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AO1 Game Design


For a traditional game I have pick Poker, this is a traditional game that is based on luck because it down to the cards you get and the computer system will work out the possibility off getting what card. So in a pack off cards there is 52 and there are the same amount off numbers off each card, so like the number card 2 there is 4 in a pack and it’s the same for all the other cards in there. So getting a specific card is the same possibility of getting another card, so the possibility off me getting the Queen card is the same possibility off me getting the number 3 card. Getting the same card twice in your card will decrees, for example if I had the number 4 card in my hand the possibility off me getting the same number card is going to be lower.

For a video game I have pick Call of Duty, this is a video game that has been going on for years and this game is also based on luck because if I was playing the game online and I saw an enemy I would shot him, now it depends where I shot him because if I shot him in a strong spot it will need more bullets to kill the person, the computer has to calculate the damage I am giving the other person. The computer could calculate it wrong and the other person can shot me and the computer can calculate that he has hit me in a weak so I will die quicker. The luck can also be on things like grenades, the computer has to work out the calculations on where the grenades are going to land and when it lands where it going to move about, the computer also has to work out the radius on how far it going to travel and if any one is around the grenade and if it going to affect the player.

Strategy and Skill

Poker game I all about having strategy and skill, the reason is because when you have your cards in your hand it down to you to think what player has what card and you have to work out your opponents movement because they might have a specific movement when they have bad cards or when they have good cards. Then you have to work out your self if your cards are playable, so if you have low cards like 2 and 4 you might not play them because you opponents could have high cards but then you have to think if those cards are going to come out or not sometimes you might want to buff with the cards. So you have to have a strategy when you are playing poker. You also need skill to play this game because you need to fool your opponents making the think what cards you have.

Call of Duty is about having skill and strategy because when you are playing this game you need to know which way you are going because you need to find people to kill so you can get points for your team. There are different types off game modes online, so for each one you need to have a different strategy like sometimes people like to stay in the one spot or some might like to move about and find the people. You also need skill to play the game because you need to know how to move about in the game cause you cant just go in the open where people can kill more you need to go the long way at times and when someone spotted you, you need to know what to do by using your skill to out smart them.


In poker you aim is to build the biggest stack as you can, you have to wok together when you have to put the chips in the pot because if you are playing the game at home you have to make sure that you and everyone else is putting the correct amount off chips into the pot. You can also work as a team in poker, like if someone has the biggest stack you might want to get him first so you can bring down his stack by make that playing make silly bets in the pot because that player is close to winning the game. This game is all about competition because you are in charge off your own stack and you want everyone else’s chips so you can win.

Call of duty is about working as a team in most off the game modes, so like team death match is about killing the opponents for points and those points build up when our team mates kill to so you have to work as a team to kill your opponents. This is about competition because you want to be the best so you want to rank up in the order an get the most points for you team to show that you was the best player in that game.

Resource Management

In poker you have to make sure that you are managing your chips in the game because you need too know when to rise you bet and when to go with the rise and also when to fold your cards. For example, if I had a good hand and the other player where just checking you would raise the bet because you know you have a good chance off winning that round. Then when someone else raises you need to know if you should call the bet or just fold that round. It all about managing you chips so you have some chips when you want bet big in a round.

In the new Call of duty you have to buy your equipments when you win games and kill people. You have to be careful when you buy you equipments because later one you might want specific equipment and you don’t have the money to buy the equipment. The equipment unlocks when you rank up, so you might get low damage equipment on one rank and then get good damage equipment the next rank up, so you have to manage your money on the game.
Territory Control

In poker you want to protect you chips in the game because you want to go all the way, so you will only use the chips when you think you know your going to win the round. Having the most chips in the game makes the other players be more careful and then the highest person with the chips will bluff more because the other players don’t want to risk their own chips if they know they not going to win the round.

Call of duty has number off game modes and in some you have to protect your area. So you have to watch your area before the other team over takes your area to gain points. So you have to work as a team to defend different areas.
Interactivity games
Three Act Structure

For the tradition game have picked Monopoly and the three act structure for this game has a beginning, middle and a end, the beginning is to build up your properties with your money and you need to get as much as you can, to buy the properties you have to land on the land and then you get a choice to buy it, once you done all that the middle come you have to build houses and hotels so that when your opponent lands on your properties you can charge them depending on how many houses or hotel you have on the property. Then the end is when you have won the game and to win the game you have to have all your opponent’s money and properties.

For my video game I have picked dragon ball z games the reason is because you can decide where you want to go and on your map it tells you the options that you have and what opponents you can fight. The start is about the characters you have to pick who you want to be, and then the computer show you the options that you have because you looking for dragon balls but the fighter that you have to fight are also looking for it on the game so you have to defeat them if you go past them or if you choose to fight them and then another option opens and that the beginning, the middle is going on to fight bigger fighters as you go on in the game and the end is to win all the fighters and save the Earth.

Point of view

The point of view in the Monopoly game can be from any view because you can move the board around because your piece can be on other side and you might not be able to reach so you have to move the board around so the view that you have is more or less a bird eyes view. The view that the opponent will get is going to be the same but from a different angle but every one will see what going on and see everything what the other person will see. The view that you will get is the whole board, so you are seeing everything on the board, but where as a video game you can only see what’s a head of you, so at least you can see everything on the board and you don’t need to look behind you to play the game.

In the dragon ball z game the view that you have is a 3 person view as you can see your self fighting your opponent and when your flying you are able to see your self and you can see what’s below you. With some games you just get a 1st person view so you can only see a head of you where as Dragon ball z you can see ahead of you and around you so you can see what going on and if you are looking for an opponent you will be able to see more coverage and if you’re looking for objects you can see more on the ground as well as seeing what’s ahead of you.


The setting of the monopoly game is based on real life as your aim is to have everything and become a millionaire and there are rules that you have to follow in the game, like when you land on someone else’s propriety have to pay them rent and when you go past go you get money from the bank and more other rules in the game. The game is based on our world because the game is about buying proprieties an building houses and hotels so that you can make money when your opponent lands on the propriety and they have to pay or if they don’t they have to sell some off the properties to make the money or they have to commit bankruptcy and you’re out of the game, this is based on real life because it about building your way up the ladder in life and have everything and you should care about others and if you cant afford anything you have to sell up, this is based on real life but this is only a game but gives you a taste to what it will feel like to have everything in your hands. We learn the rule of the game by reading the booklet that you get with the game, there nothing in the game rules that say you cant help a person out in the game, where you can make an agreement between your self but if they don’t stick to the agreement there isn’t anything you can do because it didn’t say in the rule book that you have to stay with the agreement that you have made. This would also reflect on real life because people do help out other and those people then backstab the people that they received help from. The game has a lot of signs to say where you are because each spot has a name but most of the board is properties but there are locations where you can land on a pick a card, free parking where you can stay for free, there is go to jail and visiting jail and then there is land or go past go and you will receive £200 from the bank.

The setting in the dragon ball z game is in the future and I know because you see different types of building and you see flying cars but it still on earth where they fight and sometimes they go in space but always return to earth. The only time they would go into space is when they have to save the earth or when they need to find a plant where they can make a wish to bring there friends back alive. This game isn’t really reflecting on your world because we don’t have superheroes where they come flying to save the day and people don’t have super powers where they can fire energy waves. We cant also go into space to fly to different plants to make a wish to bring people back to life, the game also have taking animals where you see dogs taking, where they are being a pet and another one being a president. The game also has dinosaurs as tell as a mountain, so the game isn’t reflecting on our world and the way we live. We learn the rule though out the game, but most games don’t have many rules to follow where as this game have some rules like you are only aloud to make one wish and in the tournament if they knock you out of the arena you lose.
Linear Narrative -v- Disrupted Narrative

The Monopoly game is a board game where you have to go around the board but sometimes you can go backwards if you get a card because some cards send you around the board, things cant happen in different order like going back your self you have to get the card to go back, but things can change just like that because you can have the most money in the game and then you can just lost all your money by landing on a property but either way the game will end with a winner, the game is about going around the board time and time again but you will land on different spots, the board is long to go around depending on the number that you get on the dice.

The video game dragon ball z things can happen different by taking different paths but you don’t know what behind that path so it can be 50/50 what you are taking, but it doesn’t really matter what path you take you will always end the game but you will miss opponents in the game unless you play again and then take the other path you didn’t take. When you take different paths you can miss the strongest fights in the game but then you can end up fighting the weakest, the path you take will also depend on what moves you do in the game because if you use finishing move on the late fight you can continue fighting stronger opponents but if you don’t you skip the stronger opponent and carry on the story mode.

Characters: Archetypes and Stereotypes

The Monopoly game doesn’t really have characters in the game because you just pick a piece and you play with that and then you have to do everything your self.

Dragon ball z has many characters where they all have a different background story, the main one is when a baby came to earth from another planet to destroy it when he gets older, but then someone found him and the baby was violent because it was in his nature, so then one day that person drop him accidentally of the cliff and he thought he died but he lived and then he knew that he wasn’t a normal human being and after the baby turned normal because he hit his head. Then from that he grew having many story lines and saving the earth many times.

The monopoly game is about winning everything and this reflects on the world because everyone wants to have everything and thy want things to be their way so they can rule the world and they wan to be successful in life and they want the best to show off, this game has good and evil because people like to show off on what they have and some people like to keep to them self’s and keep building on what they have. Many people worldwide would do this trying to be the best in life and having everything around the world, women and men would do this everyday. There isn’t leadership in business as every person wants to work for them self and if they have partners they would want to have bigger and more things in life like money.

Dragon ball z is about fighting and saving the earth time and time after again, this says that earth can’s be saved time and time after again because there isn’t such thing as flying heroes to save the day and we have to defends for our self’s, but this also says what the future would look like where they make flying cars and making space ship fly at the speed of light. The game represents good and evil because no matter where you are there will always be good and there will be evil even if they look the opposite of what they are they will always have that little of the other good or evil. This game would represent both of genders and all races because this shows women and men in the game and they show the whole world that in danger and they show the evil killing around the world, they don’t just show the one country or the one gender. The game is about leadership and working as a team to defeat the evil and there is always just the one they listen to and that is normally the older because they have seen more.

Audio Visual Elements

The traditional game I have pick chess because even if it just a board game they still work on the look because when people are playing the game they want to make it look interesting so that they can use it as a show piece and play the game at the same time. The original look is black and white, this is to show that the game is about war and you have to eliminate you opponents pieces and hen to win the game you have to destroy the king piece win the game, the reason that you have to destroy the king is because it is to show that without the king you haven’t got no order.

The video game is Pac-man, the reason that I have pick this game is because that it has reasons why it looks the way it is. The reason that the enemies are in different colour because you then know which is the fastest and which is the slowest. The aim is to collect the dots and they are in yellow because the Pac-man is also yellow it is to show that it belongs to the Pac-man so he has to collect them to go onto the next stage. If they were to change the colour of the Pac-man from yellow to red it will show that the Pac-man is evil because red show the colour of anger and evil.

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