Applicable expedient extraneous functional futile obsolete opportune pragmatic relevant utilitarian

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applicable expedient extraneous functional futile

obsolete opportune pragmatic relevant utilitarian

The words in this lesson will help you express and understand the many aspects of “use.”

  1. applicable – appropriate to a situation

    • All the rules of the marathon were applicable to all the runners.

  1. expedient – convenient or serving yourself rather than morally correct

    • To help him get elected, the politician found it expedient to support lower of taxes.

  1. extraneous – extra or unrelated

    • The teenager used extraneous facts in her argument with her parents.

  1. functional – able to operate, working

    • My aunt’s flip phone was still functional.

  1. futile – without effect or result; not successful

    • The student made a futile attempt to have her grade changed.

  1. obsolete – no longer in use

    • Typewriters are obsolete and have been replaced by computers.

  1. opportune – well timed

    • To make money for the school, the concert was the opportune time to sell the raffle tickets.

  1. pragmatic – practical; more concerned with realities than theories or ideas

    • The college student decided to be pragmatic and commute to college.

  1. relevant – related or connected
    • Technology is changing our lives so fast that what seems relevant now may quickly become obsolete.

  1. utilitarian –designed for practical use rather than beauty

    • The small appliance was utilitarian, but was not as beautiful as the fancier model.


Write the letter of the word that best completes each sentence.

___1. In twenty years, land-line phones may be_____and replaced by cell phones.

a. relevant b. applicable c. expedient d.obsolete

___2. The student’s story was long, but not necessarily good, because she put_____details in it.

a. expedient b. functional c. extraneous d. futile

___3. The bonus came at an_____time because she was running out of money.

a. functional b. opportune c. obsolete d. futile

___4. I consider myself a_____person because I care more about the facts.

a. pragmatic b. futile c. expedient d. opportune

___5. The ___ bookbag was unsightly, but could carry more weight than the standard bookbags.

a. extraneous b. futile c. relevant d. utilitarian

___6. Our old washing machine is still_____.

a. extraneous b. relevant c. functional d. expedient

___7. The child’s response was not_____to the conversation.

a. utilitarian b. pragmatic c. opportune d. relevant

___8. Students are_____in making up work at the end of a marking period.

a. obsolete b. relevant c. expedient d. applicable

___9. Sandy made a _____attempt to convince her parents to lend her the money.

a. relevant b. futile c. obsolete d. functional

___10. A curfew in one state is not always_____in other states.

a. futile b. applicable c. extraneous d. expedient

____________1. unrelated; extra

____________2. no longer in use

____________3. able to operate; working

____________4. well timed

____________5. appropriate to a situation

____________6. designed for practical use

____________7. convenient or self-serving

____________8. practical; not based on a theory or idea

____________9. without effect or result

____________10. related or connected

Choose the answer that best describes the action or situation.
_____1. An opportune time to eat a snack

a. while playing golf b. after school c. in church

_____2. An extraneous detail in a report on babies

a. effects of ear aches b. introducing foods c. when to learn to drive

_____3. Something that must be functional in order to help people avoid injury

a. a cell phone b. car brakes c. computer screen

_____4. Something that is almost obsolute

a. phone book b. computer c. cell phones

_____5. A tool that would be futile in building a house

a. hammer b. bull dozer c. wrecking ball

_____6. Something relevant in a discussion about violence

a. gun laws b. children’s games c. homework completion

_____7. A seminar on “retirement” would be most applicable to what group

a. senior citizens b. teenagers c. babies

_____8. Your brain is not fully functional if you don’t get enough

a. jolly ranchers b. sleep c. money

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