Annual Report 2014–15

Interacting with customers

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Interacting with customers

Our customers are our community. In interacting with them, we are guided by certain legislative standards and requirements. We also have a general commitment towards providing a positive experience to those we serve.

Legislative compliance

The following pieces of legislation set out basic standards for how we look after our customers’ interests.

Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014

Standards set out by Victoria’s Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014 and our Privacy Policy Statement control how we manage personal information. Privacy compliance is included in our staff induction program. We have a dedicated privacy team within our Governance Services branch to help staff and members of the public with privacy-related queries or issues.

Two privacy complaints were received by the organisation during the 2014-15 financial year. Both were resolved internally. No complaints from regulatory bodies were received and no losses of customer data occurred.

Disability Act 2006

The City of Melbourne strives to ensure equity of access in all in planning, community support and service delivery functions in accordance with the Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth) and Victoria’s Disability Act 2006.

The Melbourne for All People 2014-17 Strategy has provided a more integrated approach to meeting the needs and aspirations of all people who come to the city. Specific initiatives continue to reduce and eliminate barriers within our city and enhance inclusion and participation of people with a disability. While this work continues across most branches of Council, key achievements of note include:

  • The hosting of a Changing Places Seminar in September 2014 which attracted over 150 participants and highlighted the need for dignified toilet facilities for people of all ages with a disability.

  • A partnership agreement was signed with the National Disability Recruitment Service to support recruitment of people with a disability to City of Melbourne.

  • Exploration of navigation barriers experienced for people who are vision impaired, blind, hearing impaired, deaf, and deaf and blind in getting around the city. The City of Melbourne and other significant stakeholders are looking at innovative solutions that can be implemented.

Protected Disclosure Act 2012

Access our procedures1

During 2014–15 no disclosures were notified to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission.

Carers Recognition Act 2012

We have taken all practicable measures to comply with our responsibilities under Victoria’s Carers Recognition Act 2012. We have promoted the principles of the Act to people in care relationships who receive City of Melbourne Home and Community Care services, to people in care relationships and to the wider community through ways including:

  • providing information via our intake and information service

  • assessing and responding to the needs of primary carers

  • recognising the role of carers by including carers in the assessment, planning, delivery and review of services that impact on them and their role as carers
  • providing respite and planned activity services to provide the primary carer a break from caring responsibilities

  • providing links to Victorian Government resource materials on our website

  • providing information to organisations represented in Council and community networks.

Our services have policies that satisfy the Community Care Common Standards, which incorporate recognition of carers in relation to services that impact on them in their role as carers.

Domestic Animals Act 1994

In consultation with the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries, every four years we prepare a Domestic Animal Management Plan in accordance with Victoria’s Domestic Animals Act 1994 as a framework to guide our decisions.

As part of delivering the 2013–2017 plan we have continued to increase engagement with the community, including increasing the presence of officers in parks and holding pop-up events to provide responsible pet ownership education.

Our four-year plan recognises the importance of balancing the needs of pet owners and those of other community members in our ever growing and developing city.

Customer health and safety

Customer health and safety is addressed through our risk management procedures and responsibilities under occupational health and safety legislation. Health and safety impacts are assessed for all our services and products in accordance with legislation, our occupational health and safety management system and internal policies and procedures. This requirement is evidenced through internal and external audit results. Due to the diverse nature of our services and products, no statistical evaluation is undertaken on the percentage of services and products for which health and safety impacts are assessed for improvement.

Inner Melbourne Action Plan 2014–15

The Inner Melbourne Action Plan (IMAP) is the successful collaboration between the cities of Melbourne, Port Phillip, Yarra, Maribyrnong and Stonnington. IMAP seeks to help foster creativity, liveability, prosperity and sustainability across the inner Melbourne region. Key strategic directions are transport and connectedness, housing affordability, environmental sustainability and liveability.

IMAP identified 11 regional strategies and 57 actions for implementation across the inner Melbourne region. Now in its ninth year, the IMAP partnership has completed or progressed implementation on about 75 per cent of these actions. Key achievements during 2014–15 have been:

Affordable housing and Infrastructure

Phase two of the Community Land Trust project began, including development of four case studies and financial instruments to develop this housing option in Australia. An affordable housing forum is proposed for November 2015.

A joint planning study for providing active and passive recreation spaces for a larger population is being developed by the Metropolitan Planning Authority and Sport and Recreation Victoria.

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