Answer keys are for parents only please. 

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Answer keys are for parents only please. 


chief wrap smell whine

fruit twig sharp theme

brief when thank brave

scout plot front scale

groan clog climb phone

stain quit trust quote
*VVC=vowel, vowel, consonant *VC=vowel, consonant

*VCC=vowel, consonant, consonant *VCe=vowel, consonant ending in ‘e’.

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Answer keys are for parents only please. 

VC double VVC nothing

get getting ask asking

swim swimming yell yelling

run running rest resting

sit sitting stand standing

shut shutting pass passing

jump jumping

pick picking

Sort 3

Answer keys are for parents only please. 

VCe drop-e , add -ing VVC just add -ing

use using eat eating

close closing moan moaning

write writing dream dreaming

wave waving look looking

trade trading clean cleaning

skate skating mail mailing

Sort 4

Answer keys are for parents only please. 

Double e- drop nothing

Setting hiking reading

Cutting moving adding

Stopping living spelling

Begging coming floating

Grinning having feeling

Jogging taking talking

Humming pushing





Sort 5

Answer keys are for parents only please. 

double e-drop nothing

hopped hoped joined

planned saved waited

grabbed closed seemed

nodded scored shouted

stepped lived passed

dropped named wanted

stirred acted





Sort 6

Answer keys are for parents only please. 

present past present past

sleep slept sweep swept

keep kept drive drove

slide slid bleed bled

shine shone know knew

freeze froze throw threw

draw drew say said

Sort 7

Answer keys are for parents only please. 

Add –es add –s oddball

-ch -sh -x -s

benches brushes foxes guesses horses clothes

speeches splashes mixes kisses voices

scratches crashes classes changes

churches ashes places

peaches leashes




Sort 8

Answer keys are for parents only please. 

Fe > ves vowel change no change

Wife wives foot feet sheep

Leaf leaves woman women deet

Loaf loaves mouse mice

Life lives tooth teeth

Wolf wolves goose geese

Knife knives

Sort 9

Answer keys are for parents only please. 

base + s + ed + ing base + es + ed + ing

play plays played playing fry fries fried frying

stay stays stayed staying cry cries cried crying

spray sprays sprayed spraying spy spies spied spying

Sort 10

Answer keys are for parents only please. 

Bookcase lighthouse downhill headache snowman

Bookmark lightweight downstairs headfirst snowflake

Bookworm daylight downtown headlight snowstorm

Cookbook flashlight downpour headphones snowplow

Scrapbook sunlight countdown headstrong

Sort 11

Answer keys are for parents only please. 


somebody himself anyone everything without inside


(something) themselves everyone anything outside beside

sometime yourself (someone) nothing throughout sideways

somewhere herself (something) checkout

somehow myself

(someone) itself

**The words something and someone can be sorted into different categories so they are in parentheses. **
Sort 12

Answer keys are for parents only please. 

VCV VCCV Oddball

Super ruler supper kitten busy

Diner crazy dinner hello

Tiger open happy letter

Later tiny pretty lesson

Paper penny summer

Even puppy

Over rabbit

Sort 13


VCV VCCV doublet VCCV different Oddball

silent happen number water

female better winter only

fever follow problem

moment funny after

yellow finger

pattern sister

bottom chapter

pillow member



**VCV- vowel, consonant, vowel

**VCCV doublet- vowel, consonant, consonant, vowel where the two consonants are the same letter

**VCCV different- vowel, consonant, consonant, vowel where the two consonants are different letters.

Sort 14

Answer keys are for parents only please. 

V/C (long) VC/V (Short) VVCV (long)

Human never seven reason

Pilot river present meeting

Frozen visit second peanut

Student wagon minute leader

Humor planet sneaker

Lazy lemon easy

Music finish

Sort 15



athlete pilgrim create poem

kingdom complete poet giant

pumpkin monster riot

halfway kitchen duet

English control trial

mushroom hundred cruel

inspect lion

children diet
Sort 16


hoping hopping cleaned

quoted plotting leaking

faded wrapped greeted

racing nodded shouting

skated painted floated

saving panting needed

joking winning





Sort 17


1st 2nd oddball

rainbow awake explain chocolate

painter contain remain again

raisin complain obey

crayon decay

mayor mistake

maybe parade

bracelet escape

pavement amaze

basement today


*All words have a long ‘a’ sound (cake). The students are listening to hear where they hear the long ‘a’ sound (1st syllable or 2nd syllable). “Chocolate” and “again” are oddballs because they should follow the long ‘a’ pattern but don’t have a long ‘a’ sound.

Sort 18

Answer keys are for parents only. 

1st 2nd Oddball

frighten beside machine

ninety delight forgive

higher surprise favorite

driveway decide

slightly advice

lightning survive

sidewalk combine

highway arrive

brightly provide




Sort 19

Answer keys are for parents only. 

1st 2nd Oddball

toaster bowling below Europe

hostess soldier explode

lonely postage suppose

owner coaster compose

lower decode

lonesome remote

loafer alone

poster approach

soapy awoke


Sort 20

Answer keys are for parents only! 

1st 2nd

rooster scooter include pollute

Tuesday beauty refuse reduce

useful cougar amuse balloon

jewel fewer confuse cartoon

doodle chewy cocoon raccoon

toothache noodle excuse shampoo

Sort 21

Answer keys are for parents only! 

1st long 1st short 2nd long

needle feather succeed

season leather increase

reader heavy compete

feature pleasant defeat

freedom sweater indeed

meaning steady extreme

eastern healthy fifteen

people thirteen


Sort 22

Answer keys are for parents only. J

voyage moisture drowsy about country

annoy poison allow county trouble

loyal noisy coward counter double

employ appoint powder thousand southern

destroy avoid amount


Sort 23

Answer keys are for parents only. J

au aw al oddball

saucer awful also laughed

author awkward always all right

August lawyer almost

autumn awesome although

laundry gnawed already

caution gawking

faucet flawless




Sort 24

Answer keys are for parents only. J

1st ar 1st long –a 2nd long –a Oddball

garden airplane compare toward

market parents aware

carpet haircut despair

harvest dairy repair

marble carry declare

hardly careful beware

partner barely

pardon fairy


Sort 25

Answer keys are for parents only. J

1st (r sound) 2nd(r sound) oddball

morning forty before ignore sorry

shorter northern record adore reward

order border perform inform

forest corncob ashore

corner chorus report

normal florist explore


Sort 26

Answer keys are for parents only please. 

War wor wa

Warmth quarrel worker worthwhile watch squad

Wardrobe swarm worse waffle

Warning dwarf world wander

Warden backward worry squat

Warrior worthy squash

Quarter worship squabble

Sort 27

Answer keys are for parents only. J

er ir ur oddball

nervous thirty sturdy spirit

person firmly purpose every

perfect dirty further

certain birthday hurry

mermaid thirsty purple

perhaps birdbath turtle

service furnish



Sort 28

Answer keys are for parents only. J

Er= /ur/ ear= /ur/ ear / ere / eer

Mercy early nearby severe career

Sermon earthquake teardrop sincere cheerful

Serpent learner spearmint adhere

Hermit pearly yearbook mercy

Thermos rehearse appear

Kernel yearn dreary

Sort 29

VCle VCCle doublet VCCle

title little simple

cradle middle tremble

able settle single

table bottle muscle

bugle apple sample

bridle paddle jungle

cable giggle handle

battle candle

Sort 30

-le -el -il -al oddball

cattle model until final fragile

saddle level April total special

couple angel fossil metal

angle novel evil signal

cancel pencil local

vowel journal


Sort 31

Answer keys are for parents only. J

-er -or -ar

other color collar

mother doctor dollar

weather favor solar

cover flavor sugar

silver mirror grammar

under motor

father rumor

flower tractor

spider harbor


Sort 32

Answer keys are for parents only. J

People Who Do Things Words Used to Compare

Dancer actor beggar bigger

Dreamer sailor burglar sooner

Driver traitor longer

Farmer tutor smaller

Jogger fresher

Writer younger

Shopper older

Swimmer smoother

Voter brighter

Sort 33

-cher=/chur/ -ture=/chur/ -sure=/zhur/ -ure=/yur/

catcher picture measure figure

rancher nature pressure failure

teacher capture pleasure

pitcher future leisure

mixture treasure oddball

creature senior

pasture danger





Sort 34

-en -on -ain -in oddball

broken dragon mountain cousin mission

eleven cotton captain cabin

hidden gallon bargain napkin

heaven ribbon fountain penguin

chosen prison curtain muffin

stolen bacon


Sort 35

-et -it -ate oddball

jacket edit climate ballet

secret unit private buffet

target credit pirate

racket limit senate

quiet habit

comet orbit

rocket summit

closet bandit

magnet merit

Sort 36

-ey -ie -y = e -y = i

money cookie very July

monkey movie candy deny

journey brownie dizzy reply

valley goalie twenty

turkey eerie cherry

donkey pinkie body

volley story


Sort 37

Answer keys are for parents only. J

+ ing + ed + s

vowel + y obeying obeyed obeys

enjoying enjoyed enjoys

decaying decayed decays

consonant + y replying replied replies

studying studied studies

copying copied copies

carrying carried carries

hurrying hurried hurries

Sort 38

a- de- be- oddball

away debate because divide

another degree believe direct

awhile depend between upon

along desire beneath

among develop beyond

against defend begin




Sort 39

Soft c Soft g Hard c Hard g

cement gentle correct gather

circle gymnast common gossip

central giraffe contest golden

century genius college garage

cyclist general custom gutter

cider gingerbread collect


Sort 40

Ce= /s/ ss= /s/ -ge- = /j/ age = /ij/

Notice recess budget bandage

Police princess midget garbage

Sentence actress gadget manage

Distance address surgeon** luggage

Office compass package

Science village

Practice message


**Surgeon may be sorted as an oddball

Sort 41

Answer keys are for parents only. J

gu- -gue -g Oddball

guess tongue ladybug gauge

guard vague zigzag language

guitar league shrug argue

guide fatigue iceberg

guilty plague strong

guest intrigue catalog


Sort 42

-ck -ck- -ic -x oddball

shock chicken magic relax stomach

quick pocket attic index

hammock nickel traffic perplex

attack pickle topic complex

buckle picnic

ticket metric




Sort 43

1st syllable 2nd syllable qu=k

question equal antique

quality frequent racquet

squirrel tranquil mosquito

squirm request conquer

quaint sequel technique

quiver banquet

quizzes inquire

queasy liquid

squeaky require


**Students are listening for the “qu” sound in the first syllable of the word or the second syllable of the word. The words in the “qu=k” category have a “qu” that makes the “k” sound.

Sort 44

Silent t silent g silent w silent k silent h silent gh

Castle design wrinkle knuckle honest through

Whistle resign wreckage knowledge honor thought

Fasten assign (wrestle) rhyme brought

Listen answer rhythm bought

Often though



Sort 45

Ph- -ph- gh-/f/ silent gh

Phrase alphabet enough daughter

Physics dolphin cough naughty

Phantom elephant tough taught

Phone nephew rough caught

Orphan laughter fought




Sort 46

Re- un- oddball

Rebuild retrace unable unsteady uncle

Recopy retake unkind unusual reptile

Recycle retell unfair unbeaten

Refill review uneven unselfish

Reuse remodel unequal uncertain

Rewrite unhappy

Sort 47

Dis- mis- pre- oddball

Disagree misspell preschool precious

Dislike mistreat prefix

Disable mismatch premature

Disobey misplace preteen

Discover misbehave preview

Dishonest misjudge preheat

Disloyal pretest

Disappear precaution


Sort 48

Ex- non- in- fore-

Exit nonsense incomplete forecast

Extend nonfiction incorrect forearm

Extra nonstop indecent forehead

Express nonfat income foresee

Exclude indoor foreshadow

Exclaim indent foremost

Expand insight

Sort 49

Uni- bi- tri- other

Unicycle bicycle tricycle quadrangle

United biweekly trilogy pentagon

Unicorn bisect triangle octagon

Unique bilingual triple octopus

Union triplet October

Unison tripod

Uniform trio


Sort 50

-y -ly -ily

sunny stormy slowly loudly happily

rainy chilly quicky daily easily

foggy cloudy clearly roughly angrily

snowy windy dimly smoothly lazily

misty breezy quietly noisily

Sort 51

-er -est -ier -iest

braver bravest happier happiest

calmer calmest easier easiest

closer closest prettier prettiest

stronger strongest crazier craziest

cooler coolest dirtier

hotter hottest

weaker weakest

Sort 52

Answer keys are for parents only. 

-ness -ful -less Combination of suffixes

darkness graceful homeless carelessness

goodness colorful hopeless thankfulness

weakness thoughtful worthless helplessness

illness painful restless peacefulness

kindness fearful penniless

happiness dreadful harmless


Sort 53

Answer keys are for parents only. 

berry bury vary very

cellar seller hire higher

weather whether desert dessert

allowed aloud metal medal

flour flower chews choose

bored board merry marry

they’re there their

Sort 55

Answer keys are for parents only. 

ie= long -e ei= long -e cei= long –e ei= long –a oddball

thief seize receive neighbor mischief

niece weird ceiling eighteen

priest either deceive weigh

grief neither conceit sleigh

shield receipt freight

relieve reign



Sort 56

2 Syllables 3 Syllables 4 Syllables

ocean continent geography

climate Atlantic environment

Asia equator population

Arctic Africa Antarctica

Europe Indian information

island Pacific America

tropical temperature



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