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Oceanic Art.
Revised: June 2015
Chinese and Japanese Art, Southeast Asian Art, Indian Art, General Works 1-134

Islamic Art 135-166

Chinese, Japanese, Islamic, Indian, Tibetan, Korean, Asian Art 167-534

Additions, October 2012 535-550

Additions, February-March 2013 Inc. Sales Cats. 551-598

Additions, Sept.-Dec. 2013 Inc. Sales Cats., Dealers’ Cats., etc. 599-772

Additions, Dec. 2013: Asian Art, Sales Catalogues 773-797

Additions, January /February 2014: 798-831

Additions, April 2014: 832-942

Additions, June-July 2014: 943-963

Additions, Fall-Winter 2014 964-1044

Additions, April 2015 1044-1067

Additions, June 2015 1068-1077

  1. O. F. Akimushkin. Il Murakka di San Pietroburgo: Album di Miniature Indiane e Persiane del XVI-XVIII Secolo e do Esemplari di Calligrafia di Mir 'Imad al-Hasani. Lugano, Fondazione ARCH, Villa Favorita, 1994. Sm. qto, 121 pgs., many color ills. Wrappers. Text in Italian. 30.00

  1. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Sold.

  1. Robert Bagley, ed. Ancient Sichuan: Treasures from a Lost Civilization. 2001. Qto, 360 pgs., prof. ill., mostly in color. Cloth, dust jacket. Exhibition in the Seattle Art Museum. 45.00

  1. Barcelona, Museu des les Arts Decoratives. Junta de Museus. Cataleg de les Sales que Contenen la Colleccio d'Art Xines Diposit del Sr. Damia Mateu al Museu de les Art Decoratives Inaugurades el 17 de Febrer del 1935. 1935. 8vo, 50 pgs., lists 236 works, 11 ills. and cover ill. Wrappers, spine light-toned. 30.00

  1. Beijing, China Guardian Quarterly Auctions. Sale 17. Jade and Porcelain. March 28, 2009. Sm. qto, fully-ill. in color. In Chinese with English titles and estimates. Wrappers, ends of spine a little bumped. 20.00

  1. Beijing, China Guardian Quarterly Auctions. Sale 18. Porcelain and Jade. June 27, 2009. Sm. qto, fully ill. in color. In Chinese with English titles and estimates.. Wrappers. New. 25.00

  1. Berlin, Museum fur Indische Kunst. Katalog 1971: Ausgestellte Werke. 1971. [Exhibited works.] Sm. qto, (154)pgs. + 64 pages of plates (part color). Wrs. A sl. bit soiled. 30.00

  1. Bern, Kunsthalle. Erste Ausstellung Japanische Kunst. 1950. 8vo, 40 pgs. + 12 black and white plates. Wrappers. 15.00

  1. Marcel Bernanose. Les Arts Decoratifs au Tonkin. Paris, 1922. Sm. qto, vii + 135 pgs. + 64 black and white plates + 44 text ills. Library cloth. A library dup. in v.g. condition with a gold call number at the base of the spine, some internal marks. Original wrappers are bound in; with the leather bookplate of John Pierpont Morgan; text block is in very good-fine condition except for faint toning at the edges of the pages. 60.00

  1. Binghamton, New York, State University of New York, University Art Gallery. The Rodnay A. Horne Collection of Chinese Art. 1968. Sm. qto, 28 pgs., 39 works, 9 plates. Wrs. Very good copy. 15.00

  1. Wilhelm von Bode, Ernst Kuhnel. Antique Rugs from the Near East. Fourth, Revised Edition. London, 1970. Lg. 8vo, 184 pgs., 122 ills. Red cloth. 25.00

  1. Brooklyn, The Brooklyn Museum. Asian Art from he Collections of Ernest Erickson and the Erickson Foundation, Inc. 1963. 8vo, 72 pgs., many b/w ills. Wrs. a little soiled. 10.00

  1. Emma C. Bunker. Sold.

  1. Buffalo, The Buffalo Fine Arts Academy, sold.

  1. Bukchon Art Museum. Masterpieces of Chinese Lacquer. 2007. Qto, 148 pgs., prof. ill. in color. Text mostly in Korean but some English, all art works are captioned in English. Wrappers, unred, bot. of spine very sl. bumped. 75.00

  1. Bulletin of Rhode Island School of Design. Museum Notes, March 1962. China-Trade Porcelain. 1962. 8vo, 16 pgs., many ills. on 12 black and white plates. Wrs. 10.00

  1. Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago. The Art of the Sepik River. 1971. Lg. 8vo, 100 pgs., many ills., a few color. Wrappers. New copy. 25.00

  1. Rosa Maria Cimino. Sold.

  1. Eva Cseh. Sold.

  1. Birgit Denizel u. a. Paris im Japanfieber. Meisterwerke des Japanischen Farbholzschnitts Begeistern Franzosische Kunstler von Degas bis Vallotton. Oldenburg, Veroffentlichungen des Horst-Janssen-Museums Oldenburg, Band 10, 2007. Sm. qto, 137 ps., many ills., partly in color. Wrappers. 30.00

  1. M. S. Dimand, Jean Mailey. Oriental Rugs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. New York, 1973. Qto, ix + 353 pgs., many ills. and plates, some color. Cloth, dust jacket. Dedication inscription on the f.f.e.p. 35.00

  1. Maurice Sven Dimand. The Kevorkain Foundation Collection of Rare and Magnificent Oriental Carpets. Special Loan Exhibition. New York, 1966. 8vo, 35 pgs., 17 lates, part color. Wrappers. Ink signature on u.r. of title page. 15.00

  1. John Eskenazi. Sold.

  1. Yukio Futagawa, sold.

  1. Sir Harry Garner. Sold.

  1. John Guy. Indian Temple Sculpture. London, Victoria & Albert Museum, 2007. Sm. qto, 192 pgs., many ills., some color. Cloth, dust jaket. Unread copy. 40.00

  1. Hanguk Kongye Munhwa Chinhungwon. Sold

  1. Hanover, New Hampshire, Dartmouth College, Hood Museum of Art. Ming-Ch’i Figures from the William E. Little Collection. 1989. Sq. 8vo, 12 pgs., 5 ills. Wrappers. 10.00

  1. Hartford, Conn, Wadsworth Atheneum. Japanese Prints. A Selection from the Charles J. Morse and Jared K. Morse Collection Lent by Mrs. Jared K. Morse. 1951. 8vo, 49 pgs., 201 works, about 30 ills. on 15 plates. Wrs., sl. soiled. 10.00

  1. Eleanor Hartstone. Rice Grain Porcelain. A Handbook to Accompany the H. Nelson Hartstone Collection. The Author, 1978. Sm. qto, 80 pgs., num. ills., some color. Cloth, inscribed by the author. 20.00

  1. Maxwell K. Hearn. How to Read Chinese Paintings. New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2008. Qto, 173 pgs., many ills., some color plates. Wrappers. 20.00

  1. Victoria Blyth Hill. Sold.

  1. Robert J. Holmgren, Anita E. Spertus. Early Indonesian Textiles from Three Island Culturs. Sumba – Toraja – Lampung. New York, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 19898. Sm. qto, 111 pgs., prof. ill., mostly in color. wrappers. 30.00

  1. Hong Kong, Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The Imperial Connection: Court Related Chinese Snuff Bottles. The Humphrey K. F. Hui Collection. Hong Kong, 1998. Small qto, 255 pages, about 400 or more brilliant color illustrations inc. details and base marks. Many black and white ills. also. Cloth, dust jacket. Text is mostly English with some Chinese. 90.00

  1. Hong Kong, Christie's. Fine Chinese Classical Paintings and Calligraphy. May 26, 2009. Fully ill. in color. Text in Chinese and English. Wrappers. New copy. 15.00

  1. Honolulu Academy of Arts. Treasures from Japan. Paintings. 1955. Lg. 8vo, 18 pgs., 49 works + all works ill., some in color. Wrs. 15.00

  1. Hopp Ferenc Kelet-Azsiai Muveszeti Muzeum, Hungary. Japanese Art in the Ference Hopp Museum of Eastern Asiatic Arts. Kyoto-shi, 1995. Qto, xxi + 280 pgs., many color ills. Cloth. Report of Japanese Art Abroad Research Project, v. 5; research Center for Japanese Studies Nichibunken Japansese Studies Series, 6. Text in English and Japanese. Prints, paintings, ceramics, lacquerware, sculpture. 100.00

  1. Oliver R. Impey. Japanese Export Lacquer: 1580 -1850. Amsterdam, 2005. Qto, 384 pgs., prof. ill., chiefly color. Cloth, dust jacket. 265.00

  1. Sebastian Izzard. Kunisada’s World. Sold.

  1. Tadashi Kobayashi. An Enduring Vision: 17th- To 20th-Century Japanese Painting from the Gitter-Yelen Collection. Mew Orleans Museum of Art, 2003. Qto, 320 pgs., prof. ill. in color. Cloth, dust jaket. New copy. 85.00

  1. Kokusai Nihon Bunka Kenkyu Senta. Kaigai Nihon Bijutsu Chosa Pruojekuto.Catalogue of Japanese Art in The National Gallery, Prague. Kyoto-shi, 1994. Qto, xxiii, 277 pgs., hundreds of color ills. Cloth. Text in Japanese and English. Series: Report of Japanese Art ABaroad Research Project, 4; The International Research Center for Japanese Studies, 5. Ceramics, Lacquerware,Prints, Paintings. 100.00

  1. Koln, Lackmuseum. Ex Oriente Lux. Lackkunst aus Ostasien und Europa. 4th edition, 1987. Sq. 8vo, 265 pgs., prof. ill., some color plates. Wrappers. 25.00

  1. Kyoto, The National Museum of Modern Art. Crafts Reforming in Kyoto (1910-1940). 1998. Qto, 236 pgs., prof. ill., mostly in color. Much of the text is in Japanese but the plates have English captions and the catalogue is also in English. Wrappers. 50.00

  1. Leningrad, Musee de l'Ermitage. L'Art Ancien de l'Altai. 1958. Sm. qto, 86 pgs., num. plates. Parallel text in French and Russian. Wrs. with d.w.,ends of spine sl. bumped. 25.00

  1. Lincoln, Mass., De Cordova Museum. The China Trade: Romance and Reality. June-Sept. 1979. Lg. 8vo, 64 pgs., num. black and white ills. Wrappers. Fine copy. 30.00

  1. London, Sam Fogg. Indian Paintings and Manuscripts. Catalogue 21. 1999. Sm. qto, 128 pgs., about 100 color ills. of 83 examples. Wrappers. Price list inserted. 75.00

  1. London, Francis Galloway. Indian Miniatures, Textile Art. 1994. Qto, unpaged, 26 works of art ill. in color. The first none works are Indian miniatures, the others textile arts from various countries (the title of the catalogue is deceptive). Wrappers. Unread. 25.00

  1. London, Michael Goedhuis. [Oriental Bronzes]. N.d. 8vo, 12 pgs., 25 works ill. in half-tone. Price list. Wrappers. 10.00

  1. London, Ben Janssens Oriental Art. Sold.

  1. London, Ben Janssens Oriental Art. Sold.

  1. London, Phillips. Japanese & Chinese Ceramics & Works of Art. June 9, 1993. Lg. 8vo, num. ills., a few in color. Wrappers. Fine copy, PRICES REALIZED list laid in. 15.00

  1. London, Phillips. Chinese & Japanese Ceramics & Works of Art. December 8, 1993. Lg. 8vo, num. ills., some in color. fine copy in wrappers, PRICES REALIZED list laid in. 15.00

  1. London, Anna Maria Rossi, Fabio Rossi. Sold.

  1. London, Rossi & Rossi. Sold.

  1. London, Sotheby & Co. Catalogue of Japanese Colour Prints Including The Property of the Late Paul Alther. Sale Nov. 8, 1972. Lg. 8vo, with some black and white plates, some prices in ink, and price list inserted. 20.00

  1. London, Sotheby & Co. Catalogue of the Henri Vever Collection of Fine Japanese Works of Art Part II… Sale Feb. 26, 1973. Lg. 8vo, 30 plates. Wrapper. 20.00

  1. London, Sotheby & Co. Catalogue of the Henri Vever Collection of Fine Japanese Works of Art Part III.... Sale July 17, 1973. Lg. 8vo, 32 plates. Wrappers. 25.00

  1. London, Sotheby & Co. Catalogue of Japanese Colour Prints Illustrated Books Japanese and Chinese Paintings Japanese Screens and Reference Books. Sale July 4, 1973. Lg. 8vo, several plates. Wrappers. Price list inserted. 10.00

  1. London, Sotheby’s. sold.

  1. London, Victoria and Albert Museum. Art & the East India Trade. 1970. Oblong 8vo, 37 pgs., chiefly ills. Wrappers. 15.00

  1. Daniel McKee. Colored in the Year's New Light: Japanese Surimono From the Becker Collection. Cornell University, Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art, 2008. Qto, 320 pgs., profusely ill. in color. Wrappers. New copy. 75.00

  1. Matthew P. McKelway a.o. Traditions Unbound. Groundbreaking Painters of Eighteenth-Century Kyoto. San Francisco, Aisian Art Museum, 2005. Qto, 208 pgs., prof. ill., mostly in color. Wrappers. 40.00

  1. Memphis, The Dixon Gallery and Gardens. Japanese Prints from the Jessie L. Clough Art Memoprial for Teaching Southwestern at Memphis. A Loan Exhibition. May-Aug. 1979. Lg. 8vo, 25 pgs., 24 ills. Cat. of 29 works. Fine lib. dup. with a few sm. stamps. 10.00

  1. Munchen, Bayerisches Nationalmuseum. Die Wittelsbacher und das Reich der Mitte: 400 Jahre China und Bayern. March-July 2009. Qto, 588 pgs., prof. ill., mostly in color. Illustrated boards. New copy. 75.00

  1. Naprstek, Czech Republic, Museum. sold

  1. New Haven, Yale University Art Gallery.The Edo Culture in Japanese Prints. 1972. Sm. qto, 46 pgs., 15 black and white ills. Wrappers. Fine copy, but very small library stamp in the middle of the back cover (about 1/2 inch, and blurry). 15.00

  1. New Haven, Yale University Art Gallery. Tea Culture of Japan. 2009. Lg. 8vo, 112 pgs., many col. ills. Wrappers. 15.00

  1. New York, Anderson Galleries. Sold.

  1. New York, Asia House Gallery. Ancient Indonesian Art of the Central and Eastern Javanese Periods. 1971. Sm. qto, 160 pgs., prof. ill. FINE COPY IN CLOTH with very sl. worn dust jacket. 35.00

  1. New York, Asia Society. Korean Arts of the Eighteenth Century: Splendor & Simplicity. 1993. Qto, 239 pgs., prof. ill. in color. Wrappers. Unread copy. 25.00

  1. New York, Asia Society. Worlds Seen and Imagined: Japanese Screens from the Idemitsu Museum of Arts. Qto, 168 pgs., prof. ill. in color. Wrappers, very sl bumped on two corners. 30.00

  1. New York, sold.

  1. New York, sold.

  1. New York, sold.

  1. New York, Sebastian Izzard LLC. Japanese Paintings and Works of Art / Korean Ceramics. Catalogue 2. 1999. Qto, 90 pgs., many color ills. Wrappers. 20.00

  1. New York, Japan Society. Sold.

  1. New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Sold.

  1. New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Sold.

  1. New York, Carlton Rochell Asian Art. Sold.

  1. New York, Carlton Rochell Asian Gallery. Sold.

  1. New York, Rubin Museum of Art. Sold.

  1. New York, Rubin sold.

  1. New York, Sotheby's. sold.

  1. New York, Eric J. Zetterquist. Thai and Burmese Ceramics. 1996. Lg. 8vo, unpgd., with 30 color plates. Wrs. Fine copy. 25.00

  1. Christopher Noey, Janet Temos. Art of India from the Williams College Museum of Art. Williamstown, 1994. Lg. 8vo, 136 pgs., many ills., some color. Wrappers. 20.00

  1. Northampton, Smith College Museum of Art. Chinese Art: an Exhibition of Paintings, Jades, Bronzes and Ceramics. 1962. Oblong 8vo, unpgd., 139 works, 8 black and white plates. Wrappers. 10.00

  1. Norwich, Conn., The Slater Memorial Museum, The Norwich Free Academy. The Vanderpoel Collection. Descriptive Catalogue Oriental Woodcarvings Textiles, Stencils, and Other Objects of Art. 1936? 8vo, no pages, 159 objects are mentioned. Wrappers, a bit of writing on the upper corner of the cover. 20.00

  1. N.a. International Netsuke Society Journal. Volume 22, No. 4. Richardson, Texas, Winter 2002. 8vo, 64 pgs., many color ills. Wrappers. Unread copy. 25.00

  1. Pratapaditya Pal. Sold.

  1. Pratapaditya Pal. Sold.

  1. Palm Beach, Florida, sold.

  1. 173 Paris, Artcurial. Art Chinois & Art Indien. Sale Dec. 3, 2007. Sm. qto, prof. ill. This is modern and contemporary Chinese and Indian art. 20.00

  1. Paris, Jacques Barrere. Art d'Extreme Orient. March - June 1991. Qto, unpaged, with num. color plates of sculpture in wood, metal, marble and bronze. Wrappers, Text in French with some English. Wrappers with dust jacket. 25.00

  1. Paris, Jacques Barrere. Art d'Extreme Orient. Sept.-Oct. 1991. Qto, 82 pages, many color plates. Wrappers. Chinese art mostly and a few Khmer pieces. 25.00

  1. Paris, Galerie Christian Deydier. Sold.

  1. Paris, Fondation Custodia, Collection Frits Lugt. Couleurs de l’Inde. Nouvelles Acquisitions de la Collection Frits Lugt. Oeuvres Choisies Exposition-Dossier. 2002. Lg. 8vo, 85 pgs., num. col. ills. Wrappers. 20.00

  1. Paris, Grand Palais. Or des Scythes. Tresors des Musees Sovietiques. 1975. Sm. qto, 224 pgs., prof. ill., partaly in color. Wrappers. 25.00

  1. Paris, Grand Palais. Sold.

  1. Paris, Hotel Drouot. Sold.

  1. Paris, Musee sold.

  1. Paris, Petit Palais. Tresors d'Art Chinois. Recentes Decouvertes Archeologiques de la Republique Populaire de Chine. 1973. Lg. 8vo, unpaged, amny ills. and some color plates. W rsappers, very good, one corner bumped. 10.00

  1. Pasadena, Pasadena Art Institute. An Exhibition of Old Chinese Ceramics Lent by Robert Hilton Simmons, Los Angeles. 1953. Qto, unpgd., 30 ills. Wrs. 10.00

  1. (Periodical) National Museum of Korea. 2006, Vol. 1. Sm. qto, 40 pgs., many color ills. English text. On painting, sculpture, ceramics. Wrappers. 15.00

  1. Philadelphia, Freeman’s. Chinese, Tribal & Oceanic Art. Japanese & Southeast Asian Art. Sale July 19 and 20, 2007. Sm. qto, 1254 lots, most ill. in color. Wrappers. 20.00

  1. Philadelphia Museum of Art. Foreigners in Japan. Yokahama and Realted Woodcuts in the Philadelphia Museum of Art. 1972. 8vo, 40 pgs., lists 167 works, 18 ills., 2 in color. Wrappers. Some small pencil annotation in the text section. 10.00

  1. John Goldsmith Phillips. China Trade Porcelain. An Account of its Historical Background, Manufcture, and Decoration and a Study of the Helena Woolworth McCann Collection. Cambridge, 1956. Qto, xxi + 234 pgs., many ills., some in color. Cloth. 20.00

  1. Pittsburgh, University Art Gallery, Henry Clay Frick Fine Arts Building, University of Pittsburgh. Imperial Carpets from Peking. 1973. Sm. qto, 44 pgs., num. ills., some in color. Wrappers, ends of spine a little bumped. 10.00

  1. Valrae Reynolds. Sold.

  1. Saint Louis Art Museum. Nihonga, Transcending the Past: Japanese-Style Painting 1868-1968. Saint Louis, The Saint Louis Art Museum, 1995. Qto, 351 pgs., prof. ill., mostly in color. Wrappers. 75.00

  1. San Francisco, The Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. Nagasaki and Yokohama Prints from the Richard Gump Collection. 1981. 8vo, 40 pgs., num. ills., 1 color. Wrappers. 10.00

  1. Asian Art Museum of San Francisco; Japan House Gallery, New York. Spectacular Helmets of Japan, 16th-19th Century. New York, Japan House Gallery, 1985. Qto, 193 pgs., prof. ill., partly in color. Wrappers. Unread copy. 60.00

  1. Seattle, Seattle Art Museum. Songs of the Brush: Japanese Paintings from the Sanso Collection. 1979. Qto, 100 pgs., many ills., some color. Wrappers. 10.00

  1. Laurence Binyon, J. O’Brien Sexton. Japanese Colour Prints. London, 1923. Qto, 56 + 237 pgs. + 46 plteas with tissue guards, some colour. Buckram a little shelf-rubbed, overall a very good copy. 25.00

  1. Shanghai Museum. Chinese Minority Nationalities' Art Gallery. N.d. Sm. qto, 32 pgs., 67 col. ills. Wrappers. Eng. and Chinese text. New. 15.00

  1. Shanghai Museum. Ancient Chinese Bronze Gallery. N.d. Sm. qto, 46 pgs., 68 col. plates + ills. Wrappers. Chinese and Eng. text. New. 20.00

  1. Shanghai Museum. Ancient Chinese Jade Gallery. N.d. Sm. qto, 40 pgs., 107 col. ills. Wrappers. Eng. and Chinese text. New. 25.00

  1. John M. Rosenfield, Shujiro Shimada. Traditions of Japanese Art. Selections from the Kimiko and John Powers Collection. Cambridge, Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, 1970. Qto, 393 pgs., prof. ill., cloth in sl. worn dust jacket. 35.00

  1. Stanford, Stanford University Museum of Art. Ceramics of Thailand. 1980. 8vo, unpgd., num. ills. in half-tone. Wrappers in library pamphlet binder. Cancelled label inside the front cover; the onbly library marking inside the catalogue is a small number on the bottom of the fifth page. 15.00

  1. South Hadley, Mass., Dwight Art Memorial, Mount Holyoke College. Chinese Art. A Loan Exhibition Presented by The Mount Holyoke Friends of Art in Honor of The John Martyn Warbeke Fund for Oriental Art. 1960. 8vo, unpgd., 88 works, 2 ills. Wrappers. 10.00

  1. Shouyan Studo : Shanghai Mueum : Art Museum, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Ancient Chinese Bronzes from the Shouyang Studio : The Katherine and George Fan Collection. Shanghai, 2008. Qto, 201 pgs., many color plates. Cloth, dust jacket. New copy. Text in Chinese and English. 60.00

  1. Singapore, The National Museum. Sold.

  1. Stanford University Museum of Art. The Ikeda Collection of Japanese and Chinese Art at Stanford . 1987. Lg. 8vo, 16 pgs., 23 ills., some color. Wrappers, very fine, but has a tiny ink annotation at top of the front wrappers. Chinese and Japanese ceramics etc. 10.00

  1. Tokyo National Museum. Treasures by Rinpa Masters. Inheritance and Innovation. 2008. Qto, xv + 376 pgs., many color plates and ills. Wrappers. Text mostly in Japanese with a 15-page summary in English (the entries are identified and described briefly). Wrappers. Unread copy. 75.00

  1. Jon Thompson. Sold.

  1. Barry Till. Faces. Character and Wisdom in Shiwan Ceramic Sculpture. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, 2005. 8vo, 96 pgs., many color ills. Wrappers. Unread copy. 20.00

  1. Toronto, Royal Ontario Museum. The Bequest of Herman Herzog Levy. 1996. Sm. qto, (32) pgs., many ills., mostly in color, of Chinese and other Asian art in many forms. Wrappers, fine but a little bit of ink annotation on u.r. of front wrapper. 10.00

  1. Mary Tregear. Early Chinese Green Wares in the Collection of The Ashmolean Museum Oxford. Offprint from Oriental Art, Spring 1967, qto, 8 pgs., 33 ills. Card wrappers. 15.00

  1. John E. Vollmer. Sold.

  1. Daniel S. Walker. Oriental Rugs in Cincinatti Collections. Cincinatti Art Museum, 1976. Lg. 8vo, 103 pgs., about 45 plates. Wrappers. 15.00

  1. Stuart Cary Welch. Room for Wonder. Indian Painting During the British Period 1760-1880. The American Federation of Arts, 1978. Lg. 8vo, 191 pgs., many ills., some in color. Wrappers. 12.50

  1. Wien, Albertina. Desert Dreaming. Australian Aboriginal Art. Die Donald Kahn-Sammlung. 2007. Oblong sm. qto, 115 pgs., num. color plates. Wrappers. New copy. TEXT IN GERMAN. 75.00

  1. Williamstown, Sterling and Francine Clark Art Institute. The Grand Mogul: Imperial Painting in India, 1600-1660. 1978. Small qto, 199 pgs., many ills., some color. Wrappers, very good copy: a little bit of edge rubbing and l.r. corners a little bumped. 15.00

  1. Yiguo Zhang. Brushed Voices. Calligraphy in Contemporary China. New York, Columbia University, Miriam & Ira D. Wallach Art Gallery, 1998. Qto, 155 pgs., num. ills. and plates in black and white. Unread copy, sm. ink inscripti0on on the title page. 50.00

  1. Pratapaditya Pal. ed. Asian Art : Selections from the Norton Simon Museum. Pasadena, Norton Simon Museum, 1988. Lg. 8vo, 76 pgs., many ills., partly in color. Wrappers. 10.00

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