of The Bracebridge Dinner at Yosemite, a unique and unrivaled American holiday tradition, now in its 89th season at The Ahwahnee in Yosemite National Park.

For more than six decades, Fulton has been involved with offering Bracebridge guests an unforgettable experience that reconnects all who attend with the spirit and enchantment of the holidays. In 2015, Fulton marks her 36th year as producer and director and 65th year as a performer, currently playing the role of Augusta Billingsly, The Housekeeper of Bracebridge Hall.
At the turn of the new century, Fulton presented a “re-imagined” Bracebridge Dinner with a markedly enhanced script, incorporating new characters, new story lines, and, above all, an opportunity for the audience to laugh. The comedy element of this new Bracebridge Dinner is perhaps Andrea’s favorite feature. In addition, under her direction, the production now features a panoply of exciting, vibrant costumes, rivaling the finest of cinematic attire.

Andrea joined the Bracebridge cast at the age of five. Ansel Adams, the creator and director of the show since 1929, hired Andrea’s father, Eugene Fulton, as Musical Director and her mother, Anna-Marie Fulton, as accompanist and administrator. When Ansel retired in 1973, her parents took on the production of The Dinner, and when, in 1978, Eugene died unexpectedly of a heart attack after the show’s dress rehearsal, Andrea was asked to take on the production and direction of the show.

During the ensuing years, she has heightened the vocal excellence of The Dinner by adding women’s voices to an all-male chorus, as well as instituting Holiday choral concerts, opera concerts, a musical theatre show, and vocal programs by members of the Andrea Fulton Chorale.
Fulton and members of the Bracebridge cast have been featured on ABC’s Good Morning America, NBC’s The Today Show, PBS’s Great Lodges of the National Parks, and on numerous television and radio broadcasts throughout California. In 2005, she produced The Andrea Fulton Chorale’s “A Yosemite Christmas – The Bracebridge Dinner and Music of the Christmas Season,” recorded at George Lucas’ famed Skywalker Ranch.

In addition to Bracebridge, Fulton is known for a variety of television, radio, and recording activities, including commercials for Fortune 500 companies, narration of books-on-tape such as “The Scarlet Letter” and “A Tale of Two Cities,” and voiceovers for computer video games. She also performed for many years with the Los Angeles and San Francisco Civic Light Opera.

When Andrea isn’t involved in the production of The Bracebridge Dinner, she writes; at present, she is working on her memoir “Going to Christmas” as well as a collection of poetry. She has traveled world-wide. Following in her father’s footsteps, she loves to cook – particularly soups. As with Eugene, whenever she is particularly happy, stressed, or too busy to cook anything, she can be found in the kitchen, surrounded by her numerous animals, creating her latest soup.

Originally from San Francisco, Fulton attended the famed Lowell High School, and majored in music and drama at San Francisco State University.

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