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App ideas for older kids 2/2011

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10 in 1 Board Games for iPad

101 Conversation Starters

101 Science

101 Ways to Annoy People in an Elevator

1001 Famous Inventions

10,500 Cool Facts

20Q Mind Reader Free

3D Brain

3D Cell

4th-6th Grade Vocabulary

8 Planets

99 Words – A Tandem Story App

A2Z Global Warming

Adventures of Robin Hood

Analogies 4 Kids

Amazon: Hidden Adventures

American Football Quiz

American Idiom Challenge

Animal Jokes

Animals 360

Animation Creator

Apple or Island

Ask Paul the Psychic Octopus

Awakening: The Dreamless Castle

Awesome Memory

Balance Block HD

Balloon Stickies Free

Baseball Quiz 2010

Basketball Quiz

Be Mine Hearts

Big Buck Bunny

Big Brain Quiz

Biology Tip for the Day

Biz talk Lite: American Business English Idioms & Expressions

Body Language Cues

Body Language

Braingle – Brain teasers and Riddles

Brain Train

BrainPop Featured Movie

Bricky Free

BrightKnight Kingdom- Big Party

Build A Story

Build A Vacation Brag Book

Bugfest- this one is more for fun

Call the Wild- Penguins

Can You solve it

Caption Trailers

Cash Cab

Coins HD

Commonly Confused Words

Connect 4

Cosmic Discoveries

Creamy Ice

Crossings HD

Cubestory Writer

Daily Anomaly

Daily Spot the Difference for iPad

Dinosaurs Unleashed Free

Dinosaurs 360

Discovery Channel

Dots Free

Dr. Riddle

Dumb Questions

e-Faces and Names

e-Positive Spin

Earth Observer

Einstein Brain

Either or Or – Paparazzi Party Free

English Grammar Boot Camp

English Slang Lite

English Idioms Illustrated

English Irregular Verbs for IELTS, TOEIC

Environmental educator

European Exploration: the Age of Discovery

Explorer: the American Museum of Natural History

Face Cards B, Face Cards C, Face Cards F, Face Cards G, and Face Cards H (each is about emotions)

Find and Touch Free- A hidden objects game

Find Picture2

Find the Differences

Finger Physics: Finger Fun

Fit It!

Flip Cup Free

Flip It! Lite

Flipbook Lite

Fool Me!

Free Grammar Up

Free Magic

Free Song

Funny 500 – Fun Facts Lite

Funny 500 – Riddles Lite

Funny Animals

The Game of Life Classic Edition

Garfield Daily

GEO Walk -3D world factbook

GFC Vocabulary Videos

Going Bonkers Magazine

Good Fortune Cookie

Google Earth

Guess ‘Em

Grammar Dragon

Grammar Express: Active and passive Voice

Grammar Express: Articles Lite

Grammar Express: Figures of Speech

Grammar Express: Clause Analysis Lite

Grammar Express: Nouns Lite

Grammar Express: Parts of Speech

Grammar Express: Prepositions Lite

Grammar Express: Reported Speech Lite

Grammar Express: Tenses Lite

Grammar Fun Free

Grammar Fun Pro

Green Heart

Guess a Sketch Lite

Guess What Lite

(the) Grouchies

Hidden Curriculum for Kids

Hide and Seek

How’s Your IQ

Idioms Cards PRO600


Idioms Lite

iLearn Solar System

iLive Grammar Botany

iLive Grammar Winter

iLive Math Oceans

Ink Bolts – Rorschach Ink Blot Test

Irregular Verbs 250+

iSpotSP Junior

iWord Cards


Jigsaw Jumble Galaxy

Johnny ESL

Just Kidding Magazine

Kids Origami

Language Builder for iPad

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

Lego Instructions

Lego Creationary

Lego Photo

Looney Libs Lite

Lulu’s Brew

Magic School Bus The Ocean

Marine Life 0- Genus Trait Handbook

Math Word Problems

Memory Loss

Message In a Bubble

Monopoly Here and Now: the World Edition

Museum of Movement VII


Myles & Ayesha 1- Black Inventors Match Game

Mystery Pic

Mystic Maggie Story Free

N.A. Stone


National Underground Railroad Freedom Center


Nature of Movement I

Ocean Animals Guide

Once Upon a Time

Orbits HD

Paper Buddy Easiest Essay Writer

Paper Cutting for Kids


Photo Spot

Pickin’ Sticks


Picture Triva Lite

Pinball HD Lite

Pix Maze

Pizza Shop Mania
Pizza Time! Make More Pizza


PlayTime Theater

Pocket Pond



Professor Garfield Cyberbulling

Professor Garfield Fact or Opinion

Professor Garfield Online Safety


Puppet Pals

Puzzler World US

Question Builder Lite

Rapping Granny

Readers Digest Jokes and Funny True Stories

Restaurant Story

Riddle Box

Riddles Free


Rush Hour Free

Same Meaning Magic

Sandwich Maker Free

Say It!

Scrabble for iPad

Scoops Ice Cream Fun for Everyone

(the) Scribbler

Sentence Builder

Shape it Connect and Make

Shaun the Sheep #1

Shel Silberstein’s Animations

Silly Sentence Free

Silly Stories

Simon Says

SimpleMind Xpress: Mind Mapping

Sky Burger


Sleuth Jr

Snakes and Ladders

Social Skills Sampler

Sock Puppets

Solar System Simulation


Space Images

Spaulding Phonograms

Splash ‘n’ Dash Free

Speech with Milo: Verbs

Spot the Difference! 2

Spot Me

Sport Moment XII

Stack the States

Sketch’n Guess

Smart Test

Spark Story Starters


Story Builder



(the) Strange Wonderful World of Ants


Sundae Maker Free

Surviving High School Free

Symbol6 Redux


Talking Memory Kids

Talking Zoombie

Tall Tales

Tap 2 Ten – 4 Players Free

Tappi Adventures

Tasty Icecream

Techno Moment II


To Be Polite

Tongue-Twisters by SusaSofX

Tongue Twisters by Feather & Moor

Tongue Twisters English

Tongue Twisters Free

Tongue Twisters App


Tour Wrist

Tour of the Moment IX

Tornado Lite

Town of the Moment IV

Travel Africa Magazines

Trivial Pursuit

Truth or Dare Free

Ultimate Brain Workout

United States Quizzle

Underwater Moment VIII

Uno Free

Verbs Lite

Video Science

Vietnamese’s Fairy Tales

Vocab Study List

Vocab U

Vocabulary Bubble

Vocabulary Cartoons Lite

Wacky USA Road Trip Free

Wallace & Gromit 1: the W files

Waterslide Extreme

Way no Way: Amazing Facts Free

Weird Words 500

Westward Expansion

What if? Conversational Starter

Which Fruit Floats

Who Am I? Race Awareness Game

Wolf, Goat, Cabbage

Wild Links


Word Snake…Words Without Borders


Word Play Lite

World Book – This Day in History

Writing Prompts

Youtube Videos for Kids

Zentomino HD

Zoologic HD

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