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April 11, 2011

**Small NJ Shelter Needs Support

** Snoop’s Abusers Need Jail Time

** Wolf Hunt Settlement Agreement Fails

** Update on SC Shelter Staff Cruelty

**See 2011 Genesis Award Winner

**Landmark Raid of Illegal Animal Traders

-- Save the Bloomfield Shelter –
A national campaign is trying to save a small no-kill shelter in Bloomfield, New Jersey, that is threatened by budget cuts. According to the Care2 appeal, the shelter could be closed over a $24 tax cut per person! A grassroots effort is urgently trying to stop this so that animals can continue to be saved and treated humanely. The council meeting is TONIGHT so people need to take action ASAP. According to the appeal:

No-kill shelters are rare, and the shelter in Bloomfield has some important fans now that this story is getting coverage outside of the area. Fans, including Jane Goodall, supporters of Patrick the Pitbull, and comedian and animal rescuer Elayne Boosler have all joined the cause on Facebook. There is also an effort to get Stephen Colbert to support the movement because he lives in Montclair, the town next door to Bloomfield. The shelter has even offered to name a pet after him!” …

The locals aren't giving up on their shelter though, and have been emailing their representatives and encouraging those outside of the state to do the same. A local bakery is raising donations for the shelter through an event called Cupcakefest 2011, and a fan on Facebook even created a video showcasing pets that are available at the shelter.”

To find out how you can help, please visit Save the Bloomfield/Bukowski Shelter Facebook page at . You can send an appeal to the mayor and city council. Here is a sample message and email addresses that you can cut and paste.,,,,,,,,,
The people in Bloomfield—and the animals—need the no-kill shelter. Please do not let budget problems hurt the most vulnerable (people and animals). The public is usually willing to dig deep into their pockets to help homeless animals; and the efforts of your citizens, like Cupcakefest 2011, prove this is also true in Bloomfield. Please listen to the community and keep the Bloomfield shelter and its staff working for the public good.
Here is another email written and sent by Shannon Maher which should be personalized:
To whom it may concern:

Please do not allow the Bloomfield/Bukowski shelter to close their doors. To give these poor animals to The Humane Society is to automatically sentence them to never finding a home. The Humane Society only cares for what lines their pockets. They do not care what is best for the animals.

These dogs and cats deserve better. Many who have not had the best start in life need the caring people at the Bloomfield Shelter that work to find them the best homes they possibly can. For 40+ years this shelter has found homes for the abandoned, the beaten, the abused, the unloved and the unwanted. Please find it in your hearts and budget to allow them to continue to do so. Be the voice for the voiceless even when no wants wants to listen.

Do not allow greed to take the place of needs!

-- Justice for Snoop –
Last week a five-month-old pit bull puppy died of starvation and dehydration after being abandoned on a public street in Wisconsin. Two teenagers (a 19-year-old man and his girlfriend) purposefully allowed this puppy to suffer without food and water imprisoned in a tiny cage for a month because he was too much trouble and too expensive to feed. This case is another example of the lack of compassion and common sense that afflicts some people. The conscious decision of this young couple to torture Snoop and stand around watching him slowly die should be punished if they are found guilty. Over 11,000 people have signed a petition to the District Attorney asking him to work hard on a tough prosecution of this case. To join this cause, sign the petition at:
The petition text reads:
This message is in regards to the brutal starvation of a dog known as Snoop. I have set together this petition to honor his life and obtain the maximum penalty to those who watched him suffer. Animal cruelty is heinous and uncalled for. We need to instate harsher punishment for those who harm animals. Bryan I. Hutcherson and his girlfriend Samantha L. Braatz should be penalized to the fullest extent of the law for their crime. We have an amazing show of support for this animal and as a whole we will continue to fight for animal justice. We fully intend to make this historic case.

For more information and updates on this case, go to Facebook at:

There you will find a link to the court docket. A hearing is scheduled for April 14.


-- Judge Molloy Denies Wolf Agreement --
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and 10 conservation groups reached a proposed settlement agreement that would have lifted endangered species protections for wolves in Montana and Idaho. Approximately 1300 wolves in these states would have been subjected to a public hunt.
Last week, District Judge Donald Molloy rejected the agreement. In his decision, the judge “cited the court's lack of authority to put part of an endangered species population under state management and expose that population to hunting.” The judge was not persuaded that the settlement agreement would end litigation; he felt the opposition was too strong.
To read more about this, check out the Huffington Post story at:

-- Update on SC Shelter --
Readers will remember the staff of the South Carolina animal shelter being investigated for shooting unwanted dogs and destroying cats by head trauma. Here is an update from Oh Mi Dog which can be found in its entirety at and scroll down. reports that the State Law Enforcement Division wrapped up their investigation late last week and turned its findings over to the attorney general’s office. A petition urging the attorney general to file charges and hold the shelter accountable can be found at … A rally is scheduled for April 21, at 3 p.m. on the steps of the State House in Columbia.”

A shocking development in this case is that the animal shelter director Brian Burch, a convicted felon on drug charges, is also accused of taking pit bulls from the shelter for his own dog fighting operation. According to Oh Mi dog, when these allegations first surfaced, the Chesterfield County Sheriff -- who is responsible for the animal shelter -- assigned the case to himself. Thanks to public pressure, the shelter was closed and Burch and the other animal control workers were placed on administrative leave. The state law enforcement division took over the investigation, which was a victory, but just the first step. Now that their investigation is complete, it's up to the state attorney general to file charges.

-- 2011 Genesis Winner in Theaters Now --

The 2011 Genesis Award winner The Elephant in the Living Room is now in theaters! See if it's playing near you by clicking the link at This film, directed by Michael Webber, reveals the controversial American subculture of raising the most dangerous animals in the world as common household pets. See also the news story at:

-- Major Raid on Exotic Traffickers –

On March 29, Reuters reported that the Mexican government raided hundreds of illicit markets to crack down on the trade in wild animals and rare flowers. Fifteen trackers were arrested. The raids lasted three days and 4,725 wild plants and animals (of 113 different species, including 762 parrots and other birds and 67 reptiles) were seized. Three tiny puma cubs, a threatened species, were found in a cardboard box in a warehouse. An estimated 90% of these animals would have died in transit if they had not been retrieved by Mexican authorities. Find more details at:

Mexico makes major raid on exotic animal traffickers

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