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AO3 Audiovisual Proposal – Short Film

Original idea

The brief for our short film is that BBC 3 has commissioned a series of five-minute narrative films. The films must meet the following criteria: Between 4 and 5 minutes long, has to be fictional and will be screened at 6.55pm. due to these limitation we must think hard before creating any short story as there are a number of things that we must avoid, the first being that the film is before the watershed meaning it must not include excessive violence, gore, scenes of a sexual nature or drug use. The film also must be based around youths but does not have to be any specific genre.

Due to it being genre-free we decided to be a little bit adventurous and set our short film in a post apocalyptic wasteland. Searching through derelict buildings two young teen survivors are searching for supplies to survive whilst also being stalked and eventually captured by anonymous masked men. The short film will be shot in a number of locations but will mainly be based around disused factories and other derelict buildings, the reason for this is that this is the best way to portray a post-apocalyptic world without having to use special effects.
Purpose of media text

The purpose of the short film is going to be part of a number of films called ‘stories of British youth’ from the BBC. As it is going to be aired on BBC 3 at 6.55pm then the audience will be rather young and therefore the purpose of this short film along with others is to show something that the youths can relate to and enjoy instead of more ‘grown up’ television.

Description of content

As previously mentioned the premise of our film will be a short post-apocalyptic action movie created for BBC 3. The movie will fit the criteria asked by being around 4-6 minutes long. The short film contains exclusively young actors no older than the age of 20 and therefore fits well with the channel it will be aimed at. The film will contain scenes of violence and firearms but will be manipulated in a way that it will not be gruesome or gory so it will still be eligible to be shown before the watershed.

Target audience

Due to BBC 3 being a rather young channel in comparison to BBC1 and BBC2 it will no doubt be aimed at the younger audience. The main reason obviously is because BBC3 has asked for it to be aimed at youths as part of their criteria but the short movie should also appeal to youths nevertheless due to its interesting mise-en-scene, young actors and action genre. The core audience age will probably be mostly males (but not exclusively) around the ages of 15-25, as these are the core audience for BBC3 itself.

Our secondary audience will probably be people interested in the genre rather than the story line, the post-apocalyptic genre has many fans willing to watch anything that features such a genre. The film will also be vastly different to others and therefore attract more attention from its core audience along with the its secondary. Typical secondary audiences will once again probably be mainly male but perhaps slightly older, 30-40 years old.

Justification of Ideas

I think that the film we have decided to make fits well in the criteria that BBC have provided us, but also pushed the boundaries of their limitations. I think it’s important to do this as it gives the short film an air of uniqueness when put together with the other films produced for the scheme. The short movie is definitely aimed at the younger generation as they have an interest in such a scenario as the past few decades have produced post-apocalyptic movies in which some have become a large success. Although our film does contain some violence in the forms of gun violence we will make sure that the scenes are shot and edited in a way that it does not glorify or justify the use of firearms but the guns are essential to the short film as it helps to set the tone of the film and create a sense of lawlessness.


Genre – the genre of our film is post-apocalyptic action film. Post-apocalyptic is a sub-genre of Science Fiction concerned with the end of civilization due to potential existential catastrophe such a Nuclear warfare, pandemic or perhaps natural disaster. The action aspect of the film will be drawn from various Internet shorts.

Narrative – the narrative of our film will follow a non-linear structure featuring a number of flash backs throughout the film. The story will follow two survivors evading capture from the soviet Special Forces assigned to take out any resistance left after the neutron bomb landed in the midlands. Set in alternate 70’s.

Visual style- The film will be shot using a mixture of equipment such as a tripod for wide shots, shoulder mount for hand-held shots and a camera slider for smooth shots and transitions. There will also be smooth focus shots that go in and out of focus to show depth. We will try to use natural light as much as we can otherwise we will use reflectors or lights. Soundscape – in our short film we will have ambient sound such as quite echoes background sounds such as leaking pipes, footsteps, and crackling of a fire. More prominent sounds will sounds such as gunfire and vocals.

Sample Material

I will also attach in this document sample material such as scripts, risk assessments and storyboards.


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