Appendix XXXII hat Designs dePaola, Tomie. Strega Nona

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Hat Designs

dePaola, Tomie. Strega Nona. 1975, 0-671-66606-1. The magic porridge pot becomes a magic pasta pot in this Italian variation of the old tale. DePaola’s illustrations of a pink-tiled Calabrian village inundated with great waves of spaghetti are spellbinding.

Diaz, Katacha. Carolina’s Gift: A Story Of Peru. ISBN 1568996969. A young Peruvian girl wants to get a gift for her grandmother so she visits the local market to choose a gift. There are great pictures showing dress, lifestyle, etc.

Dorros, Arthur. Tonight is Carnaval. 1991, 014055467X. This is a story of a Peruvian boy going to Carnaval. It has very informative illustrations that are Peruvian artwork.

Krebs, Laurie. Up and Down the Andes: A Peruvian Festival Tale. 2008, 9781846862038. A lively trip through the Andes mountains of Peru on the way to the festival in Cusco.

Slobodkin, Esphyr. Caps for Sale. 1947, 0060257784. “Monkey see; monkey do” is the key to a peddler regaining his wares. This story is taken from a Tunisian folktale.

The variety of styles, designs, and colours in the hats of Peru is amazing. Have students classify some of the hats in Carolina’s Gift: A Story Of Peru and also Tonight is Carnaval. They will enjoy identifying all the different hats in Strega Nona as well, even though this story is from Italy, not Peru.

Hat features in Carolina’s Gift include:

Ear flaps


No rims

Rims turned down

Rims turned up

Ties under the chin


Read Caps for Sale just for fun.
Have students research hats and headgear worn in Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine, and India. The best results may come from examining pictures in non-fiction books and picture books. As a result of their research, ask students to sketch at least one typical type of hat or headgear from each of the four countries.





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