Animals/ Noah’s Ark

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Animals/ Noah’s Ark

These ideas can be used for

  • Cross-curricular topic work involving children’s different languages

  • Language classes in the community

  • MFL classes

See also resources on powerpoint (link)

Children took pictures of animals home to request vocabulary in different languages from parents, and listened to the Noah’s Ark story in English and Bengali. The nursery class in primary school used a large cardboard ark constructed by their teacher to roleplay the animals going into the ark, naming them in different languages. In the Bengali community class, children wrote the story in their own words at home.


  • Power point presentation of story

  • A cardboard model of an ark made by the children and teachers

  • Worksheet containing names of animals in English for parents/children to write them in different languages

Lesson structure

  • Tell story in English and Bengali

  • Practise names of animals in different languages while reading the story from whiteboard. Teacher gives the word in English and the children respond in another language

  • Discuss names in different dialects

  • Learn words through drama - build into roleplay names of different animals in different languages

  • Discuss where different animals live and their habitats:
  • Which animals were chosen to go on the ark and why?

  • Which animals would you save now?

  • Children write their own story in English/other languages

Aspects of learning

  • Understanding and remembering animal names in English and other languages through acting out the animals going into the ark and developing own stories.

  • Recognising similarities and differences in vocabulary in different languages

  • Understand how species can become extinct and why it is important to save them

Home-school links

  • Talk to parents/grandparents about their experiences of looking after animals and what was needed in comparison to having pets in this country

  • Ask parents/grandparents which animals are considered special in their home country and whether they are rare and under threat

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